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    We have different attitudes.
    We have different beliefs.
    We have different behaviour.
    We have different characteristics.
    We have different decisions.
    We have different emotions.
    We have different imagination.
    We have different perspectives.
    We have different personalities.
    We have different thoughts.
    It is because we have different experience.
    Never compare yourself to anyone.


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    Why differentiate, as pink for girls and blue for boys ?
    Toys are afterall toys.

    Cheers to the one who came up with this idea...
    Amongst the crowd someone thought that colors are not the judging criteria.

    I am happy that the stereotypes are breaking,
    I am glad that gender equality has gained its vocie raising....

    A result of all I see today,
    Women are on the jobs and managing the kitchen throughout the day....
    I am not saying that women isn't capable of doing it...
    She is far ahead of these multitasking....
    No matter what many opportunities she gets,
    There are some jobs for which she is perfectly set.
    Not judging, again but just putting a thought....

    Today Cooking is welcomed by men as well,
    Fields like boxing, wrestling and fire figthing,
    Women had laid their paths straight....

    Yes a parity we are all trying to achieve,
    I adore this feeling,
    But at what cost ? Lets perceive....

    Yes today, men balance home and jobs.
    Some take care of their profession and juggle between their child's graph,
    Some help them with their home work, projects...
    Some help making them tiffins...
    Some set the laundry clean...
    Some help getting the uniforms leen....
    All said and done good...

    But why not try to eliminate this line,
    For women and men are the same at all times ?
    Yes a man can tak care of a child,
    But is he capable of breast feeding at times?
    May what all carp saying "pregnant couples"
    Will that man take the pain during a child's birth...
    A big no to all awaits some answers..

    Nature has made this distinction for some reason,
    Lets not question it.
    For it might have some sure purpose.
    Lets aceept the way we are,
    With some discrimination that we all are part.

    Yes yes.... breaking of stereotypes is all fine,
    But don't try to show you are equal to someone,
    Who is a completely from a different tribe.

    Women, you are the special one....
    And not requiring to compare and show equity with anyone...
    Be happy and delighted that you are a woman.

    The only discrimination to be stopped is,
    Amongst women.
    Based on colors of shoes and brands of clothes,
    You are all equal fokes,
    The brands, colours, age, height, weight and all the rest are just fantasised oaths....

    Dear women,

    Just let accept ourselves first.
    Lets then unite and create a melody verse by verse.



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    #color #tongue #weareone

    The other day I was passing by the memory lane in search of a bank and I was walking and walking and finally reached the bank and stood in front of that gate. I found a person with the brightest smile standing at the reception and asked him that I needed  some money and I wanted to withdraw it from one of my accounts. He checked all the accounts and said I did not have anything in it. Just when I was disappointingly turning my back he called me loudly and said, Sir, you have something still left in one of your account, what was it I asked and he said that it was in the vault to the corner. You have ignored it for quite a long  and had you ignored furthermore it would have got blocked and you wouldn't have never been got access to it. I wondered what it was. He read my expressions and asked me to follow him. I was surprised when he took  me to that vault a big one that looked like old, rusted and without sheen from years of ignorance.  I just put my hand and I realised it was a familiar touch. I eagerly opened it and was shocked to see a face of kid - it was me. The vault had my childhood stories.
    When I was a kid I used to go to a candy store to get myself a pack of poppins. Heard about Poppins, anyone? I could hardly find it these days. Now what’s so special about it. Each packet had several candies each candy with a different colour and taste. I used to get excited each time i popped one and looked at the mirror to see if the color of my tongue changed. It did. What also changed was my view of those colours.
    So Iets go back to my poppins days . When I was 7, we shifted to our own home and I was excited to make new friends.  I could manage to make some. Everything was fine until my friends found out that I speak two languages. They tried to judge me by the colour of my tongue. Odia friends called me Telugu and Telugu friends Oriya. It hurt me. Both sidelined me in their own way.
    After few years, we moved to Bhubaneswar from Jeypore. Here, I felt I was ignored and noticed strange expression whenever I tried to interact with anyone. One day few of my friends sarcastically asked me. have you come from a tribal place. Why do you speak like that? I felt humiliated. Naah.. I said what the falooda.. my life my accent, my choice. Atleast I know 4 languages. Wish I said I just imagined I said.
    In 2015, when I shifted to Koramangala  from marathalli (Bangalore), I met a guy in forum baskins robbins. I sensed some familiarity and asked if he was an Odia. He was so happy that I spoke to him in Odia.  He told me that a lot of people he met are hesitant to speak to him in Odia. I thought if this is the case what will happen to Odia. It may get extinct so I Googled and found that as per 2011 census there are 36 m speakers of this language. Phew. I was relieved. But all these experiences made me realise that in the struggle for finding our place in the language race we forgot to taste the sweet flavours of different languages. We are discriminating based on the perceived colors of our tongue.
    In the race for domination in the age of globalisation  where have we reached now. Ethnologue published by  Summer Institute of Linguistics says there are some 6909 languages spoken around the globe as of 2009. What was the scene some 500 years ago. At least 15,000 languages were spoken at the beginning of that century. Since then, some 9,000 tongues have disappeared as a result of wars, genocide, legal bans, and assimilation and there is further threat to 4000 languages now.
    Today, the world’s tongues is increasingly getting whitewashed. The 15 most common languages are now on the lips of half the world’s people; the top 100 languages are used by 90 percent. Europe has a relatively low linguistic diversity just 4 percent of the world’s tongues originated there—yet half of the 10 most common languages are
    Now let's come to India, out of 780 languages spoken, 400 languages are potentially endangered. We think English is culprit. Fortunately it has not. Our mindsets have.
    May be linguists like Ganesh devy have to guide us about our sanskaar and sanskriti when we have failed our cultures. He says, “And to lose these languages means losing huge human capital, cultural capital and even real capital because languages can be economically productive if they are used imaginatively for developing technology.”

    What can we do to save those 400 languages. May be we meet someone,  try to learn what his language is and not judge him/her, encourage him/her to speak the way they always did .
    Learn their language.  It may be a gateway to understand life better. May be I will try to learn Tulu or Kannada from my Bangalore friends and they learn Telugu/Odia from me.
    Adopt one of those endangered language and bring beauty of their literature in our writings.
    Learn from our moms or grannies their mother tongue. For example My friend Pravin used to brag that he is a marwari though he didn't knew the language. So I asked him to go and learn and before bragging.
    May be we can take pride in our language but not be aggressively assertive.
    Since many of us in India speak multiple languages we are one step away from saving our languages as we are all poppins and not a colorless polo.

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    The Colour of my Tongue

    I was surprised when he took  me to that vault a big one that looked like old, rusted and without sheen from years of ignorance.  I just put my hand and I realised it has a familiar touch. I eagerly opened it and was shocked to see face of a kid...

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    Goes too fast.

    What I want and what she can give
    Are you different things
    After talking for 4 years
    I've  realized we are two different beings

    Love isn't enough
    To make your love last
    What comes soon
    It goes too fast