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    Its March 14th in the Whaling City, 40┬░ and sunny at 4pm. A foot of snow meltwater flows down to the harbor. As Springs first day but a week away, I embrace the vernal change. Like a hibernating Black Bear, once caged inside by drifts of cold, white and dark. Surrounded by artists and crime, illegal seafood, drugs and grime; I think of Marfa, Texas. I dream of the warm sun as they sure must often dream of wet cool rain. What an artistic installation it would be to build a pipeline to West Texas. An exchange of excess commodities from one art haven to another. Our surplus of snow and rain flowing south for a thousand plus miles to contribute to an art oasis in the desert. We now transfer toxic oil to soon pollute aquifers, contributing only to our extinction. Perhaps one day we will need to pipe drinking water or oxygen to breathe too. Perhaps my grandkids will be less critical, cynical and gullible. Perhaps when enough is enough and our acid filled oceans have risen 30 feet. Massachusetts a brownfield, without precipitation awaiting earths cleansing ice age.


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    Peace is Unprofitable

    The spine of a nations greed and excess need is blockaded by activists thwarting its progress.
    Corporatist police spray frigid water or mace and beat grandmas with batons about the face.
    Dogs, razor wire, rubber bullets; so called less than lethal. Prayerful peace and rights destroyed by capitalist evil.
    In solidarity we must unite together; all of us who have ever been oppressed and colonized wherever. Rise up you natives, immigrants and slaves. Change of climate for women, vetetans, cripples and gays. No matter if gentile, muslim or jew until the coming end of days we need you. If you cant beat them alone, join up and collude.
    If you breath air, drink water and live on earth.Everybody owes; everybody pays so please take heed.
    We are in this spiritual class war together!
    One planet, one humanity; yet two distinct sides of poverty and greed.
    Yin and yang, right and wrong, poor against rich; good versus evil business.
    All here descendent of immigrant, slave or native indigenous. We are all of the same fodder; mere disposable vassals and serfs to their feudalistic slaughter.
    Learn your history, or its bound to repeatedly unfold.
    Capitalism just the latest wave of complete control.
    The nations of the world all sucking on the death of its dole.
    Separation of church and state, the sinister rich laugh to the banks their typical trait.
    Blasphemous clergy, governance and industry our septic reality.
    Profit uses hate, fear and violence to ensure its satanic vitality.
    Nationalist pride, a charade to divide the masses of pawns against eachother.
    While the tides rise, the earth warms and we destroy our habitat; mother nature mourns.
    Capitalist greed, our temporal desire and gifted by the devil himself.
    Yet also approved doctrine of the Throne of Saint Peter and his Vatican wealth.
    Just war theory on behalf of profits is stoppable.
    Global moral erosion, paid conflict and destruction for Peace is Unprofitable.