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  • digvita 93w

    Soulful Conversation, is it!!

    He: Who are you?
    She: A unique form of beauty...
    He: What does that mean...
    She: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..
    He: I am clueless..
    She: You would anyway be. For you aren't the beholder my friend...
    He: Who is it then?
    She: The beauty of this beauty is knowing her own beauty!!
    He: What?
    She: Relax, that's not your cup of tea anyway!
    He: Really!
    She: Obviously, This beauty is beyond your comprehension!

  • aditijoshi 122w


    Loyalty is a two way street.
    Loyalty is same on the face and behind the back.

    One's loyalty history towards another, can tell a lot about that person's character. It can say whether he is loyal to himself or not, to begin with.

    To be able to say something out loud and later to defy it and act on something else, is loyalty breached between two people. But more importantly it's breach of loyalty to oneself .
    How could one think something in the mind, agree to it and later act on it in a completely different way.

    It shows the signs of a man incapable of keeping his word. It shows the man incapable of getting past his immaturities and insecurities.
    So no matter how it happened, agree, accept and move ahead.

    You choose people who choose you!

    - Aditi ✨

  • jayeesha_merchant 124w

    Of Speaking

    We all have something, to say,
    But, what is it really?
    What do I have to say?
    Do I say it?
    Must I say it?
    Even if it is rough, crude, vague.

    Language does not speak,
    We must click our tongues and dialogue,
    Through it,
    Say things, conjure up meanings,
    But was it really, what we wanted to say?
    "Wanted", as opposed to - "Thought" or "Meant".

    Love, brushed with undertones of jealousy,
    Excitement, spotted with specks of fear,
    Anger, cloaking hues of sadness,
    Dualities, hidden in singular expression.

    Are we saying what we experience completely?
    In every single moment?
    Colorful personalities,
    Concealed behind shades of black and white,
    Would it hurt to say, what you've wanted to say?


  • aditijoshi 129w

    Thoughts, anyone ?

    Saturday morning thoughts.

    Ignorance is bliss!

    Someone said this rightly.
    I always disagreed.If knowledge is power, how is ignorance bliss?
    On a large scale everything is manipulated and everything is a scam. Politics, hospital industry, financial sector, the police and the country's law.

    When we openly saw the Karnataka parliament recently, how could we not laugh ? At ministers behaving like 5 year olds.

    Then we saw the Unnao rape case for another instance, the brazen courage with which powerful men dominate over lives and living of smaller people of the country.

    Now we saw the statement made by Mr Siddhartha which made us wonder how scams like Satyam happen, we read it, we move on and the perpetrators get about 1/10 of the punishment they truly deserve, while good men, men with integrity pay for more than their share.

    We saw the underworld rule our country, but never understood the extent to which this happened around us. Our celebrities, industrialists, politicians and how they were connected to this and how we as common citizens were fooled to still believe in them inspite of atrocities.

    The trust and belief in established systems is gone for me personally. And more times than not, how I wish I was blessed with ignorance. And some others I wish, I rather know the truth and deal with it and live with it.

    Power rules all. Money overrides even that. Perpetually in a state of anger and sadness on the state of affairs we see everyday and continuously thinking what one individual person could do in such situations.

    Well, what do you think ?


  • jayeesha_merchant 129w


    They come to push you,
    They come to break illusions for you,
    They come to reflect you back to yourselves,
    They are you, in outward projection,
    When they come, do not resist,
    Stay open to receiving this encrypted message,
    And deciphering the nature of,
    Who and what, you really are.

  • digvita 133w

    अमूल्य खजिना!

    ती रम्य पहाट...
    तटाला स्पर्श करणारी ती लाट..
    मांडला भातुकलीचा खेळ...
    बनवली शेव-चुरमुरा ची भेळ...

    दिवसाच्या त्या भर उन्हात...
    भावंडांशी लपंडाव खेळत...
    कोणीतरी हळूच धप्पा म्हणाल...
    आणि रागावून मी खेळ बदलला...

    संध्याकाळी होती सुर्यास्ताची साथ...
    बाहुलीच्या खेळात मैत्रीत झाली जीवलग गाठ...
    आठवते आई-बाबांसोबत बनवलेली किल्ल्याची रात्र...
    वाटे असेच राहील हे अखंड सत्र...

    आज नयनांच्या दर्पणातुन...
    हरवले मी आठवणींना आठवून...
    ओसरत नाही धप्प्याची ती हाक...
    स्वप्नांची ही मी ठेवली राख...
    क्षणात जाणवला एक भास...
    उभी राहिली ही सावली खास...

    घेउनी ह्या आठवणींचा साठा...
    उद्या ओलांडून तो माहेरचा उंबरठा...
    रुसेल का ती माझी बाहुली?
    थांबवेल का माझी माऊली?

  • jayeesha_merchant 133w


    In debilitating darkness,
    When forward movement,
    Seems far-reaching,
    Look to the light,
    To the moments that set you free.
    You'll find yourself again,
    A little broken,
    But renewed all the same,
    Layers will have peeled,
    Heavy emotions alchemised,
    To prudence and strength,
    Times will change,
    The sun will shine again.


  • jayeesha_merchant 139w


    Grab it by the neck,
    Look it straight in the eye,
    Till it cowers and succumbs,
    To the fire in those eyes.

    Jayeesha Merchant

  • jayeesha_merchant 139w


    Fear not,
    When the falsity crumbles off,
    By layer and piece,
    To reveal the real raw treasure.

    Move forward,
    Resolute and fearless,
    Know that this is truth,
    This is real,
    This is You.

    Jayeesha Merchant

  • digvita 141w


    You keep ticking on my mind like a clock..
    Hope these memories with you are never blocked...

    You keep occupying my vision like an eagle's eye..
    Hope these glances of you never dry..

    You keep whispering in my ears like a chinese whisper..
    Hope this voice and talks of you are never a zipper..

    You keep fragnancing around my nose like the aroma of a flower..
    Hope these scents of you are never overpowered..

    You keep kissing my cheeks like a lovely caress..
    Hope these kisses of you never become any less..

    You keep beating in my heart like a drum..
    Hope these vibrations of you never succumb..

    You keep wandering all over my soul like a world map..
    Hope these moments with you are never snapped..

  • libere_enfin_ 182w

    In sync..

    They say
    ' Synchronicity is a wink from the universe '
    These days it's fluttering eyelids at me..

  • libere_enfin_ 182w

    You've got this...

    Trust the detours..
    Trust the breakdowns..
    Trust the downfalls..
    Trust the entire process you are a part of..
    Coz that is working in entirety for you,
    making way for the better..

  • write_to_live 183w

    The guilt

    'Alisa, how can you have the guilt to kiss someone? I mean it's just a kiss dumbhead'. I was staring at the stage that was set full of drama - set out for people to watch and may be relate as well. Well it was totally working for me. The actor in the drama was feeling guilty as she kissed someone else than her lover and was being pacified by another actor. That whole scene there reflected to me like a mirror - a past that I tried to bury but the guilt of that always surfaces in some manner over these past ten years. Suddenly with a jerk, I hear again- 'Martha, how can't I feel guilty. I do not even like the guy whom I kissed. I just did that because I wanted to see how it feels to kiss someone else. Isn't that cheeky?' I sank in my seat, thinking how can I experience a deja vu for something like this, with my husband sitting beside me. He would definitely read the tension all over my face. Martha smoked a puff and replied, 'I do not understand why are you thinking so much. You said you did not even like him, but still kissed and you are saying you didn't like it right?' Alisa said, 'Yes'. The friend replied, 'Then just think it as an adventure. You did it but you didn't like it. The matter is over. And please do not even think of going to Philip and describe your adventure because you think you are guilty.' Alisa bit her lip and looked at Martha with confused eyes. She said, 'B..but Martha, what if he finds out? I love Phil. I really cannot lose him.' Martha sighed and said, 'Then you don't have to. Adventures are only pursued for self indulgence. Sometimes you love sometimes you don't like it and do not want to do again. Think this as one of those and get over it.' For the rest 60 minutes, this conversation between the friend and the actor continued and I was just sitting there like I was haunted by the ghost of my past. At the end - the climax - when Alisa met her lover Philip, her whole body was depicting tension, dilemma and unhappiness. Philip asked her, 'My love, why do you look so stressed? Is it something that's bothering you? You can tell me anything.' There the whole stage froze except Alisa. And in the way of opera, she was singing sonnet of her love and how she cannot afford to lose him and how much peace and solace he gave her. She was crying and asking forgiveness to God for her moments of weakness. And there that time for a brief moment my guilt surfaced and everything alive in the theatre froze. It was like I stood up and was singing that same cry of forgiveness not to the god I have never seen but to the man that has been loving me and putting his faith in me for the past so many years that I can't even count. With my cry of forgiveness, I sensed the drama on stage was also over, with the actor Alisa not spitting a word of her guilt but in mind repenting and asking forgiveness to Philip and swearing by the love they have to be loyal to him as long she lives. I didn't realise but tears started rolling down my cheeks and my husband squeezed my hands and was telling me, 'It's ok hon, just a drama! But it's true, when you really love someone you tend to forgive their mistakes. Nevertheless, I think the lady should have told her lover.' That just made me look at him with confused eyes. He asked me, 'What happened? You look confused'. I recomposed myself and with a smile, turned back to the stage and said, 'Sometimes it's easy to say that mistakes are forgiven, but hard to really reason with it. Some mistakes just leaves a scar that cannot be even seen.'

  • aionnenovi 197w

    #scattered #weekendmusings
    Bg from mikemelrinho.tumblr.com

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    Wishing Star

    I've been trying to catch those scattered dreams and wishing stars but each slipped out my hands.

    One landed straight on me though, magnetically pulled all the pieces of me that I unknowingly left far behind.

    You were chasing after me.
    You said I am your wishing star, turned answer, turned reality.
    Make a wish then.
    My command.