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    Every line of this song hits us so hard that we get zoned out and remember that one person who we loved with all our heart..

    When we thought love is something we all deserve and fell for the wrong person at the wrong time

    When we wanted to spend some more time with "the one"

    When we planned so much which we could not have done for any other person

    Every color seemed a little more bright when they stood by us

    And every situation seemed a little less wrong with them

    If we could.. just replay the moments and mark it as done.. starting everything all over again.

    Love made me do all the stupid things for one person just to see them take an exit from my life and never see back.

    That one exit breaks us in a way that steals the most important thing from us - ourselves.

    Not permanently..

    but not too soon to recover either.

    That bond.. the special one.. is irreplaceable.

    Nothing would be first time with any other.

    Step by step

    Little by little

    You will move far away

    From your darkest secrets of the past

    Yet be attached by

    Such a fine thread

    That holds all our emotions

    Jaao naa...


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    Jaao na reminds us of all the moments and people which we wished we would not have let go..