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    0171806 #place #ceesreposts #soulraabta

    The place where I was born.

    #Where my dad, my cousins, my grandma, and a young friend have turned to dust.

    #Now that my home and my garden is owned by another man, a friend of my dad, whose son was a friend of mine I lost so early in life.

    Don't ask me much, I'm already attacked by memories so devastating @will_o_wisp @soulfulstirrings @heartsease

    Thank you so much. You are kind and haven't forgotten a young struggling poet @writersnetwork @miraquill sending my love to you

    #filvantopz #mepod my 3rd

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    Would you recognize when my face appears
    As a fading footprint of some beast,
    When I have no teeth to brighten my smile,
    Would you let them spread before me
    Your green, lush grasses and take me like before
    When we used to stare into your ragged clouds.

    I pray to permit the careless air to play with me,
    Remind the both of us how I often chased
    The shadows of the clouds it slyly set ‘em in motion.
    Allow me to laze under your shade tree
    Like you did back eons ago as I await my father
    To come home with aroma of sweat and tobacco.

    Never will I forget you—you gave me a garden,
    Birds to add life to it, and flowers for colors;
    Your rain had flirted with us in the clear puddles
    Upon the grass as we danced naked and barefoot,
    Your winter too had teased us chapping our lips
    And coaxing us to smile with her warm winter tales.

    Never will I forget you—you’d given much,
    And in turn had devoured my loved ones too;
    Yet like a child I hope to be in your good graces
    When such a time comes when my lungs fail
    To invite a whisper of breath, for old times’ sake,
    Be considerate to lay me among my loved ones.

  • alonestar1 3w

    अमन का अमनों चैन खो गया,,,खुशहाल कौन है ??
    दुनियां के इस कहर पर सदियों से,,,सभी मौन है ।।

    #alonestar1 #reallity #world #where?? #rape #god #human #blindfaith

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    प्यार को ढूंढते है लोग,,,लेकिन इजहार कहां है ??
    अंधविश्वासी दुनियां में,,,विश्वास कहां है ??

    कत्ल किए सरेआम,,,निशान कहां है ??
    जुल्मों की इस दुनियां में,,,इंसाफ कहां है ??

    तीन साल छह महीने की बच्चियों का हुआ रेप,,,
    कौन है रक्षक मुझे बताओ,,,भगवान कहां है ??

    लालच के सब लोभी,,,हरिश्चंद्र, कर्ण कहां है ??
    इंसानियत के लिए जो मरे,,,वो इंसान कहां है ??

    प्रकृति भी नाखुश है,,,खुश इंसान कहां है ??
    खुद को देखकर बोलो की,,,बेईमान कहां है ??


  • kingdomdelight 10w

    #repentance means the change of mind
    #truth brings freedom
    #where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom ...there is life and life more abundantly
    #God is love

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    Mistakes mature birth beauty
    Romans 3:23
    for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

    If we don't know the written word
    It will cost us alot!
    Many mistakes, that could be prevented
    through out our whole written life

    Tree mistakes I did
    I believed in the WORD
    but didn't made it mine OWN
    Vey important to build on rock in one's youth!
    Why, it will give one wings in old age to stand firm

    I "thought" to become saved was really hard
    Couldn't see anything, for life around me, spoke harder
    While it honestly didn't feel if anything happened differently when one tried
    I was only, ten, and had a two year stuggle with the living God
    But at the age of twelve, the Holy Spirit "Himself"
    lifted me from my life's bench
    I even tried
    to stay seated, what a joke, one can't fight God
    while I took a firm hold of the church bench
    But "free will" could no longer hold me back
    For it's not by power ur might
    but by His Spirit alone
    Praise God!!!

    3 Commen mistakes I had to put inline with the written word
    O dear me, never was it done over night,
    but the Holy Spirit does lead one gently into all victories!
    Praise the living God!

    1)The thoughts (mind)
    2)The tongue (the pen)
    3)The heart (the cabinet of life issues)

    All three must be in line with the written word
    To know is to grow ...
    How will you grow if you don't read?
    God's Word the seed
    we plant
    in our heart
    when we read ...

    I also made tons of mistakes to stop reading the word ur pray
    when things didn't go my way, ur seems exstreamly difficult ur hard,
    back then ... sometimes I was just plain lazy to be quite honest !
    I was immature ...I rebelled againt God!
    But I grow up
    The written word and daily prayer life, now
    a mighty tool!
    Glory to be to God, alone!!!

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
    because thou hast rejected knowledge,
    I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
    seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,
    I will also forget thy children

    I was such a fleshly fool for letting "in" what I only think and saw
    to rule mine heart, to be Stonger than what I believe
    But faith comes by hearing,
    and by hearing the word of God!

    Trying to fit a BIG LIVING GOD
    into mine own ways of UNDERstanding, oh so hard!
    I had to let go of mine own UNDERstanding to know
    how BIG GOD was, now life is easy!

    The bible will be just a story book
    if we don't apply what we read
    The bible is really alive,
    once the Holy Spirit lead us!
    "Faith" and "works" go hand in hand!

    Life a journey from being immature
    learning to grow,
    in all God wanted me to know
    To become in Christ, all mature
    Spiritual principles a feast, now!
    Following mine own ways led to mine own misery
    I even thought
    God could use so many other,
    I believe they were more capable than me!
    But God wanted obedients and an empty vessel!
    God'll used a donkey, I like to think it's to show how stubborn we can be, at times!

    The righteous may fall seven times
    but still they'll stand up ..
    bold and tall
    Never have I ever saw
    Grace left a righteous man's hand!

    If I had never fail ur fall
    I would have never grew up
    to mature in the wisdom given by God!

    *The mind: NOT inline with God's Word,
    Still " a free will" in mine life, cost me alot!

    *The tongue, never could keep secrets, always spills the "inner thoughts"
    (Life and death in our tongue, I was young but had to learn to eat the fruit of mine own words)
    If you can't speak ur be silent out of love, we are most probably not in God's will ...
    Any thing spoken ur not spoken, not with the pure heart motive to build UP is not of God!
    The heart can be so deceitful!

    *The Heart harbours all the issues of live, with a mind loose and a tongue running wild, I grew up!
    Many mistakes, many lessons, but grace never fails a believing heart!

    But mine greatest mistake, mine biggest sin ever!
    Mine greatest lesson, became mine greatest thruimph ever!
    a devilish trap of dreadful pride
    I became so angry with religious people,
    People " not unknown " to me,
    at all, those throwing daily stones and spoke evil about others
    Saying they are God's children while they gossips about others!
    (James 4:11 Speak not evil one of another, brethren)
    Some folks always remembering the worst about everyone
    without acknowledging their own faults!
    I sinned, for pride let me become just like them!
    Oh the shame, when you know you have failed the Most High God!
    Oh how it pierched mine heart!
    Truth had cut deep into mine heart
    While the devil tried to rip mine heart out!
    Wisdom opens the eyes of the heart,
    uncover your own pride hiding in the corner of the heart,
    His Spirit reveals everything!
    God knows everything!
    Those unknown "pride" you harbour in your own heart !
    Did I though, I was even better than them?
    Oh how evil that sounds! Oh so shameful!
    Suddenly you know ...
    Why Moses couldn't enter the promise land?
    Sin is sin!
    No big ur small
    We all make mistakes, we all sin!
    The truth ...I have sin before and against the living God!
    2007 mine greatest lesson!
    I needed to repent and mend my way
    With only His perfect ways!
    But the truth, God's love never stop
    His grace, mercy and peace was raining down on me.
    God is love
    Love never leaves, amen

    Psalm 51:7
    Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
    Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

    Thank You, Lord for looking to me like being Your own loving son
    Draped in snow white under His faithful garment dippen in righteous blood
    Covering mine daily walk and erasing mine remorful mistakes
    Nothing I could ever "do" ur "work" for
    Grace found mine heart's address
    Never to be the same ... never can mistakes rule,
    where God has forgiven all repented mistakes!
    How great is our God!
    God is love!!!

    1 JOHN 3:20
    For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart and knoweth all things.
    Thank You, Lord


  • nemesis_here 19w


    They say
    Beauty is upon you
    wherever you are
    in all forms
    that you've ever known
    But every time I look around
    why do I feel
    like a misfit
    As if this is
    not where I belong.


  • harithareddy 27w

    #peaceful #loveable people#where money is important but relationship is more powerful than money #

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    Make a super life

    Choose your circle very small

    Where people seems together and holds together

    Stay in place where you and your presence seems as important

    That's it...... Life becomes amazing and peaceful

  • agavehawthorn 31w

    The God of wisdom

    Scattered are the stories of hatred,hurts
    From west to east stretched like a chewing gum
    North and South doesn't matter
    Self flattery and lost longed platters
    Emotions hanged on windowpanes
    Swallowed destiny, dislocated disdain
    Salty rivers are drying up fast,fragmented
    Heavenly prairies waiting for unknown, unattended
    Unwanted bath in the blue pools,dried flesh
    Like Climate change blamed on one-another,the altered race
    Age is no bar for scars,you have to have it
    Whether you are pauper or privileged
    Microseconds might have been spared to see closely, a bit
    Tattoos are spread over bodies and minds
    of shunted emoticon,like skin disease
    Manufactured meals, not grown, pervading the plates, the transformed release
    Lungs are widening their sphere for the purified air, scarcely available
    Kidneys have been fed up of draining water from them, having mineral label,
    Hearts are bleeding coal coalesced blood,if you can filter
    Anatomical study is not served here, it's ambient alser
    Where would you escape leaving behind the still streets
    Everest, Alps, Andes and Rocky ,no one can help, to seek silence discreet
    The willy-nilly world is crafted by you
    And you have named Oceans and continents too
    The god of wisdom has impoverished himself from it,pitying from pertinent
    Scientific sense has sensed many skies beyond ours
    First of all fix the owned one,others are still out of your hours!
    Look in the East or wander in the West,
    Rise under sun before the sun sets!


  • swetaswadhismita 35w


    I am tired
    And know not what to do
    My hands are aching
    But still I am expressing
    I want to do more of success
    But I am tired
    My eyes are paining
    And it is blurry
    My head is spinning
    And I can do nothing
    But expressing


  • swetaswadhismita 35w

    My place

    Take me to the far shore with you,
    Where I can learn about knowledge and love,
    But not hatred.
    Where would be the people of love and devotion,
    But not the ones who discriminate.
    To the place from where we originate
    For who we really are what we are.
    Take me there,
    'cause my soul is tired of this world
    Which disturbs me and gives me pain
    For I only want is love.


  • heyoka_warrior 35w

    We see in the mirror our face—
    Concrete as we touch it;
    Feel the skin and warmth;
    Blood running through our veins;
    Dusts from the earth that live;
    When bodies decompose,
    Where shall we be?
    What shall we look like?
    For we shall see face to face,
    Spirit to spirit— our true nature exposed;
    To everlasting life we hope and pray;
    To everlasting shame we fear and wish not.


  • _the_horsemen 36w

    Where is my sleep

    Between the cages, my heart blazes.
    Like the fireball, My sound praises.
    I guess you gotta feel me,
    I guess you gotta know.
    I am afraid to breath in,
    Feels like a hyperbole.

    Almost sleeping up tight,
    A thought pops up right.
    You gotta adhere it first,
    Or it be more worst.

    This mind really freaks me,
    Oh Ghosh lend me some sleep.
    A moment ago I had mine,
    But now where is my sleep.

    Sounds crazy, my eyes are hazy.
    Mind still waked up, Body is lazy.
    My table on right,
    Picking a glass water seems a fight.

    I think I'll loose my night,
    In search of my sleep so I can sleep tight.

  • heyoka_warrior 36w

    Stalkers hiding behind the veils
    Looking at your life thus far,
    Making you wonder what they're up to;
    Are they enemies or are they friends?

    Stalkers' in secret places prying eyes
    Makes you conscious of your moves;
    Surrounded by invisible forces—paranoia?
    Be cautious or be a fool, your choice.

    Stalkers, spies, your audience;
    Anywhere you are they follow;
    Appreciate them for wasting time on you—
    Teaching, learning, watching
    Or ignore them for being sneaky,
    Hunting and striking you where you are.


  • swetaswadhismita 37w


    I was wondering lonely,
    Not knowing where to go.
    Where to find a shield ,
    To protect my little body.
    I was feeling cold
    And hatred surrounded me.
    Suddenly I felt warmth
    Which was know.
    And I turned to find you
    Standing with that great smile on your face.


  • swetaswadhismita 38w

    Heaven lovers

    Whether he was real,
    Or just a dream.
    I never thought
    From where he had been

    I didn't know
    How did it happen
    But he came to my life
    And my life changed

    I was glowing
    I was happy
    I was smiling
    And found a reason to live.

    Later I realised
    He loved me from the day he was born
    But he waited and waited
    For the right moment to come

    I came to this earth with him
    And we are lovers of heaven
    And it was when I realised
    He was my past lover

    How we danced in the garden
    How he made my braid
    How he loved me
    And how his flute made me feel being the sky.


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  • mountains_lost 41w

    Where am I from?

    A country, a city, a street, a place, a space.
    All these are constructs
    They don't really exist

    However maybe they exist in me
    Do I want to carry these names, these badges and this baggage with me?

    Can I be from exactly where I am right now?
    A better question entirely,
    Where are you?

    And more importantly...
    Where are you heading?


  • warriorofthenight 49w

    And I Didn't See Me

    I got home and I slammed the door
    I sat down and I wished I had more
    More friends, more money, more time to spare
    I blamed it on everyone else, saying they just don't care
    I stood, and I looked at myself in the glass
    And I didn't see me.
    I saw a cold stranger, a girl who'd lie to get by
    Someone who left dreams for money,
    Because the cement jungle was easier than the land of milk and honey.
    Where's the girl who'd laugh out of the blue?
    The one who'd go to school with a mismatched shoe
    The went who stepped around the ant hill,
    The one who couldn't keep her mind still?
    I didn't see me,
    I saw a heart with no key
    Just another face in the uncaring crowd,
    Mama, I'm no reason for you to be proud.

  • snehant 51w

    I got lost in your eyes
    And never found my way back again.


  • lifelessons14 52w


    I never stoped looking for you,
    Staring the gate till end,
    Hoping that you'll come....
    But you!
    Stop breaking me time and again

  • afza147 55w

    What else do i need to show?
    That i hate living my life

    What else do i need to said?
    That the misery is too deep

    What else do i need to do?
    Im done everything

    But im not free..i still trap in the world made for others interest and not mine

    I just need to run away
    But where?

    The escape that i found is only death.

  • amoghavarsha 57w

    Forget safety.
    Live where you fear to live.
    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.