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  • pacifierpunch 2d

    Amidst all inclusion lies her own exclusion!

    There was a storm,
    loud and numb as a norm,
    swirling strongly and swaying sideways
    coaxing her to slide into dimly lit alleys,
    where whispers of mind and heart collide,
    making way for noises and murmurs that refuse to die,
    as if the drums are upbeat about entering somewhere,
    and violins are strumming strings persistently to let music simmer,
    Yet there was not a glimmer of joy,
    and all seemed like a whimsical ploy,
    May be to embrak on an escapade to wonderlands
    even though the chaos led her to hinterlands.
    She was entangled yet estranged.
    She was excited yet deranged.
    There was order yet everything was inane.
    There was dream yet everything was strange.
    The head and heart were embroiled in a scuffle.
    The soul was writhing in pain seeing writings on the wall.
    The gut was gyrating to notes of a conundrum.
    The breaths were embalmed with anxiety so dumb.
    She knew something has been switched off.
    She could sense she is sliding along the trough.
    Everything was perfect yet all it appaerd was bluff.
    Her desires were flagrant, efforts were brimming, yet her contentment was probing if this is enough.
    With all in her stride and with ripening of her ride, there was a blot of black on her impeccable whites,
    and as she tagged along the inevitable yet pulled apart by those invisible probables, she had lost all the zeal to swear by sides.
    She just longed for an intermission,
    to reflect on her progression,
    as all of the procession seemed like regression,
    and brushing aside bits and pieces of accession,
    she was waiting to find her querentia
    in a bowl full of possesions,
    for amidst all the worldly inclusions,
    she has become wary of her own exclusion.


  • ishan_dhyani 19w


    Who are you
    What do you know
    What do you want
    Why don't you grow
    Where are you from
    Where do you go
    What are your chances
    What do you know?

    The way is misty
    It is prejudiced
    Notions of past
    They, are my present guide
    Laughing tear
    And crying bliss
    I have no clue
    Where the direction is

    Who are you?
    Where do you go?
    The dreams, aspirations
    Don't you know?

  • was_ahmad 19w


    I am a queue of poor
    waiting helplessly for free dine
    Yes,I am a long wait in a line.

    I want to be expectations of an infant
    Whose mom is busy.
    I want to be hope of an old widow,
    Whose son is in city.

    I am promise of a lover
    That he will return after war.
    But, alas,
    I am betrayal of hope
    You can see victory but not scar.

    I am a murderer
    waiting to be prosecuted.
    Or, maybe,
    Destiny of a falling star
    Waiting to be rescued.

    In this, torture chamber
    It is difficult to laugh
    But it is getting more difficult to cry.
    Someone has rightly said
    Than waiting, it is better to die.

    Sometimes I get lonely
    Just waiting...
    Always waiting..."

  • anjaligosain 23w


    Who am I to the world we live in?!
    A thin line in the spaces between the unsaid words or a fallen leaf in the season of what we call summer,
    Am I the truth that was not spoken or am I the lie that the mother kept inside?
    Do I exist in the small things we forget, or I am the one we remember?
    Am I that huge tree peaking through the windows watching the world grow or I am that little house sparrow that flies away every day at the crack of the dawn?
    Am I the love story they write about or am I the heartbreak they couldn't tweet?
    Am I the laughter that fades away slowly or am I the daydream that stays?


  • jumbledthoughts 27w

    Who am I?

    Unless I am myself, I am nobody
    When I am myself, I am the happiest
    Yet I am miserable mostly
    Therefore most of the time I am not myself
    Hence mostly, I am jumbledthoughts

  • bloom_tia 27w

    Blue skies, city lights
    in this broad planet
    You can feel small,
    and you'll never know why

    Look at the mirror,
    let out a pitiful sigh
    Ask your reflection, "who am I?"
    only to never hear a reply

    You look away;
    as silence pierces through your lungs,
    you ask the person in front of you
    if you were good

    "no," they said.

    You shall yearn for things you cannot attain,
    envy to bring thyself more excruciating pain,
    tell one the untruth just like you do to, I.

    Face the mirror,
    find yourself,
    and meet me in due time.

    Made by my own hands and mind.
    #introduction #wod #whoamI @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Lost and stuck in a trance.

    I still don't like the self that I see in the mirror every day.
    Yet, pointing every part of myself out is the only way to keep me from dreaming too much along with its pain.

    Being left to dream the impossible is the thing I despise,
    for I cannot do what I want, and this leaves me inside a cage of lies.


  • ticklekink 28w

    Yes she’s obsessive, intense, impulsive, persistent, determined, passionate, strong, driven..
    But also sensitive, fragile, gentle, nurturing, delicate, emotional, intuitive..
    They make her who she is, and sometimes who she is scares people away..


  • divspen_real 30w

    Do You Really....

    It's good to keep a continuous check if you really know yourself.


  • mrspectacular 32w

    WHO AM I

    Am I water?
    Am I water that does not die even when it splatters
    Or am I onions that, for tears, itself barters?
    Am I a hopelessness that does nothing but meaningless chatters
    Or am I one who thrives on those who flatter
    Even when clearly I am in the gutters?
    Who am I?


  • harieth_3 39w


    I could say that I don't like when my life's a mess but the truth is that I don't really know who I am without the chaos;
    So when it starts to get quiet, I feel a little lost.

  • shaundele 42w

    I'm what you didn't ask for, but are glad you got


  • erinrising 42w

    What is Beauty?

    Subjective Senses.
    Perception Personified.
    Flying & Feeling.
    What are Feelings?

    Human Connection.
    Personal Introspection.
    Ironic Free Will.
    What is Will?

    Instincts Deciding.
    Strength Choosing.
    Future Thinking.
    What are Thoughts?

    Unconscious & Conscious.
    Ultimate Mystery.
    Personal Worlds.
    What is a Person?

    Master Creation.
    Ultimate Being.
    Inventor of "I".
    Who am I?

    Wonder of Wonders.
    Lavishly Layered.
    Spirit & Soul.
    Body & Mind.
    Someone Eternal.
    One of a Kind.


  • mrspectacular 51w


    Everyday, in my mind, is a raging battle.
    A part says 'Bro, you are a worthless cattle
    Yet another says you are just perfect for the task.
    I am therefore led into wondering if I should sob or bask.

    I look at myself and I am moved to tears
    But then a voice tells me, "I know of your wears"
    Another tells me, "you can see how imperfect you are
    How in hell can you dream of being anything in the axis of a star?"

    A voice tells "I created you and it was no mistake"
    Another tells me "you were not what he intended to make"
    I'm therefore left with two voices stuck in my head
    One telling me, there is a reason I am alive and the other telling me, I should be dead.


  • phoenixblaze 51w

    Sometimes I forget...
    I forget who I was
    I forget who I am
    I can't remember what it was
    To be like myself
    To have a soul
    And to feel alive
    To feel that I am living life
    Rather than just getting through it.


  • ernestine 52w

    Who Am I

    In all of my glory, this is what they say I am
    They propagated my image as a stygian crypt
    Even tho I was the birth of their resplendent world
    I gave civilization and riches to the uncivilized

    Miners penetrate my deepness, searching for the wealth of my creation
    Yet they made a public show of me, they said
    Oh! "What an underdeveloped chaste"

    The Latin called me Aprica, he said I am sunny
    The Greek looked at me and said ha! Aphrika you are without cold. Is this who I am?

    Who am I?
    I am by and large from the Northern Hemisphere
    I bestride the Equator like a Moissanite,
    Immovable in my splendour
    I rise steeply from the narrow coastal strip
    Embodied by crystalline rocks

    I am surrounded by four Adam's ale, apodictic of nature's birth
    Crowned by 54 noblemen of 5 lush fields
    I am Graced with boundless fortune
    Encompassed with a myriad of climate areas

    Life revolves around me
    Who can match up to my exquisite affluence?
    Not even King Maya nor the well-wheeled Brit

    Unfortunately, my noblemen dwell in their political correctness.
    Because they disregard me, they have become prodigal with pride to cities who made them beggers

    Oh!, I wish they can see the vastness of my abundance
    I hope someday they will be knowledgeable about my beau Idéal
    I am Africa
    This is who I am.

  • good_soul 59w

    Wrote this for @dev_yash :

    a Gamer for Fun, a Reader by Hobby,
    a Lover to Many, with not so Attractive Body!
    a Leader for Some, a Cheater to None...
    a Dropout with Anxiety, proving his Morality
    a Rascal for Family, a Rogue for the Society.

    Yet above all...
    I am a ‘KṚṢṆA Devotee.’


    #krishna #iskcon #harekrishna #iam #whoami

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  • oceansandgraveyards 64w

    Who am I?
    A girl, who is more like a boy.

    Who am I?
    A human, who is trying to survive to achieve her goals.

    Who am I?
    A good listener, who is always there when someone is in need.

    Who am I?
    A writer, who pours her heart out through words.

    Who am I?
    A sunflower, in the fields of roses.

    Who am I?
    A fighter, who fights for her life and happiness.

    Who am I?
    A warrior, who never think if giving up and fights for it.

    Who am I?
    Someone, who tries to make others happy even when she isn't herself.

    - Bhargavi aka Dolly

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #random #readthisJ #whoami #genuine_readers #musingsofB

    Ps: wrote this in 2 min :')

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    Who am I?

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  • scribbles_1810 65w

    Who Am I?

    Now this question has spent years inside my head,
    Waiting for an answer that doesn't seem to exist.
    It bothers me each day before I go to bed
    But I can hear or see nothing for it's all lost in the mist.
    Who Am I?
    A good human with kind intentions
    Or full of pretence to create an illusion?
    A flowing river, a high mountain
    Or just a pond formed by the rain?
    Sometimes I feel I have a reason to be
    To think, to feel and live like me.
    But other times I feel I am just a nobody
    Thinking she is important, a special somebody.
    And then some days into a spiritual sea I drown,
    Am I real or not? Is it true or false? Or am I seeing it upside down?
    Feels stranger by the minute the more I delve into it,
    My mind gets fuzzy but the answer never hits.

  • keehoor 66w


    I must be a cloud
    gathering it all up
    getting saturated
    and heavy within;
    until I burst down
    as rain
    to release the pain
    only to rise up
    and form back again


  • nivyaangelin 67w

    I ain't a special person,
    nor so low too,
    people never like me,
    but loves me at the back.

    Never show it out to me,
    and my mind thinks
    I'm not loved, yeah
    I feel stupid!
    I ain't so good to them
    freaking them out,
    and blocking them up.

    They always knew there's
    no other me in the world
    -unique and handful.
    Never did they show it to me.

    And it's better to be
    this way- being sarcastic
    and savage! I love it.

    Who am I?
    Someone you can't
    find in others - maybe yeah?

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @love_whispererr @soulfulstirrings @colourfulgreys #writersbay #mirakee #pod #whoami

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    WHO AM I ?
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