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  • ahya17 6h

    Why The Torture

    Just because she doesn't want Tainnia to have her own independence because she chooses not to live her toxic marriage she doesn't want anyone else to live their life either. Guilt tripping has become a common commonality for our family. We all need therapy and we know it but our toxic parents want to act like everything is fine. If, you ask me they are emotionally abusing us with their problems and not caring about our emotions. That's say we should be emotion less but when it's not in their favor they twist it around. It breaks my heart to see my own mother act like a child and not only sacred but manipulated the people in our that could have helped my sister gain some freedom from the abuse into rejecting her. Parents said they want their children to succeed but, they are the ones that pull them back don't you think?

  • zerikshvenom 4d


    Why can't I be happy
    Why can't I enjoy life
    Why can't I smile
    Why can't I do what I love
    Why do I need to bend my head and walk
    Why can't I raise my head and fly like a hawk
    Why can't I set my soul free
    Why can't I be excited about whatever I do
    Why can't I live my life
    Why can't I find peace
    Why can't I love thy self
    Why can't I

  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 5d

    When something is taking away your peace, why do you bare it for long time? When you know it's affecting you the most and it's not worth it impacting your energy because of others, because of what they say, what they mean, how indirectly they taunt one another. When you know it's enough baring it, affecting yourself and you just need to free yourself, either it's a toxic job or anything, still why you aren't able to take a step which you know is important for you and can help you in the long run?


  • mandah88 1w

    Too Real

    Why can't you be honest about who you are?
    I'd spend my last wish on you if I could see the stars
    But the cloudy thoughts in my head block the view
    The ones that wouldn't exist if I had never met you
    Home is where the heart is or so they say
    Must be true because I don't feel at home here today
    What is it I am missing? I know I'm not wrong
    I know the plans to destroy me have been there all along
    I don't get it, why is everyone set on my destruction
    Is it a voluntary choice or are you led by instruction?
    And if you're right in your plots to make a fool of me
    What else do you have planned and I must ask, why me?
    I know I've made mistakes, and I'm not perfect at all
    But I would do anything for you, I'm at your beck and call
    So why must I have suspicions that you all are a team?
    Steady on taking me down, are things not what they seem?
    And why does it take so many of you to try and take me down?
    If you are so righteous, then why are the numbers against me so profound?
    None of it, not any, makes a bit of sense
    All I know is it's killing me, leaving me in suspense
    I would do anything you asked of me, you just had to say
    Even if I didn't want it, I'd have done it anyway
    But nothing I do matters and I see now it never will
    So I guess I'm going to end it. Things have gotten far too real.
    © Manda H.

  • mondschatten 1w


    Why at the end i am the one sad?
    Why at the end i am the one crying?
    Why at the end i look for attention?
    Why at the end i don't smile and feel like cutting myself?
    Why at the end i am the looser and i am overthinking ?
    Why at the end to get anything I have to cry and beg god to make me happy?



  • mohsinaaftab 1w


    Kash meri aankh na khulti..
    Par is duniya me shor hi itna hai,, ki na chahte hue bhi, aapko aankh kholkr dekhna hi padega..
    Tum ek khoobsurat khavab the,, jise mene dekha, jana aur samjha. jo ab muqammal hua... Mod koi sa bhi raha ho, pr safar itna hi tha....
    Phir se Sona chahti hun.. phir se khavab dekhne hain... Or ab mujhe koi shor bhi sunayi nahi dega...

  • d_____9 2w

    Why do people make promises like "No matter what I will always be with you." when they can't keep it?

  • snehamitra 2w


    Why won't the girl you love the most won't loves you back?

    Why won't the things you want to happen in your way won't happen in the way they should happen?

    Why won't that voice from the shutted mouth behind bedroom doors come out?

    The girl you love the most won't loves you back because you are sky and she is land.

    The things you want to happen in your way won't happen because that's life.

    The voice stays silent because,the mind of that silent mouth is shutted by her parents.

  • saudadedreamx_ 2w

    I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way.

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill #drowsy #why #tired

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    Tell me why?

    ' . . ℎ ℎ ?. ' ℎ. ℎ ℎ ℎ ?. ' . ℎ , ℎ. ℎ ℎ ?

  • zizi_writes 3w

    What is?

    No, I am not a typical poet,
    I don't understand patterns,
    I don't understand verses, and I do not understand stanzas.
    I'm only a girl seeking for answers.
    I want to know what really is the purpose of life?
    And I want to move slowly, but I don't want to be left behind.
    Tell me something, why does everything seem so futile?
    How are we happy having fun when we know it's only for a short while.
    And what is the usefulness of parties and wine?
    No, I am not asking to die,
    I could as well enjoy the short period of time.
    Because I know someday I'll die,
    But what then is now the significance of life?

    No, I said i am not a good poet,
    In fact, I am a terrible one,
    What is a poem having 14 lines?
    And while you've given an answer,
    help me understand the relevance of having a career, and of building a family,
    When In the end we do not live happily.
    I would need some answers before I die... Maybe.
    But what is even the importance of an answer...?
    When at the end of the journey, all memories shall be forgotten.


  • parttime_er 3w


    लिखना इस सवाल के साथ कि "लिखना क्यों है?", एक उम्मीद लेकर कि शायद लिखने की इस जद्दोजहद में कहीं इस प्रश्न का उत्तर भी मिल जाए।

    ठीक इसी तरह हम जीते चले जाते है एक "क्यों?" लेकर। "क्यों?" जो हमारी पीठ पर सारी उम्र एक बेताल की तरह चढ़ा रहता है और हम उसे लादे रहते है क्योंकि हमें डर है कि वह कहीं पीठ से उतरकर सामने न आ जाए।


  • raghavendrabs 3w

    Am I

    Am I just a lucky heap of star dust that gained consciousness ?
    Am I just a collection of values that my school filled me with ?
    Am I just a few years of addition to the human experiences ?
    Am I an aggregation of all the songs that were suggested to me to listen forthwith ?
    Am I a stockpile of all the thoughts my parents fed me ?
    Am I categorised as mature or am I brushed off as naive ?
    Am I a voice for a loud idea or whisper from under all the customary debris?
    Am I a free man or a whittled down version of a glorified slave ?
    Am I a source of carbon dioxide or am I the receipt of oxygen ?
    Am I categorised as real or am I a character in a simulation ?
    Am I truly unique or am I just an idea that’s boringly common?
    Am I the creation of a divine entity or am I just an outcome of evolution?
    Everything around me, everything I descry,
    Am I supposed to silently enjoy it or question it and ask why?
    Is the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” a truth or a lie ?
    If that’s the truth, then my clueless self must be happy but Am I ?

    Raghavendra B S

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 4w


    Why did I write daily?
    To let her know that I care?
    To give her a reason to smile?
    To cuddle her with my words?
    To ink the universe with my love?
    To let the world fall for her?
    To make the cupids jealous?
    I had no idea, I just write.


  • madinah_writes 6w


    Today, we live in a crazy world where sinners are judged for sinning differently.
    Even the saints in our beastly plant are misjudged for acting so differently.

  • writing_hub_123 6w


    My heart is suddenly quite
    I don't know why
    Is this a phase of life or something happening inside
    Or because of my problem of shy
    You know everything what I see has turn in color white
    My emotions are low instead of always being high
    One thing will help me to clarify
    Or make this a beautiful night
    Yes i need a cry
    This will make solution bright...

  • loveyoursoul 7w

    कि वो क्या है न
    मुझे उन लोगों की समझ नहीं
    जो मुसिबत के वक्त
    मदद से पहले video बनाते हैं ।


  • geniuseene 8w

    I keep asking myself why.

    Why do I seek approval from those who will forever ignore me?
    And why do I ignore those who always approve of me?

    I guess life is like that

    We want what we can’t have
    And disregard what we do have.

    And while I'm tired of living this way,
    I don't seem to know how to use the brake on this dangerous highway.


  • mahua_k 9w


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    Bad Dancer

    If you are a good dancer you will put a smile on people's faces.
    But if you are a bad dancer you put laughter.
    And if you are a very bad dancer, you kill people with laughter.

  • yoyoshatalkswalksnrocks_ 9w

    I have no dreams. It's been long since I dreamt of the clear sky with the colourful underlining of dots....maybe flowers, they were..... But very well... Now, instead, I have this imagery, so vague and unclear, replacing this once so-called dream of mine. This imagery is ironically something that cannot be imagined or visualised.. It's something that can only be felt and this feeling somewhere forms a little 'picture' of haziness, darkness, ambiguity and 'anxiety' in my chest rather than my head now and hence, I call it imagery. But imagery is probably not the correct term... And for matter of fact, probably to begin with there was no dream to start with and rather all that I had were expectations which I now wish to hold onto no longer.. These expectations, now, probably are the things turning into this little 'picture' of haziness, darkness, ambiguity and 'anxiety' in my chest.

    I feel no need to write more for the fear that this darkness will turn into a pure and grounded picture which will lead me to write more. Contradictions are the only things left for me to express. .....probably.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #contradictions #sleep #dreams #no_sleep #no_dreams #why

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    No dreams left to sleep


  • nirvanabharga0 9w

    Why won't these naked tears of soul
    burn me alive, to make my nucleus dead?

    I wanna born like a new morn.