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  • andreakulove 17w

    Hope is wicked

    You did nothing wrong,
    I broke my own heart,
    I loved someone who was never mine to call,
    I was prepared,
    But it still pains.....

  • fathimagulzar 41w

    At times you want to bring it all out, on people who have wronged you. But it's too difficult to show them what they are and how it effects our sanity. May be it's how things are meant to be, may be we are all destined to suffer and fall so that we stand stronger against the wrongs.
    #society #wicked #hurt

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    It's not like we don't understand
    The games you play
    The words you say
    To hurt and put us down

    We only don't want to
    Make you feel bitter
    Show you your quivering mirror
    And Unleash your true self

    We are quiet
    So that you don't suffer the consequences
    Of what you've done to us
    And all that we have endured

    O society, we are not dumb but speechless

  • xting_tha_shrink 61w


    I wonder what you'd gain now that you've caused so much pain;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    Maybe you can sleep well at night while your victim goes insane;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    Without regard for the bond we shared and the world I've built around you for years;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    This cruel side caught me off guard, never really thought that you'd bring me much tears.
    ..... ..... ..... .....


  • roel_gonz 67w

    Don't let her
    pleasant smile
    fool you
    from inside
    wicked smirk in
    her eyes

  • annie_01 71w

    For those are lost,
    Their eyes were blind,
    In the face of the world,
    So dark, so immersed,
    So reversed, and upside down,
    In the lies and wicked world.

    Confusion in the soul,
    Lost in the sea of unknown,
    Died passion of love in life,
    No eyes can penetrate the truth,
    For the world had lost in wickedness.


  • beautifultraveler32 74w

    BeLIEve In Make-BeLIEve

    The magical world of Disney
    Isn't so magical anymore.
    The wholesome tales of friendships and whirlwind romances are of the glamours

    That is practiced to conceal the horrors that even the most notorious serial killer would vomit continuously.

    Every tale that was bathed in false light has been revealed to be dark.
    Childhood memories can only take you so far.

    Over the course of our lives, we try and relive the magic but to our destain.
    We will never watch the wholesome movies the same again.

  • full_auto 75w


    1. Distant stays crookedly straight it's all the same when
    2. Wicked ways cuz wicked pays just enough to make the wicked stay
    3. the addicts are stayin slaves cuz that's  addictions way
    4. Im Addicted in the addic gettin manic when i cant have it lettin in frantic so i panic causn havick
    5.livin tragic due to manic tendencies causin static instantly between me and the plastic fake fanatics
    6. And I'm back at it night and day At night they come out to play but the good should run away
    7. Cuz I must say
    8. danger goes higher
    9. And it never gets tired
    10. it wont ever retire
    11.  the only light out tonight in sight
    12. is gonna be fire
    13.  from bic lighters
    14. In the hands of abusers and liars
    15. Beasts and freaks, thieves and tweeks, monsters prey on the weak
    16. As they sleep counting sheep they should be safe
    17. But locked doors dont keep the evil away
    18. Even when it's late with all that lurks around this place.
            Good ones become lost without a trace
    1. Making so many lose faith
    2. In the human race
    3. Myself included cuz I've stood black hooded at night
    4.  with the outcasted in sight
    5. Watched nd learned I watched them burn
    6. I Witnessed them turn on one another with no concern
    7. The innocents get ditches the snitches gain riches
    8. The thugs just run while the real ones end up in prison
    No it's not the only way it goes it's just more often than most know
    1. Sell outs get  sold out like the damned sell their soul

    I've lived with wicked surrounding  myself  in my own hell as I battled addiction
    Within and gettin internally twisted
    Watching people cooking dope in their kitchen
    We never heard about this struggle in schools lessons I must of missed that section
    Never did we think this was the future we wished for  cuz that went missin for shore and we were wishin for riches and picket fences and all we got were dreams that eventually managed to vanished
    And feelings of being useless, helpless, and damaged
    I cant stand it
    We never planned for it yet they're lookin at me like ya we told you so
    Hell no not one single person helped me be ready for this shit and so fast it got too heavy
    What happened to the classics and being professional
    1. If these nightcrawlers were catholic the priest would never leave the confessional
    2. Its becoming pathetic on how they've become so predictable
    3. Let me vent in my lyrics on this instrumental
    4. Or I might go psycho lose control and bo might go have a psychotic break on my mental
    5. I dont know but why question the inevitable
    6. A verbal fight with beau is damaging like a fist fight with kimbo
    7. Its keepin me from becoming a tragic story like so many others known as abnormal
    8. I gotta get this out before my brain has a blow out
    9. I'm feelin crazy baby why cant I keep my feet to the ground in front of me
    10. I think it's just me maybe but it feels like it surrounds my brain like rabies
    11. The beat vibrates the ground I'm feeling more calm now but I'm being looked at like I'm lazy
    12. I just hope this isnt calm before the storm as I fly in like a kamikaze
    13. Why is my mental so torn bring me back to my human form but lately I cant stand me I might even hate me

    Words with purpose/ can be of service/ when some wanna hurt us/ its torturous on how they tortured us behind closed doors with curtains down the blinds up  to hide the bruises and cuts/ and scrapes/ some beat some burn some rape/ and I know all three so I'm known to hate/ they took from me a chunk of humanity/ and gave back some insanity/ but I wont let it be the end of me/I know my enemy/ because I know those who take /are bound to their fate/ where mine is the path I make

    1. What do I got to do to get it
    2. through to you that I'm through with who I used to be and who used to use me so its kudos if you know you got away with it before but no more as I move on wit my life I slam that door
    3. And nail it shut with boards across it so it never opens back up
    4. I just wanna make this day right
    5. wanna get this stage time
    Wanna make this stage mine
    1.  wanna take a stage dive
    2. I just wanna make this beat fly
    And get paid on time for writing lines to say some rhymes
    1. I hope you know I'm Writing lines for the working minds
    I wake up
    to an instrumental just to beat it up/let's shake things up cuz I'm lyrically in combat/got ahold of your brain by its testacles so now im fuckin shit up with a verbal massacre/ im a word murderer alphabet cereal killer deadly as you can be from A to Z hit you lyrically but its gonna be felt physically a wide spread attack like I had twin uzis I handle my shit like a Porsche or a Ferrari fuck around and get burnt my words bringing heat like a torch you must be feelin chilly?
    Why else challenge an O.G.

  • bhaskar_vashishth 78w


    Calm is the sea yet ocean is full of tides
    Innocent children yet wicked witches,
    Moon shines upon dark ghastly night's effigy
    Yet it only takes twelve degrees from syzygy.

    Nothing is fair in this grim deadly world
    Planets align sometimes, sometimes they forget,
    Fathers kill their only child, scold their souls apart
    Children wish their parents death and feel no regret.

    Not much can be done about these nonsense absurdities
    Only live and survive and breath this thick foul air,
    Try to bring change and get razed to the ground
    Adhere to the rules, hope for calamities and live in despair.


  • abhii_mac 100w

    As life gets tougher
    You get to stay alone
    Watching the forecast
    Of faith and admiring the
    Wicked up time with blissful
    Presence of darkness getting
    in through your peace of mind
    Representing your soul to stay
    Active throughout the life with a
    Positive composure of not letting
    things go wrong under any pathetic
    Situation witnessing a amazing days ahead!


  • dr_poet 100w

    Story she hide,
    For her parents pride,
    She was scared that night,
    When Her uncle
    turned off the light.


  • _heart_wants_what_it_wants_ 102w

    Your rules in the game,
    The end and the pain,
    Truth about them,
    No one knows but me.
    They are all your faults,
    And I'm blindfolded once again.

    #wicked #game #love
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Wicked game


  • pal_lavi 108w

    Wicked Eyes

    Blessed are those
    whom his eyes adore.

  • thebhavnasaxena 108w

    Dear Devil

    Here's fire that I must
    Walk upon, no roses,
    Only thorns, only bones,
    That I must wear in my hair,
    Here lies the womb of pain
    And some voice dictates I
    Must drown in it like a seed
    And rise again and again,
    Like a phantom of who I
    Used to be before, from my
    Grave, I must bloom, like
    The flower that will still
    Astound them with her fragrance
    In the hour of apocalypse
    Even when I don't know my sin,
    I must wear this colour darker
    Than dark in my skin, here
    Comes the devil, and tells me
    I must dance with him, round
    And round we go, till my blood
    Flows in circles, pours from me
    As if I were a well, but who says
    I would bargain for nothing when
    The devil stands before me, if this
    Is to be my fate forever, make the
    Most of my curse, I shall, for all
    My trouble, dear devil, won't you
    Crown me queen of hell?

  • yashvibansal 116w


    An angel, burning in fire
    A devil, plunging higher
    An angel, struggling with desire
    A devil, an ardent trier.

    An angel, smiling while standing still
    A devil, astounded at her will
    The angel, smiling again
    While her eyes recited poetries of her pain.

    A devil, trembling as the wind blows,
    He knows her highs, his lows.
    A battle, to be fought to the end
    Both know there'll be wounds to tend.

    Heaven's angel
    Smiling hell
    Hell's devil
    Praying well.

    Her eyes on him,
    She holds up a picture
    Her eyes bloodshot,
    Examining her new found stature.

    The devil yelps
    He cries for help
    The angel advances, slow and quiet
    Still the devil turns white.

    This an angel turned bad,
    She's horrendous, yet sad
    For her picture drops blood and painful hues
    Remember, Lucifer was an angel too!
    Her pain has destroyed her, giving evil a ruse.

    For it will be a fight
    Between evil and good-turned-evil's might
    The devil knows he will lose
    For it is the cow that rams the horn the worst
    And it is good turned bad that causes the most woes.

    And yet they fight
    Amidst still and quiet
    A losing battle on both sides
    One will lose power,
    Will retire into his hole
    But the other, shall lose her soul.

    And as the angel becomes the devil
    The sun sets on reigning evil
    Unable to witness anymore
    A war between a lost soul and a losing soul.

    Remember, that devil could be anyone around you
    And you could be that angel too!
    Losing yourself, complete and whole
    In a fight with someone who has no soul.



    #angel #devil #soul #lost #evil #wicked #good #bad

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    Soul, Dear Angel?

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  • sarahrachelea 116w

    If you could ignore me
    With your cold-blooded wicked heart
    Then I guess I should learn
    To sadistically cut you out of my pristine heart

    ~ the neglected innocent

  • eden_with_eve 119w

    #fire #love #soulmate #seduction #otherhalf #heart #lovers #vocabulary #bigwords #burn #beautiful #relationship #strongwoman #intense #jaded #wanton #wicked

    Forgive me, darling, as I am jaded.
    An overrated airhead.
    Agitated, more prone to act out with verbiage that will leave one eviscerated.
    I am a wasp in posession of a wicked tongue.
    Wanton and weak to the wiles of her wit.
    I worry for the suitor who sleeps at my side.
    We are both fighters, apt to start rather than stop fires.
    Most ruinous acts between us transpire, together we perspire, and he calls me destroyer of worlds.
    He loves me and when I inquire as to why I am the subject of his fascination he tells me the causation is simply this...
    Were it not for my brave tongue, he would never have had the pleasure to know my fever brain. The mind that many call insane is ingenious though it scrapes against social norms. He tells me it rattles against my beautiful skull. A raving soul in posession of the most lovely pair of lips, fit thighs, fine hips. His favorite part of me is the curve where the indent of my waist dips.
    He begs me with this touch.
    I am weak to the clutch of his sturdy grip.
    Even as I slight him, slipping in cuts with my cultivated vocabulary, he is naught caused to turn away.
    My love, he is the balm to my bite.
    Where I rage he dares to rise to my fire and warm himself by the edge as if it could never burn him at all.

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    Forgive me, darling, as I am jaded.
    An overrated airhead.
    Agitated, more prone to act out with verbiage that will leave one eviscerated.
    I am a wasp in posession of a wicked tongue.
    Wanton and weak to the wiles of her wit.

  • mahtobpensdown 120w

    #ruminate #wicked #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #pod #tale #life #thoughts #diary #pod #repost

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @quotes_of_scribe @storytellersuchismita @lifehackernikky @mikeanthony @yathra @just_thinking @jugglingwords

    Wicked - playfully mischievous

    Ruminate - Rumination refers to the tendency to repetitively think about the causes, situational factors, and consequences of one's negative emotional experience.

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    As she read the book,
    a wicked smile bore on her face.
    Was the story known ? Or it
    ruminated the twists ahead?

  • __sni_pan__ 124w

    Even the Moon has a Shadow Side
    AND I am only Human..��
    Here is a series of confessions
    Of my Shadowy, #Wicked #Dark Side.

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    The good thing about venting on
    Social media is that
    EVERYONE thinks It's about them
    BUT NO ONE can be REALLY sure

    Still, it keeps everyone aware
    AND on their toes..
    AND Most importantly it keeps
    EVERYONE off your back..

    Thus, without pointing a finger at anyone
    AND explicitly talking to someone
    In an active voice.. using possesive Nouns
    Like 'I' 'You' 'We' to get the point accross
    Effectively avoiding unpleasant confrontations
    That EVERYONE must avoid to protect
    Their own Vibrational Energies..

    Venting in a passive voice..
    ..and making it generic is the best way
    To say things, get them out
    AND it's the most effective in results too.

    —Confessions of my Shadow Side.

  • cheesyloner 125w

    Not weak nor wicked,
    A sapling of thorns, waiting for the crimson.

  • paulwrites 116w

    #wicked #hogwarts #harrypotter #fanfiction #fanfic #Hermione #McGonagall #Elphaba #Umbridge #creativewriting #wicked witch #wicked musical #wicked novel #orderofthephoenix

    Wicked Hogwarts
    (Being a fanfic mashup of Wicked and Harry Potter)


    The last thing she remembers is water. Lots of
    it. On her face, cascading down her long black dress and nearly burning the hue of her skin. That bitch of a child has splashed her. Of all the gall. And all over a broom. She hadnt been particularly satisfied with it lately, but to be honest, she hadn't been happy with anything in recent years. Still, to be splashed in the face because some teenage wench wanted her broom.

    No one will ever take my broom again, she thinks, as darkness overtakes her and she dissolves into the floor. She feels herself coming apart, seperating, melting, and she wonders if this is death or whether the child had mastered her own set of curses. Or maybe it's that damned wizard. He had sent the girl after the broom, Elphaba reasoned. He always lacked the courage to face her himself, the charlatan. But these thoughts do not matter now for she is dying. Ding! Dong! The witch is dead. And then there is nothing. Absolute darkness. Complete silence. In the merry old land of Oz, the wicked witch of the west is no more.

    Chapter 1: Elphaba Awakes

    Elphaba awakes. Her dark eyes seek the light again. Am I not water, she ponders. Am I not nothingness. Dead. Dispatched. Deceased. Am I in the halls of what comes after death? It's a castle to be sure. But not her castle. It's too quiet. No winkie guards. No chattering monkeys. Just an empty hall. There are signs interspersed on the walls though. Declarations of some kind. Rules and edicts. She notices they haven't been signed by the wizard. Instead they bear the mark of someone called The High Inquisitor. She imagines the title is something similar to "The Great and Powerful" that buffoon of a wizard used back in the emerald city.

    She pulls her long cape about her and adjusts the black pointed hat on her head. Just what she needs. Another lunatic wizard. Standing in the middle of the hall she wonders if perhaps she's dreaming. Maybe the little miss with the water bucket just subdued her and the Wizard's technicians are now experimenting with her head. Giving her a mental rearranging to keep her in line.

    "I wouldn't stand there if I were you," a voice says from above her. Startled, she looks up to see a transparent man with a nearly decapitated head floating there.

    "What did you say?"

    He clears his throat and pulls at his moustache so he can be heard more clearly. "I said, Professor, you shouldn't be standing there where you are."

    "And why is that?" Elphaba asked.

    He gave a little know-it-all chuckle. "Because classes are getting ready to let out...right about...um...now."

    Suddenly, all the doors in the hall are thrown open, and out spills forth the most horrible, terrifying thing she can imagine. She nearly screams in her fright, as the vermin scurry out and around her, scattering in all directions, chittering away madly so much it makes her head hurt. Children. Oh how she loathes them. This must be what the religious leaders back in Oz called hell, or at the very least, purgatory.

    A woman walks out of a classroom, ushering some of these kids along. "Now, now, on to your next class, students," she says.

    Class? Students? I'm in a school? The last time she'd be in school was the university in Shiz. And that's one experience she doesn't care to repeat. Some of her classmates had been so mean. Others had been tolerable, but still uncomfortable at times.

    The woman, who is dressed in a long colorful shift with a tall pointed hat not unlike her own, sees Elphaba. She stops a moment, perhaps startled by her emerald green skin, but then smiles graciously and comes towards her.

    "Good morning," she greets. "I am Professor McGonagall. You must be the visiting professor that Dumbledore told us about. I am so honored to meet a wizard of your experience and stature. I hope we can learn much from you in your time here."

    The green witch, draped all in black, tries hard to muster a smile, but it feels like her face will crack in doing so. "I'm no wizard, I'm a witch, and I have not met a Dimbledore as of yet."

    "Dumbledore," Minerva gently corrects. "I can have one of our students take you to his office, if you wish."

    "Yes," Elphaba curtsies, though she doubts this is the proper thing to do. "Perhaps that would be best. I'm a little confused about why I am here."

    "As I am, as well," Professor McGonagall. "It is awful late in the year for a new teacher. What is your speciality, dear?"

    "I piss people off," Elphaba says, half in jest while knowing it's also true.

    The Professor laughs so hard her hat nearly tumbles off her head. Some of the students have stopped and are staring. "No doubt. I look forward to that." She turns and looks at a small grouping of students who have just emerged from class. "Miss Granger," she calls to one of them.

    A girl with brown mousey hair breaks away from the group and comes over. "Yes, Professor," the girl chirps happily, seemingly eager to please.

    "Would you be so kind as to show Professor...." Minerva hesitates. She doesn't know the name of the witch, she realizes.

    "Elphaba," the visitor replies.

    "Professor Elphaba," the girl replies, smiling so brightly that Elphaba doesn't know whether to smile back or get sick to the stomach.

    "Yes, I should have known that," McGonagall says, trying to save face that she didn't know the new faculty's name. "Elphaba. From...?"

    "The Vinkus," she replies proudly, but after seeing the confused looks on both Professor and student, adds, "You know, Winkie Country."

    "I see," McGonagall replies, but Elphaba knows she doesn't see at all. What is going on here? With all the political upheaval going on in Munchkinland and on the Vinkus border, there's no way they can not have heard of it.

    "I was born in Gilliken however. Attended the University at Shiz."

    "Ah, Dear Old Shiz," the older professor says, to which Elphaba brightens.

    "Oh, you do know it?"

    "Not personally, but I have heard it mentioned on occasion. Dumbledore has been there, I heard tell." She looks at the waiting student. "Miss Granger, would you please show Miss Elphaba to Albus' office?"

    Hermione looks at her strangely. "Um, Professor, remember he is gone from Hogwarts for the time being."

    "Oh, that's right, how silly of me. Well, in that case, I guess she'll have to see, um.. Umbridge, since Dolores is High Inquisitor now." She scowls. "And since she is removing teachers right and left, I can only assume she will choose who you are replacing, or working alongside, during your visit. I assume you are here as an intern?"

    "I assume, " Elphaba says flatly.

    "Well, at any rate, on behalf of the faculty, welcome to Hogwarts. I am sure you will be a valuable asset to our school."

    "Thank you. It is a pleasant surprise to be here." She doesn't say anything about what the alternative is. Here or Purgatory doesn't offer a very big menu of options.

    (To be continued? ....)

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    Wicked Hogwarts