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  • thenorthernnubian 4w

    Roar of change

    A dry hot symphony is in the air
    Silence takes the centerstage
    Then, as if arouse from a deep sleep
    Leaves rustled slowly, almost imperceptibly

    A growing rumbling sweeps across the vast expanse
    It swells and folds into itself
    Bends and swirls
    Disturbs the sands and scatters dust into the air

    Travelling through the invisible medium
    Across the earth towards
    Sandy coloured mountains and caves
    After it the rumbling continues
    To whine, stir, roar and rumble
    Towards the sun starved horizon.


  • loftydreams101 7w

    Searchlights Pouring Through the Trees

    Searching in vain
    Like headlights
    Cleaving through a forest
    Miles from a clearing
    From the agony of knowing
    Scouring, where the branches
    Snap and give way
    For the ghostly plume
    Of life chattered by torchlight
    These backwoods thrive
    Coiling their secrets
    Tighter and tighter,
    Smothering last words
    Searching and sifting
    Through the midnight blue
    Beneath the grieving stars
    Who recall where they’ve gone

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • charlieka 11w

    untamed secret

    I keep my wilderness under my tongue, like lemon drop secrets
    I'll whisper into your ear my hand on your cheek I touch the edge of your lips taste time pass hours in seconds


  • subhamrizal 15w

    Into the woods

    I took a walk in the woods, where
    I heard the falcon chasing
    The dullness
    And singing the tunes
    To call the awaited serenity
    I saw the nature selling a robe
    Of wilderness to protect
    The soul from the phony
    Mediocrity of life.
    I followed the trail
    To lose myself in the
    mesmerizing art of nature
    To find the dying ember
    That once lit the universe
    All around of me.
    I swayed in the wind
    Of change like a feather
    Of the bird hovering high.
    I sat on the leeve to see
    The sun diving down the horizon
    Where the silhouette of pigeons
    Linger across the sky
    I slept under the stars
    And the moonlight showed
    Me the way to paradise


  • malikaaqib 45w


    My dreams are like the tamarack trees,
    Glowing amber with needles of gold.

    Under a hunters moon I wonder with the dryads & they tell me their secrets.

    The mountain slops are vigilant & so I became,
    Anticipating the frost & the diminishing light.

    I roam the land of fairies & spirits,
    Disguised in a splendor of silver wings.

    They flit and dive among the wild forests,
    And make love in the grass.

    Watch how the boughs nod heavy with fruit, the sweet tang melts into my daydreams.

    A quiet place, nestled among the mountain slops,
    Where the birds sing & wilderness thrives.

  • loftydreams101 49w

    Scorched Wilderness

    From a pulse,
    Once bright colors run
    Pooling in the mud
    In the cooled rage of dusk
    Just a few mortal words
    Ring out into the shadows
    They too fade fast
    Swallowed whole
    By the long buried screams of kin
    A brittle soul gives way
    In their scorched wilderness
    Their mute plains roll onward
    Outward and ashen

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • thescreechingsilence 50w

    Fountain: Still A Cage

    I may look at the fountain
    and wonder the beauty of
    the caricatures, of
    the architecture
    of the gentle shape,
    and how beautifully
    it sprinkles out water,
    in ways I can only dream.

    but at the end,
    I would never ever want
    to be the water of
    the fountain or
    even the fountain,
    but the water of a silent stream,
    passing through
    meadows, and jungles,
    and be liberated
    in the ocean.

    a fountain,
    no matter how mesmerising
    and renowned it is,
    it still is a prison,
    that I do not dream to live in.

  • saintunicorn 55w


    Darkness befalls and beauty is found;
    Which many fails to perceive
    Blinded by the lights of the world.
    Amidst terror this song is written,
    Unheard & unsung; inclined to desires within.
    There she stands in the unending wilderness
    Let me ascertain you, I never knew her name.
    A maiden with terrifying eyes,
    Thats all I can say about the girl in the wild.
    She stands there unafraid
    Fixated at the mesmerizing eyes of what's lurking within.
    As the trees rose and the shadows groaned;
    Swiftly whispering forgotten tales of the forgotten ruins.
    Her eyes craved for what lies foremost,
    Nothing but darkness ashore.
    'Behold the beauty of what lies fore!'
    Rejoiced the Raven as it wandered above.
    Time has come to a standstill
    As she embraced herself with gay.
    "Embrace us and we'll welcome you"
    Thats what she heard,
    An answer she had finally grasped.
    Her chaotic mind finally founding silence,
    As it found the place it has been longing
    The place she belonged;
    away from all the bloodthirsty humans.
    As at some deep level of her psyche,
    She heard herself singing;
    As a lone wolf howled at a distant.
    This smell of blood was different,
    As it was satisfying, perhaps?
    To know something devouring its hunger, in this darkness.
    She knew she aint goin back the path she came
    As she found her home, & the peace unveiled
    And all she whispered was -
    "This heart of mine longs nothing else
    But to dance amongst the dead......"

    ~~~By Saint Unicorn

  • james_taumas 61w

    New World

    Alien sky
    A world so strange
    Life unlike home
    Evolution played different here
    Flora deadly and seductive
    Animals from a dream
    Vast untouched wilderness
    No human footprints
    An explorer's prairie
    Don't want to spoil
    Industry and exploitation waiting.


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 63w

    Every night before sleeping I can still taste the salt on my tongue, how my lips rested on yours, how your salt dissolved in my water.
    They tried to snatch the salt from my soul but can a sea ever be complete without his salt.
    I am now merely a stream eternally awaiting my salt.
    Seldom a lover weeps on my banks, her salty tears filling up my waters. I open my parched lips trying to devour them.
    But can a desert's thirst be quenched only with a few drops of pitter and a few drops of patter?
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    Saltless Sea


  • james_taumas 65w


    Trap set
    Prey approaches
    Sniffs the bait
    It circles around
    Sets course to leave
    Another day without food
    Dinner returns
    Hold breath
    Careless paw snags
    Cage falls
    Meat on the menu.


  • soumiroy 73w

    Meet me

    I have a thousand lies
    As decoratives on my body
    Stars and shimmers, and yellow light
    That can astound anybody
    Those who dared to look beneath
    In embarrassment, I hold the cover tighter
    Make the colour a bit whiter
    But, who dare meet me?
    I'm the wilderness underneath
    A dense forest with no light
    Where animals- untamed, fight
    Where there are snakes
    But I promise, no fakes
    Where there is blood and sound
    Mountains of dead hopes
    And rivers of dreams
    Volcanoes that burst anytime
    And lava that burn anything
    Thousands of unsaid words
    Running around like tribal children
    With poisoned arrows and swords
    Where there is a dark sky
    Where hopes fly
    Some are killed, and some die
    Where there are some mysterious doors
    I dare not open
    For they contain deadly monsters
    Memories that I dare not revisit
    More than volcanoes, they're fierce
    They can cast a long lasting curse
    And there is a corner
    Where everything is blue
    In those skies
    No bird ever flew
    A lake of tears
    And a cave of fears
    You might hear ear piercing noises
    Or frightening screams and voices
    If you're afraid
    To the exit, a light will lead
    You follow it, and a sunflower field you'll meet
    I harvest love there
    In every different layer
    With a lot of warmth
    And lot of care
    You may choose to leave
    And enjoy the cover of sheer
    For I've known none to live here

  • roel_gonz 75w

    Nature's best
    Paint with colorful quest
    Silence permeates with all blessed

    Woods freshly amazed
    Let my soul lost in the wilderness
    And filled the void of emptiness

  • mariateresa 83w

    As a shaman my mission and vow is to restore balance between humans and nature. Helping to heal humanity one heart at a time. To reconnect us all back to our soul's natural rhythm and to honor Mother Earth in this process. Our world has become so imbalanced. Greed and power have stripped too many of us of following our soul's desires and many have become deaf to the cries. Listen up my dears, return to nature and feel what's real ������

    #beautyinnature #balance #alignment #shaman #shamanichealer #motherearth #mothernature #gaia #restoringbalance #tunein #naturelover #nature #wilderness #callofthewild #befree #believe #restoration #godscreation #earth #humanity

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    Return to nature

    Rustling through the trees, whispers upon the leaves
    Scampering along the dirt road path messages are received
    Carried by the wind upon cooling breezes by moonlight
    See it in the sunrise, welcoming each new day
    Hear bluebird's song as it chirps of stories when respect was given each dawn
    Beckoning to each soul, return to her a sacred promise
    Balancing between light and darkness
    Alignment can be reached by engagement and catharsis
    Listening intently to hear her call
    Mother Earth is inviting us all
    Oneness with nature as the guide
    Run to her and travel inside
    Wonders the wise amongst us have written for centuries of
    Creatures on land, sea and above
    Majestic forests, vast deserts and green fields as far as the eye can see
    Settle down, feel her peace and breathe her air
    Never a worry will haunt you nor anything bother you to care
    Above all else her cry is heard, protect her and vow to return what's been stolen away
    Giving back to create growth within her trees
    It's pure love from heart this Mother of ours needs

  • logophile_gls 85w

    The Wild One

    She was like art.
    Complicated, but naive
    And courageous, yet insecure.
    She either felt everything too deeply
    Or nothing at all.
    She felt special one moment,
    And worthless the next.
    She craved for attention;
    Yet found happiness in solitude.
    The more she loved herself;
    The more people drifted away.
    The more selfless she became,
    The more she got hurt.
    Nonetheless she believed
    It made her brave somehow.
    There was grace in the way
    She kept her distance
    From those that expected more.
    She was tired of waiting
    For someone to understand
    That she was meant to be wild
    And not to be tamed.


  • voices_as_thoughts 85w


    I try to tell the tales written on every humans pair of white, black or brown balls,
    if i could be accurate a hundred percent then i could be God;
    So wise, He put writers in place.
    The joyful recipient saw he flipped fabrics to cloths
    Stating the obvious
    In front of proofs, I see the contrary
    I want to know before told,
    so playing God cause I'm his Son.
    Stressing my senses to every microscopic details
    if not known by me, i shouldn't be told
    if not seen by me, it shouldn't be penned,
    happy at the sadness I have found in him
    happier it is walking with him in his wilderness, showing him the promise land of which i haven't seen too
    happiest it is when he clinged to it as the Light.
    Fufilled I am, playing God, when I pave goodbye from his fantasies

  • normancrane 92w

    Grousewater II

    fat drips
    fire, sausage crackles—flames
    hiss of steam

  • sha_yad 96w

    If I were a Tree

    I walked miles before taking a halt
    beneath a giant oak tree.
    The night was raining, bitterly cold,
    the tree must have been a hundred years old.
    I lit a fire, took out my stash
    of soaked cigarettes,
    smoked one,
    dried the rest
    while rain kept pouring
    down the tree's crest.
    I sat there for a while,
    smoking the last cigarette
    burning the last wood, wondering,
    what if I were a tree?
    would I feel shackled, or free?
    And in that moment,
    I felt so vain
    while I had the shelter,
    it had the rain.
    Yet, unbowed, undaunted
    the tree stood tall
    for years to come,
    for winters to fall.
    Rain stopped and I walked away
    with the same poignant thought in my head,
    what if I were a tree?
    would I feel shackled, or free?


  • madihabashir 98w

    Everyone gets fascinated by the wilderness but nobody dwells there just like abandoned people, everyone wants to explore but no one wishes to accompany them.

  • achayanandkochamma 100w

    Harmony in Contrast

    Am I not like the ocean always in motion?
    Are you not like the mountains standing tall with stillness and a sense of calm?
    Are we not like the sky projecting both dark and light?

    When there is chaos all around. ...
    I run free into the wilderness ..
    Its holding me gently...
    Trying to breathe life into me ..
    Even as the oceans, mountains and sky around me are collapsing ... ..