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  • passionate_prism 1d

    A big glass window,
    Young girl searching for rainbow

    Returned from work, alone at home,
    Keep talking on phone with her mom

    Dark cloudy sky,
    Birds flying very high

    Sounds of thunder,
    Creating big blunder

    Shot circuit in the light pole,
    Giving my heart a deep hole

    Thundering and rain started,
    As if some giant monster farted

    Frogs started singing a song
    As if Don’t know from where they belong

    This is a story of girl living alone
    Who finds even fireflies as drone đŸ€­đŸ˜…

    #miraquil #writer #voyage #love #window #glass #a #b #c #d #poet #rhyming #anthology

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  • sayuki 5w

    Silent moonlight

    Filtered through the window pane,
    As quiet as the night,
    Slowly peeking in,
    Shying beneath the mystic clouds..
    A hidden gem filled with pure innocence,
    Waiting to be welcomed in..
    As quiet as a shadow it comes and goes,
    Unnoticed by may, awed by the lucky few
    In it's every beautiful imperfections...
    Slowly revealing it's true form every night,
    Coming out of the darkness,
    Shining brighter everytime...
    As it disappears back into the darkness,
    Leaving the few in it's wake to wonder at it's beauty..
    Patiently waiting for it to come again,
    Over and over....a cycle in the dark sky...

  • the_venting_poet 9w

    Sat by the window
    I picked on the food, cold food
    As I think of you.


  • bclark2681 9w


    Your scars are....
    They are the window
    Into your hazel soul
    Telling me your story
    Reciting to me whole

  • benevolentsoulhealer 9w


    I remember us in fragments;
    Like the breeze of winters blow,
    It dances like the sun dial
    That sits outside of your window.
    Sometimes, I’m drowning out your voice
    To forget the way you speak.
    But then the leaves would sway again,
    And back to you I sweep.

    Some days are just an echo-
    An old memory left behind.
    I forget what breathing feels like,
    All because you’ve left my mind.
    It seems like happiness’ been lost
    Like the life drained from your eye,
    Until I realised your still with me-
    Even though I said goodbye.

    #fragments #life #window #windchimes

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    It seems like happiness’ been lost
    Like the life drained from your eye,
    Until I realised you’re still with me-
    Even though I said goodbye.

  • erinrising 10w


    I peer through a window called Past.

    The longer I gaze the harder to tell ~ fiction from fact.

    I see many lessons, imprints of time.

    Some change my life, others cut deep ~ ghosts in my mind.

    I cannot stay long, I must look away.

    Each moment I spend watching the past ~ risks that I'll stay.


  • eclipsed_in_thoughts 10w

    Finding myself
    Between the panes
    Of the window shade
    Behind these glass walls
    Completely safe
    In a sense
    The security
    Is making me insecure
    Can't you hear?
    The screams of my sufferage
    Reaching for someone
    To look in
    And see me

  • hostnetindia321 10w

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  • sonu99 12w

    Open the window of your life everyday to inhale the fresh air and sweet aroma and fill your mind with positivity and good vibes and exhale the negativities and bad thoughts out.

  • kindred_words 13w

    On some days I am a canvas of painting delved into colours of love for life and pain of reality.
    I am sad and I am successful. My mysticism is eternal like the sunrays' falling on the window sill.

    The Window sill which has seen barren land turn homes and homes turn mansions.Mansions which plagued the soul and gave rise to human bots luring breathing beings to work for an extra hour, serve the mansion mechanism, so that they can secure their houses with culture, political instability and recession. But that's all a distinct dream, because till 45 you eat the relics of your foul soul and swallow frustration at the speed of 50 litres per hour like a fish that swallows water left to live in fish tank.

    Tank covered with frost as if the voices of hearts inside it have been frozen. Frozen because thats the dogmatic criteria they need encompass in order participate in the "race of lifestyle." Maybe someday you will cross the red ribbon and win the race to good lifestyle. Until then you will serve the masters of your faith. By sitting for eleven hours a day because nothing here is now fate but all is hard earned.

    Earn! You will Earn. While you will lose morality and peace and earn a living where you are oppressed and the oppressor. It's all an infinte even cycle until you cross the race beyond the mark and set the new bars. Until you learn to inferiorise another caste/race/community. Because that's the lesson you must remember you work hard until there is nothing soft in you left.

    Left nothing! In this whisteling, buzzling world, where Nightingale song is stranger dream. Keats ghosts has also left. Well he was not able to deduce any new Odes, because here you have no art left to cherish. No dreams to live. No fat kid drawings to fit in an astronaut suit landing on an undiscovered moon. Because imagination have exhausted and become non renewable resource.

    Resources. Everyone and everything is a resource here. From the butterfly in your stomach to hunger in your heart or anguish when you fail. All can be optimized and institutionalized in ways that no boy is here feels for his Romeo. On some days this all seems like a Van Gou painting gone wrong or Kafkaesque narrative.

    Nevertheless, rationally saying it is not.This is my window sill. This my mansion.This is the life. Life that has valueless value and death that's the honourable sabbatical I wish for. Hobbies which are my escapade but well for today my canvas is full. I am full. So I must go back to my urgent call.


    #capitalism #canvas #life #window #happiness #mundaness #writersnetwork #rants #escapades #resources #earn #mansion #tank #left #humans #hope #kindredspirits #kindred_words

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    A Capitalist Canvas

    Nevertheless, rationally saying it is not.This is my window sill. This my mansion.This is the life. Life that has valueless value and death that's the honourable sabbatical I wish for. Hobbies which are my escapade but well for today my canvas is full. I am full. So I must go

  • __ek_wada__ 13w

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    Zaruri nai dosti sirf kisike jaan pahechan se hi ho,
    Dosti window to window bhi hojaati hai kabhi.

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • tithi8 16w

    Night is a window

    I see the true half of my world through.

    It shows my dreams gleaming over as stars, too dim to see, to bright to pursue.

    The exhaustion I feel with it says,

    its over in me, the wish to win through.

    Night is a window,

    I see an image of myself in,

    Which shows how dark I am to fit in,

    But maybe I don't fit,

    But don't I define the light!?

    Doesn't it mean I am worth it?

    'The crown of knights'

    But does it matter?

    The fact I am the part of dark

    ends the fight.

    Night is a window,

    I see truth through ...

    - Tithi....

    #night #mirakee #window #bytithi #Tithi_verse #life #philoshopy #truth #feature #poetry #world

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    Night is a window

    //Poem in caption//


  • sanjusuren_ 16w


    Draw your curtain and glance
    Do you see a railing that limits the wings of your dreams,
    or a window that unveils the roads that lead you to it?

  • ifwego 17w

    /////- C Y N I C A L

    Somedays my world can just melt between your legs,
    Does appreciating you like that a threat to your Cynics,

    With your hands running into my hair,
    Mine rustling behind creases your smile left,

    Climbing upto you like reverse mercury,
    Rewinding how we unfurled ,

    Then I guess we can make love while the sky burns down...

    - ved

  • unblossomedyet 19w

    Adieu... Venetian Blinds!

    How can I forget you ? My Louvre window!!!

    When describing my vintage house,
    For the high ceilings ,and the distinctive aesthetics
    The Venetian blinds controlled the sun in through it,
    Posing as curtains, louvers made peeping simple by the house full of energetics.

    The blinders of the house have lots to unfold,
    They held hidden stories,for generations untold.
    The Jalousies as named, offered enough room for histories to create,
    The window became the signature, remembering the glories to relate.

    Months rolled into decades that changed to century
    My window stood tall and elegant
    Witnessing many members come and go,
    Capturing moments and making them a memory.

    Today there’s nothing open about you my window.
    You've shut yourself in and out.
    Holding the legacy of the vintage house,
    You still smile quietly without a doubt.

    Battered by the strong winds and chills of the air,
    Fighting the perilous rain and the sun with all its glare,
    A day will come when I will never see you anymore.
    But you will hold a special place in my heart.
    And I will always mention you in my sweet folklore.


  • kunalraj_raj 23w

    sometimes caption on a post and rhyming in poetry aren't needed because all you need to do is to feel the lines and imagine the characters and situation of the scene from start to the end

    a boy actually an average looking boy with pure heart likes a girl but the problem is he can't confess his love because of lack of courage, even he don't talk to that girl but he likes her !! he stare at her through the window but he don't go out while she is outside !!! he just wants her to stay by his side and he wants to protect her from everything, and from the worst time...... he dream of both from small to large like he dream to sharing the maggi after one finished first, and to marry her !! he loves her such that he can go miles to seek her happiness, this is a very genuine feeling, he can't change it untill he is alive !! he wants to live rest of his life under her shadow....!! hastag aren't in order so that they can form a meaning but each are releted to the post !!

    #blessed #blurt #sceret #confidential #notes #diary #solitary #loyalty #relationship #relation #love #lovepoetry #relatedposts #disparity #edict #elated #elves #massage #friendly #fright #dare #music #lowbeats #feelings #thunderinsideheart #absentminded #darkmood #see #shadow #exhausted #preety #died #shadow #window #stare #smile #mood #pod #finished

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @zaara_ @wiredweirdly

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    moles on cheek makes you more prettier
    i like the way you come and sit like sensior
    when there is leap of one day i feel exhausted
    cuz, for your presence i m addicted
    when you come near me my heart beat fast
    and as you look at me it felt like my life is last
    i just want to walk along with you and music
    to the end of a beautiful peak

  • mathi_fk 25w

    @mirakee #mirakeeans
    #window #fkwords

    I hope u all have that one window friend ��☺️

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    The one who are will not be visible
    to anyone will say me something
    from there...,
    through the window

  • artwhisper786 26w

    Outside My Window ,

    Sitting on my window , gazing the outside world , the chaos , the emptyness , the crowd, the cry , the laugh ,the love, the people, make it scary , then a thought of you and I vanish into my realm.

  • roypriya 26w

    27th march 2021
    1:36 am

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    The situation has changed

    My tears shown the feelings which I never admitted.

  • _writerwaits_ 13w


    The buildings, bags, birds, crowd, churches,clothes, the cold, colours,clouds,cuisines,distance, devotion emotions, fragrance,flights, glass,homes,hopes, hymns,heights, kisses, lamps, lights ,moon, mosque ,nests, people,prayers, pains,this pane, the sun, shadows,sky ,stars ,songs,smiles, sounds strolls,streets, smoke, tears, tresses,trees ,temples...
    and sometimes the rain.......