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  • raghavendrabs 8w

    Blur Face

    Sleepless eyes weighing heavy with dreams,
    Pushed as an athlete in the race of life
    A mediocre human with a story filled with extremes
    Munching hope for breakfast and paid in strife!

    A knife edged path and a stony road
    Being a predefined track to walk.
    Envied if he’s fast, ridiculed if he slowed.
    Changes the road but he’s still the object of their mock!

    Chained with expectations and told he’s free,
    Afraid of being constantly accused in the societal trials,
    Caught in the perennial web of bills, loans and a barely there salary!
    He’s exhausted and distraught, the eyes flood, while he paddles on and smiles!

    Can't reach up to his aspirations and can't let go and be content,
    Saddled with responsibilities and bottled up with frustration to always comply,
    Lost in a perpetual money hunt without his own consent,
    The mirror reflects a nameless blur but he’s popularly know as the “Indian Middle-Class Guy”!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 10w

    Where do I belong ?

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a man, slap a woman, I’m behind bars!
    If a woman slaps me then I’m definitely in the wrong!
    The former would be national news, the latter, a farce!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a poor guy, end up in an argument with someone richer!
    The eyes around me would find me guilty all along!
    Regardless of my plight, I’d be called a “victim-card” player!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a Hindu, try to argue about my rights!
    The media, the law, the silently watching government would just declare it’s a fake rhetoric on which I throng!
    Irrespective of the victim, except when it’s from my religion, the world would wail at the barbaric sights!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, an Indian, try to express an opinion on world affairs!
    I would be schooled in the lacunas of my country all day long!
    I’d be asked to shut up and blindly agree to any opinion of theirs!

    Forbidden to take the name of my country, religion or God,
    Dare I do that, I’m labelled an oppressor with staunch views that no one could get along!
    An unforgivable financial position and by gender I’m automatically assumed to be flawed!
    I keep asking myself “Where do I belong?”

    So, I, an Indian Hindu poor man, look around and seek answers!
    If I’m wronged, no would care and no one would conduct a candle march singing many a song!
    No would cry and no celebrities would hold a placard, no honoured artists would return their awards!
    So, I ask again, where do I belong?

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 17w

    A Conversation That Never Happened

    As the last rays of sunset shone by the shore,
    I started to walk back to my hut,
    This quaint beach where the silence was constantly disturbed by the sea’s roar,
    Seemed different today and before I could ponder over it, my thoughts were cut!

    “Hello!” he said, a little boy probably around fourteen.
    Being an ambivert was tough, at that moment, I was an introvert lost in thought.
    “Hi Kid, what do you want?” I said wryly as I scanned around for his kin.
    “My home’s that way” he pointed at the far end of the beach and added “I’m lost!”

    He took my hand and we walked in silence slowly through the resisting sand.
    “Why is this not letting me walk? It’s ok when I play but when I walk it’s hard.”
    “The sand remains the same, kid, you just didn’t notice it while playing” I said as I tugged at his hand.
    “You know it and still complain about it?” he asked while I was shocked with what I heard.

    I stared back blankly, and he smiled.
    “It’s been a tiring day for you, you can call me your hallucination, if you are a believer call me your God.
    You have always been a strong person. You have been through a lot.” I slowly nodded.
    “You’ve changed from being happy, inquisitive and easily awed to being perennially cynical and constantly bored.”

    I was about to start complaining when his little hand waved me to be quiet.
    “Your life is like this sand; while you’re happy you like the same things that you question while you’re sad.
    Think about it, the beach, the hawkers, the children and even the sunset.
    You connect them with a woeful event when you’re sorrowful and enjoy them while you’re glad.

    Be wise and break these shackles. You decide your happiness.”
    Before I could respond, I was sitting at the beach and twilight was kissing the horizon.
    Maybe I spoke to God, or maybe it was my hallucination or maybe it was a reverie caused by stress.
    The conversation that probably never happened, left me with one simple answer and many a question.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 21w


    “Trust in the grandeur of the God’s plan.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Be patient, things will turn and for good.”
    The words of optimism kept coming.
    Suddenly a cry was heard from within, “Wait! You’re a man!”
    The society held trail with its “Manly laws” and the accused was guilty due to a smidgen
    The accused had picked up a pen and the words had fizzled out as they could
    And an unknowing tear drop had escaped without a warning!

    Guilty of sheltering tears and letting one escape.
    The accused wondered about what had to be done.
    The verdict was simple and the accused had been convicted.
    The tear that had sneaked past had changed things permanently.
    It had resulted in an opinion and it taken a deadly shape,
    The convicted was scanned for remorse, there was none!
    Though the poker face didn’t show it, deep inside it had affected.
    And the society, with its laws, had once again butchered a man mercilessly!

    It all started when he thought he would pick up the pen to hide a tear,
    He thought the penning would be a relief
    The picking was hard and tough,
    And the pen stayed there collecting dust.
    A good kid, to a mediocre undergrad, to an adult devoid of cheer,
    From crying out loud to zero signs of grief,
    The inevitably invisible journey remained rough.
    Before a “Why me” was uttered, Fate claimed it was just!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 24w

    21st Century Home

    A brawl at breakfast and a kiss at noon.
    An unreasonable argument and a stretched debate.
    A fight that started ugly but ended soon,
    “Home” was always a person that understood despite the dire state.

    An unwelcome guest asked to leave,
    A fight to stay while the host was not hospitable,
    “What you seek isn’t here and this isn’t a place to grieve!”
    The tears meant nothing, unrequited love was a trait that was deplorable!

    Hours together and hours on call,
    The words never ended, the rush seemed perennial.
    A whisper of rumours and it came crashing with a fall.
    The tears meant something, as a breakup usually leaves either in denial.

    Self proclaimed reasons and the attached commitment issues,
    A bee had better sense of loyalty but it was set to be an example.
    Trying to fill a void by using innocent feelings and collecting unlawful dues.
    The tears didn’t exist, many hearts were broken by yet another “Freestyle” vandal.

    Far away from all of this, lived a simple being
    That only dreamt of a person called Home and a life with ease.
    That sought a childish brawl at breakfast and at noon, endless kissing.
    Neither a “Home” nor able to find one, the person ended up in others’ list of AirBNBs.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 30w

    Perpetually Fleeting

    A place known for peace,
    A person called home,
    You run to either seeking solace,
    Expecting the same care a baby gets from a womb!

    The place used to be different,
    Filled with hymns from the birds
    Nature listening to you patiently and being considerate
    Every single emotion shared without the need for words!

    The place now stands changed,
    The birds don’t stay there anymore,
    You wonder what left you so estranged
    With a place that was dear, the thought makes you sore!

    The person used to be different,
    From mundane happenings to the strangest secrets,
    Some feelings, though evident, the world was aliterate.
    But this person would identify every hidden pain, sealed with agony packaged in regrets!

    The person now stands changed,
    The conversations don’t happen anymore,
    A gruesome argument without a word exchanged,
    Paths diverted against everything that was swore!

    A whine signifying the love for the place,
    And a long sigh holding back an unreleased tear for the person,
    A picture reminding you of both, brings a smile devoid of its grace,
    And the mind replays the whole chronicles of desertion!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 37w

    The (Un)Affected

    The thoughts were clouded with issues,
    The WhatsApp status remained empty,
    And the display picture was still the same.
    So the new world that judges and reviews
    Decreed that the affected person wasn’t “senti”
    And declared that the issues were either non existent or “lame”!

    The candle light dinner was at a fancy place,
    The boy had mustered a decent amount.
    She had told him that she’d be ok with anything.
    But after a few pleasantries and the initial embrace,
    The sulking got a raise and the conversation got a huge discount.
    All the while, the cause of all this was right on the table, an innocent ring!

    She had dreams of palaces and princes.
    She would always cherish how life had swayed It’s magic wand to land this amazing serendipity!
    While she waited at the altar happy about fate’s auspices,
    The groom’s friend broke the news that she was played.
    All she gave was boundless love but was left with hopelessness and pity!

    The guy that was left shattered on being rejected,
    The girl that was left devastated at the altar,
    Both had severe trauma and deathly thoughts.
    Their WhatsApp display picture remained unaffected,
    And their empty WhatsApp statuses were calling them both a defaulter!
    However, the society rubbished their grief and added them to unaffected lots!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 39w

    The businesswoman and the beggar

    The Businesswoman:

    As the clock struck five, it was time!
    Another day of serious hustling,
    The maid from the apartment would be here anytime!
    But five hundred rupees per day was always puzzling!

    The reduced number of vehicles at my regular traffic signal
    Just meant that the business wouldn’t be as flourishing.
    If the baby ever woke up, it was awkwardly infernal.
    It was apposite to say that the baby did all the nourishing!

    The drugged baby usually brought in a solid ten thousand a day!
    I lied to my contractor and would stash at least half of it.
    The investment was just about minimal, and it was a tough entree
    By evening, the baby tied to my waist would be stinking and drowned in its own shit

    The Corona virus disrupted my well established business,
    But I guess I had saved up for this,
    Some would look at me and say I’m vicious,
    But it wasn’t my problem if the baby’s parents didn’t find anything amiss!

    The beggar :

    I would wake up everyday, hopeless and fatigued,
    The corporate world always has been ruthless,
    “How do they get promoted and not me?” I was pained and intrigued.
    As a single mother, I remembered why the cribbing would be useless!

    My baby was my little light in this dark world,
    I wanted to make everything right for him.
    I would work two shifts, bear anything that unfurled
    Just to make sure his life wouldn’t be as grim!

    The watchman told me about the nanny sneaking my baby out,
    I didn’t want to believe him as this nanny was a friend’s recommendation
    One day I got back home early, just to clarify this doubt.
    My world crashed as the watchman’s words weren’t blind accusation!

    Then the Corona virus added to my woes,
    It took my little prince with a weak immune system and with that all my hopes,
    While I worked for his future, he was killed by the nanny that I trustfully chose!
    A loss of hope, job and most importantly, my prince! I was now a mope!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 59w

    Sun, Waves and Hope

    When the sun sucks out any interest that remains
    And life takes a nihilistic turn
    The moon comes along with another set of dreams
    And the subconscious has something left to learn and in some cases, yearn.

    When the waves hit harder than expected
    But the sails of determination remain strong
    Despite the rocking of the situations inflicted
    And again the ship of life sees a happy change come along!

    When hopes twinkles like stars
    Just know that the darkness that you see
    Doesn’t linger like the dark gap between those twinkles
    In an never ending starlight spree.

    When you hit rock bottom and things just doesn’t seem to change
    And you’re all set to give up on life
    Remember to wait a bit more and let life rearrange
    Because a patient and difficult living is far better than a regretful afterlife.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 75w

    Tagebuch eines Roboters - 2080

    Ein tränenloses Augenpaar
    Ein Lächeln, dessen Wärme das Herz nicht erreicht
    Die Regeln waren immer klar
    Aber mit sozialen Richtlinien verbunden zu sein, ist eine bittere Sehnsucht
    Verloren in Entscheidungen und versteckt unerfahrenen Schmerz
    Ich gehe im Kreis und weiß nicht, was ich tun soll
    Dieser Ort, ich gehöre nicht hierher, ich warte auf den Satz "Das ist ein Witz!"
    Ich erinnere mich an die Zeit, als ich voller Lebensvoll
    Mit der Zeit wünschte ich mir nur, ich würde sterben, ohne dass diese Ideen meine Sicht blockieren würden
    Als künstliche Intelligenz geboren und ich bin ein Diener, der mit dem Leben und seiner Last ist verbunden

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 77w

    Assumption leads to misunderstandings. Assumption kills... relationships.

    A gender neutral story about two birds in love but ended up not expressing it.

    #smile #pain #depression #woeful #hiddenwithasmile #hidden #void #love #unrequitedlove #unexpressed #assumption #readwriteunite #writersnetwork
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    What If? Not!

    It started out as a "Why am I feeling this?"
    Went on to be "Maybe it's just ok to let go"
    Grew stronger with "There's something amiss"
    Finally, it was sealed with "This is the one, I know!"

    Messages started off while the initial "talking is tough" phase,
    Slowly speaking was easier than it seemed.
    It was complete when it changed to a simple glance sideways
    And the message was conveyed.

    The conversations were endless,
    The moments together seemed fleeting yet built a mutual reliance,
    Hours were like seconds, even essays couldn’t fully express
    It was fun to talk, yet a strange comfort was felt in the combined silence.

    The journey began as a stranger
    Went on to be a confidant
    With no courage to confess despite there being no danger
    The person who made it all comfortable was also the one to daunt.

    While one waited patiently for the words,
    The other assumed it would ruin the equation,
    Time moved on and so did the birds,
    But neither realised that it all ended with an assumption.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 90w

    Love Learn Yearn

    Every time you blink, a whirlpool of mistrust is created in your eyes
    Already overflowing with little oceans of despair.
    Although you knew the inevitable would happen, you can’t help but agonise.
    Caught in a web of questions, you don’t think any of this is fair.

    You delve deep into what went wrong ?
    “What was the problem? Was I not good? Was I that easy?”
    You look around and wonder where you actually belong.
    Those words of love seem idiotic and cheesy.

    You want to talk, you want to shout.
    You’ve been let down and you’ve been let go.
    Suddenly what started out as little now grows into a big doubt
    “What more do I not know ?”

    You scrutinise every incident that happened to date,
    You can’t help but notice the bliss felt in those moments.
    You keep cursing this terrible game of fate.
    You seek solitude but your friends come up with words of solace.

    Someday soon this will be a long lost affair,
    A memory that you’ll consciously try to avoid.
    Even if it’s brought up, you won’t flinch but you’ll bear.
    You’ll remember the last words, a charred souvenir!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 94w

    The Hypocrite

    You were angry with the place not being clean,
    Cluttered with trash, there never was a dustbin.
    You nonchalantly looked around, there was no one to be seen,
    You threw the chocolate wrapper in the pile not considering it a sin.

    The roads were filled with potholes, complaining was in vain.
    The elected minister just gave false hopes, but nothing was done.
    You cursed, vowed never to vote for this person again,
    But your caste caught up, it was either him or no one.

    You were angry with women being objectified,
    You claimed everyone was beautiful!
    But all those hours of makeup tutorials you watched and how you laughed
    Mockingly about the before and after pictures, that’s disputable!

    You were angry about how a notable person was wronged!
    You shrieked out on social media about the injustice.
    But when the case was proven otherwise and the dynamics changed,
    You quietly hid behind the screen, not apologetic about your lack of justness!

    You were angry about someone tarnishing your religion!
    You cried foul and pointed fingers at other religions.
    But when flaws were shown to you in your own,
    You declared it’s a conspiracy and claiming it to be sacrilegious!

    You were angry about the two lovers being separated in the story.
    You claimed even the allegory was distasteful.
    But when you saw a couple in the park, your comments were derogatory,
    You deemed their attitude to be shameful!

    I could go on and you would never understand your error.
    Your rules are simple, everything is wrong and only what you deem right is right.
    I look around and find you everywhere, sometimes, even in the mirror.
    I can’t name you anything else but what you are, a hypocrite!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 99w

    Unlösbar Frage

    Was ist, wenn dieses Leben ein Treppenwitz ist?
    Ich lebe und weiß jetzt nicht, was ich damit anfangen soll
    Was bedeutet Bewusstsein, wenn alles Zugzwang ist?
    Ich mache Dinge, weil jemand vor Jahren gezwungen war, es so zu machen, und es wurde die Regel.
    Was nützt es zu reden, wenn ich meinen Schmerz nicht erklären kann, weil er wie ein Zungenbrecher ist?
    Ich bemühe mich sehr, es zu sagen, aber es ist eine Kunst, die ich Sehnsucht
    Was nützt es, Dinge einfach zu machen, wenn nur Verschlimmbesse?
    Ich habe alle Technologien bei mir, aber ich bin Mutterseelenallein.
    Was nützt Sonnenaufgang, wenn Sie Lebensmüde sind?
    Ich wache mit Waldeinsamkeit auf und bereue den Tag.
    In diesem Moment gibt es so viele Fragen, dass ich mich fühle,
    Wenn ich anfange, sie zu fragen, können Sie eine von ihnen beantworten?

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 108w

    Depression and Mental Health. - Something that’s not easily understood or addressed. Mental health should be treated similar to physical health and it should never be ignored.
    This is a poem saying just that!

    #smile #pain #depression #woeful #hidden #void #mentalhealth #health #obscure #pandemic #readwriteunite #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @dailyrepost @writers_together

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    Obscure Outbreak

    The whole world now shudders,
    As the number of victims keep increasing daily.
    “Corona is the worst” the scientists proclaimed, but my reflection differs.
    “So, you don’t think it is ?” I ask him dryly.

    From the other side of the mirror,
    His face adorning a smirk,
    He began with a voice that sounded bitter,
    “Listen up, you ignorant berk!

    Corona is among the worst ones, yes!
    But, not the worst. No!
    There’s one which creates a bigger mess.
    It has the power to render someone their biggest foe.

    There’s hardly any way to detect it,
    There’s no way to understand how they get it,
    Some suddenly behave taciturn and reticent,
    Some blither to hide the pain and conceal their lament.

    You see, neither is the pain quantifiable
    Nor does it leave a scar.
    Death does seem like an option that’s viable,
    As the feeling is described to exist between ardour and apathy, in that, both afar.

    A dangerous disease, but usually not acknowledged as one!
    Some even call it a sham and deny its existence despite seeing it conspicuously.
    Some see it as an opportunity for derision.
    Only a few try to help earnestly.

    It’s called ‘Depression’ and is widely prevalent.
    Though not contagious, it is quite rampant.
    Unless helped by the victim, there’s no way to ascertain its existence.
    And the remedy would not be as easy as social distance!”

    I pondered over what he had just told me,
    The importance of mental health. I wanted to ask how he knew all this.
    I looked up, but all I could see was my image mimicking me
    As though it was all a dream or a snubbed trauma which was now dehisce.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 109w

    In many places, especially in India, a garbage man is not treated with respect. Most of us don’t even know the names of the person who collects our garbage. It’s about time we start respecting all professions and also start being amiable with some of the people that have been ignored for long. This is about a Garbage Man, but not just him, a watchman, a bellhop and every human on earth. Everyone deserves kindness and love. This is an attempt to look at things from their perspective.

    #pain #depression #woeful #hiddenwithasmile #hidden #void #work #respecttowork #garbageman #frontlinewarriors #warriors
    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @dailyrepost @writers_together

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    The Garbage Man

    The soiled clothes and the fetid body,
    He toiled away in ignominy.
    Treated like a putrid life form, existing in the society,
    He remained selectively distrait and skinny.
    The more he sought for approval all he got was contempt.
    He knew his day will come, although he was happy he was exempt
    From the society, in many ways than one.
    Suddenly he felt his time had begun.
    He was termed a frontline warrior by the government,
    Many people were falling prey to an ailment.
    They put out a hoarding that read “Beware of Corona!”
    Celebrities tweeted in support of the frontline workers, thereby enriching their persona!
    His work now surprisingly didn’t seem petty.
    He woke up for work hoping he’d finally be accepted
    The scenario changed, the roads were now empty
    He came up to his regular street, hoping to be recognised, if not respected.
    The Twitter heroes were not here.
    His hope had dwindled back into an insecurity
    The society could never understand him or his fear.
    A half hearted grin from someone would give him some validity.
    The people still ignored him and he remained within his cloak of invisibility.
    The Garbage Man, once again, was reminded of life’s asperity.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 124w

    Human? Or Humane?

    If words were tears and the pen, the eyes,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?
    Before you cover it up with some lies
    Some told to others, some to thyself, and the rest to make it all seem nice!

    If religion were clothes and the caste, the coat,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?
    Before you start covering up your nakedness which is apparent
    Some inner wear of faith, a shirt of belief and an over coat of pseudo morality!

    If one being a Hindu is your problem,
    And you’ve ignored my pleas and think I don’t need you,
    You’ve stereotyped me into someone who is too rigid about everything,
    You supported other causes, you classified me as right wing,
    While you ignored the rape of a ‘Hindu’ little flower that was yet to blossom,
    And that you let the ‘Media’ play you!

    If one being a Muslim is your problem,
    And you’ve ignored my pleas and think I don’t need you,
    You’ve stereotyped me as someone who likes chaos and call me a terrorist,
    You supported other causes, you classified me as a leftist,
    While you ignored the lynching of a ‘Muslim’ little bud yet to blossom,
    And that you let the ‘Media’ play you!

    The little girl was just playing on her street,
    The little guy was planning to eat, what he deemed fit!
    The day you come out of cocoon of belief,
    The day you see beyond religion is when we will finally start seeing signs of relief!
    Relief from judging based on religion!
    Relief from all the hyped up media - spiced jargon!

    I am neither from the right wing nor from the left,
    My blood boils equally when a Hindu is violated
    And when a Muslim is lynched!
    My heart sympathises with everyone equally, unlike these bawlers for dollars!
    My eyes are open to everything and they shed a tear whenever something unjust happens!
    I am a human, and in that, one of the finest, an Indian!
    My country is the birthplace of many amazing religions,
    One which gave the world its first civilisation!
    Yet you thrive on a very mundane concept of divisions.

    I ask again, as a simple human, an Indian,
    Before you discriminate based on religion, caste, creed and the colour of my face,
    Think again and answer,
    If words were tears and the pen, the eyes,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?

    Raghavendra B S

  • irfana_pinky 138w


    Wilful waste brings woeful want.


  • raghavendrabs 148w

    Woeful Smile

    A smiling smiley was sent, but the sadness didn’t dim from the eyes
    Reality kept getting harder, “Please let this be a dream or a bunch of lies!”
    No one could hear him scream, no one could see him cry.
    What people saw was a smile, maybe the joke fate kept playing was wry!
    Hidden beneath the depths of his own prison of thoughts,
    His sprint has stopped, he was down to his last few trots
    Soon enough he may come to a standstill,
    Until he finally gets caught within quietus’s twill!
    Who would he talk to ? What would he say ?
    He felt helpless for he couldn’t escape, was he the prey ?
    Lost in his void yet for every “How’re you?” he
    smiled and said “I’m doing great!”
    While it looked like he was still playing, the game was already over with a checkmate!

    Raghavendra B S

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    When I through I knew everything... I had great trust but when I knew it's nothing..and still .. My trust reminds the same