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  • mahtobpensdown 2w

    Winter Wolf

    Fall is over, ground splattered with colours
    Yellow, Red, Orange and Green
    are no where to be seen
    Earth engulfed with white cloth
    Winds send chills down your spine
    The world is laden with frosty winds
    Birds gone, animals in their house
    You lay in your blankets, mushy aroused
    A lone wolf howls aaaoooooo
    Alone it stands to punch and kick archfoe
    The ground is slippery with slush and sleet
    You need to dare to go out to numb your feet
    Hazy yet moon shines brightly
    Wolf stands highly
    Wolf echoes words of warmth
    Let others be huddled afraid of haunts
    You are mighty combatant,
    that does but not flaunts

  • shafikhava 3w

    No matter what happens between us, I only feel alive with you, I did not feel my soul glows and my interior lights up with anyone but you, I always have a feeling that the love in my chest was created for you alone, and I will remain tied to you until I perish.

  • madinah_writes 5w

    Word, Lord, first, lost.
    Titles do seem to please the worst.
    Mere praises stringed to your names.
    You fight and kill your friend, foe and family to life's lustful games.
    A wolf would always be, a wolf.
    Whether an alpha or not, their voice is an echoing dove.
    To the fluffy sky that lies above.
    Words are just words, as they'll always be.
    Give no promises, for no man would forever live.
    Problem arises no matter your position and post.
    On this table of life, we are mere guests and God is our Host.

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    Words Lost


  • thebhavnasaxena 10w


    On a moonless night, they silently
    Swallow their longing, the hopeless
    Romantic, the wolf, and the sea.

  • thirteen_inks 17w

    Another sleepless night went by
    The moon was bright
    But the wolves didn't howl
    Though they hunt in packs
    And I was alone
    Wise enough to be the OWL


  • suurinlex 18w

    Old and New

    Old collapsed. She had broken her body down. Her will: gone. Between the rippling self-loathing, and the starving of the self, she completely lost sight of the light. Scars littered her body, her soul glumly hung to her bones. She curled up in bed, shivering, sobbing. All was cold, and dark. She lay in the chasm of the self.
    A moment later, she felt her soul crack.
    Black slime spewed out from her chest. It moved towards the closet. Then it began to take shape. Old cried out. She trembled in fear. The shape spoke, "I am you. I am New." They whispered. Old studied the creature. They rivaled her in size and closely resembled a wolf. "What do you want?" Old asked. "Is this... What you want?" New replied as they gestured to Old's person. "I don't want to be miserable anymore. I want my pain to end." Said Old, defeated. New frowned. They grabbed Old, dusted her off, and whispered words of praise. Old cried again, but this time she was comforted by New's warm coat. New gently tended to Old's wounds and wiped away her tears.
    New would never allow Old to get to such a dark, abysmal recess again. Old stared into her eyes. New smiled at her and roared deep inside, awakening long forgotten hope. New spoke of balance and self-care. New was much stronger and more resilient. They had sharp teeth and a coat of steel. They were fearless. Old liked that about them. New spoke of the light in darkness, the darkness in light, and how they always must be entwined equally. They spoke of the need of self-love and respect. They pointed out all Old's strengths, and gently encouraged improvement where she was weak. Old had many values that New cherished. She was sweet and warmhearted. Sadly, Old had been taken advantage of many times. New would not let that come to pass again.
    After chatting a while, New took Old's hand, "Now... It's time for us to weave together." They whispered. Old's eyes filled with worry, but it quickly dissipated when met with the warm loving gaze of New. She did not feel so alone anymore.
    The two became one again. Vowing to never forget one another, and to always remain balanced.

  • suurinlex 19w


    Warm fur
    Amber eye

    Steel bone

    Gold heart
    Iron will

    Surrounded by
    Lethal fang
    Razor claw

    I am safe

  • theinsideoftheoutside 19w


    Do you have faith in the changes of weather
    like a fall breeze takes the leaves to wherever.
    are you having dreams?
    or is it hard to find rest?
    did you take to the streets to fight the wrong peace?
    did you choose to follow the right shepherd?

    there is a scale that sits on the hand of a mist
    balanced between love and abuse
    and the sheep of the heard where all in a stir
    when they told their tales of accuse
    did you choose to follow the right shepherd?

    The sheep were still, sedated by will
    done in the name of their master
    the one with the cain know him by name
    he was a devil dressed as a pastor
    Will you choose to follow the right shepherd?


  • yashvibansal 19w

    See my heart, I exclaim.
    You pick it up and caress it.
    Spring dances.
    One day, you prick it.
    Summer, spring smiles.
    You wound it the next.
    Autumn, summer mourns.
    Wait for me, winter whispers
    And I, like the moon,
    Wait for the wolf.
    Winter is here.
    You pick up my heart and caress it like you did in spring,
    And then stab it and throw it out of the window.
    And as it lies bleeding
    I remember, I only asked you to see.
    Why did you make a home?

  • dimic007 21w


    From dusk to dawn, i wander like a wolf.
    No wonder, wherever i went i found the footprints.
    Leading from front, gave me chance to hunt.

    A succesful hunt was still not so easy. Risked everything for what i call hunger.

    The ultimate bite made me realized, a succesful hunt after long hunger, not just guves the satisfaction but peace you aimed for.

  • asparrowsingspoetry 23w

    I want to scream at the moon
    howl like a wolf bellowing for a mate
    the night always brings out a
    primordial fear
    evocative hint of danger
    always lurking
    will it find me? and what would I do
    if it does?


  • bulderme 27w

    Wolf Company

    I usually take walks; I sometimes like to walk in the forests of Greenland. It's cold here, and I love it. I carried some pork with me, y'know, for the wolves near my cabin. They like to live near the cabin for some reason. I don't really care about their company. I prepare to throw the pork; the wolves already close in. I throw the pork, but one was caught on my heavy coat. I literally throw myself to the snowy ground. I was embarrassed for some reason, like someone was watching me. I start to run back to the cabin and the wolves give chase. I realized that they were close, and I screamed; I thought I was gonna get shredded up to pieces. I couldn't stop now, I don't want to end up chopped up in wolf bellies. One pounced on me as I fell to the ground.. The others catch up and some start fighting for the pork on me. Some sniffed me everywhere. They must smell the scented candles I have in my cabin. I brought them from America; I go to the cabin for vacation. I thought I was wolf food until one started to pounce the other.. "What the?" I ask myself as the wolves start to play. I didn't realize what was going on until I brought myself back to my feet. They were... Nice? This should not be the case as wolves are shy creatures. I walk back into my warm, cozy cabin, looking out the window, watching them play and shred the pork. I made some pork for myself as I love eating pork. "Pulled pork sandwiches," I said, "my all-time favorite". I love being in my cozy cabin and have wolves for company. I thought I would be dead that day. I will definitely come back there again when I'm on vacation.

  • wolfbrown 29w


    Today is a joyous occasion
    The night of wolf moon
    I may reunite with them soon
    My countenance covered with abrasion
    My body frail from starvation
    I hope they can recognize my voice
    I still remember the first night of isolation
    The night of treacherous cold moon
    I wish I hadn't lost them I'm a ridiculous buffoon
    I shall put every ounce of my energy in my howls
    I must be cautious of strange stares and growls
    I have to reach the mountain peak hiding in shadows
    I must be unstoppable like
    An archer's accurate arrow
    I must survive this atrocious fight
    Im longing for an affectionate embrace
    I hope they don't see me as a disgrace
    I hate this loneliness and fear the unknown
    I belong with my pack and not alone

  • pallavi4 30w

    The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf

    There was a young shepherd who was bored
    Of his dull life minding his master’s sheep
    So he devised a very clever plan to keep
    Himself entertained while the sheep grazed and bleat

    He would call out “wolf, wolf” to fool the villagers
    From the village near the pastures by the forest
    And laugh when they would come running
    And leave them red faced and embarrassed

    So he ran to the village crying “wolf”
    When there was no wolf in sight
    The villagers rushed towards the pasture
    To save his flock from its plight

    On reaching the sheep who were grazing quietly
    They discovered that they had been tricked
    For his amusement the shepherd had lied
    And to play this joke, them he had picked

    They slowly retreated back to their chores
    Only to be tricked again the very next day
    “Wolf” he cried, with no one in sight
    The villagers were left speechless with nothing to say

    The next day a wolf appeared from the forest
    And the frightened young shepherd began to yell
    “Wolf, wolf , a great big wolf is here to eat my flock
    Won’t you come to my aid and please help?”

    Thinking he was lying again, the villagers ignored
    His call for help and went back to their chores
    The wolf on the other hand enjoyed a feast
    And ate the sheep by the score

    Left without a flock to take back to his master
    The shepherd was made to pay for the same all his life
    He spend the remaining days in servitude
    While his tongue was severed with a sharp knife

    Never again would he cry “wolf” or be able
    To utter a single word to fool another
    “Liars are not believed even when they speak the truth”
    By their kin or by any other

    This is my 600th post incidentally being posted on my birthday. I want to thank each and every person on this forum who spent time reading my posts all these days. Your invaluable feedback means a lot to me.
    I stated writing on Mirakee way back in mid 2018 but only became a regular writer during the pandemic last year. I love this space. It is a clean and healthy environment filled with tons of wonderfully gifted people I have come to call friends , people who support one another and promote each other’s writing . Reading and writing for this application is the highlight of my day . It is also what kept me sane during the lockdown and so I’m extremely grateful .
    It has been so much fun writing for you @mirakee and @writersbay. I’m thankful for the prompts you guys provide for us writers everyday without fail . Thank you !
    @writersnetwork I cannot possibly forget you ! Thank you so much for the love and the reposts. We would be writing in the void without you.


    4th of May, 2021

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  • the_ramble_queen 31w


    She is quiet
    Most of the times
    A meek creature
    You may confuse her for!
    Do not mistaken
    Her soft words
    Her roar is louder
    Than the thunder
    Her sweet, kind demeanor
    May fool you often
    She is a girl turned into wolf
    under the sheep's clothing

  • bishal_paul 31w

    darkness of moonlight,
    engulfs me so bright.
    this is my wildest dream,
    awakening melancholy wildly green.
    howling wolves inside me pounce out,
    inner peace atlast soothingly sprout.


  • rayden_greywolf 34w


    I move through the brush
    Instinct urges me on,
    A black hunger that calls in the night,
    I always follow.

    I stalk my prey in the shadows,
    Though the Moon knows my secrets
    I hate that it sees my spiraling path,
    My Hunt is all I know.

    I run through the forest now,
    Towards my prey and away from it,
    My mind is a blur of fang and fury
    I know tonight will be as empty as the others.

    I retreat to my den,
    Belly aching and unsatisfied
    The prey is caught, I feel it within,
    I know its here.....I know its RIGHT HERE.

    I claw at myself,
    Tearing, ripping,
    Bloodied fur and gnashing teeth,
    I still cannot kill it.

    I claw at my heart,
    Yet I can't seem to reach it
    My paw swipes the air inside me,
    I am a Spirit, and I hate it more than anything.

    I fight and howl until I tire
    My prey slips through my grasp as always
    I curse the Moon for my failure.
    I curse my prey for my hunger.
    I curse my Spirit.
    I curse myself.

    I sleep in my den,
    Hidden in the cold dark,
    Letting my awareness drift,
    Until the pain wakes me once more.

  • hk55555 43w


    I am living in human world
    As I truly belong to animal kingdom
    I have animal soul inside & mere human shell outside
    World of human is illusion of happiness & useless rules
    They want fish to climb & jump at the same time
    Every person is walking death in this concrete world
    My qualities of animals made me loyal to this false world
    I am like panda little bit lazy
    I am like monkey full of crazy energy
    I am like bull punish you if hit my nerves
    I am like wolf taking care of my packs
    I am like duck full of love in my heart
    I am like a penguin follow real rule of world & keep everything in order
    I am like a lion full of courage to stand up against wrong
    I am like a snake poisoned you to death
    If you try to play with my heart
    I am living in human world with soul of animals
    As I truly belong to animal kingdom

  • lunarwolf 43w

    This was for the call of the wild challenge but I wrote it from an animal pov. Silly me. But here it goes!

    Wow thank you @Writersnetwork for the repost ������

    ��The Call of Fenrir��

    My ears perk up at the wind
    for the sounds of the night whistles its kin
    the moon glows with an ominous shine
    I hear a howl that's eerily similar to mine
    my paws begin to thrust the ground intimately
    as the stars on this night shine brilliantly

    The darkness caresses the scenery
    while the forest of memories hides me
    this echo of deafening proportions
    won't stop ignoring my resistance
    the night creeps along without being found
    as I continue to run towards the sound

    Shadows of unknown seem to follow
    for the moon continues its shine of glamour
    I tread forward with my spirit rising
    my inner beast is released
    with no longer the fear of being captured
    as I embrace the voice in my mind

    The fur on me withstand the wind
    the voice inside I no longer fear
    darkness rises within
    so I howl releasing the beast from within
    for I become the apex beast of the wild
    by embracing the nature,the call of the wild

    © lovesmessenger
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay #wolf

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    The Call of Fenrir

    His voice calls me child as he want me to release myself to the wild

  • hrm_dapsalmist 44w


    The boy who cried wolf yesterday saw a wolf.
    He was dressed as man with a big grin across his face and a stench as foul as the depths of hell. He had a flower in one hand and a knife in the other.

    "Wolf, oh wolf! Save yourselves!
    "Oh shut up crazy boy!!!" they shunned him. They shunned and shunned. Then mingled with the wolf.

    If he cries wolf again, no one will listen.