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  • luci_dark16 5w

    Its a poem about womanhood. My definition of womanhood inclines more towards passionate and ambitious aspirations, being unconventional, being raw with uniqueness an being a pioneer desecrating the citadels of social norms.

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    A star of passionate fire

    She is fire,
    She burns like a phoenix and never retire,
    She is the various unspoken words and aspire,
    She blossoms like a flower, the azure that flaps up high, breathless to admire,
    She is the vibrant hues in the garden that devours  the bursting ire.

    She is the aromatic curls of air,
    She is omnipresent with quintessential essence,
    She is the scorching heat and the bosom of tender care,
    She is omnipotent with stories of valor foretold in her presence.

  • _firefly 6w


    /In the battlefield of households,
    She is the bravest warrior./

    Born as a daughter,
    she carries the burdens
    of outdoing her brother,
    of being obedient and gentle,
    to hold the prestige of her father's name,
    before her own self-respect and aspirations.

    Married to an unknown man,
    she hides behind the crimson veils
    of a wife's responsibility,
    her forhead embossed with sindoor,
    her wrists bound with duty of being
    a perfect housemaker.

    And soon she becomes a carrier,
    of her own daughter,
    whom she teaches to shoulder the legacy
    of womanhood, as she does,
    till her hearse arrives at the doorstep
    of her unheard dreams crushed under
    the heaviness of society's conventions.

    /A woman, is never her own self,
    She is always a man's daughter, wife or mother. /


    ~ But men, they never value her virtues and sacrifices. They always treat her like an object according to their own convenience.

    #metaphor #womanhood @writersnetwork

    @mellow_wings because you're the last person I talked to xD

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  • deadlittlesongbird 9w

    Innocence Lost

    Seeping awkwardness through your pores,
    Hunched over by the weight of adolescence.
    Budding breasts paired with
    Newly found sexual objectification.

    The first time
    Is intended to be special, romantic,
    Sentimental and memorable.
    Not to be thrown away carelessly.

    Sex is a product
    Sex sells
    After the need to reproduce and survive
    Has been suffocated by pop culture and over population.

    The cheap, charcoal eyeliner
    Smears on thick and dark
    Under your tarnished eyes.
    Discolored from unshed tears.

    Older men have a certain appeal
    To the rebellious virgin girls
    Who just began to bleed every month.
    Self loathing and fear of getting fat are in the future.

    Cherry popped and mind bleeding
    From a wound that suppurates
    And festers, reeking of the
    Putrefaction of innocence.

  • steffy2110 10w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #enso #wod #imperfection #stretchmarks #beautifulscars #beauty #womanhood #beautiful
    Enso is a Japanese (Zen) symbol that means Open ended circle, that expresses wholeness in imperfections, it also symbolises strength, elegance and open mindedness.

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    Felt like a tigress flaunting her stripes
    I found it rather beautiful
    Pretty lines running along my hips, they call it stretchmarks and some call it scars
    Embracing becoming of a woman
    Graduating from a girl to a woman
    Gave me a sense of elation
    It's the so called imperfections to the world what makes us all different, unique and beautiful, wish they could see through my eyes.

    - Steffy


  • poetrani 10w

    ममता का रुप

    चाहे हूँ रूपवती, चाहे मैं कुरूप हूं
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं
    मूल्य चुका ना पाया वो कर्ण भी मेरे दूध का
    दानवीर कहता जिसे इतिहास दूर-दूर का
    यज्ञ से जन्मी अग्नि मैं, रक्त से केश भिगोए है
    जाने कितने दुष्टों के पाप धरा ने धोए हैं
    बनकर कभी भीलनी मैंने ईश्वर को झूठ खिलाया है
    वहीं कहीं बन अहल्या स्पर्श का आनंद पाया है
    सीता बन दुर्भाग्य को अब भी गले लगाती हूं
    राधा बन निश्चल प्रेम को अश्रुओं से नहलाती हूँ
    जान बचाने अपने लाल कि उसको खुद से दूर किया
    देवकी अभागन बनने को जब सृष्टि ने मजबूर किया
    बन यशोदा शिशु किसी का हृदय से अपने लगाया है
    नारी दुर्बल कहते तुम?अरे,मुझमें ब्रह्मांड समाया है
    उस युग से इस युग और अगले कईं युगों का कूप हूँ
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं

  • llushes 13w


    Do you mind?
    My head bangs, the war raging on
    In my mind alone
    The strumming in my head
    Numbs me and blocks all of reason

    Do you mind?
    When I tell you to let me be
    Do not ask if I am okay
    When all I want is to be left alone
    To deal with my demons
    The plagues I suffer as an eve
    To not be obliged to answer your querying eyes
    Eyes of Adam and your adamant pries.

    Do you mind?
    When I choose to take three days off
    Not choose but forced to
    And not be punished for missing work
    For standing you up on that date I
    Endeavored so hard to get you to ask me out on
    To not suffer from missing out on life for a couple of days

    Do you mind when an eve tells you
    The incredulous things she craves
    And wants and doesn't want at the same time?
    When her heart rages against her mind
    And her body against her spirit
    And her against you
    And her hormones against everyone?

    Do you mind?
    If all I want is to drown in blood
    Or at least swim in it
    To let it flow out of me
    Along with all sense of reason
    Along with patience and tolerance
    Can I just be?
    Do you mind that I am an eve and there is nothing I can do about it?

  • dharshinisg 15w


    She was a dynamite wrapped in tenderness
    With no intention to explode
    Though she was catalyzed from time to time
    She chose to be calm
    For she was the symbol of endurance
    That undergoes the greatest pain after all............

  • nora_moktan996 17w

    These flyspeck tranquilities make me whole.
    I am but a body, bones encased in flesh,
    Organs stringed together- blood and veins.
    The serene nothingness infuses life in me abundantly.
    This skeleton of a house is made whole by these little moments
    when I love, myself.


  • otherwise_goodgirl 19w

    Ohh Dear Woman

    Ohh dear woman, you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.
    The sun rises to fall on your face,
    The moon bestows on you it's grace.
    Your heart is a source
    Of love and care as it pours.
    Your dexterous fingers sew together,
    Ruptures caused by man and brother.
    Ohh dear woman you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.


  • yashvibansal 20w

    This is about the poverty of society in understanding the wealth that is woman.

    #poverty #society #woman #womanhood #wod #mirakee #miraquill #pod #daily #challenge #chal #ceesreposts

    Fashioning a sword implies giving birth.
    Stabbing the uterus signifies female foeticide.

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    I fashion a sword and hand it to you
    You grab it and stab my uterus
    As I gasp, bleeding
    Society cries,"Smile!"
    My choked gasp manages to wrangle itself into a laugh
    A bitter laugh hiding hollow cries
    "How dare you laugh out loud!"yells society
    And I shrink back
    Wondering if being a human while a woman is an unforgivable crime.

  • _onic__ 21w

    Blood stains they are 
    No filthy shit
    Don't look at her skirt
    with disgust 
    She bleeds
    And that's Why she has it. 
    Don't tell her she can't eat, sleep 
    Roam, touch 
    The things she likes
    Tell her to go out rather 
    please let her breathe. 
    She can ask you to stay
    or just leave
    Because dear, 
    It's not her fault 
    but that of her mood swings 
    And if the little mind of yours 
    Can't feel her emotions 
    Then you probably should let her be. 
    Don't tell her she can't pray
    If God had issues with menstruation
    He would never have given it
    to her
    And because she bleeds
    Don't tell her
    She's impure
    dear, the blood she bleeds is the same
    That you bleed when you get a cut on your body.
    Don't tell her
    You understand her pain
    and that it'll go away
    Because you don't
    And perhaps never will
    If men bled like her 
    They would probably writhe in pain.
    Don't tell she's being dramatic 
    And over sensitive 
    Dear men, 
    Let me put some female hormones in your body
    and see if you can tackle the mood swings.
    Get her, her favorite candies
    Her favorite flowers
    Keep her happy 
    Don't just love her 
    When you ask her to spread her legs
    and she agrees...
    If you can Love her when you make love to her,
    Love her 
    When she's bleeding. 


  • jigna_a 21w

    जब कुमकुम पदचिह्न से,
    वो प्रवेश करती है,
    वो चिह्न,
    वापिस कभी नहीं मुड़ते।

    बेली ही तो,
    वो गृह के वटवृक्ष से,
    लिपटकर पनपती रहती,
    पोषित होती और करती।

    घर का कोना कोना,
    अपने हृदय में बसाती,
    लाभ-हानि को,
    शुभ-लाभ में बदलती।

    बादल व्यथा के घिरते,
    गृहस्थी के व्योम पे,
    कभी साहस की बिजली,
    तो कभी राहत की वर्षा बन जाती।

    ऐश्वर्य, सुख संपदा,
    शांति, वैभव, बुद्धि,
    संतति और समृद्धि उससे ही,
    तभी तो बेली सम गृहस्वामिनी,
    होती है गृहलक्ष्मी।

  • puchka 21w

    That night he knocked
    She was flummoxed
    He waited patiently
    Outside the threshold
    Asked if she needed time
    to make up her mind
    on allowing entry into
    the sanctum sanctorum
    of her altar; kept shut

    Didn't make it his right
    Claim what had been
    sanctioned via rites
    Waited. She couldn't.
    Surrendering to him
    in the totality of
    Womanhood in her
    Springing out

    Gently O so gently
    He pried open the bud
    With exalted finesse
    As would a priest before
    offering flowers
    Her inhibitions dropped
    like a house of cards
    Felt loved.
    No more held prey
    to embedded fears

    She and He merged
    Cymbals clashed
    Gods did dance
    Conch shells blew
    Bodies engaged
    in grand discourse
    Untaught, unschooled
    Unrehearsed, in the
    Language of love

    And when dawn broke
    She and He lay spent
    Passions simmering on
    low flame. Satin bedspread
    combustion of reds
    He, her Adonis
    She, his Aphrodite
    Union solemnized
    As Gods had intended

  • myspilledink 27w

    I smile, smile after I cry
    Smirk in the evey unsuccessful try
    You tell the work is hard
    I wait for fate to unveil card
    This ain't my hard work or qualities
    For I have seen them in the woman
    Who raised me up
    In those times, when all had given up
    In her eyes I saw that fire
    A silent flame that will burn you up
    If try to harm, do not astonish
    When you find in me the same charm
    For I have been fed by those hands
    That weren't fragile, they knew to work
    In a world of masculine dominance
    All alone and smartly agile
    Shutting me up will not be an option
    I know to shout fierce and loud
    For that lady I am proud
    Who did not limit to my softened nature,
    But made me tough like mountain ranger
    Inheritance is what you will define outright
    For I know the qualities
    Indoctrinated in me,
    By my saviour Knight.


    Pic credits:Pinterest

    #heritage #wod #myspilledink��
    #womanhood #proud

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I know to shout fierce and loud
    For that lady I am proud
    Who did not limit
    to my softened nature,
    But made me tough
    like mountain ranger
    Inheritance is what
    you will define outright
    For I know the qualities
    Indoctrinated in me,
    By my saviour Knight.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 28w

    My mother taught me one thing very well

    "Whenever face danger, never try to escape it
    Instead face it, fight it with all your power"

    ©R.K Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 29w

    I was reading a children's book and I realised there were lot of things we have learnt that we start forgetting as we grow.
    We become selfish and self-centered as we become older and we start blaming life or society for it .
    Well never lose the child inside you, sometimes that child is much Wiser than older you.
    #equality #racism #discrimination #generequality #equalrights #feminism #empowerment #womanhood #likes #imstagram #instadaily #motivation #wisewords #wisdom #kindness

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    Never forget the lessons of equality, patience, kindness and generosity we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 29w

    As we grow there are so many things we forget.
    Yes we might learn important life lessons as we grow but never forget the old ones ♥️

    #descrimination #racism #inequality #womanhood #feminism #lessonswelearn #instagram #follow

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    Never forget the lesson of equality we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 29w

    Your heart knows what you want.
    Don't let all the people around you barricade your dreams, your passion, your voice
    #feminist #feminism #womanhood #woman #metoo #girlpower #indianwoman

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    Listen to yourself

  • snehajacob 30w


    A little girl transformed
    An extraordinary
    Others say it's ordinary,
    They don't know her story.

    Easy to judge
    Unroll lies, can't hear
    What she utters,
    Her beauty can't be captured.

    Transformation happened
    Bends her fears
    Owns her path like a queen,
    A Phoenix.

    Reborn with scars of past
    Stronger than ever.
    Her ways swapped,
    Embraced scars.

    They can't go near her
    She burns like a fire
    Burns her fear away,
    Her lessons guide her.

  • white_14 31w

    The stain

    The morning dawned
    Bright and beautiful.
    Woke the little girl from
    her sleep,
    Only to find red stains
    on her bed!
    Called out to her mother,
    Mum said , "Congrats my
    Girl asked why?
    Mum said," You've have
    grown into a woman."
    No, longer a little girl.
    But the first step into