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  • paper_cuts 9w

    there's so much to say,
    and so less words to express.


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    Women, I think, are made
    of spells and enchantments-
    ancient and ruined,
    each detail so intricately woven
    in their being
    like stars embedded in the sky,
    like patterns of the universe-
    concordant and harmonious;
    divinity personified.

    Women are battlefields-
    stained and unholy,
    wars waging inside them
    don't ever end;
    yearning for a middle ground
    lost ages ago,
    they keep preserving in vain.

    The woman inside me,
    I think, is what they call poetry;
    soft flowers, strong sails,
    homemade curry, a cuisine exquisite,
    she's everything, you name it;
    a thousand years ago,
    they burned me- a witch,
    I rose from the ashes,
    today I'm a bitch;
    label me all you want,
    you know well,
    chaos cannot be contained;
    as a poet once said~
    /I am no bird,
    and no net ensnares me./

  • bonitasarahbabu 10w

    Women, most, if not all, are built with concrete,
    To stand strong in times of trouble.
    Most carry the expectations and needs of all,
    And rest in not a word in their dictionary.
    They carry the next generation and raise them,
    Only sometimes to be left standing alone with the weight of grief.
    There's not always a happily ever after for them,
    Their lives can be one filled with brut strength to withstand the pain.
    Some women have stories written about them,
    But if you combine the stories of all women,
    You will see how poetically astounding they can be.

  • sproutedseeds 10w


    A woman is the fragrant pillar
    has wheels many
    moving allround roaming
    singing lullaby and melody.

    A woman is the fragrant pillar
    spreading her wings for
    protecting our fear and doubts
    with motivating and inspiring words.

    A woman is the fragrant pillar
    standing strong facing the storms
    hitting the senses of her boat
    with her magical oars to row ahead.

    A woman's power is invisible
    felt through in every season of life
    sung by the withering leaves to
    the springing buds to keep blooming
    and keep spreading the fragrance
    of love to every life by hiding the thorns.


  • bclark2681 10w


    You are beautiful wonders
    Spinning our world around
    While carrying weight of a
    Thousand worries upon
    Your strongest of shoulders
    You fight, love, nurture with
    Such passion us men are
    Truly astounded by each
    Of you every passing day

  • neha_020 10w

    ~Owner of herself~

    That beautiful lady star,
    Who carries magical swords
    Among the black diaries...
    Stopping the flow
    Of looping crisis,
    Making that spiny cord
    Flexibly broken down,
    Fills the endless cups
    With layers of embracing steps
    And ties the land,
    As mighty ocean hugs the rocky glaze
    Acquiring a shade of sky
    And making us feel like a moon in nights
    Carrying a thousand characters of an act
    As a queen of raised attitude
    Along with soulful beauty of shyness...!



    I hope it's something that makes sense...love ya��~

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    //The mountains were more matured
    and the sky turned brightly dark
    when I switched myself in an upper stage..//


  • eyeteejay 10w


    Strong mind in a fragile body.
    Beautiful face behind the veil.
    Compassionate soul in a flagitious ambience.

  • thoughtsprocess 10w

    Dedicated to each and every woman on this planet ��

    #womenc @writersnetwork

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    She gulps an ocean of tears
    She suppresses her own desires
    Her magical touch does wonders
    Her smile enlivens the stone hearts
    Her presence brings lights of hope
    Her wrath can shake the mountains
    She represents mother nature
    by creating and nourishing a new life
    She transforms any four walls
    into a loving home
    She is soft like a feather
    and hard like the rock
    She loves
    She heals
    She is the soul of kindness


  • fizahfiz_ 10w

    A women’s intuition never leads her wrong,
    It may take her some time to find out the whole truth,
    BUT it never leads her wrong.


  • nandini_5 10w

    #womenc #writersbay #writersnetwork @writersbay

    I casually wrote it
    Idk it's good or not ..

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    From daughter to a mother
    She taught herself alot
    From insecure to a strong lady
    She struggled alot
    Used to live with her father
    Now she lives with her son
    From cooking raw rice to making chicken for dinner
    She's doing so well
    From a little family support
    She's making everyone proud.


  • agile_dreamer 10w

    I saw a woman blooming out
    of adversaries, with all her might;
    growing up to understand
    why she was born;
    growing up to
    prove them wrong;
    her weak hands
    were filled with loads;
    her small eyes were
    filled with dreams;
    they told her that
    she is born to serve;
    and that's when she
    realised she is born to change;
    enough tears she had
    shed for them;
    enough of sleepless nights;
    enough days spent in search;
    now it's time for her to punch;
    those horror movies
    will never end;
    but now maybe the victim
    will learn to play with them;
    the small girl has died;
    now you will see a girl
    standing up for her right;
    a powerful women with
    overwhelming confidence
    is better than a girl with
    ocean of emotions;
    she is spouting out
    of the darkness;
    she no longer longs
    for your hugs and kisses;
    she is no longer your
    charming princess;
    her mind and soul is
    under construction
    and soon she will sprout out
    into a powerful woman;
    she no longer NEEDS your



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    she no longer NEEDS your

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 22.9.2021; 5.50 P.M (Malaysia)

    #womenc #women #challenge @writersbay

    #acrostic #NuEmAcPo

    A force to be reckon with =
    someone who is strong and cannot be ignored

    #Onomatopoeia #NuEmOnomatopoeia

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    WOMEN ~

    Weak? No. We're forces to be reckon with!
    Overthinkers. We are worrywarts. Oops!
    Maternal instinct. We want to be mothers.
    Embraced by our men. We like it. *Ehem.*
    Nuisance. We can be annoying. *Neigh*

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • antarraal 10w

    Growth is growth
    when it is less about inches
    more about minds,
    less about currency wads
    more about wisdom,
    less about age
    more about knowledge,
    less about frustration
    more about inspiration,
    less about darkness
    more about heart,
    less about tears
    more about laughter,
    less about he/she/trans/bi
    more about humanity
    less about how we grew
    more about what we have grown to,
    And it is always about keep growing
    to be a better person
    for that is all the world needs.


  • writersbay 10w

    Write about women. What do you think they are, what things do they carry with them?

    Tag and share with #womenc

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    My mother says there are locked rooms inside all women;
    kitchen of lust, bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy.
    Sometimes, the men – they come with keys,
    and sometimes, the men– they come with hammers.

    — Warsan Shire

  • unsung_seagull 11w


    As dreams sway
    With the winds
    And the leaves.
    Colours depart
    Through petty sieves.

    Hopes beyond
    Window panes,
    Are stuck in
    Narrow lanes.
    Some at edges
    Of brain.
    Others at social

    Staring eyes,
    Complaining cries.
    The rain that
    Falls here is meant
    In a stinky drain
    Of prejudice.

    The broth in the
    Cooker is
    Purposefully spoilt.
    Light outside
    The room is meant
    Only to the flies.

    A bird that
    Learnt to fly is
    Just a good hunt
    For over a night.
    The one that sang
    Looks beautiful
    Only in a cage,
    Saree is a disguise.

    Dreams are rare
    Ceramics for
    Visitors' display.
    Teen Girls in
    Colors are reserved
    For slave trades.

    Either you die
    As a wife or
    Live long enough
    To be aborted.
    Between two
    The girl that lives
    Here is a curse.
    If she's manly enough
    To dream,
    It can get worse.


  • unsung_seagull 12w

    Once, when I was young,
    I realised mom always cooked.
    It never ended. Months to months.
    Year on year. Lives to lives.

    It's Saturday,
    Mom is on fast today.
    Her offering to lord Hanuman.
    Still, she cooked.

    Few days back she was sick.
    Fever took over. She shivered.
    Could hardly stand.
    Still, she cooked.

    Months back it was her birthday.
    Everyone wished.
    There were gifts.
    A celebration and a party.
    Guess who prepared the feast.

    On Mothers' day she cooked.
    On Fathers' day she cooked.
    When she was pregnant she cooked.
    On the day she delivered me,
    She must have cooked.

    Maybe when the nascent earth was
    Born. When the planets aligned and
    The big bang happened.
    Even then she must have been cooking.

    Through the world wars and
    Through terrorist attacks.
    Through earthquakes and
    Volcanic eruptions..

    Even when my father abused
    And when I made her cry
    She still cooked.

    Maybe that's how she expresses.
    See how conveniently I say that.

    She cooks when angry.
    She cooks when she's sad.
    She loves me by cooking.
    The salt is perfect even when
    She hates.

    Global warming hasn't stopped her.
    Neither has the feminist movement.
    Maybe the future of flying cars and
    Sarcastic robots will make her wonder
    And make her laugh and she'll
    Still cook.

    One day she will die and
    In her own funeral she'll be
    Compelled to cook.
    And that'll be last meal
    The world will ever have.

    #once #pod #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill #mom #mother #mothersday #womenc @writersbay

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    Mom Always Cooks