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  • radha_bajaj3 2w

    Being a girl

    Shh.. girls don't make noise
    Shh.. girls don't sit like that
    Those aunties are gonna be signboards
    For telling you that it's the time to go home
    Don't show your cleavage or
    Not even a hint of your thigh
    Girls only need to be beautiful and pretty

    STOP!! STOP!! Thiis right here!

    Girls don't need to be beautiful everytime
    They don't to be fair and lovely
    It's okay , if they are notorious, stubborn,
    Hazzy or brown like chocolate or even
    Messy like Messi Ronaldo
    It's perfectly okay to be imperfect
    Cause the beauty comes from heart and thoughts

    She is as beautiful as a piece of art
    She is as difficult as jigsaw puzzles
    She isn't a girl , but a ocean
    Full of love and emotion

    You little girl you are enough for yourself
    Stop searching for someone else 's love
    When you are the moon
    Why looking for stars?
    Life is yours, be the author of your
    Own biography!!


  • seainside 8w

    Your Worth

    You Decide Your Worth ..
    Not People ..

    So Be Wise,
    Respect Yourself
    Don't Let People Treat You with Disrespect ..


  • mahesha 9w

    You look good in just the way you are
    "You don't need to change anything the world will change its heart "

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    You don't need to get groggy

    You don't need to get groggy
    cause, nothing makes you greater than your mindset
    Did you know that
    The mirror secretly feel proud every time it reflects the charm you have
    Being just the way you are will make you more lovable,
    And you are.
    let them have jealousy on you
    Let them judge on you
    But never create a bridge to their viewpoints
    from your heart
    like Alessia ever said
    "You don't need to rectify anything
    The world will transform its heart "
    Cause, you look great in the way you are.

    When it's time
    Someone will be your side to lift you,
    To take a share of all those boxes
    that you ever carried so far
    Till too far

    On each lone night, you craved  out for the presence of the loved one
    And you ever aspired to hold your hand in between those crowds
    You were looking for your heartbeat in someone else's heart,
    and each time,
    you were ended up breaking your heart
    for someone who's always more passionate about your figure than your feelings
    will that fake love last longer?
    Will that make you happier?
    I still wonder about that,
    when you were willing to sacrifice your freedom for a little while of pleasure.
    You need a man who brings up more courage to your heart to compose a better lifestyle with you,
    not to weaken!
    So don't be upset dear
    You will become someone else's greatest boons
    All those tears turn out to be grace
    and it's not too much to yearn for delightful tales
    Ultimately somebody will bring on the lots of affection,
    in favour of all those bitter nights
    He will pick up the broken pieces to revival an angel
    so sit back and celebrate the scene
    When it's your turn everything will come to you
    One day you will be someone's  greatest godsends
    And you can deal with all the bad nights when you are with your love.
    so sit back and enjoy the show
    When it's your turn everything will come to you

    The make-up you put on every morning
    will dry out
    Every dream that you dreamed of every night
    will disappear 
    Each giggle and tears
    will be lost to sight
    and every person you cared for  will go away
    Only the beauty you had deep inside
    will stay evermore

    Until your body is set to fire,
    till it's consigned to the grave.

    Until then let your soul glow
    let this life go with the flow,
    Without drowned.
    let yourself gleam,
    without dimmed


  • krystalkoja 11w

    Happy Women's Day to all the Queens and Princesses out there!
    Sorry for the late post, I'm having my exams >.<
    #Womensday #Strength #Allinone

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    From the strength of The Body to the strength of The Soul

    Strong Daughters are NOT the "Sons" of your family.
    Strong Women are NOT the "Men" of the society.
    They are WOMEN, and not just "someone like the men"
    But,... Through their strength, they do carry the Men in them.

    Kojagori Sen

  • angels_halo_shines 11w

    Women Everywhere

    Happy National Women’s Day to all women everywhere, cuz ladies it’s not easy!! We have the strength of a bull if the need comes to bring it out. We keep our young safe, as much as we can. Our daughters are growing up in such a world that we despise. Until we have to eventually let them be on their own. So they can spread their wings and fly. Our women have seen so much, the evil, the greed & selfish acts. Growing stronger everyday with all that surfacing. I look back & wonder how they made it back in the pioneer days. Contemplating the pros & cons had we been born then. Today’s women have the qualities of the pioneer women throughout our blood lines. Giving us strength. Sometimes we have more strength than we even knew. The madness is brought out when the wolf in sheep’s skin approaches our family. We go in momma bear mode to protect our young. We as mothers all know that feeling. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t know. May all the women everywhere lift each others spirits in such a depressing world. And ladies keep doing what you do!!! Stay strong!!! And keep shining!!!!

  • priyaa123 11w

    Happy women's day.

    You are beautiful, brave,
    smart, funny, lovable, kind,
    you are much more.
    You are enough and .
    always will be.

  • words_flake 11w

    Some will relate some will not but the fact is women are treated special on women's day and rest of the days she has to suffer from most of people who has wished her happy women's day.

    Don't wait till women's day to praise her efforts. Just thank her each day at lest once for making your life easy.

    #nehabhavsar_quotes #writersbetwork #womensday

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    Women day

    Today each and every one wish me happy women's day, praise my hardworking, speaks good with me and good about me, some of them gave gifts to me.

    This day my smile didn't leave me for a second. I feel happy inside out.
    It's special day for me and every women on the earth.

    Next day most of the things were just antonym.


  • varishaz 11w

    Ta-Umr bakhubi nibhati hain sare kirdaar,
    Aurat se hi hai ye duniya barqaraar...
    Maa ki dua'on se mehekte har dar-o-deewar,
    Aur beti ke qadmon se hoti rahmaton ki bauchaar,
    Behen se hai ghar mein raunaqein beshumaar,
    Biwi sa nahin koi azeez-o-dildaar,
    Bahu se hai ghar ķa aangan zardaar,
    Dosti nibhaye banke wo sacchi raazdaar.
    Meelon ka safar tay karke bhi rukti nahin, thakti nahin uski raftaar,
    Woh hain to har-su bahaar hi bahaar, nahin to lage zindagi azaar,
    Hasein to khushnuma sabhi gul-o-gulzar,
    Royein to murjha jate chehron ke lab-o-rukhsaar,

    Aurat hai izzat-o-takreem ki haqdaar aur dheron mohabbat ki talabgaar,

    Ek din nahin balki roz manaiye ye khaas
    jashn- e-tyohar.


  • griffinswrites 11w

    वो स्त्री है

    वो स्त्री है,
    उड़ना भी जानती है, ग़र मर्यादा मे रहना भी जानती है,
    कभी अपने सपनों के लिए लड़ना भी जानती है,
    तो कभी अपनो के लिए अपने सपने छोड़ देना भी जानती है,
    हां वो स्त्री है, अपनो के लिए लड़ना भी जानती है,
    वो जानती है, नाजुक सी कली बनना,
    ग़र जरूरत पडे तो काली बनना भी जानती है,
    हां वो स्त्री है, खुद को बचाना भी जानती है,
    कभी घुरती नजरों से नजरें चुराना भी जानती है,
    तो कभी निडर होकर उन नजरों से नजरें मिलाना भी जानती है,
    हां वो स्त्री है, दुनिया संवारना भी जानती है

  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 11w

    A day celebrated for equality where no gender discrimination should take place, still there are many women fighting for their rights, having tears with struggles, even being tired they work all day, still the inequalities makes them sad.


  • dnswords 11w

    ती रडते , ती पडते , ती गुदमरते , ती किंचाळते

    तेंव्हा कुठे असतो हा

    Women's day


  • ashutoshgorkha 11w

    I feel that celebrating Women's day restricts down the existence and accomplishments of women hood to a specific date. Women are to be celebrated as humans and not as a sub class.

  • shivatado 11w

    It's not so common for everyone to be so good at everything but women.

  • yessssss 11w


    She believed, she could, so she did!!

  • abhinayism 11w

    औरत हो तुम

    सोचा तुम्हें ताकत दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम
    सोचा तुम्हें बरकत दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम
    सोचा तुम्हें शिरकत दिला दूं ...पर औरत हो तुम

    सोचा तुम्हें इज्ज़त दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम
    सोचा तुम्हें शिद्दत दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम

    सोचा तुम्हें आत्मा दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम
    सोचा तुम्हें ममता दिला दूं ... पर औरत हो तुम


    तुम माँ हो, तुम बेटी हो, तुम नारी हो, तुम शक्ति हो
    तुम ताकत हो तुम्हीं बरकत हो और शिरकत भी तुम्हीं हो...
    इज्ज़त भी तुम्हीं हो, शिद्दत भी तुम्हीं हो...
    आत्मा भी तुम्हीं हो, ममता भी तुम्हीं हो...

    तुम सब कुछ हो... और तुमसे ही सब कुछ हैं...

    क्योंकि... औरत हो तुम
    क्योंकि... औरत हो तुम


  • drsroy 11w

    Powerful Yet !?

    No one can ever know what you are going through,
    What you feel deep inside,
    All others can say is, they are with you..,

    Often that statement alone can piss you off..,

    At those times remember,
    You are powerful enough to go through everything,

    You yourself can be the most motivating person,

    And again don't confuse it with inner strength,
    It's just a survival instinct,
    You have it, we all do...

    Fact is you have expected things for yourself and now it's your time to show yourself,
    Nothing can stop you...!

    Happy Women's Day...!


  • soumen_sonu 11w

    Happy Women's Day!

    To all the women
    On this day

    Let's embrace the womenhood in yourself.

    Let's accept that men and women are not equal.

    Let's understand that some responsibilities can be completed only in a womenly manner.

    Let's celebrate the uniqueness of women.

    Cheers to all super naris there!!

  • smheinis 11w

    The Women's Litany

    Light held high in a strife ne’er through
    We have fought for our sons and you,
    We have conquered a million years’
    Pain and evil and doubt and tears—
    Let us in through the guarded gate,
    Let us in for our strength’s sake!
    We are blind who must guide your eyes,
    We are weak who must help you rise,
    All untaught who must teach and mold
    Souls of men till the world is old—
    Let us in through the guarded gate,
    Let us in for the world’s sake!
    - Margaret Widdemar.

  • joybirdpoetry 11w

    Happy International Women's Day. This is one of the very first poems I posted on Miraquill #womensday #miraquill

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    Sister strength

    Hold on to my hand sister
    hold on tight and together we will weather the storm
    that rages around you.

    We will be swept sideways from the sheer strength of it
    and knocked to the ground with such force
    it will leave us both gasping for air.

    And as the stinging rain blinds us
    so as not to see each other

    and the thunder claps so loudly
    so as not to hear each other

    and when the lightening strikes beside us
    scorching the ground upon which we lay

    keep hold of my hand.

    I've got you.

    I promise I won't let go.


  • treble_clef 63w

    Another Women's Day!!!

    #happywomensday, #womensday, #women's day, #rant

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    New ways of the age old Woes

    Turning the pages of my old diary
    I find a poem in faded ink
    scribbled perhaps  on women's day 
    for a competition 
    proudly organized
    by the 'Women's Cell, 
    voicing the rage, the sadness;
    a caged bird crying the
    screams of pain;
    It had some sprinkles of silvery hope,  
    a call for winds of change. 

    Years have passed by
    the glimmer has gone dull. 
    The change that was hoped for 
    never in sight!
    An illusion of stairs 
    that only takes humans
    further down the dungeon,
    into deeper degradation! 

    The laws ban the test
    of sex determination, 
    creating a new illegal trade
    that raises the bank balance
    of supposed 'life savers'.
    Yes, the rape reporting rate 
    has been on the increase, 
    only for the victims
    to die more agonizing deaths
    from the thousand questions 
    sharper than the daggers
    from the defense. 

    Broadmindedness, or
    parents' change of hearts, 
    or is it the rebellion from
    the youth themselves!
    I don't know the cause.
    But it's a happy sight
    to see boys and girls, 
    on Valentine's day
    holding hands in public. 
    The very next day 
    you find the news reports 
    of goons thrashing their spirits 
    shaming the girls
    for crossing the lines. 

    Girls education index 
    is  on the rise,
    a good news indeed. 
    But instead of dowry
    now the demand, is
    for a girl who brings home 
    a big fat pay cheque
    on the 1st of every month!

    The woes end here you think?
    The woman now needs her cape!
    There! She's a superwoman,
    juggling between the household chores,
    the presentation in the meeting room, ,
    mother in law's visit to the doctor,
    children's school projects...
    the list never ends.  
    The man is still there lending 
    'a helping hand' every once in a while, 
    "Oh! he is so kind!", 
    Equality is only in sharing the
    financial burden.
    So much for feminism!!

    I ask my domestic helps
    for their bank accounts 
    to make sure their hearth doesn't
    go cold during lockdown. 
    One gives the account number 
    of her husband, and the other
    of her twenty year old son! 
    As for them, they are there
    to work, earn and feed. 

    Women's day comes every year
    all glamorized by the businesses
    giving offers and discounts 
    to promote the sales 
    and fill their tills. 
    And then I see it 
    loosing it's meaning
    when the other half too
    gets a day in their honor
    dedicated to uplift
    their fallen spirit
    in the name of equality..
    Oh, It's a fair society!

    Hope is still up, I look inward. 
    Take charge of the change 
    into my own hands. 
    I have to make sure 
    I don't sow the seeds
    of this discrimination
    into my sons' little hearts. 
    I have to make sure, I teach them right. 
    Then, when I pick the 
    pink water can, the older one screams
    "O no Mumma! That's girls' color, 
    everyone will laugh!"
    And the younger one listens. 
    And I stand there dumbstruck...!