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    It's a surreal world
    There's beauty in acceptance
    Acceptance of one's own self
    Embracing our circumstances and
    Not giving in to them,
    Rather, growing around them, with them

    There's a hint of positivity
    Even in sadness
    One that brings a sad smile to your face
    From a hard lesson learnt
    So that history doesn't get to repeat itself
    Or no matter how many times it does,
    It won't push us down as hard
    As it did the previous time

    We change, we grow,
    We give and we earn
    We feel, we show
    We fall and we learn
    Different versions of ourselves,
    Make our same old mistakes,
    But we deal with them differently.
    Oh how everything changes, but you keep going
    Matching the pace of life
    Together and separately
    All the way with yourself
    You are your own sole companion
    You are your own hardwork's fruit
    Only you can help yourself,
    And that's life's truth.

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    'Change' is a strange feeling
    It happens without you realising
    And yet, somehow, you can feel every moment of its occurence

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    Prompt: Write about a romantic/platonic moment, where time seems to stop and all you can think about is your racing heartbeat.
    Words to be used: blissful, imagination, blushing, moment, reality, intensity, overthinking

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    A moment in time

    I've never felt this before
    A feeling so blissfully pure
    It's too good to be true,
    And I'm afraid it won't last long

    The intensity of this feeling
    Scares me to death
    The perfection of this moment,
    The way, everything was right in equation,
    Makes me wonder, whether it was reality,
    Or just a figment of my imagination

    After everything, I'm left alone
    With my overthinking mind,
    Did what happen, happen in its truest form?
    Would it be alright this time?

    Blood is rushing fast to my cheeks and
    My heart might burst out at any moment
    I cross my fingers behind my back and say
    Dear God, please don't ever let this moment end.

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    Maybe not.

    I don't feel sad, no.
    I'm not even angry anymore,
    I just feel empty,
    devoid of anything happy.

    I laugh and I smile
    I go on about my everyday life
    But not one knows, that behind
    All those small talks and friendly smiles
    Lies a year of sleepless nights
    Not a single one knows, that those
    Sleepless nights are characterized by
    Wet cheeks and damp pillows

    Not sure anymore if it's a bad chapter
    Or if it's doomed to be a bad story
    Keep telling myself to go on for a day more
    Each day, on repeat
    Convincing myself that the next day,
    Would bring me hope, a reason, to believe in

    My story looks established,
    Something beautiful and concrete
    But it's crumbling. Going down.
    Even at this second, when I'm writing this.
    I'm sick and tired
    And it's my choice to stay quiet
    But my excuses are running out
    Maybe they now know I'm lying
    Maybe they think I'm not worth it.

    And maybe I'm not
    Maybe I really am not worth it.

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    Sometimes you have to let it all in, and get it all out, at the same time

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    The world is full of monsters, but, the only one that matters is, the one within us. That's the one we gotta fight and overpower. And it's reward is, the strength, to face every other darkness of the world.

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    I am not sure the grammar in this sentence is correct. If it's not, I would appreciate if anyone could correct this for me. Thank you☺️

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    No action can be justified by saying that your intentions were good. If it were so, Thanos would not have been a villain.

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    Bond Of Unity

    What is unity? Asked a poet's mind,
    She did not understand the texts of the books
    Which claimed unity, to just be an act of coming together as a whole
    But a poet understands not what the books tell,
    But what things really mean in effect.

    She roamed around from villages to towns
    And asked different people, if they know the word's secret?
    Not one, could answer correctly,
    According to the wish of the poet,
    Maybe, she would have to go back home defeated.

    The poet, tired and subdued,
    Sat on the bench of a shop, under a big tree
    And thought hard about the meaning of the word,
    Which kept popping up in different descriptions of their country.

    It was, but a small roadside shop,
    It looked like one that had flourished well.
    There was a small crowd of eight or ten,
    Who stood in front of the magic box of entertainment,

    They watched intently, at the sport being played.
    There were two or three, with turbans around their heads,
    And a few wearing round caps,
    A couple with a cross pendant at their necks
    And some with saffron mark on their foreheads.

    One wrong move, by a player in that colorful box,
    And they all cursed together,
    But they screamed and shouted in delight,
    When the players made a move right

    Hands in hands, shoulder to shoulder,
    They all stood together when the team won,
    Right there, they were not, people from different grounds,
    But people whose voices echoed as one.

    The poet went back home, smiling
    After all she was not defeated,
    She understood the term now, better than any textbook,
    It's something not to be known,
    But to be understood.

    In a small roadside shop,
    The poet witnessed the heart of the country,
    The biggest gift to humanity,
    This is it. Our bond of unity.

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    Sometimes you think you're starting a new chapter, but it's actually the start to an entirely different story. The scary part is that, you don't know if it's a new chapter, or a new story, untill it comes to an end.

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    When you walk on a dark, unlit path,
    without knowing what lies ahead of you,
    the only reliable truth, then, is your own insight. Trust that, and you'll find your way to light.

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    I have to accept that it's not you, whom I love.
    It's the beautiful memories of what we were,
    And the hope of what we could have been.
    That's it. That's what I was in love with

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    A Promise

    When I sit out in the open, after an abominal day,
    And look up at the evening sky
    From beneath the cluster of silver clouds,
    Shines the soft rays of the fading sunlight.
    The sky wears the Cape
    Of a purplish-orange hue,
    And the cool breeze blows faintly, ruffling my hair, Somehow taking with it, my worries too.
    A wave of serenity washes over me
    It calms my agitated soul,
    The rush of the day had indeed,
    Taken on me its toll.
    But the twilight brings with it
    a stream of tranquility
    And the gleam of the setting sun,
    Comes with a promise, of a new and better day
    A sweet sounding melody.


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    The closer I get to you
    The farther you move away, from being mine

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    A Compliment

    Just like the silver and golden, sand of the beaches, compliment the waves of pearls in the ocean.
    Just like the silence of the forest, compliments the beauty of the greenery, and,
    Just like the rainbow compliments the wet buildings and roads after a shower,
    Your positivity, compliments your charm
    Like your kindness reflects your goodness
    Your eyes are those mirrors that show your deep love, and in that love, lies your beauty.
    If there's anything so sweet, tis your humanity
    A tribute to everything around you
    And everything around me.

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    A Far Cry.

    A silent wail echoes, through the halls
    Of misunderstood minds
    Their pleas and cries left unheard
    No questions asked,
    Simply thought of to be crestfallen
    Not showing a hint of sympathy,
    Or sometimes acting to show too much
    No one could understand the melancholy
    behind their eyes
    A far cry sounds
    Aching for someone who understands them
    That, it's not, all in their mind
    It's not "nothing"
    It is and will always be a reality
    No matter how much you try to deny
    It doesn't change anything.
    Your ignorance and indifference,
    Won't help no one
    But your acceptance might do the world some good.

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    Tried one in Hindi⭐
    This one's for all the lovely mothers��

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    Yuh to kehne ko hazaar baate keh du main,
    Tujh par poori ek kitaab likh du main,
    Par tu shayad jaanti hai vah saari hi baatein,
    Jo tujhse aaj karna chahti hu mai

    Tu kaise kar leti hai yeh sab?
    Yeh gupt baat mai aaj tak samjh naa payi
    Poore duniya jaahan se tu lar jaaye
    Hum baccho par ek aanch na aane paaye

    Sab kuch jhel sakti hai tu
    Duniya ki baatein chup chap sun jaaye
    Par auro ke kaaran, aankhon me humare
    Ek bhi ashu to sehen na kar paaye

    Kathinaiyon bhara rah ho,
    Yah ho mushkil koi kaam
    Chutki bhar bhi naa lage, har uljhan suljhaane mein,
    Kaise bana deti ho, har kaam ko itna aasaan?

    Darr na lage mujhe kisi baat ka
    Teri aanchal ki saaya mujhe sabse bacha kar rakhe
    Tu ekbaar has kya de,
    Mere saare dukh apne aap gayab ho jaaye

    Hausle or himmat ke murti hai tu
    Har tufaan ko hum tak pohochne se pehle hi rok leti ho
    Aakhir kaise kar leti ho maa tum yeh sab?
    Apne baare me ek baar bhi na sochti ho

    Hum sab milkar, pareshaan khoob karte hai tujhe
    Humse muh morne ka bohot man karta hoga na tera?
    Par aakhir ho to tum humari maa hi
    Hume khilaaye bina, khudke gale se, ek nivaala bhi na utarta tera

    Teri goad me hi sada maatha teke rahu,
    Teri mamta se badhkar iss duniya me aur kuch nahi
    Meri to jahaan hi tu hai,
    Tu hi zindagi meri
    Tujhse badhkar iss sansaar me aur koi nahi.

    ~ Disha Jain

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    Torn love letters

    I stand here
    With all these letters in my hand
    All the ones I wrote to you,
    Now these are just a mess of ink
    Smeared all the way and
    Redecorated by my tears

    I look up to the open night sky
    Searching for your answers
    Thinking that maybe,
    You'd talk to me through the stars
    But the night was dark and empty
    As if to honour every broken soul's scar
    It was an unlit night, and a sky without stars

    You didn't realise what you were saying
    But your words had hurt me to my core.
    I thought of every happy song
    The stars had sung to me before
    I raised my shaking hands
    But now, a small smile I wore
    I was somehow reminded
    Of the truth of the matter
    And when I looked at my hands, all that lay there,
    Was the remnants of my torn love letters.

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    The girl

    I still remember it, as vividly as the day
    Like it's not a tale from years ago
    But one from yesterday.
    I sat alone in the front row,
    The class was about to commence
    When in came running, a small girl
    With wild black curly hair

    I remember feeling scared
    A sense of judgement
    The moment she took the seat beside me.
    She spoke loudly to the girls and
    Quarreled with the boys
    who sat, poking fun, right behind me

    I instantly knew,
    I did not like her at all
    We were made to share a book, while all I wanted was to put up a wall
    She was just as small
    As me, by age,
    But oh boy, was she tall!

    We were both kindergartners
    But she was much more smarter,
    Her eyes shone brightly
    whenever she was happy
    And her smile could win a million hearts

    I remember feeling vaguely displeased,
    For she was like a storm, in my quiet sea
    My entire life rocked, like a ship in the high tides
    To escape from this mayhem, with all my might, I tried.

    It's a decade and a few later now
    I sit no more in the first row.
    I see my best friend enter the class
    Together infinite challenges we had passed
    Now not just a book but innumerable memories we share
    Somehow, it was the same girl
    The girl with the wild black curly hair.

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    I listened to the stars singing their happy songs, while I lay crying on the floor.

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    Once Again.

    And today,
    Once again,
    You reminded me what it was like,
    To laugh my heart out
    And to not let
    Anyone bring me down
    You asked me to wipe away my tears
    And smile, for a smile like mine was rare.
    You asked me to have some confidence
    Without knowing that your mere presence
    In my life, was enough for me to credence
    And believe that everything's gonna be alright.
    Your absence taught me how to hope.
    Indeed, innumerable tears were lost
    But I can't stop myself from reveling
    In the deliciousness of your love,
    Even if my sanity itself is its cost.
    I can't forget what you made me go through
    Yet, here I am reminiscing about the contentment I felt when I was with you.
    Today, once again, you reminded me about
    What it was like to be alive
    I realised the decision's been far taken from my hand
    When being with you was the only reality
    In which I ever thrived.