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  • _rwri_tes 17w

    Sea of Love

    I'm in love
    It's an eerie feeling
    For the first time in years
    I laugh
    The laughter reaches my eyes and makes it glow like sands on the beach
    Soaked into pyramids of excitement
    The rush
    Like something I've never felt before
    It makes me want to live
    Want to work
    Want to desire

    I'm in love
    The air has a different scent
    And the earth is like watching mother nature give birth to new life
    A life promised with beauty
    A life worth exploring
    A life worth a chance
    A life not a boon
    One life
    Where living is free
    And starlike creatures can finally hit their full potential

    I touched love
    This is me floating
    Floating in a sea of love

  • _rwri_tes 18w

    Turning Point

    Chapter ONE

    Hi! My name is Roju, Aderoju in full but yeah, let's just go with Roju, my siblings have the ADE attached to their names as well, it's a family tradition, I'm told. I'm supposed to tell y'all about my life, my story. You're scared right? Scared that I'd be boring... Maybe... SIGHS, I get bored of myself sometimes but it is what it is. Let's get to it then! I'm the fifth child out of seven and the last girl. My older sisters, first-Rinsola, second-Remilekun and third-Ronke. I think you’d realize that the fourth-Rotimi is one of my brothers. Well it has to be my brother doesn't it? (One would have thought that my parents would stop reproducing when they hit number four) the sixth-Rinmayo and the seventh-Rinsoye, my younger brothers.
    Oh! I probably should attach my last name since we're still at the beginning of this story. Okay guys, my name is Aderoju Samuels and I'm delighted to go on this journey with you! Let's finish with the Bio Data yeah? I'm actually so excited to reach the better parts of this narrative. I'm 18 years old. With two years in between all my parents children, this puts Rinsola at 26 years old. Anyway, my Dad is a Doctor (Neurosurgeon) and my Mum is an Entrepreneur-She sells fashion items. And when I say fashion items, I mean from pure gold, sterling silver, real diamonds to other gem like jewelry, sheer luxury fabrics, to quality made shoes imported all the way from Italy, France, Turkey and the UK. It's a really thriving business and I'm so proud of her. She and my Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Aderopo Samuels, my heroes! I know this might sound cliché, but someday I want to be like them, something better than that too, the sight of both of them as a team, and individually is the standard I have set for myself, it is without doubt close to perfection and I want nothing less than that for myself. Hmm... we've gotten serious, let's back up a little bit now.
    So yes, I'm 18 years old, 5'5, dark skinned and a Christian. Although I'd like to think of myself as a little too free minded to be one, but... I do believe in a higher power (someone has to) and I believe that it has to be God and everything that's divine because we seriously can't be in this world and not have anyone watching over us. I'm not about to accept that I'm in a pre-apocalyptic age. Nah, Nahhh, don't argue with me, the world of today is as terrifying as it is considered Secular. So yes, this girl believes in a higher power guiding us all, hence my full acceptance of Christianity. Although I'm still a free thinker, I just like to classify myself as more of a Spiritual person than a Religious one.
    Bio Data, Checked. Now the question here is what does an 18 year old have a story about? Her new designers? Her make up? What could it be? Well, this is my story…
    Two years have passed since I finished high school and most of my friends are already in college, sending me pictures and little summaries of their new lives. I'm happy for them, I really am. I'm happy that they've found where they want to be and where they belong but where do I fit in? I took a gap year because I really wasn't sure that I wanted to attend college. I also tried a bit of soul searching although I don't think I found anything useful. I did learn a little bit of Spanish with Duo-lingo and some Tango from YouTube, meditation to relax my nerves whenever I'm asked “Roju”? won't you go to school like your mates?" Or "Roju, why don't you learn a trade, so you can start a business?" SIGHS... like that should cover or sum up my whole existence? I either go to school or become a trader? My spirit knew there was more and craved more. That is why after my first gap year, I decided to take Rinsola up on her offer and went to visit her at her Ikoyi residence, on the Island.
    PS: I forgot to point out that my family lives on the mainland, Oshodi to be precise. I left my parent's house and went to stay with Rinsola. I had planned to stay for just two months and return but some certain turn of events made me prolong my stay.
    Two months of doing nothing. What was I doing with myself? Should I just sit for JAMB this year and start school like my mates? “Heaven knows that I have no flair for business, so school it is.” That's what I kept thinking about as I sat at the balcony of my elder sister's apartment. My phone started to beep and I clicked the On button and realized that it was the alarm I set for 4pm that had gone off. I jumped and suddenly remembered that I had to start preparing dinner before Rinsola gets home by 7pm. She's an early to bed early to rise person, which surprises me because she's so young. Soon as she got home, I served my famous curry rice with a little spice and freshly squeezed lime juice on the side. We both ate in silence, after which my sister announced that I was to accompany her to work the next day and she went to her room leaving me holding my spoon up in the air unmoving.

  • _rwri_tes 19w

    Forbidden Love

    You and I were made for each other
    Not for this world
    Maybe in another world,
    Our stars would have aligned perfectly
    We are nothing but star crossed lovers
    Bound together in heart but separated by a Curse
    It's in that Curse that our fate lies
    I'm sorry,
    But I've come to terms with the notion that ours is a forbidden love.

  • _rwri_tes 39w


    The Storm wouldn't allow the Moon to shine by night
    It kept striking, violently
    Until the Clouds distracted it
    Then, the Moon could shine brighter than He could possibly have imagined.
    The Sun came
    She saw the Moon light up
    And she kissed the Storm goodbye

    Many times, the Constellations would sing
    Telling the Sun stories about Planets that will come to life if only,
    Only if she wasn't afraid of the Eclipse that was about to come
    Out of fear, the Sun ran and everywhere turned dark
    Darkness consumed the land
    It rained everyday
    Bolts of lightning came
    Thunderstorms was the norm
    For the Sun lost control of her light- Her Power
    Darkness triumph was short lived
    The Stars in all their might came running to the Moon to save the Sun from the Darkness
    The Moon declined, it wasn't time for their union
    For what will happen when they unite?
    Two bodies, created and existing from the beginning of time
    In her own uniqueness, the Sun has to fight her battles to retain her title
    And so she went back in time,
    Faced the Darkness
    Like the goddess she is
    And her light burnt the Darkness, and his Lightning bolts and Thunderstorms turned into fireworks
    The Sun finally listened to the Constellations and aligned with the Moon
    And it was,

  • rhymesbynick 107w

    Pack up and go

    I see these countries that man has created,
    Borders to cross, barbed wire and fences.
    Open spaces and places to visit for ages,
    I want to travel the world well into my
    Pack up and go and let's get on with the show,
    Places to visit on my list, which will grow.
    Up and down hills that are covered in snow,
    Rivers and streams that I do not know.
    Shoulder my backpack and let's get going,
    Unpack and recheck, rather that then not
    Pack too much and I will be blowing,
    Get the map out so I know where I'm homing.
    So many sights that need to be seen,
    I want visit them now, so many places to see,
    People and cultures that will astound me,
    Flora and fauna and picturesque scenes.
    Take enough money for things that cost,
    Bribes at the border, I will take that loss.
    Mountains and deserts to scale and cross,
    Hoping and praying I do not get lost.


  • mysteriousdeee 268w


    As I reached towards the door, the ocean floor drew close