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    Loving someone, only one, for the entire life without a flicker of faith and affection is a lot tougher than it sounds. Keeping that feeling strong and alive for all those years is not easy. There will be times, when love will seem to have replaced only by habits and responsibilities.
    People say, it's like solving math problems. You work out together, you solve one problem. Then move on to the next. When you've solved enough problems, you get to live the while life together. You only need to work stuff out together and not leave out the other. If you're able to figure out how to stay together, the rest of the journey will be taken care of by the love you have between each other.
    It is difficult to fulfill the journey, but if you're successful, you're gifting yourself the strongest alibi who will have witnessed your life till death, who can carry on your story to the coming generations, who can be the toughest shield to break.
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    MARRIAGE- an eight letter word; short but heavy; simple yet complicated.
    It is the exchange of Rings and beginning of Responsibilities. The vows of being together forever, the promises made, the sharing of life- sounds fantastic, yet scary!

    I see my parents and grandparents and think, what must have been their key for being together for so long? Is it love or responsibilities or being with someone for so long does something to help them to hang on and not give up? Or all three?

    I wonder! I wonder what it's like!