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  • wordsofsh 77w

    Was it worth the try?

    Digging my heart,
    To find love I had for you,
    I found myself
    And the love for it
    So was it worth it?
    I said yes!
    It was worth a try

  • jan_balan 77w

    "it's definitely worth a try"

    Going through a medical phase in life is always a worth a try. They always show how we are strong mentally and physically. The joy of waiting to get clean and reach the honeycomb is a success. That coming back or back to form life will be worth trying. That's what I love in the whole dramatic concept of being sick.

    Strength is something everyone looking forward. The "positivity" and "I'm there", are the words we are waiting to hear from the closed one during those days. Those words are memory, joy and happiness.

    "Self- care" is the term everyone has to look through in this year 2021. Taking care of ourselves. Keeping ourselves fit and happy is our own problem... No, our own solution will be the correct term. Our happiness and self care resides on us not on others.

    In that case, keeping track on Self - Care is definitely worth a try.

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    It's definitely worth trying

    Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn
    Twist and swrils sets the shore
    Either horror or joy expresses itself.
    Human metabolism changes
    Adopts, Adapts and Acquires - incomings.
    The pain of new enemy
    Slides through soliders eyes
    Exhibits it's power to overpower.
    Tiny cells of human body grow;
    "Eating", is the master plan,
    Killing the good, eating -
    A wonderful twist.

    I look back and see
    Things I have lost,
    The pain, I'm going through.
    The days are in count
    To win the "War of Metabolism."
    I fight, to taste essence of honey
    Running down the roads of joy.
    Wounds are began to heal
    Often knock the pain hard,
    Harder and hardest manner.
    To resolve, reconnect and revolve
    Around the world.
    Yes, It's definitely worth a try.

  • dig_deep 179w

    Let's try

    Let's try digging deep within ourselves.... maybe we r gonna end up finding something which will stop us from searching something to fill our incomplete space

  • aabanerjee 243w

    Unn panno ko kora hi rehne dijiye janab..
    Kuch kahaniya poori nahi hoti..
    Aakhir khuda ka hi dastoor hai ye..
    Har kisi ke aangan me khushiya nahi hoti..
    Manzile to mukamal ho jaati hai
    Par zindagi dubara laut kr nahi aati.