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    Tanka and Quinzane Poem Challenge by @writersbay
    Tanka Poem with words Lost and Rose
    Quinzain Poem with first line as Statement and other two lines posing Question

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    Tanka Poem (5:7:5:7:7 Syllable Count)

    Deep In The Forest
    I Got Lost In The Meadows
    Tantalising Smell
    Sight Of Refreshing Roses
    Brought Me Closer To Nature...

    Quinzane Poem (7:5:3 Syllable Count)

    Love For Our Mother Nature
    Are We Dutiful?
    Shouldn't We Show?

    Meghana Doshi

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    Where the road ended
    found rose brick walls erected
    Graffiti widespread
    Of men, women, in battle
    Lost look on their pinched faces

    Life had not been kind to them
    Were they the victims?
    Were they dead?

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    Love is like a rose
    Getting high on its fragrance
    Which draws one closer
    Beautiful sight to behold
    Forgetting it's full of thorns

    Love is a rose full of thorns
    Will the thorns pierce me?
    If I love?

    #Wov2 @writersbay #tanka #lost #rose

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    Love is like a rose
    Getting high on its fragrance
    Which draws one closer
    Beautiful sight to behold
    Forgetting it's full of thorns

    Love is a rose full of thorns
    Will the thorns pierce me?
    If I love?

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    He presented her
    With enchanting Violets
    For every cold night
    When blood burgeoned within
    Betwixt her tender legs

    When the bond of holy matrimony was sealed, it seemed as though all the best pieces fell into a quintessential chronological order. That every young canary dreams about. Since childhood she played, encompassed by spices of life. Some terrible, some beautiful. Some went awry but some were scrumptious.

    I used to watch this drill every day through the window. But one day, that bud blossomed into a beautiful flower. And soon there were potential admirers who wanted to have it. So was a young gallant fellow.

    A jocund affair it was when they became one. And so the leaves gave it a new flavour. Like a bewitching dream it was. But soon the dawn of Autumn arrived and a monochromatic abyss announced its arrival.

    Day after day it stormed. With leaves falling every now and then. The tree wept for it no longer had the capacity to hold the little canary, the innocent bud that used to stay jauntily at its behest was plucked by lecherous beings.

    Blood dripped from her stem, her branches, her petals. And Violet turned a shade darker. Coercion was like a daily chore for him, and endurance for her. Even though he had the utmost right to do so, consensus was never an option.

    I was no longer a bunch of violets. I was transformed into melancholy. That stayed hovering over the poor soul that was bereft of tears as well. Too tired to even cry.

    It happens in a marriage as it's considered normal. It is an offence that hasn't been promulgated into a law as of yet. But there seems a need for it. Everyone interprets it as though they have the pertinent knowledge. When we talk about sexual assault, then I guess Marital Rape should also be given a legal status. Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below age 15. Thus, marital rape is not a criminal offense under the IPC.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

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    Violet(s) Blood

    Love was lost
    Amidst matrimony
    That was once
    Claimed holy
    Contemplated to be one
    For eternity

    Entering in holy bond
    Sacred one for life?
    Was it worth?

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    Daffodils Indicates that winter is over

    TANKA 5-7-5-7-7
    followed by Quinzane 7-5-3

    16 June 21









    IT'S REAL?


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    Torn Rose

    Like the thorn dripping
    A fresh drop of repentance.
    The rose tinged in blue
    Lamented over heart aches,
    Silenced by necessity.

    In between pages, is there
    Or it dies?

    16. 6. 21

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    Tanka 5/7/5/7/7

    On a gloomy night
    I play moonlight sonata
    lost in the music
    I think of my first love that
    withered away like dead rose.

    Quinzane 7/5/3

    I am a hopeless lover
    You believe in love?
    Is love true?

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    On a gloomy night
    I play moonlight sonata
    lost in the music
    I think of my first love that
    withered away like dead rose.

    I am a hopeless lover
    You believe in love?
    Is love true?

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    June 15 2021 | 11:35 pm

    ���� �� �� �� ��- meaning "A miracle from heaven"

    It's a indian/korean origin ��*not fully determine*
    Source : google

    @akku04 ��������
    �� ou: I never talked
    �� eeting you seems mirage
    �� dyll muse (ur) words convey
    �� os(i)e of my monochrome soul
    �� lil late I wished, am sorry..!
    I lost your birthday, thirteen
    (but) Aren't you a team?
    How is that?


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    Saeng-il chukahabnidaakku

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    //Let it be a withered rose or a dead poet both of them are cherished with their gorgeousness somewhere in this abode//

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    Withered rose and a Dead Poet

    Fragrance of her curls,
    Scented of a withered rose.
    She rests on the Garth,
    Unfurling the ambrosial
    Of florals with chime of bells.

    A dead poet scribes better.
    Is he dead? Or just
    Lost somewhere?

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    15.06.2021 // Tuesday


    Waving toodle-oo
    To the wintery nights
    We bloom with the
    Advent of springtide
    We swing and glisten
    With our dear cronies
    Like emulating concert
    In the twilights

    Like an august vivacious
    Levitating canopy
    We enthral with our
    Resplendent panoply
    We lost to invite you
    Like the tang of roses
    But indeed we enrich May
    More than January

    We unfurl our lips
    To the hues of gay
    Our flamboyant knot
    Contours bridal bouquet
    Our bulbs are bold
    Have dramatic flames
    With crimson, peach
    Or purple satiny spray

    Tall, up straight
    With a crowned orifice
    We breathe in altruistic
    Plaudits in chorus
    We were born wildflower
    And typify rebirth,
    Charity, the next
    For our peart nature

    We traveled for centuries
    With the Queen of the Night
    From Turkey we outspreaded
    To European heights
    We served to heal
    And please with decor
    For touching all hearts
    Eternal love we symbolize


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    @writersbay - I tried and enjoyed as well!


    *My Blossom and Fade is brief.

    Will you be my shine?

    Or fresh wine?*

    **Accord with aqua Asepsis.

    In dark melody?

    or burnt bract? **

    *** I Agape under Twilight.

    Around the cursed soul?

    or divine? ***

    ****Unfolding my true tincture.

    Amidst cryptic tune?

    or fair aura? ****

    ***** I splash my perfumed spirit.

    To moaning oomph hearts?

    Or faint cries? *****


    Grooving my induced

    prismatic corolla slice,

    Glossed with Archaic bees

    Gulping crude nectar

    Beneath my hassle.


    // The lines on the Bg could be assumed as the autobiography of the flower and those lines are the first line of every Quinzane//

    Structure inspired by @rani_shri

    ~ Someone who hope this makes sense :/

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    My Blossom and Fade is brief...
    Accord with aqua Asepsis...
    I Agape under Twilight...
    Unfolding my true tincture...
    I splash my perfumed spirit...

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    Thank you for the like WN ��

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    Poesy of a Rose

    A deep red rose I'm
    despite myriad flowers
    exist, I'm special
    beautiful petals entice
    a solace to lost poets

    Fresh, wilted roses are used
    are not they useful.?
    aren't we too.?


  • antarraal 32w

    When the blood hued Rose
    conspired with the astute thorns
    to circle pure hearts
    into a garland of love
    devotion, hope unending.

    Destiny is a spoilsport
    Did it save the love?
    Did it lost?


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    #wov2 #autobiography
    Use the words: 'rose' & 'lost'
    Tanka: 5/7/5/7/7
    + Quinzaine

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    A wild red rose blooms
    in the midst of the desert,
    resplendent beauty
    lost to eyes of the seeing,
    her existence overlooked.

    She is tough, a survivor.
    Is her name fighter?
    Or just rose?


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    All written rights reserved
    15 June 2021 5. 30 pm

    Hydrangea - Meaning water vessels, Hydria in Greek
    Blue Hydrangeas - Apology, Gratitude, Understanding
    Nickname - Change Rose

    SONNET XIV - ABAB CDCD EFEF GG 14 lines 10 syllables
    Prose Autobiography
    Tanka 5 7 5 7 7
    Quinzain 7 5 3

    Hymns of Hydrangea ~

    Early spring smooched heart of shrubs evergreen
    Water vessels of seeds in plant's womb rose
    Celestial corymbs then blossomed serene
    At tail end of longing stems sweet buds chose

    Flower head, panacea of solitude
    Cwtching souls in bloom, like delicate petals
    Unity essence, unrobe multitude
    Showy rings, dipped in vivid hues sepals

    Emotions heartfelt waft efflorescence
    Express agony and apology
    Enumerate each style inflorescence
    Thanks, Grace, Purity, Romance, Royalty

    If these blooms could tell tales, each breath in art
    They'd whisper, " You're the beat of my heart '


    I was born, a cerulean celestial corymb among the
    valley of solitude when early spring smooched the silent shrubs, impregnating them with multitude
    flowerets fated to sing blue balladries, pen dulcet sonnets and annoint apologies and etch heartfelt eulogies.
    As I arose to the warm golden rays tickling my delicate petals, delightful euphoria showered the silent valley in bliss. Plethora of my petals bowed to the benevolence of spring enunciating my gratitude.
    Flutter-bys with frail wings aroused in my seeds, a forbidden love. Zephyr caressed my hues, blessing me with panacea of heartache.

    Eventually eventide arrived and along with that his soft footsteps. An ethereal prince homing crystal galaxies in his orbs. Soft rays of sunset glistening the dripping pools in them and silver rivulets cascading down his cheeks, streams of grief.
    He chose me among millions of florets in our valley, chanting hymns of loveless hearts. He whispered to my heart, an apology to his frozen inamorata, their broken bond which I'm to bend with my spells.

    Holding me close to his beating heart, I could listen to all his truths untold. He lost himself chasing the reflection of a kaleidoscope, a loosen kite in the endless empyrean.
    His heart ached for how his amor resembled me, her heart dying thirsty of his love, negligence fading nuances of life in her soul.

    Unbeknownst to me, he had walked into a forsaken valley of death. A flowery casket awaiting him in the half-lit corner. The last of Moonbeams revealed her pale face, a breathless beauty.
    He laid me on her bosom, tears falling like over-pouring rain. With my last breath I mend the broken bond of love by bridging a broken heart with a deadbeat one.

    / You're the beat of his heart /


    He cwtched my frail form
    Apologizing amor
    Frozen in casket
    My last breath as adorned wreath
    Life lost, not his love for her


    Change rose thirsty of lost love
    Can forlorn love bloom ?
    Can love lose ?


    Thank you so much for EC ����


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    Syllable count - 5/7/5/7/7
    Syllable count - 7/5/3
    #wov2 #autobiography
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    Fallen from the sky
    Roses of different hues
    Sown when a seedling
    Getting rain of love it grew
    Giving out fragrance so new

    Penning fragrance of lost love
    Will rose be my verse?
    Will she rhyme?

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    Penning fragrance of lost love
    Will rose be my verse?
    Will she rhyme?

  • sproutedseeds 32w

    DAY ..2..

    QUINZANE...7_ 5? 3?

    Colourful ROSES
    looks beautiful in a bunch
    spreading its fragrance,
    each colour is symbolic
    though a prickly bush or shrub.

    I get LOST in its beauty.
    Do thorns bother you?
    Or rejoice?