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  • doshimeghana7 48w

    Haiku Sonnet Poem Challenge by @writersbay
    4 Haikus with Syllable Count as 5:7:5 for each Haiku
    A Rhyming Couplet of Syllable Count as 7:7

    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #wov4

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    Haiku-Sonnet Poem (5:7:5 Syllable Count)

    Pitter-Patter Rains
    Bring The First Fragrance Of Mud
    Brings Peace To The Soul

    Vitalizing The Senses
    Invigorating The Mind
    Rains Bring Happiness

    Touching Hands And Face
    Tiny Sprinkles Of Water
    Give Glimpse Of Nature

    The First Showering
    Signifies Prosperity
    Sign of God's Blessings

    Flowers That Bloom in Full Swing
    To The Petals Raindrops Cling...

    Meghana Doshi


  • puchka 48w

    Down in the valley
    Grows wild roses and lilies
    Near abandoned homes

    Chimneys that don't smoke
    Wicker fences without gates
    Missing window panes

    At night wind whistles
    Through the valley of the dead
    Where nothing sustains

    Except flower beds
    Decorating graves of them
    Fought for the nation

    I hear the souls at night scream
    Wonder where have gone their dreams

  • 300roses 48w

    #wov4 "A hint of rain & petrichor."
    4 Haikus: 5/7/5
    + a couplet: 7/7

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    Storm ⛈️

    Gloomy cloak descends
    bolts of fury splitting sky
    a heavy downpour.

    Splatters of rain fall
    like needles hitting my skin
    I run for cover.

    Light starts seeping through
    raindrops evaporating
    I sigh in relief.

    As I close my eyes
    earthy scent fills my senses
    it's the after rain.

    Fear not of the storms that come,
    they shall all pass, just keep calm.


  • the_speccy_outsider 48w

    Vitiated by
    Indigenous laws under
    Archaic aegis

    Transcending to an
    Iota of a world where
    Ubiquity fleed

    Where petrichor seemed
    Like an artifact stored in
    Attic of the heart

    And none misused their
    Abridged power to showcase
    A panalopy

    Of orthodox perceptions
    For third gender family

    There's been a myriad of mendacious rumours that only add up to the fire rather than extenuating it. The third gender community is a part of our society since ages. Considered as a symbol of unity and strength by some. Some only think about them when a certain religious ritual is to be carried out. But spew venom about them once their purpose is fulfilled.

    It is a life choice that was concomitant. Yet they strive to struggle to make their mark in the society even after being a subject of harsh treatment by some. The society should contemplate the fact that people of the community aren't provided with a higher education or employment opportunities and are, therefore, forced to ask for money. It is not something they do willingly, rather it's a choice they have to make.

    I wish for a parallel world where the Third Gender would be revered and considered as equals. Where they'd marry the person they love. Where the young ones would no longer store their respective dreams into an attic inside their heart, closed for eternity, or put on lipstick, wear a saree and go to people's houses to give blessings. The same people who loathe them and are cunning.

    I hope people don't misuse this honour they get when the Hijras, as they are referred to in India, visit their house. I hope they respect them and help them if they are in ardent need of it. To make them a part of the society and not ostracize them.

    Not to forget the ancient belief, that their 'dua' (blessing) is always heard.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #attic #multiverse #wov5 #wov4 #j_mustread

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    Seldom are the musings of pristine past revalatory;
    Often transcending one to a land where misfits reside;
    Getting congenial with phantasy, away from archaic norms.

  • stardust_writes 48w

    #wov4 @writersbay #writersbay

    Dark gloomy clouds cover
    the infinite sky, heart heavy
    with misery thoughts

    Small misty raindrops
    fall from heaven embracing
    my storm battered soul

    Rain promises hope
    of a beautiful rainbow
    sans pain and despair

    I can smell the dewy
    pleasant petrichor in the
    air, infusing joy.

    Pour all your grief to the rain
    your soul's sorrows it shall drain.


    @writersbay Thank you for the ❤️ and the Repost��

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  • santor_674 48w

    Here , "Her" refers to Sylvia Plath.
    Tulips is a poem written by Slyvia Plath.

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    Poetries And Rain

    It was a nightfall,
    When the sky seemed somber ,I
    settled on my desk.

    Clouds veiled remnants of,
    The riven lantern for me
    To procure solace.

    Caressing my ears,
    Swishes away the wind with pace.
    The earth scents finer.

    A piece of paper
    In hand, I lie on and grin
    On reading - "Tulips".

    //The rain drenched over my curls,
    And her words etched in as pearls//

  • rusha_c 48w

    Zephyrlily sways
    with rain merrily, like cute
    poised ballerinas.

    Birds chirp in delight
    as the light drizzle quench their
    thirst and soothes their souls.

    Grey clouds reveal my
    gloomy thoughts, as they shed tears
    of immense anguish.

    Petrichor smells like
    hope to my otherwise numb,
    frozen to core heart.

    Rain beholds thoughts beyond words,
    It falls and expresses all.



    Bg pics from Pinterest.

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  • antarraal 48w

    The rain falls on me
    but my pain keeps me dry
    it weeps and flows away.

    Sweet petrichor attracts all
    but those rotten dreams breathe on
    killing all sweetness.

    Cool breeze hugs me tight
    but wounds stay untouched as the
    chains of regrets binds.

    Clouds, thunder, light dance
    but outside my window it's
    death strolls as life ebbs.

    It is very dark and sad
    but hope wipes away all bad.


  • consequences 48w

    -- Had to combine winter and monsoon :(
    -- The couplet has two iambs.
    -- Title credits to @writersbay #wov4

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    Of doubts and catastrophes

    Spring breaks the silence
    n' woes of my chaotic heart
    and blooms hopes within.

    Summer brings sanguine
    smiles on my scarry portrait
    and shows bistre dawns.

    Fall brings festival
    garlands to light up my life
    and brew death poesies.

    Winter snowflakes n' rain
    drizzles touch my cheeks
    and bring love scents then.

    Among all seasons which drift into voids,
    you chose to be the only one who poisons.

  • stelly 48w

    #wov4 #writersbay

    Pic credit to the rightful owner

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    Gloomy are the sky
    Clouds exploding with huge sound
    Pouring crystal drops

    Dripping on dry soil
    And my soul breathe petrichor
    Rising from the ground

    Whistle of the wind
    Voices whispers through the trees
    Leaves began swaying

    And the sound that rhyme
    Beating, dancing on matter
    Sync with my centre

    Drops that falls will quench my thirst
    Bring me joy and makes life smooth.

  • loves_passion 48w

    Haiku sonnet

    The Rustling of leaves
    Under melancholic sky
    Dream panorama.

    Rain celebration
    Comes alive with the sounds by
    Flora and Fauna.

    The first dewdrop flows
    From the veins of God through stone
    Smells like petrichor.

    Harbinger of death
    Rains arrive as hope to the
    Dreamy multiverse.

    Rain comes as a clarity
    After days (of) depravity.



    #multiverse #wov4

    #wod #pod

    #mirakee #miraquill #mirakeeworld #mirakeewriters #writersofmirakee

    #writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersbay #writing

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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  • artemiswrites 48w

    Four Haikus and a Couplet(a Haiku Sonnet), which is an Ode to the Rain.
    #wov4 #writersbay @writersnetwork

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    The rain dances to
    the tunes of the Wind Song like
    a graceful peacock

    Bottles of fragrance
    that the rain wears on itself
    permeates my heart

    Poetry takes a
    cue from the jasmine plant and
    blooms on my paper

    And I take on a
    hue as beautiful as a
    newly rain washed sky

    Rain soothes the wounds of the heart
    Pain and the heart; ways they part.

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    #wov4 #haiku #sonnet #multiverse
    #wod #pod #ceesreposts
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay


    Universe exist within
    Poet's vibrant mind

    Whose verses transport
    Us into deep realms of our
    Minds ousting darkness

    Where the nether worlds
    Illumine manifesting
    Inconspicuous dreams

    Our soul drenched in dreamy rays
    Like petrichor post rain days!

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    (Read caption below)

  • magical_poems 48w

    ~Haiku Sonnet~
    Metaphors of love
    Falling from the sky so grey
    And cool breeze astray

    Droplets furling itself
    Into the ocean of life
    A different world

    Blanket of silence
    Wrapping the ocean where just
    Large ripples are seen

    Mysteries waiting
    Below the dark black surface
    With dangers so keen

    This universe, quests unknown
    Ready to journey alone
    #wov4 #multiverse #wod #pod #oceans #rain #monsoon #love #life
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The world with mysteries unknown
    Ready to solve it alone
    Mother ocean with secrets hidden
    And risks and dangers overridden .......

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  • _gk_07 48w

    ----------- H A I K U S O N N E T ----------

    HAIKU -- Petrichor perfume
    drowns soul in panaroma,
    with zephyr of rain.

    Drip-drop orchestra
    ease heart's pain, Camellia drops
    tranquilize voidness.

    Rain caress earth with
    lithe, adorns loam with misty
    pearls of drip,on silky ground.

    Myriad trench entice
    the rain, to amass itself
    with sound of rhimjhim.

    COUPLET-- Utopia of rain in verse,
    a parallel universe.

    #multiverse #wov4 @writersnetwork
    Prompt credit:@miraquill and @writersbay

    (~ To read my previous submission in the challenge , click #gk_wov)

    Edit : Thank you for editors choice (16+)��

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  • yamini_sinha 48w

    Parallel universe

    Sky of poetry
    And hemisphere of your love.
    My ukiyo.

    Elysian clouds spell
    Raining verses of pure bliss
    Pain, I do not know

    Zephyr of pink hymns
    Your heart, my blithesome dwelling
    Petrichor, my vow

    Amaranthine wings
    Our volitant souls flutter
    Far from caligo.

    Your eyes, my calm universe
    Where Hope swims with metaphors

  • childauthor_345 48w

    I can't control changes as they're universal but can make a request to universe to bend the road where my house is breathing alone .

    Gliding from the petals of forever , and tangled between the spikes of never ever , I meet someone

    Neath rose canopy
    Hidden from crystals of pearls
    I found her in drops

    Gathering all gloom
    And storing in storehouse
    Of Cardinal clouds

    Overturning sun
    In orbs of moon everyday
    Eclipse drawn her glance

    She binds secrets of
    Eleven emeralds end , at
    Petrichor of charm

    Catchy verses inside seas
    Are inter - connected heart's breeze .

    I collapsed muses
    Of melancholy when I
    Found her glimpse to weave


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    Dear poetry ,

    I lack a spring to soak the summer winds but lenders , they're extinct . A bunch of captivating tales to convey , a flashback to selcouth pages , derived with immortal inks filling none other than the acne , highlighted as stains , first in moon and now in crimson flow of pages .

    I could start wonderland of spices with tender tears who don't need any ebullient ecstasy to soothe the shadows of stars . I wish but I can't . I don't have any rainbow who can calculate the wavelengths of each colour and can renovate melancholic atmosphere in serene sky.

    I don't know why the sun doesn't visit the moon everyday . Can you give me a constant ?
    Can you hold my hands till the ending of fragments , not to replenish facades but to show the fragile ocean so that I keep blowing like hot winds , not to exaggerate bridges with strikes of frozen snow or knocks of pearls .

    I stored some desires in womb of time . But 11:11 never came in the manner to cheer and intersect where the dawn and dusk meet as orchard for mistletoe and a scenery with lake of hope , a genesis glacier of fondness that never melts and indeed a home , without any fence .

    All gloom hailed over the roof of mine . Gaiety of clouds and catastrophes stored in storehouses of lightenings are fossilized as snowflakes for snow white . I'm still collecting the scars , whose texture will give rise to heritage , not much glamorous yet an Everest of permanence .

    I want to be a photographer , to capture smiling streets and sleeping sun under curtains of metaphorical attire . Where possessions are collectively known as " an abode of ours " .

    I can survive with some bits of metaphors , a silver brush with delicacy of diamonds and steps made of incredible imageries , but only in imagination . I am afraid that even this innocent pen , carrying the weight of the mountain of desires, may not fade away like dreams, which are afraid of the coming of Nightmares.

    Designing a building of I and you , not as we but as universe , So that even in the multiverse we should stay the same .

    Another scribbler between line segment of linen and jute . A specie carved between affection and withering particles .

    Yours truly ,

    Another gazer of multiverse , from verses of stanza .

  • kri_k_sni 48w

    #wov4 #haiku #rain #kri_k_sni
    @writersbay @mirakee

    The dark clouds wallow
    With raging winds and water
    Dwelling dejection

    I look to the sky
    I see a fissure of light
    Breaking through the clouds

    some minutes of rain
    the wind blows past my hair
    big drops fall on face

    The second of warmth
    Allows me to take a breath
    The scent of soil

    Drip drip sprinkles fall
    Watch the tears fall from the sky
    As the light fades

    I can endure now
    I’ve seen the light once before
    I’ll see it again

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    Rain gently falling
    The scent in the air is sweet
    Refreshing and clean