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  • jaizspeaks 23w

    The Sleep Undiscovered

    Search You with the Neglected Little,
    You Think You Have.
    It's said 'Discovery' for the Reason that,
    to Find-Out the Infinite Treasures;
    hidden unknown within You.

    Decide to be the 'Individual' Type.
    The Signature of Uniqueness, You shall Pen
    on Every Pages of Your Book, named Life.


  • pink_blue 31w

    ...i wish to have a tight hug from you ;
    ..let the presence of the heart beats be felt,
    let the cracked pieces break free,
    let the tickin of clock stop ephemerally,
    n let moments in hearts stay eternally


  • pathak01 38w

    It's All depends on you

    Your Beliefs
    Your attitude
    Your thoughts
    Your perspective
    How honest you are
    Who your friends are
    What books you read
    How often you exercise
    The type of food you eat
    How many risks you take
    How you interpret the situation
    How kind you are to others
    How kind you are to yourself
    How often you say “I love you.”
    How often you say “thank you.”
    How you express your feelings
    Whether or not you ask for help
    How often you practice gratitude
    How many times you smile today
    The amount of effort you put forth
    How you spend / invest your money
    How much time you spend worrying
    How often you think about your past
    Whether or not you judge other people
    Whether or not you try again after a setback
    How much you appreciate the things you have

  • singhlakshmi 54w

    शायद गम सब के पास हैं,
    इसलिए हम खुशियां बँटते हैं,
    गम नहीं।


  • the_ambivert_uzma 55w


    Is there any way
    of trusting the words
    deeming them true?

    Shattered heart
    when starts dripping
    through eyes
    Wavering lips finally
    let out the words
    buried deep inside

  • pink_blue 57w


    at times the self talk and deep breaths in a dark room seems so bright n refreshing


    P.S.wishing all the awesome writers here..have a calm, peaceful n a good sleep..
    good nyt️

  • the_awkward_philosopher 57w

    Faceless crowd

    I look around me and I am in a crowd
    Of millions and millions of people.
    All of us walking somewhere
    All I see are faceless souls staggering
    Wanting to reach a destination
    That we don’t know the location of.
    Why do we walk I ponder?
    But a push from behind breaks my thoughts
    Ahead is a big structure that looks like paradise
    Everyone thinks reaching there we would
    Finally, be able to take a moment of breath.
    To me the structure looks like a gate
    Sometimes with butterflies fluttering around
    Glowing with a divine glow
    And sometimes burning with agony
    As if trying to repent its sins.
    Along the way some people try to sit
    Like me probably they too are tired
    Or maybe this is where their journey ends.
    I walk for miles among the crowd
    I don’t know how much time has passed
    But the gate is still at the same distance.
    Still sometimes burning sometimes with butterflies.
    And I realize that now I am stopped on the side.
    Standing lost in thoughts and I wonder
    That maybe that gate is not destination
    But rather a symbol of heaven and hell
    Now I am walking again and I see someone
    Going in opposite direction.
    It’s me a bit older and maybe wiser
    Even though he doesn’t have a face
    I can feel like he is smiling looking at me
    And I look forward I am at the gate
    Alone, the crowd gone somewhere
    As if disappeared or left behind.
    And I realize there was no crowd
    It was my doubts walking with me
    And suddenly I feel light as a feather
    This is my salvation. And I start walking back
    I see a familiar face and I smile.


  • pen_speaks 59w

    Is anybody here?

    I could hear myself longing for who's gonna listen to me and every nonsense I have to say, my troubles and how my day went.
    I was longing for a person to be open to as I'm open to the pages of my diary...
    But the more I searched the harder it became... when I opened up to some all I got was some called me weird, gullible and all the lot..
    Those that didn't call me names stabbed me real deep at the back
    Those that didn't stab me broke me to pieces that it took time and pain to gather myself back together.
    I had no other option than to be my own companion.
    And I found out I was what I was yearning for.
    I began to crave more of my quiet times with just myself...

    I just concluded that the world is not ready for me yet. I might be looking or sound weird but that's who I am and I'm not changing that for anybody.
    I'll always do what makes me happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone in the process....
    And I'll keep sending love to everyone around me even if they don't deserve, notice or acknowledge it.
    I'll continue being me just as God created me and do all he has sent me here to do.

    Love and light

  • kb_write 63w


  • rupal_kaur_anand 64w

    My mother taught me one thing very well

    "Whenever face danger, never try to escape it
    Instead face it, fight it with all your power"

    ©R.K Anand

  • the_awkward_philosopher 66w

    An Autumn evening

    You look like an Autumn evening
    In a garden or maple trees
    Even in your dried-up odor
    You have a certain warmth with you.
    Everyone says you always end things
    Be it arguments, friendships or relationships.
    And I know you do it because you believe
    That only after something ends a new thing can begin.
    Just like a novel or a television series or life.
    You are like an Autumn evening
    Warm but sad, dried but hopeful.
    You’ve understood life like a
    Philosopher understands philosophy.
    The more you learn the less you know.
    The more you preach the less they understand.
    You shine your rays on the lives
    That have been burnt by Summer afternoons.
    You are like an Autumn evening,
    Waiting for someone to find beauty
    In your dried and scattered love.
    You smell of dried-up love
    And taste like a summer ice-cream
    You sound like rustling leaves
    So, you look like an Autumn evening
    An Autumn evening that is waiting for
    A spring morning.


  • aamippenn 72w

    Today is World Poetry Day!
    Tell Me What's poetry for you?❤️

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    ℎ ℎ.

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    ℎ .
    ℎ ℎ ℎ .
    ℎ ℎ .
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    ℎ ℎ.
    ℎ .
    & .
    ℎ , 
    ℎ .


  • the_awkward_philosopher 77w


    Sometimes I wish to be
    The moonlight
    Shining lightly upon the world
    Changing phases as the
    World beneath changes it's seasons
    Like it I want to be a companion
    To the hearts sitting alone
    On the terrace.
    I want to murmur songs
    With the symphony of night
    Just like the moonlight
    I want to dive deep in the
    Ocean of silences
    And rest on the lips
    That met just to be separated
    I want to get high on their pain.
    The moonlight guiding
    The lost hearts to their destination
    I want to sing lullaby to the ones
    Sleeping on the roads
    And comfort the hearts broken
    By the baggages of expectations
    I want to be the beauty of
    The poets who fell in love with me.
    I want to share my loneliness
    With the soul who wanders
    Alone at the terrace.
    I want to tell the soul how
    Beautiful loneliness can sometimes be
    And how it kills you every time
    You try to sleep.
    I want to witness the origin
    Of a new found love
    And be at the bedside
    Of a mind brimming with hope.
    I will be amidst the long drives
    And among the racing hearts.
    I want to feel the moment when
    An old soul dies at peace
    And I want to be in between
    The cries of an infant.
    At days I want to shine at
    My brightest spreading amazement
    To the aesthetic hearts
    But at the end I want to stop
    Shining all together just to
    Start this rhythm of light
    And darkness all over again.


  • pa_luck 88w

    Gossips in Gossamer

    A spider walks a bridge
    burying the breaths underneath
    covering a distance and disturbance
    pacing and pausing in patterns.

    A silence weaved into a scenery
    sewing a home that kills
    with bones which build a museum
    of muses for mirth and melancholy.

    A sentimental stroke that crosses
    the outlines of despondency
    over the linearity of subjects
    distinguished as dinner and diatribes.

    A sequence that sketches parallelism
    between love and lorn in lines
    spinning around an axis
    that suits its cause and convenience.

    A story that's taught since ages
    yet forgotten in a foretold step
    which one learns only when falls
    in the pit of the final lesson.

    A sorry that's not stitched
    for an end that doesn't care
    about the entanglement of threads
    that once left loose, loses.


    Read More

    Gossips in Gossamer

    Webbed and withered,
    betwixt the ceilings and floors of your choosing.

  • khadijachughtai 88w

    Many things in life come as a surprise.
    You can't see them coming. You can't
    anticipate the magnitude of pain
    something may bring after a brief
    moment of happiness or you can't tell
    how good you are going to feel after
    walking through a mess. You may
    never know the outcome until you
    reach it but you can't avoid the
    beginning of things just because you
    are afraid of the ending. It's written.
    It's decided. You just can't avoid it.

    'Walk even if you are sure to fall.'

    ©Khadija Chughtai

  • bluemoonlight44 90w


    I've been hypnotized
    By your wonders
    Your beauty hits me like the sun
    It sticks to me like snow and ice

    I've been mesmerized
    By your eyes
    Your glow captures me
    I'm under your spells of love

    I've been hypnotized, I've been mesmerized
    By your wonders, by your eyes
    Your beauty hits me like the sun, your glow captures me
    It sticks to me like snow and ice, I'm under your spells of love

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • singhlakshmi 91w

    Sath na raha char kadam ka,
    Magar ehassas zindagi bhar ka hai...


  • three1forty 91w

    ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

    One day.
    I want you to take in the world
    that i wrote for you ...
    sun never comes out there,
    There are only dark nights , starry night,.
    Engulfed in the pattern of love with stars.
    star play note with crescent moon.

  • nicegg 92w

    I NEED to Forget my past
    And never turn back
    Move on
    Time pass
    Everythings will be OK


  • singhlakshmi 95w

    Socha dard-e-dil baaya kare
    Magar uske uljhano ko suljha jaruri laga...