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  • geeeeeethasri 3d

    Emptyness makes u an introvert

    Why did that talkative bird flew now
    Where did that free butterfly was locked now
    What made that laughter of my flowery heart dumb now
    Which thorns unlocked my headaches now
    When did I started being introoooovert

  • maple_inks 5d

    She and He to mine.,
    You and me to we and us.,
    Chats and smile to love and life.,
    Words and letters to silent understandings.,
    Chats and calls to stick notes and alarms.,
    Distance and longings to dinners and trips.,
    Hours and day to years and lifetime.,

    It's all from you and me to us...!

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    You&Me to Us..!

    Her smile it's his addiction.,
    His scent it's her shelter ..

  • apprenti_ecrivain 1w

    Yeah I remember this place...

    Yeah I remember this place
    This lonely corner of me
    Eager to hold someone close.
    This Stare of nothingness
    Trying to blink just once.

    Yeah I remember this place
    This silent afternoon
    Robbed of it's glory
    This weightless human body
    With no abode.

    Yeah I remember this place
    This endless mental chatter
    Stabbing me too sleep,
    This inkless pen dripping of emotions
    Scribbling till the paper weep.

    But wait, how did I get here?
    Where was I all these years?

    Was I happy? Nope that's not me but someone else.

    I think I was on an adventure afar and still had chained legs
    Cause I am back to where I started and Yeah I remember this place..

  • zakiarizvi07 1w

    it comes as a regret
    holding on to people
    who never held back.

  • akshayjijivisha 2w


    Can fight with you...
    God monster... Whatever.
    I'm ready,
    be friends with me or be my opponent.
    Wanna fight,
    give me the weapon as powerful as yours I'll fight...
    IF not still I'm ready...
    Lets fight or if you need help tell me.
    I'm standing tall, all I have is me...
    You might be powerful, still I'm here...
    All I got is whatever you looking at...
    Its me power that's what I got...
    Lets start...
    I'm here, I don't care.
    Come destroy everything I have...
    In exchange everything belongs to you
    will be mine.

  • chocolatesandchampagne 3w

    A cold, windy December day,
    The sun gleams upon the piled hay,
    The last light of the day trickles by,
    A new year awaits us all nearby.
    And soon, it will be smelling...
    Of bonfires, smoked chicken and hope,
    But there in some smelly coop,
    By the sidewalks of grimy alleys nobody cares to walk by,
    Will sleep a hapless kid.
    Permeating the night with his hollow cries,
    And in the shambles, his mother will pacify,
    Once more, with the same old lullaby.

  • madinah_writes 4w

    Tomorrow Go Bright

    Tomorrow go bright, nothing we see.
    Naso we see vision 2020.
    9ja politics tough, 9ja government na the same.
    If you try am you go die, sey na origina squid game.
    'Leaders of tomorrow' don grow, everybody still dey carry muscle.
    One king, plenty servant, na em we dey inside this jungle.
    Yawa gas, e get as em be for dis struggle.
    If you too much shine, Dem go carry you do Yahoo bundle.
    No use laptop, no plait hair.
    No use earring, why you resemble girl?
    Dressing no be fashion,
    Na who you dey use do guy?
    Computer guru no be passion,
    Na wetin you dey call dis style?
    If you shine, you too lazy.
    Na your mallé cos am now!
    If you no do, you no redi
    Na hunger never kill you now!
    If you do sales girl wey dress smart,
    Dem go sey she don grow now!
    If you no leave awz at all n'ko?
    Na to just go marry now.

  • revathi_rangaprabu 5w

    Whispers of the Ocean

    Soaked in silence
    I sat on the shore,
    My feet buried in crystalline sand
    That the ocean washed ashore.
    A wishful hide and seek
    The waves play,
    Looking to wet my clandestine feet;
    And oh, they never find,
    All that they seek.

    The nearly endless ocean,
    And a short-lived something, me
    Stare at each other in the eye.
    As though it had something to tell,
    It ceaselessly sent waves to my feet;
    The salty spray and swaying winds
    Bellow on the oceans behalf;
    To me, they seem like a fading voice;
    In sand and foam and sea shell holes,
    I listen,
    And listen to the whispers of the ocean;
    Maybe someday
    I'll learn
    What he had to tell,
    Without the ocean having to whisper 


  • vibhor_gwaliory 6w

    जितना निचला तिरस्कार होगा
    उतना ही बड़ा चमत्कार होगा

  • mysterysmile 8w


    The Deeper the Sea is
    The Higher the skies are
    The hopeless you are
    The Happier you will
    Just find the Hope and chill
    Live the Life just by your will
    Smile and Smile
    Untill We meet next tym :)

  • abhisek_d_charmingprince 8w

    Let it Go !

    I never said that before "Let it Go", but with time passed by I am learning more about life.
    Sometimes we have to let it go of the things we like. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter .. Everything.

    I remember, as a kid when I used to play with sand and hold it tightly in my fist, a little swing was all it took for slip away from my hand, people are like that too.

    Sometimes , Love too comes with that little swing. No matter how hard you try to hold on to a person, you have to let them go eventually.

    There was a time , when we used to be each other's go-to & human diary. Everytime my phone buzzed, I wished that was a message from you. We went from talking several times a day, even with our busy schedule, my office & your classes. Now, don't even you value to reply my rescue texts.

    It's very evident that sometimes with time, it doesn't workout. There is no explanation good enough to console my heart though.

    I have never given up on you, no matter you are at your best or worst, you are calm or T-sunami, you are close to my hand in hand or far from sight. I stood there when you opened the door with happiness & stood there without knocking the door when you shut it with anger. I have seen all phases of you, your mood swings to mood T-sunamis, your understandings to misunderstandings, your high intelligence to foolish overthinking, your anger to asking sorry. I was always there & I always will.

    But, then,

    You have to let people go, even when you know that they are worth a fight, even when they are your home. It breaks your heart, even atom of your body longs to hold on, but you know that your home has perhaps found a new destination.

    You have to let it go, because the tighter you hold onto them,the more they want to slip away.

    So you let go, because if you don't, it hurts so much more , you are no more in their lists of "my people" , you are no more in their heart for "worth to fight person". You are no more their future, most importantly you are no more their present. You Are No More IMPORTANT, you are no more missed by their heart.


  • sam_vc 9w

    She who Withers

    She who withers as its fun
    Enjoying the harshness done by the world
    She who withers like a flower
    Plucked by beauty of her own
    She who withers like love
    Destroying itself on its own
    She who is a bearer of her destiny
    Trashed through words.
    She who has company
    But is still left alone
    She who walks on her own
    But cannot bear the weight
    She who walks on thorns
    But cannot scream the pain
    She is strong to survive but
    Afraid to face the world.
    She who flied through her dreams
    Now cannot walk straight.
    Something changed
    World still remained same
    Then what has changed?
    She lost world's eyes and saw through  her own
    She saw her differently
    Then the world saw her.
    She who enjoyed the harshness
    And felt  it was fun
    She saw she is beautiful
    And held her own.
    She saw love differently
    Making her stronger than before.
    She who was trashed by words
    But Was bearer of her destiny
    She who is left alone but
    always has a company
    She who cannot bear the weight
    But still walks on her own
    Cannot scream the pain
    But still walks on the thorns
    She who cannot walk straight
    Can fly through her dreams
    She who is afraid to face the world but
    Strong enough to survive.

  • addypoet 10w


    A long search of a mysterious path,
    I had to leave my print behind.
    How could I not?
    By the flying birds I look for direction,
    Walking through dark boulevard,
    Dangling with hope unsure of.
    If by the end of time there's
    No where to call mine,
    I can retrace my path.

    A way lost in hope and believe,
    On and on it lies in wait,
    In a misty unseen Dreamland.
    Route-through by a dark tunnel,
    Its guards are carbon monoxide;
    They are turning air blades,
    That cut your breath from you.
    Lots of carcasses lay unseen...
    A stranger who passed me by,
    Now on his knees begging for life.

    I'm drowning too, not in the sea,
    But in my unanswered quests,
    In my 'Hows' and my 'Whys' .
    Where's the life saving mask?
    I learnt of, so I can put them on
    In this tunnel, in its stages,
    To help me go through and out
    Tell me this is not a lie.

    Short of breath and dying gradually,
    Young yesterday, today dilapidating.
    Caged under this dark tunnel
    For so long, I could recall nothing.
    I'm thinking fast, but my brain is dead.
    Can you call me a neurosurgeon?
    It's hot in here, but I'm freezing up,
    Lots of air swirling by, but I can't breathe.

    Eyes popped out of its socket,
    Emaciated from a hope-on tract.
    Back to where I took my first step
    But no way, only an endless 'go-go'.
    I can't retrace my footprint?
    How? But I created them?
    I cried for help but the echoes
    Hit the dark and bounced back.
    If by the end of time I didn't come back,
    Don't follow me, I'm lost too.

    @AddyArts ZM #Pod #Miraquill #writeup

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    If by the end of time there's
    No where to call mine,
    I can retrace my path

  • vibhor_gwaliory 10w

    लिखा सभी ने किसी एक को पढ़ाने के लिए
    पर क्या पता क्यों ?
    उस एक ! को छोड़ कर
    पूरा जमाना उस को पड़ लेता है
    अनेको तक पहुँच जाता है पर उस एक तक नही।।

  • euphoric_enthusiast 11w


    Your existence is just like a rose amidst all the thorns. That curve on your face makes you glow in the daytime too just like it does in the night.
    All the good deeds that you've been doing is gonna come back to you, showering rains of miracles like an uno reverse card. Remember you're one kind of a star belonging to the universe wrapped up in a spectacular soul. That soul's splendid from within just like it is on the outside. Keep going and reach for the stars and fulfill your heart's desire. Fly across the horizon

  • vibhor_gwaliory 12w


    जब करता हरि कराता है हरि
    तो तुझे किस बात की HURRY !

  • sbaryan 12w

    I had a good day today, But a bad night
    I laid on my bed with a smile on my face
    Never knew when it turned to a grim
    I started to miss something
    Maybe a feeling
    Maybe a person
    I don't know what it was
    So I turned to my phone
    And went to a place I never want to visit
    The place where old memories reside
    And I saw her there
    I saw a picture
    A picture of her hand
    A hand I held once
    A hand I never wanted to let go
    A hand I let go.
    How wierd life is
    We never actually know
    What the future holds
    But we make promises
    Like they're gonna last forever
    Knowing well,
    They're not gonna last forever
    Nothing lasts forever
    Even the things or people
    We badly want to last forever
    They don't last forever
    Nothing lasts forever.

  • madinah_writes 12w

    What happens when peace is silenced?
    Does it die slowly like an abducted child from it's mother? Or it pours out dust of poverty even to the fullest sea?

    What happens to a state where injustice rules?
    Does it die out like the candle of love in our hearts? Or it blinds our sight like that of a bat reaching high.

    What happens if Nigeria divides?
    Would it again, be the gaint of Africa? Or Peace and unity would become the missing letters of the past.

    #simile #word #start #miraquill #peace #unity #justice #nigeria #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #writersbay

    #Anaphora #blackamerican #african #miraquill #bittertruth #reality #beauty #writersnetwork #peace #unity #childhood #past #writersbay #writeup #writerscommunity #freedom #love #relovultion #era #dream #tomorrow

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  • badhandwritingguy 13w

    Her smile is a lie :)
    Coz she is tired of crying
    Tired of collecting the broken peaces of her heart
    Tired of looking at her phone
    Tired of waiting for his knock at her door
    Tired of feeling alone
    Tired of her lovely life
    N she is tired of explaining without speaking a word :)
    So she prefers to lie with a wide smile on her face :)
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #start #wod #poetry #writeup

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    Her smile is a lie


  • physics_wali_writer 13w


    तुम्हारी सोहबत जो मिल जाती हमें,
    दिल ये बेचारा कुफ़्र ना हुआ होता ।

    Ranu ranka