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    A fortunately fictional submission to the #cees_greet_chall, hosted on my other account. Thank you for reading!

    by Carolyn Glackin
    A clandestine greeting
    Well beyond closed doors
    Led to a lifetime
    I soon grew to abhor

    In a bright gilded cage
    That at first, seemed like bliss
    Lo! I should have looked closer
    Alas, I was remiss!

    What a shyster was he!
    So deceitful and cunning
    Had I seen things more clearly
    I'd soon have gone running

    So innocent I was
    So naive and unschooled
    Thus he swept right on in
    And he soon had me fooled

    So stealthy his ways
    So reckless his art
    As he stole, piece by piece
    From my soul and my heart

    Have faith now, dear friends
    For this tale's not yet told
    See, I won each piece back
    And I scorned him tenfold!

    I beat him, I did!
    At his very own game!
    Now that man stands alone
    With his guilt and his shame

    As for me? I'm just fine
    I can hardly complain
    I gained back quite a lot
    By losing his name

    Oh yes, love's quite grand
    When it's real and it's true
    But when it's a sham
    It can leave you unglued

    So stay true to yourself
    And hold fast to your heart
    Be your own first true love
    That'll be a good start

    Let no one else in
    Until you're quite sure
    You've found a true gem
    Within him or with her

    For love is a gift
    And a sight to behold
    'Tis the love that is true
    Can't be bought, can't be sold

    Be wise in your dealings
    Be strong in your heart
    And you'll soon find a love
    From which neither will part.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/10/2021

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  • queerchildzw 28w

    Lord give me strength

    I'm down on my knees praying for a miracle. Lord give me strength to weather the storm. Each day that goes by seems darker than the last and my faith is shaken. How do I stay strong when my source of strength is bed ridden and her body succumbed to illness? I look at her and don't recognise the woman before me. Lord give me strength to take care of my mother and deal with this pain. If I can't trust in you to show up for me in sickness and in health then who can I trust? Lord give me strength because now more than ever I need you. My very life depends on it. Lord give me strength.

  • queerchildzw 28w

    Writing prompt: Rainbow milk

    Many ask how we came to be this way. Some assume we made a choice. For most of us the response is always the same, we have always been this way as far back as we can remember. Even when we were fighting against our true nature or hiding from it we have always known we were different. We gave a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow. Did our mothers know when they first laid eyes on us that we would live outside the boxes and become outcasts and labelled criminals and sinners? Was it something in the milk? A rainbow milk of sorts that gave us more than the nutrients we needed. I wonder....

  • queerchildzw 28w

    Writing prompt: Amazing

    "You're amazing." The first time I heard those words should not have been my first. How is it that a stranger could look at me and be in awe? She could listen to me all day and drown in the power of my words. She told me she was amazed by mind and all its pleasantly strange ways. She was amazed by the poetry that escaped my soul and grew on papers and keyboards. How could it be that I was in my 20s and had not heard these words before? I should have heard them many times before that moment... From my mother, my father, my aunts, my uncles and my grandmas but validation and affirmation don't come easily in an African home. Not to say there was no love, there was plenty of love. They just had never known me beyond the child I was. All I had to do was follow the rules and do well in school. How could they see the amazing in something so ordinary? Yet here I was out in the world and I was amazing by simply showing my true self.

  • queerchildzw 28w

    Writing prompt: Watching your mother groan in pain

    She's always been a powerhouse, a force. So strong and in control I wanted to be just like her. My mom knew no defeat or weakness. As I watch her groan in pain day after day, I'm only assured by knowing she's a fighter. Her body is under attack but I know the warrior inside her still lives and is fighting for better days. I pray to God to carry her through it, to heal her and bring back the mother I once knew. I miss her cooking, she always knew how to keep our taste buds curious. I miss how she would scold us for misbehaving and threaten to beat us. I would rather have that back than watch her groan in pain. As I sit next to her and hold her close, I pray that tomorrow is the day the pain goes away and mom is well again.

  • re_ms36 28w

    Phrase used-" i felt a funeral, in my brain"
    Word used-" Life"

    #combination #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #cees_greet_chall #writingchallenge #miraquill #phraseprompt @luvnotes_challenge_host

    Thankyou for Editor's Choice❤

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    Zephyr of Life

    The walls of my room were quiet but
    the air was filled with the silences.
    I could hear the lub-dub of my heart
    And feel the simultaneous sighs.
    I was feeling weary,my body was numb
    But i had aches in all the parts too.
    I raised my hand but it needed a support.
    It shivered only in the vacant balloon of air.
    I could fly the heights with my mouth but
    Could i even stand upon my feet for a while?
    My eyes were flaming, though being moist
    The zephr of love made me alive at most.
    And under the darkness i did feel illuminated
    With the lonesome breezes and starry skies.
    I felt a funeral, in my brain. Of all the things
    I had been nurturing there. Sometimes Life.
    And many times, the Death too.Still,i remain.
    Conversing with a lone star in the cloudy skies,
    the rhaphsodies of Hope in the mint of Life.
    The longing of sunrise was all, desired.
    But the serene silence was even more loved.
    I felt like reaching the top mount peak,
    And unload the burden with utmost shrieks.
    The ceiling illustrated more nostalgias,
    Harmonius heart synced with the rolling tears.
    As soon, my eyelids felt slight heavier ;
    I received a clandestine greeting,
    behind closed doors of my eyes.
    Of the glaring cosmos where it was written,
    .......... "Life" ..........


  • paint_a_poem 28w

    #cees_greet_chall #miraquill #writingchallenge #cees_reposts

    //Thank you @luvnotes_challenge_host for this wonderful challenge//

    //The Indian Monsoon is truly a special 5th season, as it transforms the landscape with a magic wand and brown twigs and yellow leaves turn to the greenest of green. Here's a poem depicting this uplifting season//


    When will the drunken clouds start to pour
    When will the heaviness cease
    Is it when the night rain meets moist Earth,
    A clandestine meeting behind closed doors?

    A magic wand to transform the Land
    With the first spell of rain, witness Wonderland
    Brown wilted twigs and yellowed trees
    Spring to different shades of green, with dew drenched leaves

    Let the raindrops splatter my window pane
    And clear the fog that clutters my brain
    And fluttering birds fly forth and seek
    Solace under my window sill and sunshade

    Let the Earth receive a new face lift
    A free mud pack, with no frills
    Renewed and refreshed with enhanced charm
    Smile and bloom, calm after the storm

    Now as the day dust settles with petrichor smells
    Wishing for birds and bees and blooming bluebells
    Washing away remnants of sorrow and grief
    To the Earth and Mind, Monsoon is a sigh of relief

    9 Jul 21

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    Monsoon Magic

    "When will the drunken clouds start to pour
    When will the heaviness cease
    Is it when the night rain meets moist Earth,
    A clandestine meeting behind closed doors ?"

    9 Jul 21

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    Howdy fellow writers!
    Today, I have a phrase prompt challenge for you. Directions are as follows: write a piece (no more than 30 lines total), using the phrase "a clandestine greeting, behind closed doors" somewhere in the piece (but not as the title). The phrase is credited to my other self @lovenotes_from_carolyn.
    Please be sure that your submission is in accordance with Miraquill's Terms of Use regarding language, content, and plagiarism.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Be sure to use #cees_greet_chall in your caption area, for this challenge only.

    TAGGING: Please tag this account (not my main account), to your submission.

    DURATION: Submissions will be accepted up to 48 hours from the time of posting (currently 12:50 am, Eastern Standard time/u.s). The challenge is closed once it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post.

    *Please support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy writing!

  • inborn_scribbler 30w

    Translation of Urdu words:

    taal'iim-o-tarbiyat: education and training
    inteqaam: revenge
    farigh: free, not busy
    jazbaat: emotions, feelings

    (Translation source: rekhtadictionary.com)

    @writerstolli @miraquill @anil_ugreja @writersnetwork @sarcasticbong #wod #urdu #shayari #poetry #writingchallenge #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Nafrat se madad lena
    na toh humare taal'iim-o-tarbiyat mein shaamil hai,
    aur na hi humare paas
    'inteqaam ka khel'
    khelne ka farigh waqt hai.
    Jo rishta khatam ho chuka hai,
    usse kisi bhi jazbaat ka haq kyun dena?


  • inborn_scribbler 30w

    “Hazaron khwahishein aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle. Bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle.” ~ Mirza Ghalib
    #wod #pod #urdu #quotes #shayari #writingchallenge @anil_ugreja @sarcasticbong @hayat_ @writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    Hum aap pe na yaqeen karte hain,
    na aap pe shaq,
    haan, jab aapko dekhti hoon,
    tab umeedon se darr zaroor lagta hai.


  • inborn_scribbler 31w

    Sochti hoon aapko bhula doon,
    bhula doon?
    Ye sawaal main aapse nahi,
    khud se karti hoon,
    par har baar,
    har baar jab jawaab zehn mein aati hai,
    aur aakhri faisla lena chahti hoon,
    aap dil ki dehleez pe milte ho.


  • inborn_scribbler 34w


    In the leash on permanence, there is fear.
    Fear of loss,
    fear of missing out,
    fear of attachments,
    fear of suffering,
    fear of losing control.

    In impermanence, there is acceptance.
    Acceptance of grief,
    acceptance of here and now,
    acceptance of connections,
    acceptance of pain and vulnerability,
    and unleashing the freedom to let go.

    Zen isn't outside,
    on the highest mountain peak,
    or the sun-kissed beach,
    it's within the universe.
    The universe that you are.


  • cardelljhardy 34w


    My room is full of the love of Christ
    Let His love spread from wall to wall.
    Each with people full of prayer calls.
    Like a love given from mother to child.
    Let his glory shine all over the room

  • inborn_scribbler 34w

    Hello motivational speakers, mystic humans and whoever this is relevant to.
    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @hayat_ @countablyinfinite @sarcasticbong #writersnetwork #life #imagery #writingchallenge #mirakee #wod #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth

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    Ways to earn money for quacks in mental healthcare:

    1. Act like you are qualified in psychology and market your unverified content in the name of "psychological facts".

    2. Make it look like people don't need to go to therapists/counsellors/psychologists/psychiatrists because your pep talks are enough to heal mental health illnesses.

    3. Use social media to grow your unethical business. After all, if it's a reel then who really cares whether it's real or not. Go live on different social media platforms, throw spoilt lemons at your followers, they will hopefully make lemonade and drink it too because you are an "influencer" and they love your blue tick.

    4. Organize deep listening sessions without any professional training in mental health.

    5. Never question your conscience. Keep minting money at the cost of someone's life.


  • jasmeet_kaur 34w

    "' ".


  • ylviia 35w


    Since I was little I didn't have dreams like a normal child
    There were never monsters under my bed or spiders I was afraid of
    My dreams kept appearing again and again
    And as so often I never knew why
    Even till today they still follow me like the picture of my own shadow
    Seldomly but the demons of my childhood keep knocking on my door every once in a while
    Just like my way to handle certain situations
    My dreams reflect on them, showing me my own true hard colours
    I just keep running away
    Like literally speaking
    I tend to ignore things and leave them open
    Instead of actually processing and digesting what I've just experienced
    I like me a good distraction, another second passes, another day went by
    Slowly my memories fade and it gets pushed to the back of my mind
    I just keep running away
    Even in my dreams I'm being followed
    Never did I dare to face the demons who are following me
    I never gave them a chance to explain
    But that's the thing with me
    I'm a runaway
    From my real life problems till my dreams
    I keep running and hidding from the corpse that was long overdue in my closet
    But in my dreams I can't run, even though my legs have never moved that fast
    I still am confronted with my issue and hell if I knew what I was running from
    But I never dared to look behind
    Not now, not ever
    Because I just keep running
    Since I was little

  • inborn_scribbler 35w


    Therapy encourages you to pull out your insecurities from the wardrobe of your mind. The fears hanging high, the ignored inner child folded between files of trauma, the maladaptive behaviours falling out at 4 a.m. when you try searching for your nightdress.

    The space is overstuffed but we won't rush for a picture-perfect moment. Healing is not about perfection anyway. We'll look at the shelves (one by one), understand what the locker has been concealing, plan what needs the laundry service and what we can rearrange.

    It could take months to dry clean the shirts of unpleasant feelings, you may not even want to touch it when you first look at it and it's okay. Whenever you are tired, we'll pause and take a mindful breath. Only after you replenish your energy, will we get back to the blue shirt you were attempting to iron.

    You'll see yourself giving away some clothes that you no longer wear. Sometimes it may be particularly difficult to let go of a few coats and ties because you've had those for years. But you've outgrown old patterns and you have been able to push yourself to buy new outfits. There were doubts and questions that popped up. Yet, you did go to the trial room before making a decision. Some decisions are easily made while some take years. It's alright, it really is. We are not displaying our progress cards on a notice board for public scrutiny.

    The wardrobe is neater on some weeks than others. The graph is not linear, it is unlikely that it will be so. In therapy, we first learn to accept the wardrobe when it is unsettled. We are aware that neatness needs consistent maintenance and it is hard work. The challenges don't go away, we train ourselves to work in their presence.

    And, while you are taking care of the wardrobe, you know that you're not alone. Your therapist is unconditionally rooting for you.


  • inborn_scribbler 36w

    I thought you were taking your footprints along with you. What are they doing on the mosaic? The stones and the ceramics confide in the damaged picture when I am cleaning up the leftovers. Leftovers of the clueless colours, of the wasted love.

    I keep mopping the floor but the footprints are more prominent. Were you leaving? Were you coming back?

    I get it. I get it now. I have been using your mop when I have my own. And, all this while I believed I was getting worse at tidying up.


  • _etincelle_5721 38w

    Emblazoned by the elixir that I was bent not broken

  • inborn_scribbler 39w

    Idiom- Disappear into thin air: to disappear completely in a way that is mysterious. (Reference: Merriam-Webster dictionary)

    #idiom #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #writingchallenge #poetry @mirakee @writersnetwork @countablyinfinite @writerstolli @sarcasticbong

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    The pauses you take,
    the uninformed pauses,
    when you disappear into thin air,
    it grates great reluctance
    on the road, I was about to take.
    'The road not taken.'

    It puts dazed feelings
    on a merry-go-round,
    operating on autopilot.
    Being at sea,
    robbed of definitive demarcations,
    is like blindfolding the water
    and asking it to spot the desert.

    May I pull the chain of this pause?
    Get off the train?
    Travelling without a confirmed ticket,
    not knowing when you'll be back,
    oh, this ride is not fun.

    On April Fool's Day,
    what does the mist say to the solemn sky?
    'Who can tell where I am headed?'