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  • sulu80 17h


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    Waking up with the melodies of birds
    Stony pavement with withered leaves
    Shades of green interwined
    Natural booster for brisky dawny walk!
    Tiny colourful flowers on both sides
    A lovely pond with lotus blooms
    Soothing sight for eyes
    Chilly breeze touching the pearly sweat
    Respiration with fresh oxygen
    Free from the gadgets
    Clamoring horns of vehicles
    Keeps body and mind all day fresh
    Greeny Glowing nature!

  • sleepingsoul 1d


    Slowly and slowly bit by bit I am learning to introspect my soul, I am guessing to survive alone, to lean and forward my egos and adopt my inner child again, to convert myself into a spectrum full of clarity and binding upon my thoughts only.

  • nancy_wangui 1d

    A walk is a nice refuge from it all

    It is a tranquil Saturday in the +254,
    The feminine urge for fresh air kiks in,
    Grab my jacket, phone and earphones
    The ground beneath the stiff leaves is frozen,
    I inhale deeply for the fresh breeze,
    The cold, brisk air in my lungs,
    I inhale, my breath is visible,
    The troubles of life evanesce with it,
    The environment is green theemed,
    Trees, bush, grass, flowers sprout freshness,
    Dew drops are still clinging on the trees,
    A sigh escapes my lips as they drop on my face,
    On a whim i put on my earphones to quiet the chimera on my mind,
    I let the nature and music take charge as i promenade in thin air.

  • islamabad 1d

    strange is a term promise,
    like a rain on a sunlit day.
    Someone named it emotionally
    cause one couldn't find a term
    that hurt,calm , slay,
    feel,annoy all at the same time.
    Maybe promise is just
    a candy pop that vanishes on touch of ecstatic tongue
    amnesiac soul that folds under the skin of sighs
    or a wilted leave that desires for a long life.
    Promises too have faces,
    unveiled and moulded
    by the hands that believe in fallacy of tomorrow.
    Bring me a charm, cause everytime promises just strike my ears rather than soul.
    Why always we utter promises that are dead and deprived of the breathes,
    one fumes helplessly while giving them a birth.
    I think promises too weep faded nights a little longer, not only the eyes who listened them.
    I think promise is another creature,
    that is sad on its birth.
    I think promises too don't want life only to die like all of us.



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    If promise lasts longer ($ighs)


  • elli_mcfarlane 5d


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    Seeing the world through a lens of blue,
    my heavy heart, distorting every hue.

    Today I battle to lift myself higher,
    challenging my vision as a liar.

    What in this world is truely blue,
    shades mixing with vibrance a new.

    First I look up, drawing a deep breath,
    praying I visualise, heaven's azure.

    Sandy shores sinking beneath my feet,
    the navy seas, teaming with endless life.

    A trickling river from recent rains,
    a faint blue tinge as the sun reframes.

    Mindful of things I'm hearing too,
    a kookaburras call, cobalt wing in view.

    Then I notice, unsure how I neglected,
    to observe the obvious blue in my t-shirt.

    Heart enshrouded, the colour I was seeking,
    right before my eyes, I just wasn't looking.

    There's a lot to be said, for a mindful wander,
    things into perspective a little stronger.

    No longer do I feel quite so blue,
    after seeing the beauty of blue in tune.


  • madinah_writes 1w

    The world is wide. It isn't just makes you lonely. It makes you lost.

  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    * 23.11.2021; 4.01 A.M (Malaysia)

    go ~

    I saw green leaves and more than a mango.
    Still green colour. Not yellow. Had to go...
    back inside. Well, I even left my big ego...
    outside. Would like to eat a lot! Mani mogo.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    * Mani mogo (Korean) = Eat a lot/Let's eat

    * �� I like to eat prawn/shrimp ����

    * My Korean-English name (I made-up) is:
    No-eul Iva Emily

    #writingcontest #contest #creativearena

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    go ~

    I saw green leaves and more than a mango.
    Still green colour. Not yellow. Had to go...
    back inside. Well, I even left my big ego...
    outside. Would like to eat a lot! Mani mogo.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • jigna_a 1w

    Those browns and goldens,
    browns were smiling
    and goldens were shining,
    They were soaring sky high,
    As if they wanted to complete the circle very quickly,
    So as my emotions,
    they were parching in the heat of your longing,
    I've felt that
    after completing this circle,
    both wanted reincarnation,
    and would convert into some greens,
    Yeah, those browns and goldens.
    Thank God!
    The autumn is over.

  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    So, I wrote this one for today's @miraquill's writing contest.
    I tried to write, although it was not a worthy topic to write on, seemed so kiddish while observing and writing, and as always miraquill gives meaningless stupid topics instead of positive ones, grow up bro.
    I seriously got to know about these other features(arena) of this app today, and so this is my first time writing for any contest of this app, hope you all like including the founders.

    #pod #wod #contest #writingcontest #creativearena
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    99 Shades of Red Colour

    While ambling through my GARDEN
    I saw dissimilar coloured flowers GROWN
    All were looking dazzling, delightful and ENDEARING
    And most of all those dark imperial shaded red roses captured my heart and gave me an ALARMING
    The red colour of those roses tried to cease me with help of its luminous PETALS
    Blown up my mind with its charm and forced me to SHUFFLE
    With those water droplets on the red petals felt like clear necre PEARLS
    Gave me an another satisfaction with its petals which were full of CURLS
    That red colour was so perfect in its own way and so FLAWLESS
    I was staring them in awe and they trapped me more with their ATTRACTIVENESS

    Besides my lawn i looked up to my ORCHARD
    To see those Venetian red shaded ripped apples i walked a bit FORWARD
    They Looked so juicy with some kind of golden glints on its COVERING
    With some reluctance i tried to pluck ONE
    But couldn't as I felt its red colour was saying not segregate me from my little SON

    I walked a bit outside the garden I saw my lover waiting THERE
    He walked upto me but his coral red shaded lips made me stunned and all i did was to STARE

    With him i went outdoor and attended a wedding CEREMONY
    I was still lost in his red lips that once again red colour beguiled my heart with such a HARMONY
    This time it was the burgundy red shade of the bride's DRESS
    Staring bride's red coloured dress in desperation and felt like I am in love with red colour and now I should CONFESS

    Then again I reminded all the things of red coloured I saw TODAY
    Literally all were heart throbbing and else what good can I SAY
    Red roses to those red apples to his red lips to that red bridal DRESS
    Every red shade stole my heart because red colour was evolved in everything with such a BLESS


  • juanogando 1w

    Baby Blue Morning

    My daughter’s favorite colour
    Is blue, a hue limitless without bounds.
    The mourning sea kisses the blushing sky
    As a lively gull expounds.
    The bluejay is rough at play
    Taunts the feline to recline
    Beneath a shrub of indigo flowerets
    Yet the stray is attentive and sanguine.
    A periwinkle scooter scoots on by
    The rider with steel blue eyes
    Seizes the morning with bursts
    Of speed, taunting his demise.
    A sapphire fantasy fills my mind
    As the slate hued dread of winter descends
    Of cerulean seas in the Caribbean
    With my Carolina blue friends.
    I am assured her mood is azure
    As I greet her with a kiss.
    I wrap her in a new turquoise scarf
    Lifting her mood with kindness.


  • preetkanwal 1w

    #writingcontest #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Everyday when dawn knocks
    on my window
    I leap out of my dream world
    n’ head for my nearest park.
    Slowly creamy sunlight tiptoes
    and massage my taut nerves
    for a fresh start.
    While walking on lush green grass
    daily I see a frail old man
    digging,pruning,tending the plants
    oblivious to the people around
    his head bowed to the ground ,
    lost in his own world
    sweating head to toe
    carrying a hoe
    little does he know
    the value of his knowhow.
    Treading on the dew drops of grass
    I wonder…….whether they are
    nature’s treat for us
    Or they are gardener’s sweat
    //longing to nourish Mother Earth//
    Preet Kanwal 22.11.2021

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    Dew clinging petals
    stimulate soul of flowers
    longing Mother Earth….


  • husnachikwela 1w


    My start began when write,
    Some of them they shout,
    I will not see right,
    But I continue to fight.

    No one accepts my write,
    I couls unbreak my hurt,
    Continue with my own art,
    Anything I could not want.

    Letter I got my account,
    My poems where being count,
    A message was being brought,
    They have accept my thought.

    Today a book I have got,
    Hatcheg they have promote,
    My books they have bought,
    Because my cover is soft.

    Let me answer in short,
    This not my last tought,
    I will continue to write,
    Up to things be alright.

    This is not my last,
    Soon new thing will start,
    They shall be very fast,
    They shall be good infact.

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 1w


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    Was the color
    That came to me
    In a dream whispering
    Suggesting "write about me"
    And then YOU said
    "Write about a color"
    And I knew
    It was meant to be
    And this
    This is what came to me..

    Is the color I wish
    Oh, How I wish
    I could go see
    Reds of every red color
    Right outside my window Outside, where I wished
    I could be..

    Creeping like veins
    Through the leaves
    On the trees..

    Red in the sunrise
    And in the setting..
    Varying from the lightest
    Of garnet
    To almost a red that looked bloody..

    I'm so often tucked away
    The risk is stealing
    My passion, Red
    So no walk for me..
    Yet, then
    The only red I see
    Is from the fire
    Within me.

    It allows me
    To see, with-out
    Of my limited surroundings Outside of my sufferings..

    And that, Red
    To me, Is beautiful
    Even when
    Representing pain.

    Red, lights up
    My inner eye
    And doesn't show me
    What I CAN'T
    But INSTEAD shows me
    What I CAN
    And no matter
    Where that I am
    That with my Red
    Like a kite dipping up
    And down and through
    The trees, I am free!

  • lucy08 1w

    "Not just another Sunset"

    A thousand tangerine desires
    crowding up her subconscious space
    As she sat on a rusty park bench
    to watch the ginger-red lonely place.

    Gradient shades across the sky,
    forecasting of her radiant tomorrow
    While fiery streaks bathed her paled past,
    turning its ebony hues to a tuscan-glow.

    "Why do autumn dusks appear so faithful,
    Even though we all know
    that its the calmness before the advent
    of the cold winter's chilly show?"

    "It's not just another orange sunset, dear"
    whispered a delicate emerald plant;
    Twisting and coiling slowly, the ivy grew,
    casting a spell of its majestic enchant.

    Her heart felt warmer than usual days,
    The pale blues were no longer there,
    The ferns' shadows and the sun's crimsoned rays
    had painted her soul into a rare AMBER solitaire.


    #creativearena #colour #contest #wod #writingcontest
    EC....after quite a long time��
    Thank you @miraquill and @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    "Why do autumn dusks appear so faithful?"

  • happiestme 1w

    Her eyes are like the palette.
    Where different colors are mixing
    To create a whole landscape.
    Her soul is dyed with the colors of her thoughts.
    She is a open book, yet closed.
    If you can read the colors
    You understand the picture
    #miraquill #pod #creativearena #writingcontest #wod


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    Her colors

    Her soul is dyed with the colors
    Of her thoughts

  • kradle 1w

    Green's Stagnat Life

    You see... The sun is the table lamp.
    Only on for a little while.
    Your told, "night night" and "sleep tight",
    And you might wake up in a little while.

    Think of the sky as your canvas of thoughts.
    We look up and see the Heavens with tiny bit of hope, that we are not alone.
    Not that, we want see an alien race devour our brain,
    or a reflection of us starring our way.
    Just... A little more meaning to every wake.
    Not a "Hello, good bye" and be on your way.

    Trust, when that bright yellowy-orange ball, shines white light, and spits fire like a rapper amist fog lights.
    I sit down and think if the painter of the sky, every thought the contrast would be so right.
    When the night fades, it's just as beautiful as day.
    The AC turned down for a cool hydrate.

    In secret, I really just love trees, yah the ones with green leaves.
    Scattered like sand in a desert, plenty and perfect.
    Digusied as the roots of life.
    The bearers, the keepers of order and time.

    If I had to say what color I like,
    It would be like asking if I like day or night.
    Let's just say when ground meets sky,
    Wonders are created as sunset and sunrise.

  • wolf_of_darkness 1w

    paw prints
    Soft licks
    Pidder padder of their dog collars
    Puppy love to dog love
    Cute baby's that make our love shine ��
    Why waste and neglect their love when they only want us.. ©wolf_of_darkness. My mum saved her. She was roaming the streets and almost got hit by cars, also being attacked by a dog…..Her old owners abused her and neglected her..They threw her out of their house a week before my mum found her.. She is little Roxanna and she is a sweetheart �� I am glad my mum found her today before it was to late… Wish us luck����

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  • prags_09 1w


    I went out for a run
    Early in the morning, tightly made a bun
    Absorbing the winter glittering sun
    It was all fun
    I wore a jacket coloured in red
    Wandering around the empty roads before having bread
    I saw red coloured benches
    Felt relieved like I found someone in trenches
    After covering some miles
    As the season smiles
    I saw a red coloured post box
    Who post letters these days, such a paradox
    I saw a newly married woman in the same crimson shade
    The new couple looked heavenly made
    While I was coming back
    I saw children wearing red coloured sweaters and coats
    I was remembering my school days,the dream floats
    It is the day of red
    I am saying all these from a quote, having read

  • miraquill 1w

    Writing exercise

    #writingcontest #contest #creativearena

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    Writing exercise

    --Write an observational poem or prose--

    For today's challenge choose a colour. Go for a fifteen-minute walk or look around and notice wherever you see that colour (take notes if you like). When you get back, write about the things you saw. You can write a poem or prose.

  • the_late_night_tales 1w

    "Pain and Pleasure"

    Often, in the middle of the night,
    Pain knocks on my door
    I don't open the door
    But he creeps in anyway
    I don't know how he reaches to me
    I never told him who I am
    Or where I live
    I always try to ignore
    But he sits next to my bed and stares at me
    And stays with me for long

    So many evenings,
    I've invited pleasure over
    to my house
    I've always kept my doors open for him
    We would have so much fun together
    And it would make me a little sad
    When he would have to go
    But he's always in hurry
    He always have to go away from me

    Now I suspect sometimes
    Pleasure is pain in disguise
    I failed to recognize him early
    And now he knows me so well
    And he knows how to reach me
    Oh God! He knows all my weaknesses

    Now I have a plan to get rid of him
    If I stop seeking pleasure
    And inviting him over to my house
    Maybe pain would stop coming too

    #pod #writersnetwork #creativearena #writingcontest

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    Read the Caption to Read the Full Poem

    Stop seeking pleasure. Otherwise, pain will find you. Pain is pleasure in disguise.