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    Losing those who came near with good intentions and the sorrow of leaving those who were with you with bad intentions, you should be ashamed because what can be more mean than this

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    The Thing with Feelings and A Soft Heart ❤️

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    The Thing with Feelings and A Soft Heart

    Every day I am reminded that my past was not a dream. I laughed, cried, fell down, stood up and learned to smile again. I'm clumsy I failed to avoid challenges life has thrown on me. In fact I still believe there's a reason for everything. I'm good at waiting for an answer I may not be able to get.

    I guess what hurts most when we cared too much, is refusing to move on. It is recognizing the agony of being trapped in moments yet we didn't seek to free ourselves. Laughter echoes like a whisper by the ears, there were times I almost drowned in my own tears before I could swim back into reality. I had to turn them into lullabies to get myself some sleep that's been long overdue.

    Tomorrow is another day.


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    My eyes have touched the sky
    You have heard my cry
    I have baked my skin in the sun
    My passion is always on run
    For you to soothe me again
    To release the old pain
    You would let me gain
    Another rain
    To breathe my original self on top
    Slip through the skies and pour a dewdrop
    O sunshine
    Let me feel fine
    Like an age old wine
    Or some sacred shrine
    I would be clear as a river
    I swear I won't shiver
    Life is bow
    And my strength is the quiver
    I will tell you a joke
    As you always poke
    I will sow the feelings
    And love will again lush the crop
    O moon just dazzle , and
    Pour on me a silver dewdrop
    I swear i would dance
    Won't leave a chance
    The airy romance
    With life's melodious hip hop
    When will pour on me a courageous dewdrop

    Love and dewdrop
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    Pour on me a


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    I'm okay but (n̶o̶t̶) okay

    I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad.
    I'm lazy, yet I'm ambitious.
    I don't like myself, but I also love who I am.
    I say I don't care, but I really do.
    I laugh alot but I'm not happy.
    I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way.
    I want to scream, but I can't.
    I want to open up my emotions, but I can't.
    I want someone by my side, but I don't have.
    I want someone who listen all these, but there's no one.
    I want to end my life, but I don't want to give up.

    I understand everyone is suffering from bad days and fighting their own battle, so i don't want to bother anyone by sharing my problems. I hate to express my emotions to anyone.

    But still sometimes I want someone to listen and understand me without judging me.
    I want someone to hug me and tell me,
    " Don't worry, I'm here with you."
    But don't want anyone who walks away saying "everything will be fine!!!".

    Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, Feel nothing at all.

    The voices in my head, that keep telling me I'm not enough, are getting louder. When they speak, it is as though Iam constantly fighting fires without the reassurance of water and yet, inside, it feels like lam slowly drowning!

    At the end,
    I'm okay but (n̶o̶t̶) okay

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    I loved him despite the atrocities of life, despite the fact that a burned child will never love my inside fire,

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    Can I perfectly entwine myself around yours and call it home?

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    I saw you coming out of the casino
    rubbing your nape with your left hand
    and when you lift your eyes to meet mine
    that was the moment
    when you made me fell in love

    I saw you the next day
    holding the hand of that beautiful blonde
    and when you lift your eyes to meet hers
    that was the moment
    when my heart ripped out from my chest

    I saw you at the graduation day
    holding the degree within your hands
    when you bent your knee in front of her
    that was the moment when
    you made me centuries old just in a split second of time.

    April 17

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    Awwwwieeeeeee ♥️

    BF: You know where I want to kiss you?

    GF: Lips?

    BF: No.

    GF: Cheek?

    BF: No.

    GF: Neck?

    BF: Nope.

    GF: Then where?

    BF: In church infront of our families when we both say I do.


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    I had a dream that's gushing down my bloodstream.
    A dream with a series of thoughts and flashing beam.
    It's a dream that I had 'FORGOTTEN' what it's been.
    A dream that is unwritten as if I could something mean.
    It's a dream, the great bird is 'HIGH' in the air flying far from despair.
    A dream that I could sigh as if everything is seemingly fair.
    It's a dream ascending to surface to carry down the air and release the 'BUBBLE'.
    A dream I may conceive this pressure to arise from the tendency to escape from all the trouble.
    It's a dream, where I searched every nook and 'CORNER' to find it's stream.
    This all is a dream written by my brother James Warner that he could finally scream.

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    We are mostly scared of and for the people we love.

  • _sohini_ 76w

    You can't even promise that you will always love yourself no matter what,

    And you promise to love another person with your life?

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    I found this very often, that we are constantly trying,
    To overpower the pain;
    In order to get rid of it .
    Maybe that is what human nature is .
    But in order to suppress the weak self everytime,
    Maybe we are losing the one inside us.
    I guess it's OK to feel blue on a bright sunny day;
    I guess it's OK to feel pumped up,
    Dancing merrily on a grey-gloomy day !
    Where is the rulebook and who are making the rules anyway ?
    It's ok to not feel yourself on some days,
    And it's OK to live all your hobbies the other day .
    If you once had imagined all the sweet little things to happen ,Wait.
    Maybe it will .
    If you are cranky on a midnight, searching for the justification ,that where did you go wrong, Breathe.
    Time will Heal.
    It's OK to feel sad and happy on your terms ,
    Let alone the time and days.
    Where is the rulebook and who are making the rules anyway?


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    Wind chimes announcing the autumn air, combination of warm and crisp cold,
    flowing through inviting windows,
    I am grateful I live on a planet,
    where there are magical Octobers♡

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    Kitni baar aisa hota hai ki hum kahi pohchna chahta hai
    Apna liya apna walidan kea liya
    But kya wo rasta utna asaan hota hai?
    Kya wo uchaye pe hum itni asaniyo ke sath pohch jaati hai??
    Nhi, hum girta hai sambhal te hai
    Hum jhukta hai aur fir utha bhi hai
    Par agr kabhi galti sea haar maan li to wahi jhuke reh jaynga
    Gira rahenga aur koi puchna ayega bhi nhi
    Haar kyu mana hai???!?
    Wahi gira kyu rehna hai??!!?
    Jab wo parinda udna seekhta hai to wo bhi 100 baar girta hai
    Par agar kabhi wo haar maan lea to uska parinda hona ka maqsad he nhi rahega
    Koi aur janwaar usea khatam karde ga
    Wasea he huma seekhna hooga...
    Kach ko tod kea kaisa jodna hai wo samjh na parega
    Hawao sea baata karta sath zameen ko gale lagana seekhna hooga......
    Aur wo bulandi pea pohchna he hooga aur uska aga neekalna bhi hooga....
    Chahea koi kuch kahe
    Chahea koi apka hunaar pe shaq kare
    Apna pe bharosa rakho aur neekal paro!!!
    Kya bula dil sea dhundna neeklo to Khuda bhi mill jata hai <3

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    Tera beekharna bhi zaruri tha
    Beekhar ke tera simatna bhi zaruri tha
    Yeh zaruri tha ka tu us Baat pe kabhi fir na beekhra.......

    Tera uchayo me udna bhi zaruri tha
    Udna ke sath zameen pe rehna bhi zaruri tha
    Yeh zaruri tha ki tu hawao se kabhi juda na ho, ki us zameen se kabhi alag na ho.........

    Tera us bulandi pe pohchna bhi zaruri tha
    Tera us bulandi se aga nikalna bhi zaruri tha....

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    Elegance is the only beauty that never fades !!


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    Aaj Kuch purane tashveeron se mulaqat huyi
    Unn masoom chehron se Kuch guftgoo huyi

    Ankhon mein unki alag chamak si thi
    aur hothon pe mushkan dheemi thi
    Beshaq puraane the
    Magar mehek ab bhi bheeni thii

    Unki baat Kuch alag si thi
    Dekhte hi ronak si aa jati thi
    Bina pucche wo
    Bohat Kuch Yaad dila jaati thi

    Aaj Kuch purane tashveeron se mulaqat huyi
    Unn masoom chehron se Kuch guftgoo huyi

    Sapne muthi mein Karne nikle the
    Piche Apne saare riste Todd aye
    Yaadein sammetna Chah toh
    Vaade saare tashveeron mein chodd aye

    Ajeebo gareeb hai iss waqt ki dastaan

    Jeena chaho toh pal Bhar bhi Nahi rukti
    Aur Marna chaho toh theher si jaati
    Pakadna chaho toh haath mein na aati
    Aur udna chaho toh kaid si Kar leti

    Waqt khudko Inn yaadon mein piroti
    Aur aakhir mein ye yaadein tashveeron bann jaatiii.......


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    Show this to me once and I will forever trust you
    Tell me it is meant to be and I will lean against you
    Make it the sweetest lie you ever said
    Melt your words and let my ears be fed
    It's not just your fault, I have lead on too
    You were cut and I bled along too.


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    Kya darr hai tujhe
    Kyun dagmaga rahe hai kadam tere
    Tu ruk mate badh aage
    Hai hoonar adambh tere

    Kyun itna hai hataash Tu
    Samay ko bhi hai talaash Tu

    Ye samaaj ki bediyaan
    Tujhe rokti kharonchti
    Tu choona chahe aashmaan
    Ye zameen pe laake phenkti

    Tu khwaab hai naye daur Ka
    Tu khayalon Ka ucchaal hai
    Koi kaidi Nahi itihaas Ka
    Tu bhavishya Ka bhucchaal hai

    Kyun itna hai hataash Tu
    Samay ko bhi hai talaash Tu

    Inn muskurahaton mein chupe
    Kayii shaq ke jaal hai
    Tu badh aage Bina dare
    Haath me tere haq ka mashaal hai

    Ye aag Ka samandar hai
    Lehre iski gumaan sa
    Tu krodh ki kasti pe
    Ek cheerta toofan sa

    Kyun itna hai hataash Tu
    Samay ko bhi hai talaash Tu

    Ye shabd Nahi ahankaar ke
    Ye jwala hai abhimaan ki
    Tu haar Kar bikhar mat
    Tu awaaz hai awaam ki

    Ye bhawandar hai andhakaar Ka
    Tu umeed nayii Kiran ki
    Mashaal banke sansaar Ka
    Tu Lau hai nayi udiran ki

    Kyun itna hai hataash Tu
    Samay ko bhi hai talaash Tu


  • _miss_ink_slinger_ 118w

    She sat there till the last sunset arrived,
    With the forever hope ,in her beautiful eyes,
    That rolled the tears of her immense pain,
    To see the one,she's hoping to see again!
    She howled that night, with all her might,
    And the silence echoed in the valley.
    The clear sky, wearing a jacket made of shimmer,
    Enveloped her, into the slightest glitter.
    The promised words banged her head,
    Like a hammer do on a nail.
    As if all the blood was oozed out of her,
    She was numb and pale.
    The hope turned into rage, with the passing hour,
    With a crushing pain, she felt she was caged.
    There she stood for the last time, with a gleaming smile on her face,
    The golden hour stroke right,and smothered her with rays.
    She gave up her fear of losing,as nothing was left to lose.
    She inhaled her last sorrow, and gulped her pain,
    With bloodshot eyes, she waited for the sunset to turn into rain.
    The sky showered its precious stars and draped her in a wave,
    As if it was watering a sapling, to grow once again!