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  • thatsadmistress 3d

    Bored outta my frigging mind

    There's nothing to do anymore,
    Every act, every day is a waste.
    School is a joke
    And life is a big game of chess
    I don't even play chess–like wtf!

    I've scrolled through Netflix,
    Instagram and YouTube,
    Tried doing whocup but the bloody app won't let me in
    At this point I give up.

    I'm so bored, everything is funny.
    Sitting here laughing at how bored I am and how bad it's gon get soon
    Ugh!! I can't even write no more,
    Like wtf is this?
    A downpour of thoughts?

    Oh hell naw, thatsadmistress really needs to take a hike...

  • ticklekink 13w

    Self sabotage, my enemy..
    Here you are again inevitably..
    What the fuck is wrong with me..
    My heart a mess for eternity..


  • ticklekink 43w

    She is no longer blinded by her own deluded mind, the reality of what is compared to what was is incomprehensible..
    The once beautiful silk wrapping now removed revealing the creases and crevices of a tattered gift..
    Awake, no longer blindfolded, no longer fooled..


  • ticklekink 43w

    What the fuck
    I don’t get it


  • quieth 46w

    world's a bad place..may it not be..so shall i wish to leave but just like dreams it won't work.. so obsessed with own misery..i am a stone and thoughts are the sea and so i shall not move and so shall i remain right here. What's the escape of this melancholy?

  • looks4567 56w

    Looks it's my 4rth

    Being alone that's not choice, it is the behavior of others. Which may not allow you to go close to anyone

  • looks4567 56w

    Whenever your family not support u, somethose people who always stand by ur side...to all dear strangers ��

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    हर एक रिश्ते को एक नाम हो, ये जरूरी तो नहीं।
    कुछ रिश्ते बेनाम भी तो हो सकते है।
    क्यूँ हर रिश्ता एक नाम का मोहताज होता है,
    जबकि वो नाम देने पर भी निभाया नहीं जाता।
    और कुछ रिश्ते एसे भी होते है,
    जिन्हें नाम ना देकर भी लोग शिद्दत से निभा जाते है।

  • looks4567 56w

    Yeh to bs un logokeliye jo baar baar haar baar aajate hai gyan dene jaise ki hame to kuch smzta hi nai��‍♀️��‍♀️ to bs itna hi kehana chahti hu.....����bhaisahab kripa krke aap apna dekhiye hamara dekhne ke liye abhi ham zinda hai.....aur kr lo jo krna hai karungi toh vahi jo mera dil khega..������

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    Looks it's my 6th

    I really like people who care about me, even if I don't care about them ...
    Because I don't care about people ....
    ___to all respected society's people

  • looks4567 56w

    Looks it's my 5th

    I am a girl, and I have no group of friends and I have no one to call my best friend .... but yes I have a close friend who calls me every day and we talk to each other every day without getting bored. But still I can't call her my best friend. And I m okay with it...

  • looks4567 56w

    Looks It's my 3rd

    ए जिन्दगी।
    मिल ही गयी हो तो कैसे जिया जाये ये भी बता दो।
    औरो के शर्तोपे या अपने उसूलोपे।

  • looks4567 56w

    Looks it's my 2nd

    My mom

    I tell her to stand with me she says no,
    he never asks her but she always stands behind him.

    When I tell her how her existence is... and how good it will be, she leave that topic.But she always supports him, even if he treats her badly.

    Just because she doesn't do what I say doesn't mean,
    she doesn't respect my feelings. She respects my feelings and that is why she sits with me and cries.
    And she respects her husband too so she laughs with him.

    Mom you are doing your job well. But in doing so, I learn a lot from you.

  • looks4567 56w

    Looks it's my 1st

    Those who say that looks don't matter to them ..... in fact, some looks do matter to them...

  • diabolicangel 59w

    My intentions are always pure.
    Cause, wtf I need from you?

  • raziqu 63w


  • full_auto 65w

    Shoot it pinecone

    Like a pop tart flippin salad tsunamis up the sideways Chicano style U-turns till native tuesday during nocturnal November colder than a moose scrotal wrapped around an ice icicle baby.

    Now you know that's original content.

  • beautifultraveler32 70w


    Savings programs.
    Lending grants.
    Reverse mortgage.

    Overnight, still in debt.
    Debt relief programs.
    Collection Agencies.

    Vital medical care.
    Medical errors.
    Medical neglect.
    Medical Insurance.

    Social Security.
    Veteran's Benefits.

    Housing problems.
    Housing programs.
    Housing crisis.
    Housing assistance.
    ...Still Homelessness.

    Food Insecurity.
    Food assistance.


  • anush18 69w

    //������������ ������������- �������� 3//

    And today when I woke up too late, the very first thought that crossed my mind was of yours. You see even the strongest people have their weak points, so what makes them strong? Their dedication in their good days. What makes me strong is that no matter what happens, I have someone to rely upon. I used to believe that this world is paradise but now I know you're that world for me. How dumb I was. I still am. That feeling of being in heaven is just with you, so should I conclude that you're that world for me? No, I won't. I know we are losing our minds. This is maybe the last letter I'm writing to you and then I'll try to Stop Living In the Past. Memories are overrated. We are just afraid of accepting the present.

    Dear Lucius,
    You see, even when I was sinking, I called out your name. You don't have to change yourself for anyone or anything. I love the way you are. Words can be filtered as well but behavior? They can't be filtered. I can stop living in the past but maybe I can't stop loving you but still I'll look for the reasons which will be suffice to hate you but It's hard, you know. How to evolve hatred for you when I am so in love with your imperfections? So many if's and but's, right?

    Sometimes I think about this phrase, "�������� ������ �������������� ������ �������� ������, �������� ������ ������, ������ ����������������"
    Ahh, my mind. I almost lost my mind yesterday night when I was thinking about this one line. What If I Got you but I didn't deserve you? What If I deserved you but I didn't get you? You think I'm an Angel? In my bad days, my sky is grey and the air I breathe is smoky, the shades I paint are blue. I seek bliss but what I get is pissed off. I put my self through hell, I am just a demon. I hope I'll find peace sooner. My monsters will calm down. I don't know if I will be with you anymore but I do know one thing that I'll be forgetting you sooner. I don't want to find reasons to forgive you. I wanna forget you for no reasons. I don't want reasons to forget you. I know If I will be asking reasons, I'll be remembering you everytime.

    We are just a tragedy, I guess. This combination perfectly suits us: ������ ���������� ������ �������� �������� ����'���� �������� �������� ������ ���� ���������� ������ �������� �������� ����'���� �������� ��������. We are like an animal when with each other. We are like night jasmine flowers, our life span is shorter but adorable. I told you that I wanted a mass grave for Night Jasmines we used to rip apart. We were obsidians for each other, we used to remove our negativity. I have been craving for your finger tips, I miss your tight hugs you used to give me at the end of the day. Days that were dark & gloomy. I knew I was never the right one for you but I don't know who is that right one for me except you. I remember those days when you used to hide in my lap seeking rest and calmness after a tiring day. I miss those days! Do you? You do a lot, but you never show. We can never totally be forgotten, we can be lost and found. The essence of our soul remains in the songs we suggested, in the mugs we gifted, in the books we read, in the movies we watched. And so we'll never die. You know that it was a tough time and I know that I've been avoiding every single thing that is attached to you or your memories but it's still hard. I still remember the way your warm fingers soothed my frozen ones. I still remember the way you secretly captured my smiling picture and kept in your safe. I still remember the way you used to ask me for my palm to rest on your cheeks. I fuckin remember every littlest of things we did together and apart. This letter is written for burning it later. I won't be sending you this because this is just an attempt to forget you after 3 years of our separation.

    I miss us. We didn't fight for the last time. I wish I knew that it's the end. I wish I gave you a back bump so that you run after me and do the same to me. I wish our end was not silent. I wish our end was ENDLESS.

    #AgonizingJanuary #letters #broken #wtf
    @writersnetwork @ikigaii @starrdust
    @kin_jo #lettersby18 @udit94 a read?

    I'm trying to write this from 22nd and today is the day I finally finished it! ��
    (It was a forced writing, in short) ��

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  • theoaug_denon 73w

    The poem of nothing series is finally here..I guess it answer some of your questions .. I hope you had fun..
    Please repost and share the joy..
    Do check orginal post of Nothing @theoaug_denon for details. Also do check my other works you might find something.. @writersnetwork #justforfun #wtf

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    Finally!! Nothing!!

    It initiated as a Nothing.
    Something popped, and on the other day;
    It transformed to still nothing.
    Time went on,
    And I came up with more nothing.
    Not a idea but I had nothing.
    Sometimes, it was merely nothing.
    On the other, it was merely not a thing.
    As it escalated, it was nothing.
    And even at its downfall, it was nothing.
    In the end all left to say is...
    And as it goes on..
    It's still nothing nor more..

  • theoaug_denon 73w

    This is the final post of nothing series.. I hope you had fun..
    Please repost and share the joy..
    Do check orginal post of Nothing @theoaug_denon also do check my other works you might find something..#justforfun #wtf

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    Nothing v. 5.0.

    Let's end this madness!!
    Literally nothing..!!

  • theoaug_denon 73w

    Please repost and share the joy..
    Do check orginal post of Nothing @theoaug_denon also do check my other works you might find something..#justforfun #wtf

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    Nothing v. 4.0.

    And, Literally Nothing