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  • ticklekink 4w

    She knows her own obsessions far too well..
    The deep penetrating hungry ache within..
    Brooding, needing, wanting, longing..
    A hunger and thirst rarely fulfilled..
    It beckons her, calls her, dares her..
    Can she turn away, can she resist..


  • bismaaaanis 12w

    I feel visitor in my own body
    #love #soul #heart #home #yearn

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    Yearning for home

    My heart doesn't beat for you but my soul does and it will keep on beating, pounding, hammering, reverberating in my body until we meet again or until we meet for the first time
    -It yearns home


  • sayuki 21w

    The child in you

    The sad reality is, we can do nothing to change something , without losing everything...

  • a_gentilischi 31w

    Just a mindless rant that was gathering dust in drafts.


    There's this feeling
    Deep in my chest
    Beating all day and night

    I once thought
    That it was my own heart

    But now I know it isn't

    This is just longing
    A painful yearning
    So wide and deep
    That my rib cage creaks
    Barely containing it all

    One day
    Not today
    It will be too much
    And all of this
    Will break out of me

    Like a tide
    It will wash-
    -over me
    -under me
    -through me.

    You'll find my remains on the beach

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #tides #beach #waves #rant #thoughts
    #heart #yearn #tide #time #within #limit

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  • james_taumas 45w


    Pandemic times
    Fear in the air
    Everywhere you go
    Masks are the norm
    Eat and drink exceptions
    Friends and family missed
    Lock down blues
    Waiting for the day
    Vaccine down the way
    Can't wait
    Nature's greeting kiss.


  • metaurelius 56w

    i wonder if our worlds collide. if universal law calibrates, if the hands of space and time come together in sweet embrace? in the yawning mouth of all that ever was, on this mere clod, swept against the backdrop of infinity?

    what, all that for a measly human heart?

  • qandisa_poems 58w


    Yet another night
    In the wake of an
    agonizing storm
    Tainted mind, breathless,
    A bleeding heart..
    My new norm.
    I sowed seeds of love
    In an unyeilding ground.
    Watered them with my tears
    all around.
    Spent all my joy
    Until left with none for self..
    Yet, no traces of life
    No sprouts of happiness
    Only dark cloulds
    And slippery slopes
    Agony usurped all hopes.
    Seeds of love in dead soil
    Miraculously still survived.
    Love that suvives the longest..
    Is the love that's never returned.

    - Qandisa

  • teenayeggidi 64w

    Dear heart, Why are you yearning
    It is okay to have not everything
    There's only one Sun, Earth & Moon
    You can't say they're mine, in a tune
    Please Quit envying, they are for everyone
    Fine if you've shown your right, just for fun
    When dreams break, then try not to cry
    It'll hurt, yet just do not show your sigh
    Be good and be kind, with all of those
    But next time be sure to not get close
    #TeenaUrffRaani #yearn

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    Just Saying

    What if I say that you're mine
    Will you allow me to say that
    You are inside me as a whine
    Can't stop craving, I'm a brat
    Dammit I need ya I need ya
    So don't distant me from ya

  • srisaptoawaits22 67w


    She's walked on the rusty ways,
    Running with the winds,
    In the stormy nights,
    My heart has grabbed you closer,
    Yearned to see,
    Explore and venture,
    Yearned to get loved,
    Endured and embraced!

  • raghavendrabs 73w

    Love Learn Yearn

    Every time you blink, a whirlpool of mistrust is created in your eyes
    Already overflowing with little oceans of despair.
    Although you knew the inevitable would happen, you can’t help but agonise.
    Caught in a web of questions, you don’t think any of this is fair.

    You delve deep into what went wrong ?
    “What was the problem? Was I not good? Was I that easy?”
    You look around and wonder where you actually belong.
    Those words of love seem idiotic and cheesy.

    You want to talk, you want to shout.
    You’ve been let down and you’ve been let go.
    Suddenly what started out as little now grows into a big doubt
    “What more do I not know ?”

    You scrutinise every incident that happened to date,
    You can’t help but notice the bliss felt in those moments.
    You keep cursing this terrible game of fate.
    You seek solitude but your friends come up with words of solace.

    Someday soon this will be a long lost affair,
    A memory that you’ll consciously try to avoid.
    Even if it’s brought up, you won’t flinch but you’ll bear.
    You’ll remember the last words, a charred souvenir!

    Raghavendra B S

  • alxita 74w

    Delay because of short class and other disturbances ��

    A submission to a wonderful challenge by @mirakee_ki_naanima! As always, it turned out sentimental!
    Prompt tag: #daadisbae
    ~~ Exodus ~~

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing sun,
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the estival twilight //

    In a domicile of poems' livings
    A genesis of virtuous beings
    Lighting the lanterns during evening
    A vivid face of the one who's craving

    All the love faces its efflorescence
    Or the Great Depression in the cold sleep's essence
    Humming at a hundred million diamonds a day
    But never rich enough to tell you 'bout all the feelings it says

    I live in an exodus of life
    Where milky stars are rife
    But a hundred million light-years away

    I regress to the oldest centuries
    Just like photos saying we
    And an exodus comes hitting me

    And the tears come by, as I gaze to the efflorescent lights
    Sublimating endlessly in a bath of coldest nights
    An exodus of iridescence, a genesis of the one bird's flight
    You as a metaphor of flight, whilst me in fright

    Seeking solstices of life, and the zeniths of cloud nine,
    Looking them down from the underground
    A conclusion seems to evade in rounds

    I'll just turn you into a metaphor
    So I'll miss you more in my exodus
    Endearing all the vivid lights agaze
    In a domicile of poems' livings

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing // you //
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the wintry twilight //
    -- SUMMARY --

    An exodus is an outflow. A yearner of someone they love, who is currently distant or physically far away, may face an "exodus" of emotions for them.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | iridescent - displaying rainbow-like
    2 | mellifluous - mellow; melodic
    3 | estival - relating to summer
    4 | domicile - a place to dwell
    5 | genesis - birth
    6 | virtuous - having virtues; righteous
    7 | efflorescence - blossom
    8 | rife - abundant
    9 | regress - to go back to a more primitive or worse state
    10 | sublimate - to pass from solid to gas
    11 | zenith - the highest point

    #sentimental #wish #love #relationship #distant #yearn #sunset #light #stars #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod @writersnetwork

    Aug. 24, 2020, 2:36 PM (GMT+8)

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  • aphrolighte 75w

    My love where are you

    “God please hold me”
    I ask, sitting in my apartment, with only two cats for companionship. And even they’re sleeping contently.
    I would hold them if they’d let me
    But what I really yearn for is to be held.
    Held in arms that feel like hundred year old tree trunks,
    Safe through any storm, immovable and warm
    Held close to a heartbeat
    Where our two souls meet and leave the physical beneath our feet
    Held in breaths mixing what’s left of our spirits
    I hear it deep in my ear, feel the depth so near
    So near to my heart but my love
    Where are you?


  • s_a_r_g_a_m 75w

    The Earth

    She who bears the burden of our sins,

    She who cherishes the tears of the clouds.

    She who nurtures the dry lands,

    She who wears the moon,

    And spins in her own air.

    She who dances around the sun,

    And is envied by her twin

    I bow to thee, my Goddess.


  • pallavi4 77w


    In your prolonged silences
    In the words that you never utter
    I hear you like a broken song
    It makes my heart flutter

    Your constant gaze captures my soul
    Touching every fibre of my being
    You are the very air I breathe
    This yearning never sees us disagreeing

    Caught in your web of love
    Of the ritual I await to be a part
    Of being caught heedlessly
    Long standing longing fills my heart

    As though I’d run away from you
    Or melt while you stare
    I wonder why you find me so fascinating
    And why you like catching me unaware


    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    5th of August, 2020

    Reposted from 6th July, 2020

    #llc #love #longing #yearn #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • discoveringself 79w

    Take me back to today!

    How I wish that
    The void left by you
    Would remain an
    empty hollow space?

    Instead its filled
    With fleeting glimpses
    Of painful memories that
    Teleport me to yonder;

    That seems like a
    parallel universe;
    from where I intensely
    Yearn to escape
    to my today!


  • vidz_dynamic 81w

    'Bonne chance'

    Hiding myself underneath,
    Gonna pray for who's me..
    Coz I wanted to break the bars,
    All above , beside my scars

    My real self, ignoring me,
    The musty and old ,still not free,
    Huhhh!!.....the burdened me!


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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 81w

    Even when I smoke
    I fail not to recall your facade
    Every time I lie to self
    Not to carve you
    With magical words
    But in my every canvas
    I portrait you with variation
    Oh, rain!
    Why everyone yearns to be with you?
    Max, drifting drop by drop
    Standing near the windowpane
    Though memories we'd is unclear
    But no longer I love this monsoon
    Oh, rain!
    Why freshen the thoughts of heavy clouds?
    But deep inside, most of 'em scream
    Yet no one hears the yelling at the seashore
    Is each one of us a wayfarer of the black sea?

  • gra_chiwriteups 81w

    I was so hurt
    That I loved you so much,
    You fucked me up
    And I felt like a duff.
    I was a burden to you
    But you kept trying not to move.
    All you said were lies
    But I ignored it thrice,
    I yearned for my bliss
    To have your kiss
    Leaned on my lips
    To make my heart skip..

    I was so hurt
    That I loved you so much,
    You lied to my face
    And i took it up like a case
    You pretended to stay
    Trying not to walk away.
    You were too weak to hold on
    I was blind, you made my world luminous,
    I yearned for my bliss
    To have your kiss
    Leaned on my lips
    To make my heart skip....

    I was so hurt
    That I loved you so much,
    Leading me astray
    Was like a prey
    I, Taking the push
    Lead me to lush.
    I tried to smile
    But it took a while
    I yearned for my bliss
    To have your kiss
    Leaned on my lips
    To make my heart skip...

    But I guess you're gone now
    For a very long time..
    I will just take in the pain
    And never stop dancing in the rain.....

    #yearn #bliss #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I was so hurt
    That i loved you so much,
    you fucked me up
    And I felt like a duff,
    I was a burden to you
    But you kept trying not to move.
    All you said were lies
    But I ignored it thrice,
    I yearned for my bliss
    To have your kiss
    Leaned on my lips
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  • moonshane 81w

    It's been long since I posted here. Have a great day everyone.

    #love #hopelessromantic #yearn #chat #text #messages

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    Yearning for the warm hugs around me
    I thought my heart for you has died
    But it was just like a vacation from you
    Then there you're coming back to my life

    Opposing feelings that clashed one another
    I want to talk you but otherwise not
    You make my heart twist to knots
    Giddy of all the conversation you make

    All the clouds form around my head
    I dust it away trying to kill all hopes
    But there you're dropping probable clues
    I'm not sure what to do anymore

    You make my day and sometimes laze
    Wishing for the feeling to return as I laid
    My thirst for the chat growing bigger
    When you left me hanging in the air once again


  • srisaptoawaits22 83w


    Stealing the butterflies,
    Roads we've left,
    In the midst of the nights,
    My dreams kiss my eyes,
    Your breathes touch mine,
    Envelopes filled with sunflowers,
    Yearning kid's smile,
    Embrace to endure !