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  • rahoof 3w

    But the magic happens in discreteness,
    when you choose to describe who I was to you.
    Perhaps then finally, the chambers of your heart might freeze blue.

    Cause I might have been pushed off prematurely,
    Or might have chosen to fall off by myself.
    like a ripened leaf - yellow on the mud
    With an eternal melancholy.

    Or the time might have carried me with it,
    leaving you with an urn of memory.
    Or I might have travelled afar up north
    In hopes of finding prosperity.
    And when the magic happens in discreteness,
    I fear I might never know.
    So do tell me, when we still have time,
    whether your heart is craving or not.


  • aashsparrow_13 7w


    In the lonely realm of immortality,
    Why can't I be there with you?
    Sharing the same calamity.

  • keatsazla 9w

    A Candlelight Nearing Its End.

    #yearning #beloved #reconciliation

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    A Candlelight Nearing Its End

    by Keats Azla

    An oak wood burning--a crisp
    crackling hum of fire from
    the hearth, sends a comforting
    consolation, as I longed for you

    With such fervent zeal, I can
    no longer suppress, like a
    throbbing pain in my head
    as I think of you, incessantly.

    A warm, hearty and moreish
    porridge, provide warmth and
    security, same as though when
    you cherished me in your embrace

    With such feeling of home and family.
    Oh, my beloved, I ask of you,
    'How long am I to wait?'
    My scrawny fingers are growing tired

    And cold, as I write these
    letters, I could no longer see
    for, the looming winter begins
    to obscure the remaining light

    Of Autumn. A lanky candle
    illuminates my very dark room, as
    I ponder and ruminate of
    our long-awaited reconciliation


  • rcainnijd 10w


    Lust of another, of each other. What an interesting emotion. What about wanting? Yearning? Are they the same? Pure lust and it's fulfillment must feel like heroin. A flood of euphoria. A thrilling rush. Wild. Rampant. A soaring climax. An end. The cycle waxes and wanes. Feelings of contentment until the lust gnaws again. It needs to use.

    The fulfillment of wanting, yearning. A deeper awakening. The sweet pour of ambrosia. It's knowing. Sun's warmth gently seeping into slumbering senses. Weightless and yet present. It's giving. No need to use. It only wants to be and let be.

  • sayuki 12w

    #love #amorist #mirakewrites #comfort #yearning #warmth
    In the end, everyone is searching for a place to feel loved...a safe heaven...

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    Searching for that sense of comfort,
    Wrapped up in a cocoon of your arms..
    Makes me feel a safe heaven,
    Wanting to stay forever...
    The Slow kisses at the break of dawn,
    Your sleepy eyes grinning up at me..
    Moves my heart like the ocean breeze...

  • _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 15w


    I knew it was doomed the moment I laid my eyes on him. Tall, tousled hair, that lopsided grin, and the vile spark in those beautiful brown eyes! The way he stood leaning against the wall, his demeanour screamed "danger" as if beckoning me to run as far as possible never looking back. But it seemed that he had some sort of a magnetic pull that urged me to plunge into that inevitable danger. The mysterious aura around him pushed me to break through his complexion and explores the depths of his being. My indifference towards life was taken over by a sudden burst of curiosity. Curiosity that was aroused by him.

    He brushed past me and his arm scraped my shoulder subtly. But that minute touch was enough to make my stomach churn. My mind drifted to inappropriate regions, as I wondered what his hands upon me would feel like. But I shrugged that thought away not dreading to walk on that improper path I was so keen to venture into.

    He smelled of cigarettes and adventure and perhaps something else. Sin maybe? A sin I would gladly commit even if it ruined me. I wanted to feel the thrill as he slowly took his time to destroy me. I wanted to get consumed by the alluring darkness he carried even if it meant I would never be able to catch a glimpse of light, ever! It felt that be had a world of his own, a world far far away from the one I was inhabiting. And I longed to get lost in his world even if there was no escape. I knew I would be trapped willingly. The only question that arose was, was I really ready to walk this dangerously beautiful path?

    At that moment he laughed, throwing back his head and when he regained his composure his eyes locked mine for the briefest moment and he gave me something which resembled a smile as if luring me as if he could read my mind, see my dilemma, and asking me to invade his territory. And that was the last thing I needed. Yeah, you guessed it right, I got my answer!

  • miracle2_3 16w


    You waited for me to tell you
    Tell you how much I miss you
    How much I need you
    You don't understand
    Please help me
    How do I say those words
    Without them tearing me apart
    A swarm of darkness clenches my lips close
    Bubbling deep in my chest
    Suffocating just at the thought
    How can I say the words
    When you are the very breath
    The switch, the light itself to push away the darkness
    Without you I can't escape my prison
    How do I say those words
    When you haven't turned on, my light


  • honeydewhymns 21w

    Whirlpool Whispers

    I wish I didn't miss you as much as I do. I wish I could just let you go, leave you alone, let my memory of you finally rest. I wish that I would've done things differently.

    Maybe the gods decided that you're meant to be the biggest regret I carry, so that I remain grounded.

    But I still look up at the stars like they are pierced holes speckled in the night sky, a cosmic colander draining the world of it's beauty.

    In your ocean I wouldn't care if we had floated or drowned.

    I just wanted to feel weightless.


  • bhagyad 21w

    ഏറെ നാളത്തെ കാത്തിരിപ്പിന് വിരാമം....
    ഒടുവിൽ അത് നടന്നു ..

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    നോക്കെത്താ ദൂരത്ത് കണ്ണും നട്ട്

  • aidanpoems 25w

    How can eating
    Food and sweets,
    Be better than
    An 8-hour sleep?


  • aidanpoems 25w

    How can my phone
    Late at night,
    Attract me more
    Than bright daylight?


  • aidanpoems 25w

    On the topic of sleep...(2)

    How can watching
    A Minecraft stream,
    Be more exciting
    Than a proper dream?


  • aidanpoems 25w

    But I know this has to change,
    choosing a bad lifestyle is strange.

    There's always hope that for tonight,
    I will sleep before midnight.


  • aidanpoems 25w

    I don't know why I do
    sleep late,
    Maybe some of you

    There's no benefits for me,
    yet I still do sleep at three.


  • aidanpoems 25w

    On the topic of sleep...

    There is a bug
    that's in my head,
    Which tells me not
    to go to bed.

    So I end up
    sleeping late,
    What is morning like
    at eight?


  • k_unwinds 28w

    I'm an abandoned sunflower
    Staring at a starless night
    Hankering for the eastern turnstile
    To unveil my ilios!

  • mrspectacular 29w


    Stephen Everton is a chartered accountant. He nags his wife, Stella for the whole day lamenting about the state of things in the country. She wishes there is a way she could get him to stop but unfortunately there seems to be none available as he goes on everyday wearing her out with his complaint about the country and how he would do better with the country alone than all the politicians have done together since assumption of office. He queries that the politicians do not know the first thing about rulership and for that singular reason have no business being in leadership. 'They are only there to enrich themselves and fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and when asked, they give us the story of that is how it has been since the day of our father's father's fathers. Why can't they be the ones to change it? Why must they continue in such untoward legacy?', Stephen queries Stella almost in a manner that would suggest she has a hand in the country's predicament but she is just as concerned about the country as her husband but there is nothing more she can do but hope and pray that things change for the better.

    'Calm down darling', Stella says pacifyingly. 'At some point in time, they will realize what they are doing is absolutely balderdash and turn a new leaf. I do not want you killing yourself over this because there is really little or nothing you can do about it. So please just calm down okay?'

    Stephen takes a look at his wife and with a smile, he plants a kiss on her forehead. He wonders how he did get so lucky to be paired up with someone as amazing as Stella in his life's trip on Earth. The Evertons decide to keep calm while praying and hoping that someday, somehow, the narrative would change for the better.

    One wonderful night after a little funtime with the kids and some alone matrimonial with his beautiful wife, Stephen retires to bed for the night. He would not expect what would happen the next morning but would be really glad that it happens. Resting in his bed for the night, he gets into a dream,
    'Good morning, Your Excellency. How are you today? You have a meeting with the minister of Finance in an hour from now. Another with the minister of Budget & Economic Planning and one in the evening with the general cabinet, Your Excellency'.
    Stephen nods his head with a smile, 'Thank you my good man. Where is the first lady?'
    'Oh, I was told she has gone for a drive around the city. She should be back before you are done getting ready sir'
    'Okay, you may leave so I can get ready', Stephen asks the Presidential Butler very courteously. The butler thanks President Stephen and with a bow, takes his leave.

    In an hour's time, he is done with his bath and just as he is coming out of the bathroom, his wife returns from her drive around the city.
    As she enters the bedroom, he flashes a smile and she waltz over for a hug.

    A few minutes later, the first family walks out into the open hall all dressed and ready for the day, the children are sent off to school while the president and first lady prepare for the retinue of meetings scheduled for the day.
    When the first meeting begins with the Minister Of Finance, he is surprised that the President has called such a meeting with him alone instead of in-cabinet but it is only to prepare him for the cabinet session which would hold later.

    'I have called you here today because I am about to call for a cabinet meeting and the topic to be discussed is within your purview'.
    'It is an honour Your Excellency'
    'Yes, we are cutting expenses. All those unnecessary allowances from this day stops and anyone caught embezzling money would be beheaded because we cannot have such unruly characters living on the lives of a thousand people. One man alone eating the money meant for five hundred people? No'
    'That is a great idea sir and it is sure to ensure even distribution of resources.'
    An orderly informs the president of the arrival of the rest of the cabinet for the scheduled meeting.
    'That is great. Please have them come in'
    The entire cabinet is caught off guard with the news of the cutting down but President Stephen cares less about their greivances positing that if they are comfortable with it, they can leave office for people ready for the task.

    A few of the cabinet members relinquish their offices feeling distraught over the decision while many uphold President Stephen's standpoint cheering him on with statements such as,
    'This is our president'
    'We believe in your government, Mr. President'
    'He is the president of our dreams' and lots more.

    Acknowledging the cheers, he stretches out in his bed and wakes up in the process. Surprisingly, something feels different. He checks his watch to discover it is the first day of his country as an independent. Could it be what he thinks it is? Of course it is, he has gone back sixty four years in time with his entire family. They are now the First Family. Taking the chance, he decides to change the history of the country for the better.

  • we_are_not_beautiful 29w

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    This is really stupid, I think I'm having writer's block.
    Please talk to me someone, I need to make friends here on Miraquill. <3

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    I have ample of flushed letters
    Hidden in the drawers of my wooden heart
    One more lingering look from you
    And I will take you to the journey of my flattering poetries
    For there, you will find pacing of my alliterations, on the spaces between two words, appalled to be separated from their first lover (first letter)
    You will witness my metaphors, devastated, hiding in a corner of the pages, having no strength to be compared indirectly again
    But at the end, my words always fly back to you
    One more lingering touch from you
    And I will take you to the journey of my sleepless nights
    Laying awake, squirming on bed
    Resting my head on the shoulder of a pillow
    Waiting for the dawn of new yearnings
    The growing darkness never seems to stop smirking at me
    But at the end, my dreams are always about you
    I wish to flinch away from the longing of having you in my arms
    But few more lingering sweet words from you
    And I will take you to the journey of butterflies in my stomach
    I wish to set free the letters, I wish to drop them on the porch of your heart
    For you to read my old and desperate words
    I wish to recite all the poems buried in the walls of my throat
    But my heart seems at a loss of words


  • rcainnijd 31w


    A dream of little kisses placed on your head, your cheeks, your lips

    A dream of holding you in silence where your scent fills the air

    and your heart the ears

    Were it not for the restraints of the mortal coil, I would have long become undone at the seams, to shed myself to mingle with you in spirit

    In essence

    An unfolding tapestry of wants and desires laid bare for you to see, to feel, to share

    If only it wasn't a dream


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 33w


    You never know how much a person is waiting
    for the call, the one message to pop up,
    You might do it when you are free and bored
    but the happiness it brings will be such,
    When You go back to normal the other
    person wil go back to feeling worthless,
    Its not that they need You to live rather
    It would make them feel alive with You,
    so choose your actions with care cause
    One day you might end up breaking them.
    Because the heart to not like toys,
    You cant go on fixing them everytime.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks