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  • dnswords 4d

    Young हो...

    दौडना सिखो

    भागना नहीं !


  • sahil03 2w


    I can't believe the day comes every year
    We are growing older
    Steps towards the future
    The best thing that letting you as my strength
    You are my dream which never fade till last breath
    Everyday I am conceive to touch the sky
    And make myself edify peerless to fly
    You are behind my never-ending Dream
    Future is consistent unexpected to Imagine
    There are many things till today . I share
    You are like my guardian always Handel with Care.

    My forever motivation
    Thanks for being special for me

  • pallavi4 4w


    To my future self,

    In hopes that you’ve taken good care
    Of what was once mine
    I pray you have health, wealth
    And have aged like good red wine

    In hopes that you’ve learnt to forgive
    Your own follies and that of others too
    I pray you’ve remained considerate
    And to yourself remained true

    In hopes that the aches and pains
    Of old age don’t bother you a lot
    I pray you’ve retained your jolly nature
    And are never with worry fraught

    In hopes you’ve stopped wondering how the
    Grass is always greener on the other side
    I pray you’ve learnt to open up and not
    Bottle up your emotions inside

    In hopes you’re a better version
    Of what I am and how I am today
    I pray you employ kindness in
    Everything that you say

    In hopes you’re surrounded by love and happiness
    And moments that fully fill your heart
    I pray you enjoy people around you
    And over silly things share a good laugh

    In hopes that you’ve stopped worrying
    About things that don’t matter in the long run
    I pray you realise you are blessed and
    Remember to lighten up and just have fun

    In hopes you remain wise and interesting
    Dolling out excellent advice when asked
    I pray you would’ve lived your life to the fullest
    Whenever you rest in peace at last



  • mrrajain 4w

    Letters to younger self (18)

    Hey Buddy,

    I know you are quite overwhelmed by all this competition
    But believe me, it will pass for good.

    Now, don't take my words for granted
    You should be a bit anxious and a bit fearful
    Life is gloomy, outside your head.

    If you can focus on yourself
    You will find many ways
    There are no right or wrong paths
    If you can understand what you are doing.

    That being said
    never take yourself too seriously either
    If you keep walking, enjoying, and bit of resting through the journey
    That's enough for me.

    I am not expecting you to copy anyone
    If you turned out to be yourself,
    That's more than anything I can expect.

    Some days will be worse than others
    Likewise, some days will be better than the rest
    I guess, you already know it
    Just go through everything being yourself yet listening.

    I know you are struggling with emotional issues
    Believe me, fella
    This struggle to understand others (especially girls) will last longer.

    And don't take any burden
    You will turn out just fine
    One way or the other
    You have to survive yet enjoy this time.

    You can trust your instincts and ignore others
    Life will unfold itself for you.

    Now I am not sure anymore,
    If you will become me after reading this
    But I am still glad that I wrote it to you!

    #wod #letter #young #self


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  • andreakulove 5w

    A distant future

    We will meet again in the future, 
    with you and me at different stages of life, and we will smile at each other to acknowledge our memories,
    about how our love stayed,
    and we parted....

  • hafisha98 6w

    ‼️දේශපාලනය හදන්නේ ඔබමයි.ඒක ඔබ වෙනුවෙන්මයි එය නිවැරදි කරන්නයි.එය ඔබට අයිතියි.ඔබගේ තේරීම අනුව රටේ අනාගතය වෙනස් වේවි.

    ‼️Politics is made by you. It is for you and fix it. It belongs to you and the future of the country will change depending on your choice ..

    ‼️அரசியல் உங்களால் ஆனது .அது உங்களுக்கானது மற்றும் அதை சரி செய்யுங்கள்.அது உங்களுக்கு சொந்தமானது மற்றும் உங்கள் தெரிவை சார்ந்தது நாட்டின் எதிர்காலம் மாற்றம் அடையும்.

    #srilanka #mirakee #writer #freedom #young #today

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    Love Respect Your Nation, Not a Politics ..‼️


  • loftydreams101 8w

    An Endless Shade of Blue

    A shade of blue
    Sweeps over
    This loveless and dreary region
    Emptying the sky
    Of its cold and grey curse
    A shade of blue
    Draws childhood reveries from silence,
    From the full days of roaming
    Through the withering unknown
    A shade of blue
    Floods my mind
    With a lost sense of ease
    With the strides of gods
    Passing over in the night
    An endless shade of blue
    Leaves the rabid world still,
    Freed to haunt and to thieve
    Beneath tomorrow’s silver sun

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • kp_priya 8w

    Where has all the time gone?

    “You haven’t even had a proper experience of being young and you’re already old.” 

  • yamini123 9w


    Young couple golas,
    Doggy and cow


  • munindra 10w

    I know i can't be the perfect one
    But still trying to be the reason for my own happiness.

  • precisel_unheard 11w


    People happen to fail
    other people/themselves
    whence they ought to take responsibility!!

  • bmp_365 12w

    I don't want to
    Die Young

    I don't want to
    Die young as no
    One will finish up
    What I have started
    As my ideas will die
    With me.

    I still want to see
    My family rise to
    Their full potential if
    I miss this opportunity
    My life would have
    Been a big waste.

    Life begins at 40 so
    If I return to dust
    Before 40 I would
    Have failed beginning
    My life as my Lord
    Would want me for
    Duty in heaven.


  • drifting_soul 12w

    Before society got to me

    I miss the days when I wasn't so afraid to be me
    When the world seem alot less scray
    And people's opinions never seemed to dawn on me
    When I was young and nieve
    When I felt the I had the world at me feet
    When everything was so full of color and light
    And when I didn't see all the fights
    Before I would come to understand what addiction can do to a person and when Sunday breakfast and cartoons was still the normal back when I would hunt for attention anywhere I could find cause I always felt left behind when all my friends pretended to have my back before they showed who they really where
    I miss the times when my mind wasn't so scary
    When I didn't really on substances to feel stable mentally when I didn't constantly doubt my worth I miss back when I felt like I had a place in this world I miss meaning something to someone

  • rathiprerana 13w

    Me or You

    I was young when I started writing poetries,
    My feelings on a paper, were my priorities.
    It felt good to give them words,
    I was relieved to see them on the paper.
    I shared a few of them with you,
    You appreciated me, that feeling was new.
    Your praises kept me going on,
    Your clapping hands made me want it more.
    But suddenly your hands stopped, and I was confused,
    You didn't like my work, that was your excuse.
    That's when the realization hit me,
    I was writing for you, and was not me.
    Now, I don't know, what should I do,
    Should I write myself, or what you want me to.
    And I am really confused,
    Is it me, or still you?

    - Prerana Rathi

  • nidanazir 15w

    Fading reality

    "You should look happy" has become more important than actually being happy.
    Life is so ironic.


  • naqsaif 15w

    But I was a storybook
    I had my villains
    Ain't denying that
    You don't have your demons
    But why'd you blame me?
    When all I'd been doing
    Was protecting this bookish
    Heart of mine
    Half a heart
    Half of you

    You see,
    my words get lonely
    Without your lips
    My sentences turn absurd
    And my punctuations get sad
    When it's not you reading them

    Young and beautiful
    A devine moment stilled
    In time , at night
    You cry
    Say I am nowhere
    But all along
    Wasn't i ?
    Waiting for you on the
    Window sill
    With a daffodil

    But I guess it's fine
    That we turned from
    A book of fairytales
    To a lone sad tragictale

    Because fairytales are long forgotten
    But a tragedy remains remembered.

    "Gingerbread's my new thing," he suddenly declares, peeling off the lid and staring down at the frothy, amber liquid.

    "Because you don't like it and feel bad for not liking it?"

    "Because I understand that it doesn't have to be perfect to be liked."
    ~ the last book i read

    #wod#pod#storybook#stories#tales#fairytales#young and beautiful#part 2#itallends

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    Storybook 2

    But I guess it's fine
    That we turned from
    A book of fairytales
    To a lone sad tragictale

    Because fairytales are long forgotten
    But a tragedy reamains remembered.


  • shk_huzaifa 15w

    Basstay ➡ bag��
    Kitabay ➡books ��
    Nasha ➡drugs ����
    Khush haali ➡happiness ��
    Nawjawan ➡young ����
    Awara ➡bad habits ����
    Damki ➡blackmail ⚫
    Khoon paseena aik kar k ➡mixed blood and sweat ����
    Pala ➡grow up ��
    Aaisaas ➡embarrassment ��
    Mitti ➡mud ��
    Wafa ➡love ❤
    Sudaar jao ➡change yourself ��❌
    Maa baap ki khidmat karo➡work for parents
    #young #childrens #careless #bad #hurt #parents #others #all #people #World #negativity #thinking #hatred #filled #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    Jiss basstay mai kitabay huwa karti thi
    Aaj oon mai nasha paya jata hai
    Jo thi zindagi khush haali say bari huwi
    Aaj aus zindagi ko dukh kaha jata hai
    Jeena na aaya tujhe! Aay! Nawjawan
    Bahir ki duniya itne pasand aagayi ki
    Maa baap ko bhool gayai
    Maa baap ki qadar karna bhool gayai
    Itne awara ho gayai ho ki izzat karna hi bhool gayai
    Damki kya daitay ho maa baap ko baag janay ki
    Khoon paseena aik kar k tumhe pala phir b tumhe na koyi aaisaas hai
    Ho tum kiss mitti k banay huwe
    Kiss duniya mai wafa doond rahai ho
    Jahan koyi kisi ka nahi
    Kya ho gaya hai
    Sudaar jao! Maa baap ki izzat karo
    Kya ho gaya hai
    Maa baap ki khidmat karo
    Sudaar jao! Abhi waqt hai
    Kahi tum haath pay haath theray na baithay raho
    Kahi bohat daair na ho jayai.........

  • feflourflowers 18w

    #wod #rod #young #letter #youngerself #self #tavel #time #past
    @mirakee #writer @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill

    All the mistakes or the things I've done in the past is my reflection ,and for me I'm #proud that I've made those mistakes (we don't learn from success we learn from failure )so I'm happy for who I am now:
    I was dumb but now I'm smarter
    I was short but now I'm taller
    I was young but now I'm grown
    I was sad and I still am
    As I child I hate using the phrase I LOVE YOU
    And the first time I did I lost my self I was no longer the person I once was ,I was no longer loving ,I become a cold hearted person , and I only realized how numb I was until now .

    As a child I was forced to believe that if I fail then I'm nothing ,but that's a lie because 90% of what we do comes from the heart and the other 10% is physically working .

    I was told how I wasn't beautiful enough to sit with anyone , but that's so not true because being beautiful is just a perception .
    Their is so much more than just being beautiful .

    I was so intelligence but my family never see it or believe it until I had a medal or a badge or some vanity to prove I was worth something .
    But really I cared nothing about my knowledge because I always worked with my own opinion .

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    You are enough
    You are everything
    And u can be anything
    Don't look for love , because one day it will find you .

  • the_flaired_typewriter 18w


    Preserving her image in his head... he loved young!!

    Listening to jazz on his Radio... He danced young!!

    Switching the tiny bed lamp on... he partied young!!

    Trying to lip-sync a JLo track... he sang young!!

    Eating pizza and fries... he ate young!!

    With that funky hoodie and gelled hair completing his look.....

    Dr.Joe - 72..... lived young!


  • _truesayings_ 19w

    जब कोई आपका साथ ना दे तो समझ जाना
    आप कुछ सबसे अलग कर रहे हो...।