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  • sweedle 23w

    I recall the taste of
    your name on my tongue,
    it was sweet but difficult to swallow.
    How could I ingest something
    that wasn't meant to be mine?

    © Sweedle

  • lunarwolf 24w

    Paper Boat

    I fold it into an intricate form
    I channel the spirit of origami to make it into art
    yet my tears decorate it with the colors of my heart
    as I know it'll sink into the abyssal sea of time
    but right now in my hands I'll give it a proper goodbye

    On this night adorned by the moon
    the stars are like candles on this fateful date
    where it's time I let go of this piece of us
    while the waters are calm on this sad night
    I'll let our love and your name go afloat like a paperboat

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    Paper Boat

    Your name is written on its side as it float upon the waters of goodbye

  • wilmaneels1 24w

    She whispered your name
    Thought you should know
    Not sure why she did it
    It was a refrain; like she was trying to remember you
    Should have mentioned it that day
    But it wasn't my story to tell
    Just know that she whispered your name
    Over and over

  • bohemian_ballerina 24w

    Dear Success

    Winter ran in front of me
    Like pockets of children in a park,
    Yet I fumed inside with burnt desires
    And time flapping its short wings rapidly.

    I eagerly waited for fresh Autumn
    With its good vibes and good luck
    To shower upon me some dust of hope.
    I saw twenty three such autumns, but none were for me.

    Once when the Sun kissed the clouds,
    The shy sky poured a rainbow
    And it was like a home to a vagabond
    For, I found my Summer and You.

    Now, when the world looks up at me,
    I'm glad to hear your name
    Resonating with my name
    Forming an amalgamation of success and hope.



  • sproutedseeds 24w


    YOUR NAME is a puzzle
    mixed in the scrabble
    to judge and guess it, is incomprehensible
    as it is unique and unflappable.

    You are trusted, believed
    with full faith in prayers
    recited maybe in many dialects
    worshipped in many names one can select.

    But you are actually just "one"
    can feel your presence
    need to wait with patience
    to be blessed in abundance.


  • miss_silentlyweird 24w

    #snowflake #wod
    #miraquill #yournamec
    @miraquill @writersbay
    Short post for busy day.

    This is for the people who confess that they like me yet I pushed away because I'm not ready and also for I can't believe that someone will actually like me :-!

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    Unknown Snowflakes

    You're a snowflakes that fell
    In a cold of my heart —you compel
    Giving me supersaturated dust of genuine drops
    Drops of supercooled clouds of sweet words like sops

    A snowflakes in winter call
    I appreciate you yet may you stop the fall
    Cause I know how you will freeze and melt
    In this soul of mine that still in midst of summer felt

    — Your name once flicker in my thoughts.


  • ersheeen 24w

    You name is a magical word in my life where it acts like a snowflake in my heart. Your name is a cup of blushing powder of my cheeks. Your name is a hot cold coffee for my lips. Your name is a sign of safety in my heart. Your name is a light to my eyes. Your name melts me even in the coldest environment. I love you because your name always brings smile in my face.

  • fellowtraveller 24w

    Dk what i wrote actually!.. This piece, although might not be good, is really precious and personal to me cuz i wrote this for someone who is a part of me.. Someone who will always have their mark in my soul..Someone whom i would like to hold close as long as i can..someone who will always be my human forever, no matter, how much we may/ might drift away... Someone who will either turn out to be a beautiful memory to carry to my grave or the most beautiful scar i will adore, no matter how bad it burns..... ...and many more cuz you are you��

    Edit.. I lived a lie since ever..

    Thankyou so much for reading dears❤.. Ik i haven't been active here and am missing out on a lot of your posts. I will surely get back to y'all and read them❤

    @writersbay #yournamec

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    I hid your name in the scarlet calligraphic letters my quill bleeds, for the amaranthine constellations, moon marvels in her hyacinthian hallucinations..

    I hid your name in my scars, away from the greedy grimaces of gorgeous eyes, to warm my devastating destinies, a silent hym for everything that led me to you...

    I hid your name in my starving soul
    For you are meant to be hidden
    From the tainted palettes of this world..

    They called us fire and ice
    The flames, flakes and afterburns
    You bled red for all the cold i left
    I shed silver, for all the burns u nest

    You are my moonlove
    My Sun-dove, for you i owe
    Aeonian mistletoe memoirs
    Chasing the dawn together
    Hunting the dusk we wither
    Wonder why you left me here..
    In the midst of nowhere..
    Wish i could hold you forever
    For you are mine for ever..
    Or so i lived a lie since ever..


  • waitaminute 24w

    Your name sounds so familiar,
    It made me go through lost pages of my diary,
    Letters are like hints to connect me with time,
    I am hearing it in ticks of clock,
    Every second, everywhere it echoes,
    And I write it again and again in my mind,
    To search in retrograde memories,
    There is a loop in your name,
    I know you but I don't ,
    I drive from beginning to end,
    But I just fall more for your name,
    Its a blend of emotions that plays with me,
    When I hear it from someone else,
    Its peaceful lullaby calming my nerves,
    When I hear it in myself,
    It makes me strong yet I hide it,
    I wanna say it loud without any shame,
    But I end up in a beautiful mess of smiles and tears.


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    Some names are better if never crossed again.

  • leo_scamander 24w

    Where the snowflake sleeps...

    December skies unfurl tomorrow
    My word, to stride the frosty breeze and fly
    Dressed in Bit of a scent from the seventh heaven
    And Much love I gathered from the cloaked firs
    Perhaps I'd settle on the pastel peaches of a queens orchard
    Perhaps on the cheek of a daisy that dances on a painted hill
    But my oh my would I yearn
    to find home in a love letter ,
    One that he writes by the chilly open shutters
    Your name embossed in brazen letters,
    His cheeks flushed, he'd swear it was just the weather
    Oh' to sleep amidst the flames of young lovers untethered...


  • anamika17 24w

    I may forget everything,
    But no, not your name.
    It gives me pleasure,
    And indeed my fame.
    My love is like free bird,
    Didn't want you to tame.
    Your picture in my eyes,
    Too worthy to frame.
    Thousand times I'll call you,
    There's nothing to shame.
    Uttering your name in thy ears,
    Ofcourse, my favourite game.
    My love for you is like a stream,
    Let it flow freely as it came.
    My world is essenced
    Only by and through your name.

  • blinganshu 24w

    A new word has got all my attention
    Got a place in my heart.

    Trying to become familiar with the strangeness
    In the uncertainty trying to find something I own
    Hiding the fears behind goofiness and laughter
    Oscillating emotions tell me, certainly
    My home is in your name.

    #yournamec #sustu

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    Your name - my home

  • thelonesurvivor 24w

    My favourite word
    Your Name


  • infectiouswordspoetry 24w

    I have your name under my breathe,
    reciting poems that never
    really came across our minds.
    Having your name,
    is like inching a bit closer to a formless ache,
    Absurd and unkind.

    Having your name, in me,
    is like sipping coffee together, the colour of it just like how monsooned earth absorbed in plain silence.

    Alas, your name,
    has turned like my writings,
    tangled too fast,
    words together yet so incomplete.
    A poem my heart held for so long,
    wept and shredded like onion peels.
    and each torn part of this massive unexpression
    Awakes as infinity.

  • thelonesurvivor 24w

    People tattoo their loved ones' names on their bodies.
    But I have your name carved in my heart.
    I have your name carved in my memories.
    I have your name carved in my soul.


  • angels_halo_shines 24w

    Your Insurance

    The territorial waters you test
    Following me like a shadow casting
    The pure evilness that came with you
    I swear I faced the devil head on
    You preyed on the weak & vulnerable
    The very thought of you makes me ill
    All the while you had insurance
    Making sure the haunting played out
    The 2 words that haunts the most is
    Y O U R N A M E


  • writersbay 24w

    Use the phrase “Your name” in your write-up.

    Tag and share with #yournamec

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    I hid your name in a poem.
    I hid your name in my mouth.
    I hid your name in plain sight.
    I carved your name on a bullet and shot it into a tree. I cut down the tree and burned it in my fireplace, and in the ashes left behind, I wrote your name.

    – Nick Lantz

  • cruisey 18w

    #joy #yournamec

    •The lines in ~...~ are from the song Aate jaate haste gaate by Lata Mangeshkar

    I hid your name in a poem. I hid in your name in my mouth. I hid your name in plain sight. I carved your name on a bullet and shot it into a tree. I cut down the tree and burned it in my fireplace, and in the ashes left behind, I wrote your name.
    ~Nick Lantz

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    Maybe I'll never forget your name.

    Because I hid it in my first poem.
    /And doesn't matter how many times I refuse to accept to myself that I still remember it to this day. And That poem was only privy to two pair of eyes. You and me. And you kept it so safely that the next day you find your brother eating his lunch on it. You know when you took it you also stole me of the ability to write on "someone". To this day, I struggle to write on a person./

    Because I dared to dream about you.
    /I would paint scenarios, beautiful ones and funny ones and impossible ones. And I would wake up worried wondering what If I talk in my sleep and someone heard me. I was speacially afraid of my mom hearing it./

    Because I wore your watch.
    /I love wearing other people's watch. I know it's crazy when you already have a watch on your wrist. And I know because your friends noticed the exchange they started teasing you and then it was legs kicking, elbows in the ribs and in all that somewhere you broke your specks. And even though the class was over you came back wearing another pair and though I never told you but they looked pathetic but it was worth it./

    Because I researched about Michael Jackson.
    /He was one of your favorites. I remember you asking me if I listen to his songs. If truth be told I hadn't until that day. But now when I hear Billie jean I hum your name. Forget the song, Michael Jackson is enough to perk up my ears. And he loved dancing so did you. I remember when you people did a couple dance in school programme and you danced with a friend, in all honesty I'll say I felt a tang of jealousy when I saw you dancing with that girl. But I never told you this./

    I wrote something on the last page of my notebook.
    /a feeling I dread even today. I wrote it, closed the book, wrote about other things many times later, read a few times but never opened it to the last page and it never reached you./

    शायद मैं तुम्हारा नाम कभी नहीं भूलूंगी
    ~क्योंकि आते जाते हँसते गाते
    सोचा था मैंने मन में कई बार
    वो पहली नज़र हल्का सा असर
    करता है क्यूं इस दिल को बेकरार~