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  • mahtobpensdown 13w

    The silent noise of weeping laughter reciprocated through tiny large waves
    Life isn't understand, you don't know how to live until a ghost haunts you till you die!

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    The silent noise of weeping laughter reciprocated through tiny large waves
    Life isn't understood, you don't know how to live until a ghost haunts you till you die!

  • c73poetry 15w

    Korptober Day 5: Zombie

    There are days when I feel
    Like my brains taken a holiday
    And that my body just can't function
    And nothing seems to go my way
    Days where I feel like a zombie
    Days when I should have stayed in bed
    Days where I achieve net zero
    Days when I can't engage my head
    Other days are more productive
    No longer in a zombie state
    These are the days I love the most
    The Zombie days I really hate

  • in_fragments 17w

    Happy not-even-a-solid-month-until Halloween everybody! ������ Here's a horror story for you anyway ����‍♀️
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    (Bite) A Zombie Left Behind

    Overcome with a harrowing
    and unearthly childhood affliction-
    as a young girl, she had something taken
    from her heart; a bite that caught the meat
    between sharp and slimy teeth-
    a piece of her eaten
    by a monstrous predator. Now,
    an adult, with a man who loves her,
    she cannot kiss him
    without her lips going cold;
    she cannot express her affection
    without thrusting her life into limbo;
    she cannot make physical love
    without her body turning gray,
    her skin peeling off her hands and face,
    her insides rotting and falling out
    of the hollow hole between her legs.
    A zombie, dropping chunks
    of skin and sex organs
    onto the floor as she runs,
    bloodying the wood with her footprints-
    naked in the autumn soaked forest,
    she loses a piece of a finger,
    a knee, a small intestine winds itself
    into the hands of tree branches.
    She quickly snaps it off of her body
    like a strand of loose thread
    and continues to race, to kill
    the feeling of dread spreading
    between and up her hips,
    the memories causing her body
    to destroy itself like a disease.
    She lays what's left
    of her languid tendons down
    into a pile of damp
    and freshly fallen leaves,
    and wept as she fell into
    a fetal position, the detached limbs
    like ghosts she could still feel
    pressed against her chest and stomach.
    The stars shone bright above her
    as her heart began to bleed,
    and she knew it would be over soon.
    She then stopped crying
    and listened to the world of the night;
    listened as her skin fell to the ground,
    her blood drained away
    like a hose against the grass,
    her heart as it finally plopped
    loudly, heavily, out of her cracked ribcage.
    She released one more
    distraught exhalation
    before her mind and soul expired,
    her eyes closed into sweet death,
    leaving a trail of body parts behind.
    Her lover follows, but never finds her...

    And when he returns, she is home-
    bones reattached and cheeks as red
    as a freshly picked apple,
    as alive as she was the morning before...

    Sobbing together, he kisses
    her warm forehead
    and apologizes again and again
    for the curse her body was under
    before he could ever help her.
    She drifts off to sleep in clean sheets,
    while her heart beats and remembers,
    holding on to the infernal bite
    her mind is not ready to find; only then
    will this miserable transformation,
    this routine of torment and ritual
    of violation end. Until then,
    she moves through making love
    as an archaic zombie girl-
    confused, anguished,
    and haunted by the life
    that was snatched away from her
    too fast.

  • czarcasm 24w


    Little doll upon the wall

    Why do you cry our to me

    Silent the tears that speak your anguish

    I can't understand you

    What is it

    This house looked abandoned

    As I approached in the rain

    Dead silent

    But the feeling of something watching me


    I couldn't stand it

    I know it wasn't the doll watching me

    Her eyes were distant

    As if seeing behind the earthly plane

    As if seeing through me

    It made me want to turn and see what was behind me

    Something told me not to

    Something inside me said run

    Don't look back

    I ran

    Busting through the front door

    Into the rain

    The feel of soft soil under the small layer of water

    Almost comforting

    It took all I could just to stand up

    I'd rather wait by the car than try to find a phone in that house


    And nothing could make me step back inside

    For a split second I had seen something

    Behind me in the reflection of glass

    And I didn't like what I had seen

    But the smell of rotten flesh confirmed it

    And I had left all my guns in the car


    I hopped to my feet and turned around

    Grabbing a branch off the ground

    The best way to stop a zombie is to sever the head

    It was sad that they had made it this far out here

    Past the cities


    A virus this strong it was knocking humanity almost out of existence

    We still had no cure

    I embraced to swing as it finally stumbled into sight

    This one had to be three months old

    Skin on their face hanging in spots by sinew that had lost its color

    And in some spots-

    I didn't want to go there

    Each one of these things used to be someone's child

    Someone's mother

    Some people were just lucky that they didn't have to kill their own parents

    After an infection over takes a household

    And your mother begs on her knees for mercy

    Begs for you to kill her so she could be with her husband

    Who had bitten her

    While she was painstakingly turning

    Before my eyes

    She begged me with every last bit of humanity left

    And she mean it

    The turning is enough to kill what humanity is left inside

    I pulled the trigger when she jumped

    No longer human

    My father days past expired

    Followed after

    My sister had died with the virus

    Sometimes it turns you

    Sometimes you just die

    Every organ in your body degrading in mere hours

    She didn't have a chance

    Out of us all only I remained

    The last of my bloodline

    The now dead zombie reminded me of the continuous plague upon this earth

    Everyone has lost someone

    Or even themselves

    It's amazing I'm still whole

    If the remaining survivors only knew

    I'd be a lab rat

    It reminded me of the videos they showed

    At the beginning of the outbreak

    When they were kidnapping anyone assured


    People like me

    People unable to be infected or altered

    But retained the strength of the infected

    I put my powers and humanity to good use

    I stepped back into the thick mud and looked up at the house

    Even if immune you could get a nasty infection from a bite

    Immunity doesn't protect you from onset infection

    Especially when enzymes in their saliva prevented your body from healing

    I was cautious to go into the house

    What if she had a daughter

    A baby

    A husband

    What if she was the last to go

    Such dreaded thoughts entered my mind with every house I passed

    Every time I saw a swing set

    A diamond ring

    A photo

    I didn't know how long I had left on this cursed planet

    But I would fight with every breath

    To rid this world of the Undead

    Until I am dead


  • darkmoon696 29w

    Ofcourse it is just a fiction piece. Make sure you get vaccinated. :)
    Sorry if anyone found it disturbing/uncomfortable.
    Stay Safe.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    #vaccine #kill #blood #scary #zombie

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    The Aftermath of the Vaccine

    Blood drips down slowly from the tip of the knife.
    I start to walk out the door with our remaining supplies.
    I believe these will help me survive for another month.

    As I look back, he tries to get on his feet despite the big hole in his stomach.
    He pounds at me with all his strength.
    I should have shot him in the head,
    I take a step back and shoot him with my double barrel

    I step out onto the porch,
    Tears rolling down my cheek.
    He was an amazing friend till it got to him.

    This is how life has been, all dreary and dark.
    Since the unpredicted retaliation of the vaccine.


  • suddenlyme 37w


    my feelings for are exactly like a zombie; I killed them and they have returned from the dead

  • soliquince 41w


    Tomorrow, is a yesterday,
    blended into an endless fray,
    born in toxic decay,
    sprinkle a little bit of pain,
    it's a stain,
    restrained to be strained and stressed.
    but no rest for the wicked,
    eyes faded in this mess.
    It's okay,
    still shuffling today,
    zombie only partly, please stay away.
    Shambling rot, doesn't want you to taste,
    doesn't want you to see his face,
    see the vicious strain,
    of this disease in his brain,
    please refrain
    from speaking to him now, your words can wait.
    What you'll take
    from what he'll say,
    doesn't matter, he's alone anyways.
    always asking a lot,
    he is what he's not,
    which is why he never wants to talk.
    Whenever it stops,
    and the zombie doesn't stumble, he's able to walk,
    it lasts for the ride up, but the coaster is yet to start.
    Falling to pieces but keeping the parts,
    to keep moving sometimes you need to lose who you are.
    And that's why the skin and bone corpse you see is looking starved,
    He's missing a vital organ,
    not hunger for the brains, but missing a heart.
    Like they say though, in this world, without one you'll go far.
    He'd rather let his talking head be hung up like a work of art.
    Maybe then people will change,
    probably not, probably way too late,
    but he's hanging out somewhere
    and the people might appreciate
    for a while before they carry on with their day,
    as he collect dust from years of being on display
    maybe somebody can relate
    to the zombie in the glass case.

  • sarahrachelea 52w

    He is not a saint nor a sinner
    He's just a warrior angel with a motorcycle

    A southern redneck with his fierce bolt
    A broken arrow, raw and rough for sure
    But his soul's so gentle and pure
    Even with his shadow

    Out of the darkness
    Captivated by her tenderly passion and compassion

    She thinks he's her life savior
    But the truth is
    His damage soul is saved by her

    Her love indeed is what he needed
    He's following her nurturing soul into the light
    Into the light


  • sarahrachelea 67w

    Dear Ladies,
    Don't be worried
    For I'm your sapiosexual lover
    I don't lust for your body
    I'm more hunger of your brain...

    Mr. Zombie

    ~ brainilicious

  • soullular 73w

    Dead Alive

    We try hard to strive & survive
    We keep on waging a never-ending fight
    Coz, in our mind we are always right
    It's not our mistake or our slight
    Pointing out to others
    That, this is what they deserve
    For that is the kind, they have prescribed

    Forgetting to pause & ponder
    That, we are the similar errant knight
    In the story of other peoples' lives
    We have fallen & made mistakes that we don't like

    But where is that maturity & humility
    To accept it all & forgive & let things slide
    Forever stuck in this vicious circle
    Of, I am right & I am always right
    Ego, playing it's part in full stride

    This is when the time comes
    To pause & reflect & ask why,
    Am I really always right ?
    Or am I just failing to see
    What's hiding in the plain sight
    My mind is my master
    & I it's slave with no question or control
    On the thoughts as they rage by
    And, this is what its like
    To be DEAD ... but to stay ALIVE


  • heavenly_broadcast 77w

    The world is at an epiphany of destruction, getting geared up for an apostasy of the soul, but the eternal sacrifice of Christ's Love, outweighs the tricks and gimmicks of this world. You cannot make Zombies of men, neither could you forcefully draw them to hell, for the price Jesus Christ paid on the cross transcends All Generations till the end. So unto you with laser vaccines, seeking to change the patterns of living, by your intrigues. All of your plots has already being foiled, even before you where born. You could not form even your bones, neither could you grow your grizzly hair, All was a Gift from the living God to you, yet to dare to destroy the man, he died for. Enough of your shenanighans and tricks, for soon the Boat of your life would be left adrift. The Love God has for this world is beyond your hate, thus before you destroy man with your germs, My God would bring to your end; because my Father, who is Love, has sacrificed All, to Restore Man. Thus until you can pull the Sun down from heavenly skies, could you ever be able to destroy man and the Earth which He Formed and restored with His Blood.

    John 3:16 & 1Timothy 2:5-6

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    In this Last days, of human existence,
    the Love of many would wax cold,
    drifting away from the Gospel,
    departing swiftly from the Truth;
    Thus being carried away
    by the choices they make.

  • in_fragments 78w

    "Sometimes I imagine I'm dead,
    walking around- body sallow,
    bloodless and rotting-
    emotions decomposing
    along with decaying skin
    and brittle, lusterless hair
    that rips and tears away in chunks.

    The world that besets me
    is dark and gray,
    not even the green survives this way-
    where everything lies extinct,
    fading, barren and hollow.

    I seep into my handmade grave,
    6 foot ditch, a wooden casket with no lid,
    but they're trying to dig me up.
    They want to ask me questions-
    to bring me back to life.
    They've loosened the soil around me
    when all I want is to sleep.
    They prod at me
    because I want to be nothing.

    If I let them see me
    they'd never believe me,
    even though I'm the zombie,
    the shadow in their head.

    I carry brutal scenes of terror
    in every shriveled cell."

    Just imagining, right?
    #pod #poem #dead #zombie #ghost #horror #depression #trauma #mentalhealth #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    (Through the Eyes of)
    The Corpse

    The world that besets me
    is dark and gray,
    not even the green survives this way-
    where everything lies extinct,
    fading, barren and hollow...

  • tathagatkaushik 80w

    Han yr������
    Credit--- adultgram
    #2020 #horror #unexpected #zombie #life #horrorstory #yqquotes #mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • bokang 85w

    #love #life #color #heartbreaking #soul #dream #zombie.

    Enjoy and please comment, share and like this. It's highly appreciated, I love you.

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    Lay me down.

    I saw the silver skyline for the last time
    When you stared into my eyes and broke my heart into a million parts.
    How could we leave when we didn't try?
    But the way you did it's was like you were paid to break hearts.
    Now my sky is full of darkness,
    No silver lining after the storm or a pleasured mirage in the desert
    But for you it's brushing the dust off your shoulders.

    I smelt roses and flowers for the last time
    When you gave me a white rose and told me, “It's not you.”
    Now my olfactory system is offline,
    Got me feeling like what you said isn't true.
    I wasn't your Croesus, all I had to offer was wet twine.
    Although I feel sad, you had something better to ensue
    But somewhere deep inside I have rage and I blame you.

    I saw the world in color for the last time
    When my iris was flooded with tears and color washed out.
    Everything's black and white, not even a bottle could nurse me to sleep.
    I never showed them tears but, I'm no longer stout.
    All my friends are worried, asking me why these tears started to creep.
    I've become turgid, unable to understand, how could they trust what I say.
    I'm viciously meek.

    I felt for the last time
    When you held my hand, kissed my neck and left.
    I'm bleeding, walking on glass and thorns but could not feel a thing.
    I'm like a zombie, from the grave I've crept,
    I don't eat, I don't sleep, deaths brimming.
    Always walking, searching for where my heart is kept,
    Wishing that I'm just dreaming.

    I breathed for the first time when I loved you.
    I started to suffocate when you left me.
    Layne down gently even though I'm a ghoul.
    You begged to resuscitate me by “just being friends,”
    It's never too late for you but you didn't want to break my soul
    Or at least that's what I hope
    I know it's over but where a lake has settled before, it can settle again.


  • stayoung 86w


    Breathin' but I've been dyin' inside
    Nothin' new and nothin' feels right
    Dejavu so I close my eyes
    Let the demon sing me a lullaby
    Today is a present that I don't want.

    I feel like I became a zombie
    Not alive but I'm still walkin'
    When the sunrise is upon me
    I'll be waitin' for the day to pass by

    I became a zombie
    And there's nothing that can cure me
    So tomorrow I know I'll be
    Just the same you'll see me
    Wishin’ to stop and close my eyes
    Yeah this is my life

    What kind of day was it yesterday
    Was there anything special
    I’m trying to remember
    But nothing much comes to mind

    Today goes by the same
    Am I the only one struggling
    How do I get through this
    Would things get better if I cry my heart out

    Yeah we live a life
    Just running in circles all day and night..
    Though I try to change something
    I can’t seem to do anything
    And I’ve got nothing left here with me

    I feel like I became a zombie
    With an empty head and an empty heart
    A scarecrow without a brain inside
    Since when did I ended up like this?
    I became a zombie
    I walk on, drifting aimlessly..

    #Day6 #zombie

    Picture not mine. Lyrics Mixed Kor-Eng ver.

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  • sarahrachelea 88w

    She is
    His sanity and serenity
    Without her vampire energy
    He's just a zero brain zombie

    ~ thrill love

  • zayanacullen 92w

    The Harmless Zombie

    Head leaned on the
    Left hand, titled left.
    Kneeling, she looked
    At her reflection.
    Pale, bloodless lips,
    Drowsy eyes, circled dark.
    Colourless skin,
    Brows neutral.
    No emotion,
    Neither pain nor relief,
    Neither sad nor happy.
    No smile or frown,
    She sat there looking
    At a harmless zombie,
    The result of ferocious,
    Hungry experiments.


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #pod #wod #qod #harmed #dead #zombie

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    The Harmless Zombie


  • alextheft 94w


    No seepage for letting out,
    So deaf is the world when I shout,
    I, myself, am figuring what's this about
    Until I find where's the logout.

  • 4nonymoussss 96w

    Long ago, a girl told me she has a fantasy that Zombie Apocalypse would happen and I must go to her and rescue her.

    As of now, the situation is worse. It's not Zombie Apocalypse but Global emergency. The girl is not in contact and I'm not gonna be a part of this rescue expedition.

  • sriya7 96w


    Zombie, Phoenix bird have something in common
    Both regenerate from ashes
    Both are fictional characters
    But purpose of their reanimation vary
    One is the token of fortune and
    Other one is clone

    Akin to above kahani
    We come across temporary people
    In their capricious mind,
    We can't judge their thoughts
    We have something in common
    But are filled with self-esteem and ego
    Just try adding pinch of love
    Nothing can supersede beauty of life