Just a poet going through emotions trying to cope with his brokenness. IG @faceless90

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  • faceless90 9w

    God's Dead Kids

    With death being in question I reject why I am destined to ascend into the heavens when hell is where I'll rest in. My attempts for God's repentance have fell into west winds when the devil offered rest in the abyss while God neglected my pleas for help as men in the pleasant lands He's tented were unreasonably rejected by the people whom He has left as the receiver's of the blessless whom have needlessly now kept Him as a redeemer who accepts His kids as leaders of the senseless.

  • faceless90 10w

    Denial of Heaven

    The blinded have risen since the crisis of riddance has denied many victims of enlightenment within their own minds plagued with vengeance because Christ wouldn't lift them to the skies with descendants whom have writhed since the women gave them life, but repentance wasn't quite what the kingdom had in mind so forgiveness wasn't likely to inch them toward the light of the Christians, but Belial's deep pit in the asylum where kisses are denied from the misses.

  • faceless90 12w

    Crimson Thoughts

    As I attempt to deflect the unpleasantness sent by digressing I sense that acceptance of dread will direct my depression to end once the depths of our hellish endeavors repent for their threats.

    Still forgiveness is not what's envisioned by pawns of their insolent god with his infinite flaws. The crimson one's called to extinguish the calm in the Christians who've flocked to their king on the cross.

  • faceless90 12w

    Death's Arms

    As I am greeted by death all the dreams that I've dreamt are repeating as sense is depleting as stress has exceedingly crept through my devious head while the beast we've elected is beating me dead.

    With everything lost I depend on the cross to extend both His arms and accept me as not a revengeful sick pawn whose been lead by the fawn of the devil whom thought that I'd never be God's.

    Still I reach out to Him as I'm bleeding within to reveal all the sins I've concealed since a kid. While kneeling I give God my reasons to live, He greets me with bliss as I feast on the grim.

  • faceless90 16w

    Repentance Denied

    With everything lost and all thoughts left to rot I repent unto God praying resting will fall upon many whom call to the Omega we all have accepted as guard of our festering hearts. Still we trek through the dark as the devil regards us as men whom he's charred deep in hell where the farce God we tempt to be ours has rejected the arms reaching heaven as shards of us shred up our hearts.

  • faceless90 19w

    All Knowing Killer

    The omniscient ghost with it's Christian hopes knows oblivion's close, but won't mention the crows coming into the slopes to initial the bones of the miserable souls that are withering slow.

  • faceless90 20w

    New Hellions

    Newly revived I exhume the demise that has truly defined me to mute it with lies I've construed in the mind that acutely was blind because muses of mine were rebuked by the cries of mutants inside of my beautifully bright unusual eyes that soon will be mine.

    Never again will these hellions exist in my temporal crypt before belting out hymns the angelicals sing in the heavens while sins they repent for begin to beget what they give.

  • faceless90 21w

    Shining Darkness

    Once darkness departs this artisans heart I shall pardon the scars given sparsely by shards that targeted arms disregarding the harm done to cartilage partly by carving apart; this body of mine until comets collide in the starkest of nights to dissolve any shine I have harbored in my incompetent mind until karma revives the intolerable light.

  • faceless90 27w

    Mutilated Mindstate

    My rapturous state that turned blackness to grey is now passing away as all happiness fades.
    Tragedies plague every facet of faith I have gradually gained through impractical praise.
    Pure sadness and angst now plaster the face that was glad until days were all damned by disdain.
    Reimagining what grace is I maddeningly pray to be granted an escape from this labyrinth of shame.

  • faceless90 28w


    While attempting to tame each identity caged in this vessel I break as adrenaline drains.
    Defenseless I face the terrestrial slaves as they trek through the waves of my peccable brain.
    Incomprehensible pain is excessive as they all conceptually plague my once sensible state.
    Once perception is slain and all temporal traits have been mentally raped only flesh shall remain.