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  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 1w

    What caused the night to permit stars shimmer
    Has the sky also started drinking the wine of humanity?
    Or the nightingale of equality escaped from the hands of God.Cause now the assembly of stars enjoy laughing at us


  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 1w

    May be u need to use ur unused mind to understand this lol

    In lieu: instead
    Alexithymia : a person who don't have feelings and emotions
    #wod #breakfast

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    Prepared her son the
    5 AM dreams for the
    sky in morning, in lieu
    of an omelet and a sun
    Amidst , And when
    the mother witnessed
    This, then drank she
    the wine of
    Alexithymia, and in
    the autumn she took
    the funeral of her
    Breathing son's corpse

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 2w

    #wod #monostitch
    @sumiinked I know it is not that good
    But it conveys a deep message
    Muadhin( the one who call people for nimaaz)

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    Children who once chased lost voices are now witnessing the dawn of silent muadhins
    Oh! Poet of those empty pages
    Kill today and let me write tommorow

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 2w

    Note: the poet isn't a human here
    The poet here complains about humans to lord

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    It was unbearable to curse spring by sending autumn, but then the limit reached when they killed bloom with the dagger of humanity,
    Yelled the celestial assembly
    I was also watching this scene somewhere in milky way ,That all of a sudden someone spit a dawn on the sky, Then all falled down
    Abode of stars too, Celestial assembly too, Me too We landed on the seventh verse of a poem titled as "weeps of  nobody's mother"
    Which said us that "this is the  garden which once emerged poets but now is  reigned by a drought" This also made me to shriek that
    Is this the same soil which once produced conquerers, who doesn't even leaved sky established their kingdom from nib to high
    How sad the scene was, Oh! Lord of two sunsets and two sunrises The heaven is painted with red hues And your perfections are murdering Roses on earth

    Ahh! Those were also my creation whose home fireflies came to borrow some shimmer
    Now the portrait of grief is painted such that
    The nightingale of peace is still calling the night
    But the moon isn't arrived yet
    The leaves of autumn are still burning the sky
    But the sun isn't died yet.

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 2w

    I came for love
    But you purloined my tales of "the dawn and the sun"
    Now the dusk which vomits night
    Is stitching my shredded sleeve of smile
    Now will you steal the sky too?

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 3w

    #wod #hyperbole
    It is the first time when I am posting two posts in a day

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    I was a shore for never ending conflicts
    But oh! (in)Humans you murdered me billion times
    Now come again shall you!
    But where will you find me in those infinite stars

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 3w

    Just a mess
    #wod #free

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    Portrait of life

    In the middle of the night I was sleeping in the bed of unheard November stories overlayed with the blanket knitted by some poet's poetries.And then all of sudden the night knocked on my door

    And said that I can't sleep! Then, I thought let's stitch the life's sunlight on night .And then, I said listen oh! Gloomy night Once a soul came in the vale of life While walking by he saw a mother
    whose castle was in heaven but her hut in earth,

    Giving birth to a human whose eyes were like god himself snatched a star and dragged a nebula inside it, whose beauty was like an angel of poets himself wrote it, crying like the mist in the wake of perusing my poignant poetries,

    and then he moved forward and saw a brook which was engulfing humanity where the mother was filling the water of humanity in the bottle of love sealing with some sun's purloined kisses for her 5 year old metaphor.

    And instants after that metaphor grew into a verse but was struggling in the gloom then nearby a firefly came who was emmiting enthusiasm and a voice came that "stars are also in the gloom but they are never lost, you are that star"

    And after some time that verse grew into a stanza and was biting the nails of despair cause he failed to call spring after the acceptance of autumn but when he heeded over sky he saw a falling man rising into a Divine angel

    and near by there was a nightingale singing the hymn that "there is no taste in flying if there is
    any taste that is in falling"
    And beside the brook there was

    an angel of death saying that poem, that now I have come to put a full stop on your poetic journey and you will not feel any pain just one touch and we will sail eternity.

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 3w

    (Maybe) #tautogram #wod
    @love_whispererr copied ur style sorry!

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    Humanity was there too, sowed as a sunflower , surviving beside a stream of serenity but sadly, he never saw his sun

    From a cruel poet| INHUMAN

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 3w

    #wod #myth
    Nafelibata : Walker's of clouds (here)snow

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    When autumn fails then snow falls

    When autumn fails to bridge the clouds
    Nafelibata falls,
    Nafelibata falls, the smiles that make a barren lawn into a paradise falls

    Hey! Snowy symbiote hold back
    Iet me drag a sun from my poetries
    As I can't see the flowers
    that once reigned my poetic
    heaven dying into a white hell

    Hey! cruel zephyrs hold back
    As I have witnessed and
    murdered five thousand
    and one hundred dusks To conquer one dawn of mercy let me pull it from my pocket

    Hey flowers I know the pain that you are suffering from has no taste,so let me prepare some metaphors of injured march.
    And oh! The harbinger of
    blossom come fast as tales are that the lockdown of healers will occur soon

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 4w

    #wod #chastushka
    thank u so much for EC (3)

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    The brush of spirituality was always visible to you
    But the thing that was concealed was the poetic hue
    don't lose yourself, it is nothing new
    Simply you Just need to tell your soul that who are you