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  • faizwani 18w

    The delicate branches of trust ,
    You use to lit the fire of love ,
    Will turn to ash someday .

  • faizwani 19w

    Loving someone who doesn't care
    Is like lamenting over someone's grave
    You don't really know,

    You keep shedding tears,
    But then notice everyone else does too.

  • faizwani 20w

    Heartbreaks are like pimples,

    You never know when is the next.

  • faizwani 20w

    Some feelings are like time,
    They pass silently and never come back.

  • faizwani 20w

    Syed Ali shah.

    I woke up with sleepy eyes,
    Peeping through window,
    Like everything had frozen during night,
    Kashmir caged in silence,
    Mourning screams from locked hearts,
    Spread in Air like fragrance of rose,
    Every bird had lost hope in wings,
    And humans fighting with walls of home,
    The silent September had brought some grief ,
    With first morning flashes of sun,
    Our leader had left us devoid of arms,
    But million tales of peace and norms.

  • faizwani 21w

    We are apart,
    Caged in equal bars,
    Guarded by memories,
    That don't let escape,
    We are waiting,
    For same time again,
    But held by dignity,
    That scare us to love.

  • faizwani 21w

    I live in a black room,
    And sleep on thorns,
    I am the one failed in love,
    Tears are my food ,
    And pain is my dopamine,
    I carry burdens free of cost,
    Fake a smile when everything is lost,
    I am the one jailed in charge,
    Of what I loved and what she Forge

  • faizwani 22w

    You aren't mine,
    Like moon,
    But I always stare you in nights,
    Because I can't own the moon,
    But I can love it more.

  • faizwani 34w

    I sleep with hope to see you again,
    A little more cute and little more pretty,

    My fingers are locked in fingers of yours,
    In heaven of flowers and high green grasses,

    The birds were quiet like darkness was fallen,
    Until you uncovered the brightening face,

    Your eyes are pearls left by angels,
    Your smile has power to tear the souls,

    Your scars are silent and face is white,
    You are my moon in gloom of night.

  • faizwani 34w

    Until my last breath I'll speak your name,
    I'll burn the shroud that covers your face,

    I have seen you pretty and white,
    In the darkness devoid of light,

    I'll bury my body next to you,
    To see your light shining with soil,

    You have always colored my eyes,
    With colorful dresses and colorful dyes,

    I'll sit by you in every night,
    And search for shroud you went in white,

    I'll scream your name in nights of June,
    Like howl of wolf in love of moon.