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  • falak_k 18w

    Heyya. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive!!

    #monostitch @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Quick question.. why is my post appearing soo long⁉️

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    People commit fraud, robbery, felony
    They don't commit suicide
    And still it's the considered a sin, a crime

  • falak_k 33w

    Posting something in hindi after a long time cuz @dipsisri asked me to :) I hope it's good enough♥

    Ps. I didn't intend it to be so ://ish

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    आजकल रिश्ते ऐस छूटते हैं
    जैसे हर साँझ को सूरज डूबता है
    खुशियों की लहरे जैसे समुद्र के किनारे
    मेरे पाँव से छूकर फिर कहीं गुम हो जाती है

    मुसाफिर बहुत थे हमारे साथ सफर के प्रारंभ मे
    पर ना जाने कब हाथ छूट गए और मंजिलें अलग हो गई
    प्रतिज्ञा लि थी हमेशा हमराही बन् रहने की, पर हमेशा शायद यही तब का था
    अब कहीं ना कहीं हमारी सारी यादें भी मानो अनजान शहर में सो गई

    कभी कभार सिहरन सि महसूस होती है जब पुरानी तस्वीरें निहारति हूँ
    वो हँसते,खिलखिलाते चहरे मुझे आज का अकेलेपन अहसास दिलाते हैं
    अब तो सर झुकाकर चलना शुरू कर दिया है, उपर देखती हुँ तो
    मेघ शून्य फलक कि धारा पे विचलित, काले बादल भर गए हों ऐसा प्रतीत होता है

  • falak_k 34w

    Wait what! I can't believe my eyes��
    Thankyou soo much for the repost ❤❤ @writersnetwork

    #impermanence #writersnetwork #dovereadz #ceesreposts #sky

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    Life is like sky
    Embedded with plethora of stars one night
    And drearily empty the other

    Cloudy with a depressive tone one time
    And clear as a crystal the next

    Sometimes pouring incessantly
    And sometimes barren as a desert

  • falak_k 35w

    Have you ever peeked through the window of your balcony
    Watching the sun set as darkness arrives
    Spectacularly red and orange hues slowly subside
    Revealing the twilight sky
    Redolent of half hearted smiles, dreams, promises
    And wondered..
    'What if I'm not there to watch it rise again?'

  • falak_k 36w

    You know it's so strange, most of us must have said this at some point, 'I just want to have a plain, ordinary life'. But the truth is, there is no such ordinary life. We all are the protagonists of our own worlds. We all are warriors fighting for our lives, seeking victory. And what makes the victory so sweet? It's the struggles of our past that we thought we couldn't conquer, but we did!

    PS. Watching too much of kdrama, W... Lagta hai ussi ke side effects hain��

    #spectacle #dovereadz #ceesreposts #writersnetwork

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    We aren't just selfish human beings
    But sadistic, self-centered readers as well
    Subjecting our favourite protagonists to the
    Extremities and harsh realities of the virtual world

    Complaining about the atrocities in our life
    We wish everything could go smoothly here
    But when it comes to storylines in novels and movies
    We have a rather hypocritical approach

    We like to see them drown in neurosis
    So we can jump in trepidation along with them
    When it feels like they entered impasse
    Shove them a ray of light at the end of tunnel

    When things are moving on track, bring a deadly twist yet
    Because we would like to witness mayhem again
    Time for the final showdown, if they conquer
    Only then, they get to have a happily ever after

    That's the conspiracy set by the writers
    Which is praised by the plethora of audience
    But when the creater of this universe does the same
    We, the characters, claim this to be injustice

  • falak_k 36w

    Poems are mosiac made up of broken pieces of heart
    Yes, the pieces that were once ethereal
    Are now cold and hardened as a stone

    They were once beautifully collected
    In an alluring shape, symbolic of love
    Look, what has cordolium done to them

    Who knew all this suffering would turn him into
    A poet, whose hand still aquivers while penning down
    The emotions his stoic self dreaded to say out loud

    Playing with the words and syllables
    Adjusting them to rhymes and strutures
    Is the one thing that liberates his mind to live in ukiyo

    When his broken heart was abandoned
    Poetry held his hand, picking up the pieces
    And fixing them with the glue of it's warmth

    #mosaic #dovereadz #ceesreposts #writersnetwork

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  • falak_k 36w

    You have been and always will be my inspiration
    The guiding force within my universe
    Who introduced me to the thriving creater
    I didn't know i had in me

    When i poured the concealed emotions
    Of my heart on a piece of paper
    You didn't judge me like others would
    Instead called those words a piece of art

    When i filled the blank canvases
    With colours that spoke to my soul
    Your heart of gold, it saw the beauty
    That could not be told, only be felt

    Let my fingers tap throughout the lengths of piano
    In the rhythm that felt just right
    The colourful sound the back and white keys created
    You heard them as sweet, sothing melodies

    I set loose the parts of my body
    Let them go wherever the wind would take me
    You didn't mind the unusual postures or body movements
    What you saw was a girl dancing her heart out

    With you..
    I am everything
    I have everything
    If i am fire, you're my fuel
    If i am an artist, you're my muse
    I'm the wind that can freely blow in your place
    I'm the star who loves scintillating in your sky
    You allow me to be myself, love myself ♡

    #audience #wod #writersnetwork #dovereadz #ceesreposts

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    Disoriented art piece
    Or a beautiful mess
    It's all about what you see me as :)

  • falak_k 36w

    When life comes at you like speed of lightning
    Crushing every bit of your confidence
    Like the crippled pieces of paper
    Don't you throw that in the bin
    Mold and shape it the way you like
    Make beautiful origamis
    Out of earth shattering disruptions
    You never knew
    Chaos could illuminate so bright

    #dovereadz #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #origami #wod
    #lame i know��

    Would u believe me if i told you mirakee loved this post so much that it posted it 8 times!!?

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    When life comes at you like speed of lightning
    Crushing every bit of your confidence
    Like the crippled pieces of paper
    Don't you throw that in the bin
    Mold and shape it the way you like
    Make beautiful origamis
    Out of earth shattering disruptions
    Voila! You never knew
    Chaos could illuminate so bright

  • falak_k 37w

    #hibernation #writersnetwork #wod #ceesreposts

    Just a short mention to @diabolic_sugar thankyouu so muchh darlo, your words literally made my day❤❤❤
    @daisy_t you too, sweetheart ❤❤��

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    Oftentimes it gets harder to breathe
    I got nothing to do except seethe
    When the winds blow rough
    And the times get tough
    Beyond my control
    Peace leaves my soul
    All i can say is, leave me alone
    Else you'll see a side of me i never wanted shown
    All i can do is, hide and pray
    Hibernate till the storms walk away
    Yes, that's my life and probably my destiny
    Maybe that's why I'm afraid of coming under scrutiny
    I don't want you to see me with pity, or with enmity
    So pardon me, sometimes i want to hide away with tenacity

  • falak_k 37w

    We got so much to grab from the present moment
    A vast stretch of ocean in front of us
    Yet all we focus on sometimes is the past