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  • faulty_puppet 2w

    Sometimes, all you can do is live with the pain

    #hurt #regrets #loss #pain

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    Madhosh hoon
    Kuch lamhon me ghum
    Hoon mai in hawaaon mein
    Door behte lamhon me ghum

    Kuch rishton ke wajood se hoon
    Kuch khoye logo me ghum
    Mutthibhar khushiyon se door
    Bangle me qaid dard me ghum

    Ek rishta toot sa gaya hai
    Usse judi yaadon me ghum
    Ek wajood se bichda hoon
    Apni ek aur choti si maut me ghum

    Woh takiya mera humsafar
    Usme kuch aansoo hue ghum
    Aaj thoda aur anaath hoon
    Lamhein yaadon ke qabr me ghum

    Madhosh hoon
    Ghum main kahi
    Thoda bikhra hu ab
    Mai ab aur mukammal nahi


  • faulty_puppet 3w

    The Yellow Bag

    I have made a new friend
    Stays with me through the day
    Carrying the love and efforts
    Of someone who shines like a new ray

    I haven't had a name for you
    You are my precious yellow bag
    Home to a certain love
    A love that maybe I have lacked

    The yellow bag, steady on all terrain
    Has a silent message
    The bag and it's love will stay
    And be my constant monsoon rain

    Sometimes I love what it has
    And I have made faces on days
    The yellow bag, unruffled, says
    This is love, don't be such an ass

    It doesn't make a scene
    At times it doesn't intervene
    The yellow bag nestled in a corner
    Comes closer only in the canteen

    I have made a new friend
    I call it as my precious yellow bag
    Carries my few broken dreams
    Carries dreams lately I never had


  • faulty_puppet 3w

    Wasted Moments

    Journey from I know to we know
    With the paint of the pain
    Drove a burly black ride, to hide
    My flat lining brain

    She's a fiery burner, charmer
    Ready to light the flame
    At times a ticking time bomb
    Waiting to blow me away

    I count my seconds to waste a moment
    Countless prayers to be forgiven

    Messy was her boyfriend, with no kin,
    Running against the flow
    No matter the day, the day ends
    Together with the wrongs

    He's like gun fire, fired
    Raged blanks in the night
    Searching for a pyre, lighter
    To escape the fright

    I count my seconds to waste a moment
    Mending where lines are broken
    Price to pay when you are living
    Countless prayers to be forgiven

    A lifetime wasted counting moments
    Sinking through the lines broken
    Price to pay when you are living
    Live a life that's unforgiven


  • faulty_puppet 4w


    He used to play with his gang
    Pass countless hours in his own merry land
    He used to shun all the pain
    When the fun rushed through his veins

    He pretends, he's okay, but no one sees
    In his eyes hiding, all the fright
    He's petrified
    Take him home, before it's a waste of life

    He pastes a smile on his face
    Greets and meets everyone on his way
    He holds on to a hand at night
    While he plays his death in his mind

    Everyday he is a bit dead
    Killed by the thoughts in his own head
    He had dreams in the eyes
    All he knows is how dreams have died

    He pretends, he's okay but no one sees
    His hollow eyes, his silent cries
    That he's terrified
    Take him home, before it's a waste of life

    Everyone who watched this show
    Watch while he disappears as we know
    Do him a favour and don't ignore
    As he sits on a lonely shore

    Everyone privy to his shows
    Watch as his loneliness grows
    Do him a favour and don't ignore
    Walk with him on his lonely road

    'Cause he is still alive


  • faulty_puppet 4w

    The Boat

    I float in this endless sea
    Mindless, spineless
    At times a pretentious me
    Tides unsteady
    Winds getting heavy
    A boat untied
    Unattended, undefended
    Floating before I sink defeated

    The water cold, unforgiving
    Consuming, confusing
    Droplets slowly painfully engulfing
    Words and the advices
    Cherries, poisonous berries
    Smiles and their charade
    Walking the perfect parade
    Listening like the dead and decayed

    Walking among the sea of faces
    Another day ends with worthless embraces
    End of my days, of my ways
    My words labelled as a suicidal head case
    The shallows slow me down
    And there is too much to drain
    But I have specialized in trying
    Lying, crying, breathing, undying

    As I float in this endless sea
    Hopeless, dreamless
    Just an empty shell of me
    Warring waves
    My mind an endless hollow cave
    A boat orphaned
    Harshened, worsened
    Floating in my own introversion

    A boat forgotten
    Untrodden, rotten
    Embracing hell, my only heaven


  • faulty_puppet 7w

    Mujhe Darr Lagta Hai

    Mai khud se thoda naraaz hu
    Apne aaj se darr lagta hai
    Mai khud se thoda niraash hu
    Yaadon ko yaad karne se darr lagta hai

    Mai tujhse na rutha kabhi
    Bas tere maujoodgi se darr lagta hai
    Sochu ke tu hai ke tu nahi
    Shayad teri kami se darr lagta hai

    Mai apne saaye se chupta hu
    Use dekhne se darr lagta hai
    Apne aks se nazre churata hu
    Nazre milane se darr lagta hai

    Mai jee raha adhoore lamhon me
    Unhe chodkar marne se darr lagta hai
    Mai marta hu thoda roz
    Ab to jeene se bhi darr lagta hai

    Mai ek waqt se ubhra nahi
    Us ateet se darr lagta hai
    Agar zindagi isi ka naam hai
    To ab zindagi se bhi darr lagta hai

    Mai hasta hasata chalta hu
    Ruku to behte aansuon se darr lagta hai
    Najane hu mai kitna istiqlaal
    Kyuki mujhe bhi darr lagta hai


  • faulty_puppet 9w

    The Fool

    The days say it’s three decades gone
    Times a king but always time’s pawn
    As I look back to all the missed dawns
    A fool I have been repeating all my wrongs
    A fool paved way for all that’s gone

    Rebelled to all your words
    Arrogance while I lost myself at the turns
    Walked till I fell in a hole of leeches and worms
    Now I just sit and count the nothings I earned

    A fool I have been
    To turn away from your words
    A fool I have been
    To open the doors to all the hurt
    A fool I have been
    For all my arrogant outbursts
    A fool I have been
    Destroying my only world

    Days add to the three decades lost
    I look back to all that it cost
    All the blessings I tossed
    A fool I have been left with none but remorse
    A fool who made sure his dreams he crossed

    A fool I have been
    For the path I have taken
    A fool I have been
    To be so naïve and brazen
    A fool I have been
    And like fools I have been forsaken
    A fool I am
    To pave a path so broken


  • faulty_puppet 10w


    Turmoil is starting to bloom
    The paranoia rising from the fumes
    I dig deep to keep the pain below
    But we reap only what we sow

    Hopeless lights and empty scenes
    All my screams locked with hidden keys
    As I react with a frustrated mind
    I feel my fate is keeping me confined

    I feel kneeled to circumstances
    Broken after repeated instances
    Losing on time and chances
    Roadblock on all my advances

    Insidious mind control
    My will is taking its toll
    If I can for a moment just close my eyes
    Build a home with bricks of cherry lies

    Against a wall I am stacked
    I wonder if its time for a heart attack
    But I know that it’s not my end
    I won’t go down I will ascend

    This won’t be the circumstances
    You won’t break my defences
    I will still take my chances
    You will retreat with my advances


  • faulty_puppet 12w

    Gaanth (Knots)

    Ye rassi najane kitni door
    Kitna sehensheel
    Najane kitni nazook
    Dar dar ghiskar bhi tika hai
    Anjaan mod se joojhkar
    Andhere kono se guzarkar
    Fisool k gaanth me faskar bhi
    Ek anokhe safar me magan raha hai

    Kuch gaanth arso purane
    Aansoo bhare muskan ka ek tarana hai
    Kuch gaanth anisht
    Piche rehkar aage ka sabak bana hai
    Kuch gaanth raaste me gum
    Magar yaadgar woh bhi ek afsana hai
    Kuch gaanth adhoore uljhe
    Dheeth magar ab wajood begana hai

    Ye rassi waqt se harkar bhi
    Sab gaanth apne me liye chala
    Apni Seema se thoda bicharkar
    Yaadon ke geet gata chala

    Geet us gaanth ki
    Jisne geele waqt me sahara dia
    Geet us gaanth ki
    Jisne toote dhaago ko jaan dia
    Geet us gaanth ki
    Jisne har zakhm haskar seh lia
    Geet us gaanth ki
    Jisne toote rassi ko maut se chin lia

    Ye rassi aaj
    Safar ke aakhri peher par
    Dheer tujh jaise ek
    Gaanth ki intezaar me
    Ek naya mod lekar
    Apne safar me gehen
    Ye rassi chal pada ek
    Aakhri gaanth ke bharose me


  • faulty_puppet 12w


    Aaj main apni zubaan se niraash hu
    Iski beadbi ne tujhe rulaya hai
    Aaj main apne wajood pe niraash hu
    Mere safar ne mujhe khokhla banaya hai

    Tujhme ek darpan paya hai
    Apne khokhlepan se roobaroo kiya hai
    Teri naraazgi tere aansoo ne
    Mujhe apne khamiyon se milaya hai

    Aaj mai apni soch pe niraash hu
    Meri soch shayad najayaz
    Magar aaj badi behrehmi se
    Tujhe bhi isne thoda toda hai

    Shayad khud ko sabse door kar
    Maine sukoon ko chaha tha
    Khud ko sabse door kar
    Maine khud ko hi khoya hai

    Aaj mai apne ateet se niraash hu
    Mujhme gairo ka zeher basa hai
    Aaj mai apne aap se niraash hu
    Mera wajood hi ab zehereela hai