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  • fayello 8w

    I Am Your Writer

    Oh let me write for your heart
    Oh let me pour out words of love for you
    Oh this wonderful feeling that subdues me
    Let's build a stronger one forever

    Let's form stories that will live to tell tales of our love
    Beyond the extent of our being
    Unconditionally, flatly and incomparable to our thoughts
    I zeal for our love to stand the trails of time

    One that keeps us together
    Protecting us from being hurt
    Oh let our love breach the deepest darkness
    Spreading its joy around
    And let our God be at the center of our love
    Guiding our steps
    Just as he guided me to you
    I love you

  • fayello 14w


    Your love is unique
    Without comparison
    Without faults
    Without impurities

    Your love is made for me
    For you first love me
    When you first met me
    And i first love you
    When i first saw you

    And now i can't
    Stop myself from loving you
    With all my being
    And all my heart

  • fayello 14w


    I have never been alone
    This heart beating in my chest
    Is a prove of companionship
    This thoughts are proves of partnership

    I have never been abandoned
    For my soul and body
    Reside together
    I may be lonely but never am I rejected

  • fayello 21w

    Sad Christmas

    Another christmas spent alone
    In a close place i was
    With no light to blind my eyes
    I feel lonely

    Yet another christmas spent
    With no one by my side
    Painful are the memories
    I posses of this day
    For they keep me deep
    In a well of sadness

    Yes another 25th December spent
    In the arms of darkness
    Far from joyful noise
    Far from seeing people happy
    Far from being with others
    In a corner of solitude

    It's another christmas day
    That opens wounds of my past
    Calling me for ransom
    For this day is a torn unto my soul

    In the end am lonely
    Left and caught up with nothingness
    So I guess i can only close my eyes
    And wish for this day to come to an end


  • fayello 22w

    Love you

    By your side my heart finds it's place
    A whole new level of love
    Love resplendecent like your heart
    Love gifted by God
    It's gracious grace is a veil
    Unto the beauty of your soul

    I love you my princess

  • fayello 22w

    Missing you

    I count each passing day
    With the expectation of seeing you
    Maybe soon but yet
    It feels like an eternity
    Times seem to slow down
    Each time I think of you

    Your presence is all I need
    Just as you are all I want
    Your absence reminds me
    That the time we spent together
    Is far beyond precious
    And should be cherished pricelessly

    Far from you feels like
    A torture to my soul
    For I feel empty without you
    Yet I keep waiting
    Seconds turn to minutes
    Minutes turn to hours
    Days turn to weeks
    And I can only hope of seeing you soon

  • fayello 22w

    Lord of the rain

    From high up I watch
    Each living being
    And each time
    I have the same thought
    This beings are selfish
    Yet they justify this with good and evil

    I am an endless cloud of darkness
    That hovers around the world
    I am the representation of their sins
    My coming announces punishment
    As well as cleansing

    When my anger is unleashed
    A mighty rain descend
    Indiscriminately it falls
    Some curse me while others rejoice
    Some die while others keep living
    They call me Nimbus cloud

    I am nimbus
    The first descendant of destruction
    I was created to mock at this beings
    I the mighty one made
    In the era of gaints

    God crafted me to destroy
    And flood the earth with his anger
    And since then I exist
    His anger is mine
    And now I'll forever remain
    Nimbus Lord of the rain

  • fayello 22w


    I watched you go
    And tears dropped down
    It felt like
    I was striped off something
    Priceless in value

    I feel like am suffocating
    Your absence is killing me
    Miles away from you
    My heart beats sadly

    I know you love me
    And I love you too
    But the distance is real

    I wish for you to be in my arms
    So I can gently whisper the word

    I Love You

  • fayello 22w

    Would you hold me
    Closer to you
    So I can feel
    The warmth of your love

    Would you love me
    Fearlessly so I can
    Know no one else
    Can have me but you

    Would you declare it
    The love you have
    The profoundness of it's
    Virtuous eminence of power

    Would you stop
    Holding back to the past
    Where your expectations
    Were ruined

    Would you trust me
    So we can build
    A new story
    The story of unfailing love

    #love #don'tgiveup #believe #you #him #her #feelings #fear #courage #motivation

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    Would you?

    It maybe tough to start from zero.
    But sometimes it's worth it.
    To the broken hearted
    Love is not dead
    It's deep in you
    So don't lock it up


  • fayello 22w


    Are you scared
    Not knowing what to do
    Confuse if you should hold on
    Doubting if it is right

    Then listen
    I am scared as well
    I don't want to lose you
    But believe me I love you

    Listen again
    I don't know what to do
    I'll always be there for you
    But know I honestly love you

    Hear me
    I love you
    I'll always do
    My love is yours