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  • feeltheword 1d

    I now understand why the silence is so painful.

    In every silence, you're choosing her.


  • feeltheword 8w

    Keeper of Grey

    Winter hold me close

    Let your shade warm me, even through your chill

    Let your frost protect my tender heart

    Bathe my soul in grey

    Keep me from your bitterness

    Gently guide me through your storms

    Summer will come soon

    We will dance in the warmth of it's rays


  • feeltheword 11w

    I forgive myself for feeling.


  • feeltheword 13w

    How deep is your love?

    Peel back your skin
    Expose your veins
    Inside our hearts are all the same

    Quiet strength
    Murderous force

    A father bears arms
    A mothers embrace
    A stranger wipes blood off an innocent child's face

    Oh gentle dove
    Show them peace
    Send them love


  • feeltheword 13w

    Reality doesn't sparkle quite like fantasy does.


  • feeltheword 13w

    Agree or not?

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    What kind of man walks away from deep love?
    One that either doesn't feel the same or one that is absolutely terrified of it.

  • feeltheword 15w

    What are yours?

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    Love Languages

    ♡ Presence
    ♡ Touch
    ♡ Passion
    ♡ Beauty
    ♡ Expression
    ♡ Laughter
    ♡ Reliability
    ♡ Kindness

  • feeltheword 18w

    You love them, but do they love you? ��

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    There are people that are not interested in loving

    They only just want to be loved

  • feeltheword 18w

    A Heart

    A Heart is

    It is
    Or Thorns

    It is
    Or Steel

    It is
    It is real
    It is Open
    Or Locked

    It is tender
    Or blocked

    It is barbed wire
    Or a cleared path

    A Heart is
    Or Caged
    It is Peaceful
    Or Enraged

    A heart is vulnerable
    A heart gives or it takes
    It withholds love or it makes

    A heart is a choice.


  • feeltheword 18w

    If it works you were brave, if it doesn't you were a fool, so who cares? Just jump! ❤

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    The only difference between bravery and foolishness is the outcome.