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  • fellowtraveller 1d


    The cloudy clusters of cynical sky hovered above her frail frame. Her bony hands clutched the worn out ends of the baggy cloth adorning her skeletal form. Breeze swept the orphaned waves of sobs threatening to spill from her clogged heart. Sweats of past seemingly kissed her forehead once, when her scarred memory lanes held a silent scream in her furrowing eyebrows.

    She walked through the remains of the home which was promised to her by someone she trusted once. Tracing the burnt ends of buried memories, her skin crawled back, fearing the vulnerability of reliving them. It feels unfamiliar now.. Or was it her trying to convince herself that acknowledging the familiarity of the nostalgic scent of hominess would break that last thread of hope she was holding on for her dear life.. But it wasn't easy to disregard the laughs coming from inside her supposed home. Her eyes betrayed her, while a silent tear escaped without her knowing... She ran without looking back... Her home had new visitors.. And she was robbed of the safety promised to her. After all, it was her curse to mistake kindness as love. Once a loner, always a loner.


  • fellowtraveller 4w

    Another random post, which might possibly won't make sense..

    Thankyou so much for reading❤

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    Her dawns were dressed as dungeons, devouring the dainty daffodils in her dusky soul, cuddling the weeds fallen under her feet stepping in her tomorrows.Skeletal scavengers scattered around her soulless yesterdays, savouring the crumbs past left behind, shadowing the sun from the bars which kept her chained..

    She was a wild soul, running away from the crowd into the arms of the woods where her soul felt light, with no sights of tomorrows withering her down. She was that lost firefly in the daylight, hiding away from the colourful butterflies, fearing the darkness in her soul would strip their palettes away. None saw her in the darkness, when her wings lighted the woods or her laughs echoed in the sky, for they only loved the Sun, the butterflies, the light..

    Her soul held the world of vintage
    Not knowing her heart was sold to the cold
    Looking for love in all the wrong places
    She lost a battle she never knew she fought
    Knocking the doors, for a home in which
    She will just be enough...
    Sooner or later, she realized..
    None could hold her madness
    For she a wild child, born for the woods
    To seed and moon to weed
    Yet grateful for the souls who seeks
    Solace in her warmth temporarily
    Only to leave when dawn arrives..


  • fellowtraveller 6w

    Dk what i wrote actually!.. This piece, although might not be good, is really precious and personal to me cuz i wrote this for someone who is a part of me.. Someone who will always have their mark in my soul..Someone whom i would like to hold close as long as i can..someone who will always be my human forever, no matter, how much we may/ might drift away... Someone who will either turn out to be a beautiful memory to carry to my grave or the most beautiful scar i will adore, no matter how bad it burns..... ...and many more cuz you are you��

    Edit.. I lived a lie since ever..

    Thankyou so much for reading dears❤.. Ik i haven't been active here and am missing out on a lot of your posts. I will surely get back to y'all and read them❤

    @writersbay #yournamec

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    I hid your name in the scarlet calligraphic letters my quill bleeds, for the amaranthine constellations, moon marvels in her hyacinthian hallucinations..

    I hid your name in my scars, away from the greedy grimaces of gorgeous eyes, to warm my devastating destinies, a silent hym for everything that led me to you...

    I hid your name in my starving soul
    For you are meant to be hidden
    From the tainted palettes of this world..

    They called us fire and ice
    The flames, flakes and afterburns
    You bled red for all the cold i left
    I shed silver, for all the burns u nest

    You are my moonlove
    My Sun-dove, for you i owe
    Aeonian mistletoe memoirs
    Chasing the dawn together
    Hunting the dusk we wither
    Wonder why you left me here..
    In the midst of nowhere..
    Wish i could hold you forever
    For you are mine for ever..
    Or so i lived a lie since ever..


  • fellowtraveller 8w

    #lovec @writersbay

    Note: This is my interpretation of love or forevers in general which doesn't mean there is some beautiful bonds out there��

    No meanings attached.. Might not make sense or be reader worthy.. Loosely connected with clusters of verses and letters..

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    Fragile forevers

    Forevers were always endearing and enticing. One which always makes her heart beat a little close to the eternal strings of fantasy. One which always blankets her soul in the vintage palette of abstract alliterations..

    The familair yet unfamilar barrenness each cups of coffined drowsy despairs left behind, leaves a bitter taste of leftover chewed analogies cradled her never ending heart breaks for belongingness..

    Dawns devoured her dreams with a pinch of delusional daintiness Sun debted..
    Dusks savoured her screams in the name of silvery scars moon mended..
    Dancing the night away with the demons in her head, she whispered sweet nothings to the mountains..

    Ashes of forevers adorned her doorways. Each time she chants, 'no more' while the moon silently sighs knowing she was all along the antagonist who pretends to be the protagonist of her untold tale.. Looking for love in all the wrong places, like the saying goes, she called herself a Saint who slits her own heart in dark welcoming the Sinner in her home..

    Her forevers were fragile, so was she!


  • fellowtraveller 10w

    Note : Felt like penning down something after many days.. And this will be a mess.. Pls ignore if its not making any sense..might delete it later.

    Thankyou for reading��

    Dear person i could never forget,

    Its been six years without your warmth in this earth.. Six sunny summers, smothering Springs, analogical Autumns and Whispery Winters without your sighs here. Sun still claims the dawn which we once shared and Moon still rules the night which we once neared..

    The promises we made to each other were frosted in the first Winter you left me here. I still visit the soil which held the ashes of your dreams six years before.. And will you believe me, if i say, the ashes still burnt my fingers today when i felt them? You know, they say, the dead ones have it easier but the one who remains cradles the crumbs of memoirs we knitted together..

    Your last artwork was a shelled butterfly.. The woman who birthed you still treasures the art in her bedside table. You remind me of a betrayed butterfly.. One which was too bright and colourful for this dim world.. Your wings were teared even before you tried to spread them. When moon devours the sky breeding twillight, i imagine you flying among the lost stars like you always wanted to do.. I wish i was there to witness it...

    You want me to smile and am trying each day.. Will you come back just once to tell me, am doing good?. Is it okay to scream aloud to the world outside that am falling apart and i have no hands to hold me? Humans are strange di.. I don't know how should i act around them. I still get blinded by few affections and find myself seeking validation.. Reminding me the human in me is still there..

    Nights like this, when am all alone with our memories you adorned once, Will i be vulnerable if i admit am missing you..?Will you still wrap me in your blankets and keep me safe from the world? Will you wake me up from this nightmare and tell me it was a bad dream? Will you keep your promises this time, for all the dawns and dusks to come?

    Cheers to all the dusk and dawns we shared
    For all the waves we conquered together
    I wish i said this enough sister..
    I felt safe with you..

    #movingonc @writersbay

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    The betrayed butterfly

    She reminded me of a betrayed butterfly
    One which was too colorful for colorblind eyes
    Whose wings were ripped apart even before
    She tried to spread them weaving a horizon.


  • fellowtraveller 12w

    Note:.. Random thoughts.. Might not make sense

    Tucking the unruly curls fanning her freckled face, she walked along the sidelines, chasing another dusky eve of anonymous autum night.. Browny clusters of leaves crumbled under her bare feet, smudging the mist of yesterdays, shadowing her tomorrows with them.

    She stopped at the very familar rock bed holding the Ocean apart from the shore, which was all along her destination. Setting apart the worn out journal in her hands near her torned sweater, her gaze locked with the scarlet hues in the sky, as if it was blushing under the heated gaze of the God of Dawn, the Sun.

    Her bare feet dangling from the rock, experimentally touched the wet sand under her, it felt nice to be at the receiving end of affection some times, she mused.. The waves caressed the shore and whimpered desperately when the ocean pulled them back to the never ending depths inside its bosom. Still the waves kept coming back to the shore, fighting against the odds, and back to home.

    Oh! They would make a great pair! The nomadic wanderer breeze nodded to her inner thoughts..she breathed the new stories lingering in the warm breaths of breeze blanketing her frail frame, all alone, amidst a dusky eve in a rock bed. She knew the familiar scenary that will play like a movie before her eyes..

    The sky will start protesting in pallets of yellow and red against the departure of Sun, like a child abandoned. Soon the Ocean would devour the Sun. Midnight stars would inhale the aroma of the scarlet hue Sun left behind. Lantern lights would adorn the ships going to neverlands where the moon rains stars and Sun snows.. But she will remain the same, all alone, amidst the rock bed.

    Her eyes held an autumn which couldn't fall anymore, for she knows, there will be no hands to hold her forlorn weeds. Her heart, now a graveyard of sunny memories coated with the spring memoirs left behind by temporary moments and companions.. Her Soul, frosted with the icy despairs of loneliness, Winter gifted her..

    She sat along the rock bed, breathing the stars, hoping they would heal her scars. She wished the night never ends for she can still dream that the moon will shine the night, just for her.. Her journal left behind for the breeze to steal her scars, she closed her eyes, hoping the dawn never comes..

    An autumn reverie...

    #octfarewellc @writersbay

    Thankyou so much for the ❤ and kind repost (3) @writersnetwork.. This was totally unexpected but am more than grateful for your presence here��

    Thankyou so much @writersbay for �� and comment.. Really means a lot ❤

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    Eyes clad in anonymity autums gifted
    She a wayfarer, under the Cosmic abundance
    Soul frosted in serendipity Winter knitted
    She a weed, amidst the bundle of rose buds..
    Heart a graveyard of sunny camouflage
    Coffined in the memoirs spring left behind..


  • fellowtraveller 13w

    @princessfuzzy.. Parutty, happy birthday love❤ stay happy and blessed always��.. Am late and i wanna write a little something for you����... Idk if this is lame��.. But yk i lub u������

    ജന്മദിനാശംസകൾ.. കുറച്ച് മലയാളം കിടക്കട്ടെ ����

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    Happy Birthday Paru

    Million travellers on the road
    Yet our paths collided..
    I found a sister in you, a dear one
    I found a writer in you, a healer
    I found a friend in you, an adorable one
    Like a lost star amidst the dark night
    You will forever shine my moonflower
    Million travellers on our way
    But you remain one of my favourite..
    Wishing my beautiful adorable cutie pie
    An amazing birthday ahead❤
    Happy birthday my dearest fellow traveller
    Cheers to more dawns and dusk
    Where your quill forever inks


  • fellowtraveller 13w


    Most people are Castaways
    Who once loved and lost forever
    Never to be found among
    the mistletoe memoirs..

    Northern lights and Norwegian nights
    The sky held us tight, but we lost our fight
    Cuddles caramels and Carpe diems
    Oh, the crumbs, coffins and Cathartic sighs

    Now me a wayfarer, you a Wanderer
    Will our sky be the same again?
    Will you meet me in the middle
    Of nowhere, but near near
    And kiss the scars your love left behind..

    Add another line in the epilogue
    Of our mistletoe kisses and memoirs
    A happy ever after under the northern lights
    One which was lost and never found..


  • fellowtraveller 14w

    Without her!

    One day she will fade away
    Leaving no traces of her chases
    None shall follow her trial
    For she an abandoned tale..

    Sun will adorn aeonian dawns
    Moon will weather wayfarer stars
    Breeze will harbour the crumbs of her tales
    To feed the Universe her orphaned scars
    The woods shall bloom, wither and frost
    Without her sighs to hold them tight..

    She wouldn't be missed
    For she a song that never rhymed..


  • fellowtraveller 14w

    Note : loosely connected.. Might not make sense!!!

    #stormc @writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    He was a pirate
    Mothered by the Sea
    Fathered by the Sky
    Armoured by the waves
    Scarred by the wars

    He a son, a warrior, a pirate
    The knight guarding the waves
    The human bred by the ocean
    He a God, a devil, a pirate

    Wielding the sails with his tales
    Which were quiet old, but none told
    He brewed stormy symphonies
    Waves his violin, shores his harmonies
    for his bride who will be dead by dawn

    Amidst a dark sky above his ship
    She blooms whispering stardusts
    For the man, who awaits her in his dock
    Brewing the storm for a forlorn story

    The story of a pirate and his moon..