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  • fierce_scorpio 23w


    Him: What kind of husband would you want me to be?
    Me: The kind you would want our daughter to marry.

  • fierce_scorpio 27w

    Coming home.

    After a lifetime of encountering things and trying to make them a part of your life, its sometimes hard to believe when something falls perfectly into place. In fact so perfectly that the little jigsaw fills all spaces you didnt even know existed.

    Its like a sailor who braved the roughest of seas finally falling into the embrace of his beloved on land.

  • fierce_scorpio 28w


    All girls dream of a grand wedding since they are young,
    But the moment you meet the One, you dream of a marriage and the wedding just becomes a step towards it.

  • fierce_scorpio 31w


    Humans are such an advanced species, but neither can they stop the shit that happens to them nor can they even avoid the shit the plunks on their face when they finally get to the shade of a tree.
    #whatisdevelopedthen #randomthooughts

  • fierce_scorpio 42w

    We chase after the perfect notion of happiness all our lives and inevitably become the worst person we can think of. Doing everything against what you are in pursuit of something that may not even exist.

  • fierce_scorpio 57w

    Relinquishing control

    When you try so hard to make the pieces fall into place and fail,
    Laugh, holler an ooo la la, and let go.
    And watch them fall into place better than before.

  • fierce_scorpio 64w


    Everytime I was losing a game at life, I needed a star player to help me get out on top. This time I have only one player and my best, MYSELF.
    And this time the whole game will change.

  • fierce_scorpio 90w

    Walk away

    If they do it once, they would do it again. People are incapable of change.
    Walk away.NOW

  • fierce_scorpio 91w

    People come into our lives at various times and often become the enemy we didnt ask for or the guardian angel you never knew.

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    Something good

    You are the 'something good' in my life when everything else is going inside the shredder

  • fierce_scorpio 95w


    The moment you know you are headed for the trainwreck of the decade and you close your eyes for just a moment of prayer,
    For another chance to live again.
    For another chance to love again.
    For another chance to feel again.