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  • fire_paradise_ 11w

    Not a #tilus though....
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Twelve words
    One heart
    Crouching on an open arc
    What do you expect ...?

    Lilies blowing out the wind
    Fingers raising high above our eyes
    Lips brushing harder than a ray of hope
    Irises rising deeper than a ocean of tears
    Riding inside
    Deep inside
    Deeper than the abyss of mahogany darkened caves
    Deeper than the violets crouching on our bays

    I write poetry
    And you suck them through my lips
    With sweet pantings
    Lit by your touch on my
    Bare delicate body with summer hopes
    When I murder poetry
    You give life to them
    Through a blow of dazzling stars
    If you'll break my life
    Who'll give me a right to
    Sing on ?

    We have dreams like summers
    Through our blue grey hearts
    Every dark inked night
    I imagine you beside me
    Touching my heart with your fingertips
    And sucking my bosom of love
    Looking at my eyes
    As I close my irises
    And touch my skin down
    To feel your embrace there

    I imagine your lips conquering
    Every part of my body
    Digging your fingertips into every corner
    And making my eyes rise and my lips open
    With sweet moaning of your name
    Riding your fingertips into my skin
    Feeling you deeply
    With a red high heart and a bouquet of roses
    On my bosom for you
    Will you paint it in
    Every colour of your paintings
    If I'll give you the brush of a right
    To explore me deeply
    And fulfill the wish of
    Craving your skin
    To brush on mine...?

    Let out your words
    Speak through your touch
    And I'll be a heart
    You can rely on forever..

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    For you...♡☆♡☆


  • fire_paradise_ 11w

    || Love plays for you :

    The hidden lips now shines with primroses as monologues are written in poetries on her skin , the last night sweet chaos , uttered by bitter sweet charms. The moon still blushes, while fingertips of him , moulds her body down her pathways , while her lips pants out sweet moaning lullabies closing eyes with pleasuere of souls brushing across her skin.

    The ever worn cleavage , now blushes with red marks and a bosom filled with love and the warmth of Paris romance.
    The skin still shimmers , while her eyes still shys away from his gaze through her sweet pantings. The sour thighs now utter sweet ruins of a midnight cruise headed on an aquamarine ocean , while his fingers caressses her breasts with utter petrichor hues.

    Her coffee planted arcs now shimmers with lullabies while her tightened breasts moans more through her parted thighs on a sweet fluffy cavern where intoxication got the best out of fingertips carrying each other.

    His fingertips caresses down his body still finding her sweet moaning warmth while her gaze diverts under her eyes to put a pause into their charms , on a sweet moaning day where the red wine and coffee honey spills all over their souls and naked canvases of love.

    Let the addiction be a sweet savoury morning betwixt the miseries of gazes.

    ~dedicated to a future lover ~


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    on a sweet moaning day where the red wine and coffee honey spills all over their souls


  • fire_paradise_ 11w

    || Repent ; not dressing the gown of confidence within you :

    I repent falling for liars
    Who laid under my eyes
    And backstabbed my primroses
    At my front yard
    With shackles of evil lies
    Like conifers murdered
    Through the castles of my chrysanthemums
    Drowned in their blood of
    Malicious blue greys
    Like burning tears
    On skies
    Of chaos

    I repent for
    Blue roses
    Which lays on my head
    And whispers mysteries of him
    On a blue ocean day
    Where his graveyard lays
    Under a blue grey
    On a day where
    His roses went unknown through my eyes
    A hidden heart
    Flipping under the pages
    Of a yard
    Where I long
    For his roses
    To be revealed

    I repent falling
    And withering my snow heart
    On the hands of the death
    (In my life )
    And dancing on the meadows
    On their thorns
    But not mine
    With an innocent heart
    And a wide smile levitating
    And digging into
    The abyss of their hunger games

    I repent
    I cry
    I die
    I dive everyday
    For not dressing
    The gown of confidence
    On my skin
    For a
    With hues of
    With just me and myself
    Within it


  • fire_paradise_ 11w

    || No Title (with roseless roses)
    Endless Story :

    On that lonely night , I regretted falling deeply for him like a rose being exhausted by the wind , I felt it too , for no apparent reason , where , I did get the comfort I longed for , but a lonely dark hole in the middle of my heart , a no where to me but a dead end for him.

    It made me think what made me into this feeling , a hollow crisp ?
    It was like a feeling for no apparent reason where I yelled around screaming I want to leave this , when someone asked why don't you end it then ?

    I was speechless , confused with nowhere to run off to , I just closed my eyes whispering that this isn't the right time afterall , to take decisions with confused emotions for no reason , just a reason (less) headache with a pinch of moodiness maybe ? , that's what it was after all.

    Day by day my heart has grown stronger and harder , with only my books and I.
    I do remember him , but not that much , just a pinch of memories , or do I sometimes imagine kissing his heart which is just a 1 percent of my unhidden imaginations ? Might be , though it's just a delusion beyond my eyes.

    I fell
    I broke
    Fell again
    Then cracked the jam out of my heart
    And fed him the lava
    Closed the crack
    As now it sighs
    To be erased unwillingly

    ~ my hidden emotions sizzling inside


  • fire_paradise_ 11w

    || Be the likeness of your dreams ;not heart :

    I would like to be the hidden pages
    Under the aquamarine sky
    Where dreams lay like flying fireflies
    On a berry honey day where
    Roses place their wombs on cores
    And write a riddle of valentine heartbreaks
    On a gloomy war bare
    Where shiny winters smile
    On my heart breaks
    And lay their ears on my
    Pounding flesh
    Just to see the hollowness
    Under the sky ( of a jail )

    I would like to be
    A coffee mug
    On a cozy mahogany table
    Where warmth lies with assurance
    And tips carries perfection
    Of comfort through breaths
    While fireplaces sing a harmony of Winters
    The euphoric lies ofsunsets
    Where dream catchers grow

    I would like to be a hidden opera
    On my lips
    And be the sunrise
    And moon Dawn
    Of my destiny
    From every other


  • fire_paradise_ 12w

    II Light my heart with your key :

    I'm a map in your chambers
    crying to your heart
    the directions of winds
    where the heart carries on
    Through the tips of my
    Gold chained key
    Thrusting the hole of destiny
    Through the veins of a compass
    Of my black nutted irises
    Weaving the North through my eyes
    And the south through my tongue
    Just for you
    On our milked
    blue misery needle
    Waiting to be threaded by the wool of North
    At your doorstep


  • fire_paradise_ 13w

    II World of mystery backlashes :

    our world is a
    crouched sphere filled with glaciers of snow
    Adorning the walls of hidden mysteries of destiny
    While we flutter like these snowflakes
    Uncertain of where to go yet
    As the snow globe
    Still sings the song of
    Harmony death - loves
    Through firefly orbes
    Of mystery tragic melancholia
    Through my glittery feather


  • fire_paradise_ 13w

    II Ten to be exact or bittersweet ; Meet my ruins there :

    i. When will you be the one who'll let go off a heart and watch the night sky with no love there ?

    ii . Will you be my sun forever or a heart to carry off with memories in my heart shaped necklace ?

    iii . Will you make my eyes drunk or lips sweat with misery tears , from your tips

    iv . Can you be for a night in my heart and a rise for my deepest secrets through my bosom of love

    v. Do you have a desire to burn me in your hearth of love thoroughly through a night

    vi. Does my absence help you a lot in life with butterflies to cheer

    vii . Did crushed dreams meet your depths while I'm gone

    viii. Are you feeling happy and content right now through your eyes and soul

    ix . Was a dark night a sunrise for your sense or an abyss to glide on

    x. Lastly , are you satisfied with your life to rely on , not a single absence but a hollow heart