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  • for_my_unicorn 20w

    It's my manu's birthday and I can't keep calm. I mean how you can keep calm on the day when the most precious human arrived to make this world special with her presence.

    You're an angel in a human's disguise
    Trust me when I say I haven't met a
    human this wise, while doing something
    for you I wouldn't even think twice,
    for you I can give away my pizza's
    last slice (��), for describing you no
    metaphor and words would ever be suffice!

    Well from the above poem which is more gone than a nursery poem, you would be able to understand that I ain't good at rhymes and writing down poems for my people because every word makes me feel like it's not enough, that no they're so much good then this, all my writing abilities bow before my close ones and they bow before you too!


    PS- I have closed the main account, I mean no more posts there but how can I not post about you at mirakee when it's the first place where miracle like you happened to me. So here's my nursery poem for you which was meant to be cute like you but ended up being silly like me.

    Hate the new update! Can't even post my collage!

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  • for_my_unicorn 30w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    I'm sorry for not writing to you for so long. But no matter what, I'll always be there for you. If not my words, my presence would still be hanging in the air no matter how far you are.

    You see angel, we all our strong humans. No matter how much we question ourselves and our abilities, we will always remain such strong humans who can go through struggles and still come out clean.

    In this journey, while moving towards our destiny, we would slide back, again climb up, feel like giving up and then suddenly have so much strength to move rocks away, and all this is a part of our journey. You would feel like you're failing but instead, you would be making this journey more strong. You would be becoming more immune to any hurdle coming in our way. But among all this, it's okay to sit down. As we sit down, we look down and see what we've left behind, you would see the footsteps which would be telling you that if you've walked till now then you can walk further too, that if you're sitting here reviewing your life then you are yet to see more of it. You would hear the roads calling your name, waiting to be touched by your beautiful and determination filled aura which they rarely come across.

    You have to walk for those roads, for yourself, for your people, to make this world better and to be the person whom one can look at with smiling eyes when they talk about goodness.

    It's not always easy to carry the weight of the things from the journey of the past, so it's okay to put the bag down, it's okay to scream loud, it's okay to create ruckus because it's a part of the journey. To shape ourselves better we have to break down from some places, to create a better us.

    From your miss kindness who loves and adores you the most ❤

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  • for_my_unicorn 38w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    I know you have been lately busy with work. You are moulding with the routine and you have been handling everything around you so well. But among this hustle, there are moments where the pain washes over again and you feel empty from within. It will happen.

    At those times I want you to remember that healing takes time. Some days you will slip back, you would get negative thoughts, you would feel like not being there anymore and I understand. But love, at those times I want you to not rush, I want you to close your eyes and remember that you have been doing so well. You have been coping up with everything so well.

    It's not possible to carry positivity on your shoulders every day. On the days where you want to let down your guards, let them down slowly, breathe and tell yourself that it's okay to fall, it's okay to just exist for some days, tell yourself that you will again get up and slowly step towards living life. Shrug off the negativity trying to walk towards your mind. Just remember of all the love people who love you, remember how they love you for even just existing.

    Lots of love to my unicorn
    and sorry for the late letter, was pretty busy.
    Though my love and warmth would always remain with you.

    Yours, miss kindness ❤

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  • for_my_unicorn 40w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    In this journey of life, you have so much to achieve, so many skies to smile at, so many people to meet. The life ahead is waiting to be touched by your angelic aura. When you would move forward, you would come across different aura and different variety of people, on few occasions you would want to open your heart and squeeze out all the pain you have been hiding behind your smile in front of them but some special breed of people wouldn't be able to understand your pain. Their words and sympathies may tire your heart because they wouldn't be able to comprehend that you don't need any kind of unjustified relatability from them towards your situation, you just need a heart which can understand yours, a soul which can hold yours in a comfortable embrace.

    But darling, I want you to hold onto patience at those times. I know you wouldn't easily let down your guards and pour out your pain but whenever you would do it and if the other person doesn't understand you then please hold on to the hand of patience. Please try not to frustrate yourself. It's just we are people with different mentalities, people with something else in our mind and something else in our reactions and that's why I always say that you stand different in this crowd. A girl with utmost purity in her thoughts, in her heart, in her soul.

    Honey, just remember that if any such situation occurs where people intensify your pain then just stop and look back, I would be there only one step beside you. Ready to hug you with comfort, ready to be there for you with our favourite pizza, ready to lay peace on all the chaos bubbling inside you.

    I love you

    Yours, miss kindness

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  • for_my_unicorn 41w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn,

    When I first saw your text on WhatsApp, when you shared the heartbreaking news with me, I was shaking with uncontrollable tears. You have been and would always be a sister, a wonderful friend to me and seeing your close one go through such hefty lose and still not being able to do something to reduce their pain because you are too far away from them is a type of pain for which I can't form words.

    In this hustle of pushing each other away so that one could reach their destiny which isn't their destiny, you are the angel sitting on the bench by the lamp looking at everything unfold before you with serene aura and calmness in her bones. You are the type of person which makes others crave the aura you hold, which makes other question the rat-race life they have been living. You have an influence which the world, which the universe needs. You are one of those angels whom God sends to earth as an eye-opening reality. You look like a replica of all the kind goddesses and revolutionary women I have read about.

    You inspire me and so many people in ways which you don't realise but I want you to realise. I want you to stop and remember all those times when you made your family and all those people close to you proud about being able to have a person like you in their lives. My strong strong unicorn. This world needs you, your family needs you, the people close to you need you, I need you. You are one of those people whom I know would step out of all the pain and would set up an example amongst others that one could still be strong, that one could still establish their life, that one could still have hope within their bones even after suffering a pain which no hope note can reduce.

    I love you.

    Yours miss kindness

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