a version of me, in the wrong wrapping paper

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  • foreverseptember 1w

    Cold Light Of Day

    Darken my door,
    With your feeble frame,
    I'll welcome you in,
    Tend your frailty again,
    Be my attrition,
    My harsh stumbling block,
    I'll still circle you faithfully,
    As hands do a clock,
    Press close in violence,
    Strike harder than steel,
    I'll submit my surrender,
    To the darkness you wield,
    Hold my attention,
    With the love you purvey,
    Then, be gone in an instant,
    In the cold light of day.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Lost, Forever More

    A long time in the pauses,
    Holding court with uncertainty,
    I'm the last to ring the changes,
    From my church of anxiety,
    I cast my eyes to heaven,
    In this season, full of rain,
    Maybe in all my constant drowning,
    I'll forget to breathe again,
    A long way through the thickets,
    Thorns buried deep, bleeding still,
    I'm no sacrifice of reason,
    I'm just a product of free will,
    I extend my arms in searching,
    For the truth I was before,
    Perhaps there's no other feeling,
    Than to be lost, forever more.

  • foreverseptember 2w

    I've Changed Now

    I cannot say a darkness,
    Came to dwell amidst my soul,
    I only know, I've changed now,
    From a past I'm letting go,
    There's been a lot of silence,
    No words by which to gauge,
    Where my thoughts were going,
    Well, it's time to turn the page,
    I will not say a longing,
    Made me uproot all I knew,
    What I will say is, I'm different,
    I'm starting out anew,
    On the greatest of adventures?
    Perhaps one day I'll see,
    If having the strength to follow dreams,
    Worked out the best for me.

  • foreverseptember 3w

    Golden Statues

    We dance in silence,
    Sweet lavender,
    Mauve is our shield,
    Our silken banner,
    In sleep, as warriors,
    Our foes denied,
    Their dark victory,
    Over endless light,
    We live in violence,
    Cruel travesty,
    Magenta breath,
    Cold majesty,
    In life, as sentinels,
    God like values,
    We are the sheen,
    Of golden statues.

  • foreverseptember 5w

    Be Calm

    Breathe easy now,
    Hold no rigour in your frame,
    Change will happen, sometimes,
    As sure as falling rain,
    Pushing hard against reactions,
    Only exhausts your point of view,
    Be still within the water,
    Let all worries flow right through,
    Take stock of hope,
    Let not your heart be troubled so,
    Trust that things happen for reasons,
    That we don't immediately know,
    Raging strong against tomorrow,
    Only makes a worse today,
    Be calm within the maelstrom,
    For all of this will pass away.

  • foreverseptember 6w

    The Light Of Day

    I was a message no one heard,
    An entrance made, without a word,
    Stealing the thoughts from all around,
    A false alarm, without a sound,
    I was the second guesser's charm,
    An empty harvest in my arms,
    Souring seeds, of which I'd sow,
    Teaching the wretched all they'd know,
    I held the head of conscience high,
    Whilst shouting insults to the skies,
    The heathen who the righteous feared,
    Approaching their doors with sword and spear,
    I became the loser's demi God,
    Following the path that ignorance trod,
    The thief who took their plans away,
    So the world could judge them in the light of day.

  • foreverseptember 7w

    The Mud

    I played amongst the mud,
    The inheritance of pauper's blood,
    Digging up a past of fools,
    So trodden down by servitude,
    Laid bare, those historic lies,
    That being poor, enriches lives,
    God saves, but man won't listen,
    Suffer still, his tortured children,
    These hands have grown, with time,
    But still can't hold a truth that's mine,
    Because we're steered away by greed,
    From what we always truly need,
    The trust of faith, our redemption,
    They won't teach you this lesson,
    That you're already bathed in love,
    And you're more than good enough.

  • foreverseptember 7w

    The Wealthy

    So much we place on the wealthy,
    As if to be so, must make you wise,
    Asking opinions of them, daily,
    As if they could enrich our lives,
    Having security, brought by money,
    Is the perfect dream for some,
    But there's no perfection anywhere,
    There's nothing new beneath the sun,
    We consider fortune heavenly,
    How their days must be so glad,
    Those who have no financial ties,
    Who can just ask, and they have,
    Their no different, only human,
    With the same outspoken flaws,
    It's only we, who forgive them all,
    For their slights, and pointless cause.

  • foreverseptember 8w

    The Animal

    Something stirred once,
    Amongst the dreaded dark,
    The animal of conscience,
    Growled inside my heart,
    Deep as any well of souls,
    My thoughts became a cage,
    Into which I placed my hopes,
    That in time, became pure rage.
    Between the bars, the rain fell,
    Watering that pride,
    That found joy in hurting,
    Then kept it all inside,
    The animal that I came to be,
    Has the territory of compassion,
    But instinctively it kills it's prey,
    By natural attraction.

  • foreverseptember 8w

    Owning Spaces

    Don't own the spaces,
    Where there used to be love,
    Holding onto nothing,
    Hurts more than enough,
    So, why pretend to smile,
    Whilst your eyes are full of tears?
    Nobody should judge feelings,
    In the wake of honest fears,
    Don't become the epitaph,
    Of something long since gone,
    Trying to revive what's dead,
    Is no way to carry on,
    So, why tell everyone you're fine,
    When it's obvious, you're not?
    You don't have to face this all alone,
    Don't fade away, to be forgot.