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  • fortuitous_ly 8w

    Life : A Journey

    A mere passenger of this unknown world
    Within a train of strangers unheard
    A rose plant with flowers of concinnity
    Then between its thorns of destiny
    A seed of time
    The present, the past, the future
    In the hands of fate is life
    A path of two
    Good and evil
    Comfort and hurdle
    Remember! When u fall, u rise
    Then u bow and again rise
    It is a journey of paraprosexia
    A delusional kalon to the passengers that board
    Mesmerised eyes with spoken magic of a raconteur
    Immersed in their own world
    Now life's busy, with heavy floods
    Carrying away by the roaring waves
    To the middle of the sea
    Either you swim to the shore battling
    Or wait while someone rowing
    But at time life brings
    Mercy down as rain
    To leave you off the sea shore
    Wonder and wander what it is
    Life is a shade today but tomorrow a shelter
    It has its station unforeseen
    Whose tiers reach in the nick of time
    For the passenger's delay
    To find purpose between the pillars of sky and nails of the mountain
    Otherwise is a journey of tiredness
    A song of happiness
    That arose from the dunes of sand
    And into it shall it be burried
    Indeed, a life lived with good banishing evil here
    Is indeed the meaning of life and the gates of hereafter
    ©Mehzooza Shimra

  • fortuitous_ly 10w

    The words between the apostrophes are my childhood lessons!(English)
    #memories #friends #friendship #stopping by the woods

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    A bond of friendship

    I wonder ur place in my heart
    It awaits a warm hug from you again
    There's love in every vein and passes through...
    Since the dusk of 3rd year of my life,
    Until it stopped raining ☔
    Breaking the 16 yr bond of light,
    the hive of togetherness,
    filled with nectar
    sweet and bitter
    The train of memories
    Passing through the 'daffodils'
    An odyssey through the 'Indus', 'Amazon', 'Volga' and 'Nile'
    A safari into the 'savannahs'
    To explore the web of 'incy wincy spider'
    Counting the days left for Ramadan to arrive
    Riding on horses, 'stopping by the woods on a snowfall;
    But of a sudden, now do I fear, if the light would flicker
    When it was too late to even say alas!
    I was afraid I would be left alone
    But the evenings of hope, watching the sunset together
    Are still preserved And the moments wiping my tears captured
    Nay, but I await a reunion
    'Coz I spend these days with your fragrance hidden deep inside
    Wait for me with patience until I show you a blaze in the twilight.....
    And finally shout "I love you for the sake of...."

  • fortuitous_ly 12w

    Smirking visages.......

    Escorting the clouds in their tearful cimmerian winters,
    "I'm cold! I'm cold!"
    Rather than my body, trembles my heart,
    "Wrap me around! Wrap me around!"
    It's serene but noisy,
    "Where am I?!"
    When people on my way minimised my essence,
    I lost my way....
    An aonaran into the abditory,
    Neither quotidian nor lypophrenic
    Smirking visages have orphic dimensions
    Broken hearts with exquisite agony,
    wail and whine in prostration
    Holding horses at horizon till dawn
    for butterflies to flutter and young springs to flow
    Indeed, the sillage of the gentle breezes
    And the silhouette of the dark clouds
    Will mark the end
    Making it a quatervois
    Willingly will I enter through the gates of querencia
    Let the result of my moxie, MY REVENGE.


  • fortuitous_ly 28w

    The Me in Myself

    Time flies by......
    The moment I thought I reached,
    I started again
    Now I am that big rock
    Built out of those broken pebbles
    Melancholy surrounds
    Yet tears frozen, they don't flow
    It makes me think I am strong
    Alas!! But I am wretched hard
    It became a graveyard of withered flowers, my heart
    It was before that I were those little flamboyant pebbles
    Weak but strong
    Every time I fell,
    I gathered myself with Love
    It was then the 'Garden of Advent Daisies'-my heart
    My pathetic soul, wailed aloud in pain
    It suffered.......
    And the silhouette of the scars describe
    The reason it can no longer be Ocean-hearted

  • fortuitous_ly 29w

    When it rains.......
    It narrates the blithe of my heart
    awakened to the petrichor
    Frozen at a peculiar stage,
    In the cimmerian weather,
    All the blissful memories
    Swirled around while
    The soul gave a uitwaaien
    The contemplation of a Nefelibata,
    For a fernweh into the Valdivia baltering
    Worth a while - not a sweven
    An alternate elixir of a pluviophile...

  • fortuitous_ly 43w

    Far away.....

    Wanna run away..
    Away from life
    Hide under the canopies of giant wood pecked trees
    Far away... Not to look back again
    For I couldn't prosper nay vanish;
    Wanna run away..
    Hide in the free will of the tranquil nature
    Far away... Into the deep frozen woods
    To sooth my pain
    With every single leaf that sheds
    Twigs that wave
    Will now be the melody the wind escorts
    For my soul will heal
    From the healing words revealed....

  • fortuitous_ly 53w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork All u could do to understand dis poem is.. Imagine... Deep imagination! Juz feel it...! Simple but complex.. And d scene is b4 ur eyes... #emotion #sorrow #fire

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    A play......

    We were playing
    But my poor soul couldn't know
    We were playing blind unfold
    My heart playing with fire
    How couldn't I know
    Lost in its eerie
    How did I dig so hollow
    I couldn't see but
    Touched the silt of the ballow
    All I could know
    The deep water was shallow
    I was blind and lost
    Dusk and dawn
    Ah! My poor soul
    How it wrecked in LOVE

  • fortuitous_ly 57w


    I lost, lost into the deepest blue of the oceans,
    Striving to find myself in between the trotting waves,
    While I fight myself endeavouring to reach the darkest depths,
    To discern the bliss the oyster would whisper
    And...... I was never and ever found again

  • fortuitous_ly 66w

    The toffee form poem generally used for writing about the things you love or that are in a form of memories in you that you define from heart. This poetic genre was invented by an aesthetic poet named Mehzooza Shimra(myself) in 2020.����������

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  • fortuitous_ly 69w