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  • freebirdwriter 18w


    Daily inspiration
    *Peace, Love and Happiness*

    You become whatever you think about deeply. Think only about peace, love and happiness. Feel these values as part of your life and you will become them
    Have a great day.

  • freebirdwriter 19w

    Change in thoughts leads to change in life.

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    जब तक विचारों में परीवर्तन नहीं आया
    साल बदलने से भी क्या पाया?

  • freebirdwriter 20w

    27/12/2021 Manage Emotions

    When the energy of our consciousness is out of our control – the mind is agitated. We are being emotional. The solution is to detach from the inner storms, stand back and observe the hurricane pass.
    Detached observation withdraws the energy which your emotions require to sustain themselves. When you watch your own anger, it dies. If you don’t detach from it, and observe it… it will be your master.
    Today is the day to practice positive, detached observation, and each emotion-filled moment is the opportunity. This is ‘real’ work. The work of one who is a master of their own consciousness. Are you a master or a slave?

    Have a great day
    Stay blessed.

  • freebirdwriter 20w


    It was on a day like this that great ideas that revolutionalized the world were birthed. It was even on a day like this that mighty decisions that transformed civilization were made.

    As simple as the day may appear, it contains within it the seeds of the future. It is on such a day like this that the first step to any place you want to reach must be taken.
    Push not to tomorrow what you can do now. That date is 'now'.

    The speciality of this day lies in the fact that you can use it as a springboard to any future you want.

    Some people have big things they want to see in their lives, so they wait for these big things to happen. And then they wait...wait...nothing happens. Not knowing that every big thing, has little, little things that makes the whole.

    To achieve anything in life faster, break it down to the smallest step and then start from there. With time those little,small steps compound to form that big thing.

    Pay attention to how you spend the seconds, they compound into minutes, to hours, to days, weeks, months, year, years, lifetime. Don't underestimate the power of compounding.

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    Don't be the Same
    Be Better!

  • freebirdwriter 22w

    When you are worried
    You are most inactive.
    Worry makes you
    physically and mentally

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    *When you complain, you make yourself a victim....*

    Complain & Excuses are here to limit you, to let your fear hold you back from achieving.

    Don't give them any space in your mind. Leave the situation, change the situation or accept it. All else is madness.

    Bad things are always going to happen in life. People will hurt you, but you can't use that as an excuse to hurt someone back.

    Stop expecting others to act first. Be the one who makes positive changes.
    Be the CATALYST of the change you want to see!

    You perform your best at something you’re PASSIONATE about. Never settle!

    A simple work ethic that never fails: *_CONSISTENCY_*
    Just keep showing up when most people quit! When you say 'Yes' to others, make sure you are not saying 'No' to yourself.

    Let the day bring enormous energy and solitude to face the obstacles and barricades....take care...!

  • freebirdwriter 26w

    *LOVE IT...!*
    *LIVE IT...!*
    *CELEBRATE IT...!*

    Are you living every moment of your life?
    Most of us are not.

    Our lives are the greatest opportunity we have. When we see our life as an opportunity, what we also see are the possibilities we can create. When we see life as only one chance, we try to make use of every moment of our life.

    To fully live one’s life, one should live very moment with zeal, enthusiasm and anticipation that the next moment will be even better than before.

    What people do instead is live in regrets, ignore the little joys of life and wait to celebrate big achievements.

    It is small everyday moments and little achievements that bring more happiness. Once you start seeing them, you will start loving and living your life.

    To live your life fully, you must make the most of every moment of your life because when you make the most, you will feel successful and celebrate it everyday.

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    Trust Your Journey
    Believe in Your Vision
    Keep doing Hard and Smart Work.

  • freebirdwriter 27w


    *Real victory is in trying and helping others win.*

    Winning is not about beating the best, it is about helping others become their best...!

    Make up your mind that you are here on earth surface to have your impact on your generation. You become what you think about yourself. Think goodness, think greatness, think success!

    Compete with yourself. You must be better than whom you're yesterday.
    Live the life you love. Work daily to outshine yourself. Be your own competitor.

    Eagles don't struggle to fly. Struggling is the father of frustration.

    You must make sure you elevate your personal standard of quality. Make a higher demand on yourself. Raise your standard.

    Don't copy anyone. Be your own original..! Greatness is inside you, just manifest it.

    The winner is not necessarily one who gets the medal but the one who is satisfied that he or she has given his or her best, without violating the rights of others or making others feel inferior.

  • freebirdwriter 32w

    *Be a POSSIBILITARIAN...* - Is the one who believes anything and everything is possible.

    There is nothing called impossible.. All achievers and trend setters who we see today have refused to believe in the word 'impossible' .

    Be committed to fulfilling your life's purpose, no one else will help you to do so. 'Difficult' doesn't mean that it's impossible...simply means that you've to work hard !

    Live your dream.
    Walk the talk.
    Live your life.
    Love yourself,
    Love your life.

    You are unique,
    You are wonderfully created,
    You are the enabler,
    You the innovator,
    You the inventor!

    Create your future by working hard to make it happen to get to the level of greatness you've envisaged. Remove self limiting thoughts.

    Step by step,
    precept by precept,
    you will get there. You shall achieve purpose, you shall fulfil destiny!

    Wish you all tremendous happiness and success..!

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    Possibilitarian 06/10/2021

    Running away from
    Your problems is a Race
    You'll Never Win.

  • freebirdwriter 32w

    There is nothing that can stop a person who has determined that he will succeed, despite the conditions imposed on him.

    If you desire to succeed; you will succeed. All you need is a *tenacious commitment, a burning desire and a definite purpose.*

    Be passionate!
    Remain passionate!

    Passion pushes us to learn more, create more and to create better. Passion is contagious!

    What keeps driving me is passion! Knowing that my little action today will bring smiles to many people tomorrow is what keeps me going.

    If you desire anything, you can get it no matter the circumstances imposed by your environment. That desire will push you forward until you overcome that hill that look like a mountain ahead.

    Believe in yourself and fight to create the future you desire. It's possible!

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    B V Y 05/10/2021


  • freebirdwriter 33w

    If i quit now, i would be back to the place i left...

    We must resist the temptation to give-up hope and assume that only those people born with the gilded wings of education and financial stability get to fly.

    Stay true to who you are. God made you uniquely you! Don't blend in just to fit in. Don't dumb down just to appease people whose goal in life is to make you doubt yourself, by making you feel small just so they can look big!

    You are a gift to this world ! Don't you forget it ! Be encouraged ! You have come far to give up! There is no revenge sweeter than massive success. So when you think of quitting, remember what your critics would say.

    Press on! Don't give up!
    Prove your doubters wrong. If you face an obstacle today, don't quit. If you do, that obstacle will still be there tomorrow; staring at you in the face. But then you would have been a day older.

    Cowards die many times before their death. Come on, you are not a coward! So get up and fight for your dream. Life is too short not to live your true version.

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    Giving up is never an option!