tryna catch sleep; caught worries instead �� alhamdulillah ����✨

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  • freedomwriteswm 67w

    Take me to flowing waters and steady mountains ; drifting clouds and merry go rounds.
    A cottage on the silent hills, where I company no pills.
    Morning dews and midnight views
    Lend me nothing more than a broken compass and a living pulse
    For I shall never return; I'll be a soldier home to his Laverne

  • freedomwriteswm 69w

    Shes as lost as her thoughts can be ��✨

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    A mystical existence footing every corner of her spherical universe to find that one place she yearns to call home
    In hope maybe one day reality will find her wandering soul among the others slumbered ones

  • freedomwriteswm 71w

    We're all trapped in the wheel of time
    Fading away bit by bit
    Leaving traces of us in others and the ground
    To one day live again
    As memories and roses

  • freedomwriteswm 73w

    Let me undress your wounded heart, under the breathing moon and the stars
    Murmured her silence
    © WM

  • freedomwriteswm 80w

    Hello my loves ❤️ thank you for caring and being so very kind to me ☺️ y'all have a special place in my heart ,the truth is I've been on a journey to self heal and it takes longer than I expected it to be ✨I've been both anxietic and depressed for quite some time and to break the walls I've confined myself in and to keep things positive ,when you're entire life you've held on to your negative bolny is something I'm learning more about everyday. I've finally gotten the courage �� �� to speak about it ☺️ and it feels great �� so thank you to all those kind souls who worried about me , I'm better now and breathing well ❤️ bless you all and always be happy and for my writing i shall soon commence and visit your pages for sure thank you for tagging me I'll make sure I read the work of all ✨���� till then keep shining my stars ✨ ☺️���� God bless ✨❤️

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    You heal when you wish for it to be, like the drifting night,your worries shall be gone.
    Awaiting for you shall be the dawn

  • freedomwriteswm 82w

    Pc: IG: pic_thought

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    Buried beneath the gravel of silence
    Are remains of the gones
    For the veridical dead prevail among us
    With hearts of ache and minds opaque

  • freedomwriteswm 83w

    I gambled my naiveté
    For a pint of poetry
    To quench a rising thirst
    Of inked cursives
    Laid down eloquently

    As thou I were for they
    As they were for I

    Cloaked in agony
    Burning of concealed wounds
    That screamed tales
    Of the silent vendetta
    That never seems to cease

    As thou I were for they
    As they were for I

    Sinless maiden skins of ours
    Still aching from
    Detested colors
    Of black and blue

    As thou I were for they
    As they were for I

    Victims were we
    Of the dancing chaos
    That flowed
    In mind of one and
    stylus tip of the other

    Pc: rightful owner
    This one is called "erlebnisse" ( ty @siddiqua_ ����)
    To ease it for some of y'all to understand
    Here the weird writer ��, describes how smiliar are the fates of her existence and her words/ the piece of paper.

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    I gambled my naiveté
    For a pint of poetry
    Wagered my bliss
    Only to ink bloody

  • freedomwriteswm 84w

    An empty canvas stood beside me
    With aching hope to be drowned in colors
    For it felt unpretentious
    Among the proudly pulchritudinous others
    I pitied its plead, with an escaping sigh
    Voiceless and dumb
    I sat being emotionally numb
    A defeated painter with a broken muse
    Is never of use
    I whisked my brush in raging shades of my ache
    Caressing the awaiting innocent sheet with
    Strokes resembling the bruises that hide beneath my peel
    Staining its core with blooming memories that are hard to heal
    A coat of tear to conceal
    The final days of my ordeal.

    Pc: rightful owner
    PS: ty for the support you all showed on my last post , means a lot ❤️✨ God bless you all and ty for the lovely comments and those who were concerned about my absence you guys are BAE ❤️❤️❤️✨�� , University has sucked the life out of me and I've been dealing with food poisoning lately �� it one heck of a deal , I hope you find this post worth your time ♥️

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    They call me the mad painter
    And my madness ,is termed as"painting"s
    For I am baltant sinner ,who buries
    His plain innocences in "pain" that "ting"s

  • freedomwriteswm 84w

    Pc: rightful owner

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    How do I believe in your forevers
    When our reality is nothing but temporary

  • freedomwriteswm 85w

    I call this piece "tales of the fearful sea"

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    Awaits for you in the depths of the oceans
    In darkness and cold
    A melodious voice
    Who yearns to be known
    For she sings of tears
    And hearts of the broken
    who drowned to bones
    Bewitched are them
    Who are fated with the same
    For she calls upon them
    With echoing pain
    Identical to ones their heart stores