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  • freespirit13 101w

    Sweetheart you are the story
    that will take me
    a lifetime to write....

  • freespirit13 103w

    & I am at the stage of my life
    where I'hv forgotten what
    it's like to be without pain....

  • freespirit13 103w

    I drown in the waves of those memories we made....
    Its get too much sometimes
    but that's how it is....��

    I miss you not the normal way
    The way that makes me go insane..
    Every single thing about us doesn't leave my thoughts....

    You run into my mind all the time..
    Its you & only you....

    I loved you like the autumn breeze....each touch of wind & leaf my love was circling around you with delight..

    Its all dark & dull without you..

    I miss you..
    Completely lost & incomplete without you....��

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    & Sweetheart how many
    sunsets will it take for me
    to stop missing you....?

  • freespirit13 105w

    & sweetheart I am learning
    how to be whole

    Without the parts of me
    you took away....

  • freespirit13 109w

    Darling I am waiting for that day when

    You will read out my poems
    written only for you

    & with a hint of tears
    in ur eyes

    You would confess
    that you loved me too....

  • freespirit13 110w

    It's been so many days I haven't listened to your voice...It's been so many days that I haven't seen your face..��

    It is forcing my heart more & more to get drunk with the memories u gave..
    I am just living with the beautiful memories you gave..��

    Those beautiful memories which were a reason to brighten up even my darkest are the reasons to throw me into depression's lap..��

    I stare at your pictures by zooming them in & out..
    I try to get drown in your eyes but before that the tears pour my heart..��

    It was more beautiful to hear your voice
    in the morning..
    You were waking up and calling me to say good morningorning..��

    While reading ur texts the warmth of your love swept through my face & took me back to the years our togetherness..��

    Baby I feel you in each breath & see you in each dream..��

    Are you happy with my absence..?
    You might be but I am not
    I miss you so much but u don't need to miss me & think about me bcoz I am good..I am fine..I am just lying..��

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    & I still look for you

    In the eyes of everyone I see

  • freespirit13 110w

    Instead of reading
    My posts

    I want someone who can read
    My eyes....

  • freespirit13 112w

    The words you spoke
    cut through my skin deeper
    than any knife could ever....

    Those words cut so deep
    My soul gasped for air
    Like my life was lost
    & there was no way to be found....

    Those words could drive
    an individual to their last breathe
    To the ending days of the life....��

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    When a writer cries

    Paper bleeds....

  • freespirit13 113w

    अधूरा रह गया हूं उसके बिना
    वो किसी और के साथ पूरी हो गई...

  • freespirit13 114w

    Baby I don't miss you but I miss ur hand in mine..

    I don't miss you but I miss the way you looked at I was ur whole world..��

    Baby I don't miss you but I miss cuddling up to you & falling asleep with my head on your chest..

    I don't miss you but I miss your tender kisses on my forehead..��

    Baby I don't miss you but I miss your warm embrace the one that could fix me in an instant..

    I don't miss you but I miss the way you held me..��

    Baby I don't miss you but I miss the feeling of loving someone & the feeling of being loved..

    I don't miss you but I miss the time we had..��


    Baby I don't miss you but I miss us..��

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    & I don't miss you baby