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  • fz_fika 8w


    As I turn and look at the mirror,
    I came face to face with terror,
    As tears stained my reflection,
    I wiped my face with a strong determination,
    Determination to not let my current situation,
    Be my final horror that terror me.

    As I fall, I fall with strength,
    As I fail, I fail without fear,
    Because the crown of a queen I wear,
    And a queen rules without fear.
    As I rise, I rise with might,
    As I walk, I walk with pride,
    Because I know my dark nights will turn on the light.

    I look at the mirror once again,
    There and then I knew the gain,
    Of all the tears, fears and Pain,
    I will overcome the trials once again,
    Because the resilience in me,
    Is greater than the disquietude I feel.

  • fz_fika 8w


    Her strength, as strong as that of the Elephant,
    Carrying the weight and responsibilities Of her offspring,
    like a piece of paper effortlessly floating on air,
    Shouldering the problems of her household,
    providing solutions like a piece of cake,
    without letting anything shake or make her falter,

    Her courage, As bold as that of the honey badger,
    Not a giant but when she attacks,
    Even the Lions take a step back and falter,
    When her offspring are in the face of danger,
    She acts and reacts like a Ninja,
    Ready to attack the attacker,
    And protect the fruit of her womb!.

    Her roars, As loud as that of the lion,
    when she roars at the predators of her offspring,
    They spring to their feet and shiver in fear,
    Regretting why they had to appear,
    For they know when her wrath befalls them,
    The misery and pain that awaits them,
    Will make them wish to disappear.

    Her Love, as pure as the honey provided by the bees.
    An angel bird that plucks all her wings,
    fix them to my wobbly and faulty back,
    So I can fly higher than the eagles and sparrows,
    Shine as bright as the moon and Stars.

    Her steps, as confident and fearless as when the lion takes a step,
    The trees and the wind moving with her,
    As she clears the path all for her loved ones,
    With God and her prayers protecting her,
    when she walks or talk the whole "kingdom" ask,
    Who is that Queen over there?,
    I turn and smile with pride,
    As I scream and roar " she is my mother"!

    As meek as I am like a mouse,
    Hiding under her wings and care,
    All I do for her is,
    To pray the Almighty Grant my mother,
    The highest Rank in his Jannah,
    And preserve her for me,
    Till I can rise and be like her,
    To grow my kingdom and be the Queen,
    like my mother is!.

  • fz_fika 8w


    let's take a walk down the streets of our childhood.
    let's knock on the house of ecstacy,
    where we jumped and laughed in the rain,
    happy and carefree in our domain,
    Running and getting joy from our pain,
    Excited to leave school back to our terrain,
    Remember all that?.

    let's take a leap at our childhood,
    where we were building sand castles,
    while our clothes turn into mantles.
    Climbing the mango trees,
    while being chased by the bees.
    drawing shapes on sand,
    hopping on one feet,
    while we scream for victory.
    Remember all that?.

    let's take a stroll down the park of our childhood,
    where strangers weren't dangers
    Where our screams and cheers,
    filled the air as we glide down the rollercoasters,
    The roller coaster of joy and innocence,
    Not that of adulthood and pains.
    Remember all that?.

    let's flip back to the page of our childhood,
    where our mother's voices were loud,
    like the roar of a lion,
    for us to leave the rain and the scorching sun,
    but we still refused to be shaken by such roar,
    after which later we get spanked,
    Yet we still go back to the rain and sun.
    Remember all that?.

    let's reminisce on the Moments,
    which we can never go back to,
    but we hold on in our hearts,
    so dear and precious to us,
    The precious childhood memories!.

  • fz_fika 8w


    Sitting by the window,
    Taking in the beauty of the Night Airglow,
    I looked at the sky's pumpkin,
    Her glamorous aura breathtaking,
    As she is surrounded by little lights,
    And they twinkle with might,
    I smiled back at the sky's might,
    As she took me on a walk,
    A walk down the memory lane,
    Where you and I laughed like we were insane,
    The moon and the stars beaming with us,
    As you give me a buss without a fuss,
    As we jump, run and roll round the Meadow,
    Putting aside the fears, insecurities and egos,
    The lane we tried our best to be the happiest,
    The juncture were holding on was the easiest,
    Alas! this happy moments were only for a while,
    But at least the smile then was a genuine smile.
    Soon, our fears, insecurities and Ego,
    Slowly but surely consumed us.
    Holding on became the hardest,
    letting go became the easiest.
    All we are now is nothing but a painful-sweet memory,
    As the "memories bring back memories"

  • fz_fika 8w


    The blissful peace,
    when the skies open up.
    The silent alleys,
    Loudened by only the cries from the sky.
    The glistering roads,
    filled with the tears of the sky.
    The welcomed equanimity of my heart,
    when the rain knocks at my window.
    The booming silence of the house,
    with my contempted soul in a blanket of joy,
    And a cup of coffee drizzled with happiness.

    The peaceful rumbling of the skies,
    Which sends downpour of calmness,
    The serenity that comes with the pluvious days,
    The peace that showers from above,
    To wash away my solitude,
    To bring placidity to the roudy alleys.
    The prodigious petrichor,
    That cuddles around the air,
    After the last mizzle of the day,
    The tranquility the rainy day brings,
    Just for a little while,
    oh! how much I love the Rain!.

  • fz_fika 9w


    Day by day, as I open my eyes,
    I feel the same gloom,
    As i look around my room,
    And feel the same doom loom.
    My dungeon of darkness,
    Still filled with emptiness and sadness,
    I sigh to myself as screams,
    Accompanied by gunshots,
    Fill my eardrums,
    Chaos; the order of the day,
    Leaving me at Bay,
    "Who will come to our aid?"
    I search through my mind,
    But I'm taken back to an infinite Entity.
    I lay back and close my eyes,
    As I silently say my goodbyes,
    I go back to my lonely vicinity,
    A dark painful tunnel of infinity.

  • fz_fika 9w

    There once was a nation!

    There was once a nation,
    A home and a giant standing strong, green and beautiful.
    The gunshots, the terror and the Guns,
    Were only heard and seen,
    From the screens of our television,
    In the comfort and peacefulness of our houses.
    Now peace is just a foreign word!
    The guns, the gunshot and the terror,
    All are "home"!,
    At night, we sleep with fear hoping not to be killed,
    During the day we walk and travel about in fear,
    Barely arriving our destination safe,
    Humans slaughtered like the festive offerings,
    Loud screams silenced by those we trust to lead us!
    Did you say "giant of Africa"?
    All i see is a giant Fallen eagle,
    All i see is a crumbled home,
    With it's habitant hoping to be saved, hoping to be able to live a life,
    A life of peace
    A life of ease!
    Indeed, there once was a nation!.

  • fz_fika 106w

    Sitting by the fire,

    With a cup of loneliness,

    And a blanket of solitude,

    I looked up the happy sky,

    Which has the full glowing moon,

    Surrounded by the shining stars,

    I took a walk down memory lane,

    The good lane where your smile sent shivers down my spine,

    The lane where your touch ignited the dying fire in me,

    The lane where everything seems perfect,

    But Alas!, I was slapped by the harmer of reality,

    Which took me back to my empty dungeon of grief,

    Where I am reminded nothing with me could be perfect,

    Where I am left sipping pain from the cup of loneliness.


  • fz_fika 106w

    Too real to be fake

    Looking at the magazine covers I wondered why not me,

    I wished I could be that 'sexy',

    Looking at my environment,

    It's clear that beauty is focused on the body only,

    Looking at the internet,

    I realised it's meant for the 'beautiful ones'

    I turned and search deep,

    Why am I not like that?

    And my inner self said to me,

    'because you are too real to be fake'


  • fz_fika 108w

    Until the sound of your laughter doesn't make me smile unknowingly,

    Until your voice doesn't make my heart melt,

    Until the memories of your kisses doesn't make my heart beat a thousand miles,

    Until the memories of YOU doesn't break my heart to a thousand piece,

    Until the thought of you doesn't make shed tears,

    Until talking about you doesn't make my voice crack at the end,

    I don't think I have moved on.

    I don't think I am over you.

    And I won't let it affect someone else.

    Slowly but surely,

    Hopefully and one day,

    Sooner or later,

    I will hear your name and my heart won't beat faster.

    I will hear the sound of your laughter but I won't be scared to not hear it again.

    I will look at you face to face and I won't be broken.

    Then I can proudly say I am over you.

    I desperately but patiently await that day.