Just to express what I feel whether its in poem or in quote or just sentences

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  • garimasolanki_99 3w

    ज़िन्दगी हमे लगातार एक ही पाठ तब तक सिखाती है,जब तक कि हम उससे सीख न ले।

    Random thoughts but actually truths, which everyone should notice when clicked in mind

    #life #lessons #learnings #miraquill @miraquill_quotes

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    Life keeps on teaching us the same lesson continuously,until unless we start learning from that.
    It is not like academic classes,which promotes us to next class even with minimum marks.


  • garimasolanki_99 21w


    I lost my grandma many years ago,
    Whenever something reminds me of her,
    makes me feel sorrow,
    And, surprisingly i don't know how to show,

    When I see my father who has lost his mother,
    Still standing strong in front of us,
    When I see my mother,she has taken all the responsibility inspite of emotional burden,
    When I see my grandpaa,he has doubled his love for us,
    inspite of losing his own true love.
    All of them,has too much pain,
    but the courage everyone has gained.

    Courage to accept the truth,
    Courage to love us more than her,
    Courage to handle everything,
    Not like her,but in a good manner.

    After seeing all this,
    Why I can't be this courageous?
    Why I can't hold my tears?
    Why I allow my pain to flow?

    I too wanna stand strong enough
    I too wanna make happy my grandma soul
    Though I know....
    I lost my grandmaa many years ago,
    And still I don't know how to show my sorrow.


  • garimasolanki_99 21w

    After lots of search...what haiku is.
    I tried to write this haiku
    Hope this matches the haiku requirements.

    #flowerhaiku #wod #haiku @miraquill @mirakee #roses #flowers #my_first_haiku

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    The Beautiful colours
    Red roses or colourful flies
    Like rainbow in sky.


  • garimasolanki_99 22w

    STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!

    Stop! Stop! Stop!
    Lots of ways, which one to opt?
    Some ways are straight,
    Some have lots of TURNS till the gate,
    Some come back to the start,
    And some have "NO ENTRY" board in the middle half.
    Just think a little bit,
    Because there are jumps and pits.
    To make the journey NONSTOP and exciting,
    Stop! Stop! Stop!
    First think which way to opt.


  • garimasolanki_99 45w


    You are my heart,
    You are my soul,
    You are mine,
    Completely and whole.
    I'll never let you go for a reason,
    Not at all, this is for sure.
    You are my smile,
    You are my life,
    And I know,
    You will be everytime by my side with all your love,
    You have no idea what you are to me,
    But one thing is sure,
    You are a god's gift,
    Personally created for me.


  • garimasolanki_99 50w

    Tumhari muskurahat mein Jannat ko jeeu,
    Tum Musafir ho toh, Raahein bhi lambi chunnu,
    Jo mil jaye Manzil mujhe toh, phir naya Karwaan bunnu,
    Tum saath ho toh bss chalti chalu, chalti chalu


  • garimasolanki_99 55w

    जो चाहूं आपसे नाराज़ होना तो ये दिल इस बात पे ना राज़ी है,

    जो 'गर कभी गुस्सा आ भी जाए, तो आपकी आवाज़ ही उसे गुम करने के लिए काफ़ी है,

    जो 'गर कभी रूठ भी जाए, तो आप हमें मनाए ये हमारे लिए काफ़ी है,

    आप हमारी और हम आपकी ताक़त है,तो कोई भी कमज़ोरी का ना अब काम बाक़ी है,

    अगर हम आपके आंसू भी है तो, इन आसुओं का अरमान आपकी मुस्कुराहट और खुशियों से आंखों को भर दे, दिल बस इससे राजी हैं

    जो कभी हम डगमगा जाए,तो हमे संभालने आप रहे,ये हमारे लिए काफ़ी हैं।


  • garimasolanki_99 59w


    I'm not a writer,but still writing
    Just to make your day more happening,
    Just as the festival of lighting
    My words and rythm are may be miss matching
    But they will surely turn your face of smiling
    For you,lots of love,care, prosperity and blessings,
    I think nothing is best than this,to make your day more brightening,
    May you have a great day,may god turn true all your wishings,
    So,at last ,in this way Happy Birthday to you I'm wishing,


  • garimasolanki_99 63w

    काश सब कुछ खत्म करना इतना आसान होता,
    जितना "सब ख़त्म" बोलना होता हैं।


  • garimasolanki_99 65w


    कहते है की इश्क़ और जंग में सब जायज़ होता हैं,
    जंग का तो हमें पता नहीं जनाब,
    पर अगर इश्क़ में सब जायज़ होता तो,
    राधा और कृष्ण का विवाह भी हुआ होता,
    राधा जी को अपने पिता के वचनों का मान रखने की ज़रुरत ना होती,
    अगर सब जायज़ होता तो,
    सीता और राम का विरः ना हुआ होता,
    उन्हें मर्यादा में रहने की ज़रूरत ना होती,
    राधेश्याम,सीताराम ये तो भगवान है,
    इनके तो हाथों में था सब कुछ,
    फिर भी अपनी मर्यादा नहीं भूले और इंसानी रिश्तों के कायदे में रहे,
    तो अब हमें तो ये समझ नहीं आ रहा की ये बात जायज़ केसे हुई की,
    सब जायज़ होता हैं।